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Arms And Sleepers Launch Kickstarter To Fund “Lots Of New Music”

Writing about and supporting Boston’s Arms And Sleepers are things I will never tire of. For close to a decade now, Max and Mirza’s music has played a huge role in my life, and any prospect of new A&S material will always raise my spirits.

Following last year’s phenomenal Swim Team, Arms and Sleepers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of a slew of new output, including “two EPs (a digital release and a limited 12” vinyl release), a Swim Team remix album, a music video for the song “Tiger Tempo,” and a follow-up album …


Members Of Hail The Sun, A Lot Like Birds And I The Mighty Start New Project

Members of Hail The Sun, A Lot Like Birds and I The Mighty have gotten together to start a new project that tackles an issue that many Americans are familiar with. The new band, named Sufferer, is a project with the goal of giving fans some insight into what it’s like to suffer from anxiety.

To help kick off the project, the guys launched a Kickstarter to fund the recording of their album. There are plenty of rewards for those who back the project. The list includes digital copies of the album, vinyl, signed posters and more. Go show …


Members Of Bowling For Soup, Foxy Shazam And More To Start Children’s Show

In a move that may be surprising to some people, members of Bowling For Soup, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Foxy Shazam and Cadaver Dogs have gotten together to start a children’s show. The show is titled Shagoolies, and it features character puppets that are somewhat similar to Muppets. The show is being run by Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup, Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam, Mathew Franklin of Cadaver Dogs and Jesse Korman, formerly of The Number 12 Looks Like You.

You can watch a Shagoolies trailer by taking a look below. If you want …

'TLC' Sydney Photo Shoot

TLC Are Trying To Raise $150,000 For ‘Final’ Studio Album

Following a career that has spanned more than two decades and 65 million album sales, TLC have turned to Kickstarter in order to fund what they claim will be their ‘final’ studio album.

Yes, you read that right. TLC’s remaining members, T Boz and Chili, have launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $150,000 so that the duo may record one last studio album. The group claims this was not a decision made out of a desire to avoid record labels, but rather one made in hopes of further involving fans in the creative process. You have to pledge at least $15 …


Icelandic Indie Outfit Árstíðir Announce US Tour

In November I discovered an awesome indie band at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival named Árstíðir. Last year the group launched a Kickstarter in order to record and release their third studio album. The Kickstarter was so successful, that the band has decided to embark on a tour in the US. As of right now, they only have four dates scheduled, but the band has promised to announce additional dates in the near future. These dates as well as their upcoming tour dates in Europe can be found here.

If you would like to check out the album …

Come Wind Come & Go

Come Wind Announce New Record, Kickstarter Campaign

Ohio-based indie rock up-and-comers Come Wind have announced they are planning to record a new LP in 2015. To do this, they are leaning on fans to help fund the record via crowd funding middle man Kickstarter.

The band is asking for $15,000 in order to make the new record and prizes include a physical copy of the record, limited edition posters, b-side tracks, and more. Under The Gun Review recently premiered a stripped down version of the band’s moving number, “Come & Go.”

Here’s an excerpt from the band’s Kickstarter page talking about their need to crowd …


Murder By Death Launch Kickstarter To Fund New Album ‘Big Dark Love’

Murder By Death, strangely enough, have the third most successful music-related campaign in Kickstarter history. In 2012, they raised $187,048 for the funding of their record Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon – that’s a pretty gigantic amount of money. The band has returned with another Kickstarter for their upcoming record, this time asking for $150,000 to fund Big Dark Love.

While Kickstarter began as a way for struggling artists to garner donations, it has clearly become much more than that. Fans are clearly willing to pay more for the content that they want. Taking one look at the band’s …

Meow The Jewels

Run The Jewels Are Remaking ‘RTJ2′ Using Nothing But Cat Noises

The internet can do magical things. When Run The Jewels‘ El-P said he would remake the rap duo’s newest album using only cat sounds if someone bought a deluxe edition (costing $40,000), he never thought the goal would be met. Low and behold, it was.

The RTJ2 remake, titled Meow The Jewels, brought in all $40,000 thanks to a fan-created Kickstarter. When El-P found out it existed, he pledged all the money earned would be given to charity should it reach its goal. He roped in top tier talent to help produce: Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, Just Blaze, Zola Jesus, …

Good Old War

Good Old War Start PledgeMusic Campaign To Help Fund New Record

Good Old War is working on a new album, and they need your help to finish it. The band has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help out with studio costs of their upcoming LP.

Essentially serving as a pre-order to the new record, Good Old War is offering a bunch of perks to donors. There are a lot of options in several different price ranges here, from a $10 digital version of the new album for casual fans to a $5,000 executive producer credit for the die-hards. One of the cooler options is a vinyl pack, which offers the band’s …

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.34.08 AM

Love Bad Movies? Help The Internet Make ‘Samurai Cop 2′ A Reality

There are bad movies and then there are those films that are so godawful that they somehow become cult hits that outlast well made films in terms of popularity by a wide margin. The Room is a classic example, as well as Troll 2, but in my opinion neither of those creative endeavors can hold a candle to the ludicrous film known as Samurai Cop.

Created in 1991 and almost immediately forgotten by the vast majority of the general public, Samurai Cop is a horrendous film chock full of bad acting, crap dialogue, and over the top action …


Help Kickstart Throne Watches Or Live A Life Full Of Regret

The music industry is a fun, yet horrible place where some of the most talented people go unnoticed because they’re unable or unwilling to create easy-to-digest pop songs that can be manipulated to sell any variety of products one may desire. When that happens — and believe me when I say it occurs numerous times every single day — creative people have to find alternate means of generating income. For Travis Alexander and his team in New York, the answer was simple: watches.

I don’t know if we have ever covered Throne Watches in depth before now, but I can …

Graveyard Club

Graveyard Club Proclaim “The Night Is Mine” With Infectious New Single

I will be the first to admit I have never heard of the band Graveyard Club prior to the beginning of this week. Like many unsigned bands making waves on the underground, their buzz is only just now reaching online press outside their local area, but already they are gaining momentum at an alarming rate.

Today, Graveyard Club shared a new single titled “The Night Is Mine.” The sunny and nostalgia-laced tracks brings to mind muggy summer nights spent listening to Joy Division and driving around aimlessly while smoking cigarettes with your closest friends. It’s not about going somewhere or …