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Do The World A Favor And Kickstart A Full-Length ‘Fist Of Jesus’ Movie

We live for weird cinema at UTG. Marvel films are fun, sure, but there is no cinematic thrill like the excitement that comes from seeing something truly original brought to life in a highly entertaining way from a relatively unknown voice. It’s like stumbling across buried treasure, only for people who hate the idea of actually spelunking because The Descent scarred them for life.

With that in mind, we must urge every one of our like-minded readers to join us in helping director David Muñoz and producer Simon Brading in bringing a feature length version of their beloved 2012 horror …


Emery Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New LP

Post-hardcore outfit Emery have launched a crowdfunding campaign on BadChristian for their forthcoming LP, You Were Never Alone. Asking fans for $50,000, the group are offering everything from signed copies of the record to playing personal house shows in return for their generosity.

You Were Never Alone will mark the return of founding member Devin Shelton, so there’s no doubt it should be worth contributing a few dollars to its production. For those who aren’t convinced even with that being said, click here to check out a demo of “I Got Taken For A Bath,” and furthermore, as part …

farewell flight

REVIEW: Farewell Flight – ‘I Was A Ghost’

Artist: Farewell Flight
Album: I Was a Ghost
Genre: Pop Rock

Like most people who spend their free time between college classes and work shifts writing for music websites, I was deeply involved in my local music scene in high school, playing in bands, helping out at local venues, and booking shows. Among my favorite memories from those years are the nights when Farewell Flight would play at our little coffee shop. With an upbeat, infectious debut album, titled Sound Color Motion, and a stellar live show, the Pennsylvania natives made such an impression on our little scene in …


Project 86 Launch Kickstarter For New Album, Acoustic EP

Orange County hard rock band Project 86 turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds for their 2012 full-length, Wait For the Siren, and the effort was so successful that they are returning to the crowdfunding platform for their ninth studio album and an accompanying acoustic EP. The as-yet-untitled record has a projected release date of mid-2014, and you can see all the details and the rewards for pledging right here.

After raising more than double their goal on Wait For the Siren, the band have set their sights higher this time around, asking for $50,000 to fund …


Sundance Adds Zach Braff’s Kickstarter Movie and Gives ‘Clerks’ a 20th Anniversary Screening

Zach Braff, otherwise known as that one guy who made that indie film the the good soundtrack (just kidding, let’s not forget Scrubs), started a Kickstarter to support his first feature film since Garden State titled Wish You Were HereTurns out the latter will be screening at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival along with numerous other big names.

This means that the festival now boasts a total of 119 feature-length films that will be screening in January. Along with Braff’s partly Kickstarter-funded sophomore feature, the Sundance Institute also added a 20th anniversary screening of Kevin Smith’s …


From First To Last Reuniting, Launch $25,000 Kickstarter For New EP

You read the headline right! From First To Last have been teasing fans for the last few weeks about some big news, we’ve all been speculating, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed that the group would be getting back together to record new music.

That’s exactly what is happening though. The group has officially announced that after their four long years on hiatus, they will be getting back together and releasing a new EP. To release that new EP, they have launched a $25,000 Kickstarter. I might add that this was just launched today, and the group …


We The Kings Fund New Album In Less Than 24 Hours, Surpass Original Goal By Over $15,000 (and counting)

Florida pop rock favorites We The Kings took a chance yesterday afternoon by stepping out on their own with a crowdfunding effort through Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign was to raise $35,000 so that the group could record their fourth studio album, and this morning we have an update on the fundraising that may shock you.

In less than 19 hours, We The Kings have raised $50,000 toward the creation of their upcoming, as-of-yet untitled new album. The group has almost an entire month of fundraising still to go, so at this point there is no telling how much …


New Conducting From The Grave Song Slays

As much as we miss With Passion, Sacramento’s Conducting From The Grave have kept us happy with their furious, shredding metal for a decade now. Having recently departed from Sumerian Records and launching a Kickstarter back in June to fund a new album, the band is doing just that due to meeting their $15k goal with ease.

The new song, “The Rise,” will be featured on the band’s new self-tiled release that drops next week and is giving us a helluva a metal fix this morning. At nearly five minutes in length, “The Rise” will have fans of bands like …


Trent Reznor Is No Longer A Fan Of Pay-What-You-Want

Trent Reznor did a great interview with SPIN the other day. One story making waves is when Trent told a certain portion of people to go fuck themselves. When asked about getting bigger, he ended up touching on his time in the pay-what-you-want world and the Kickstarter controversies over the years, saying “I know that what we’re doing flies in the face of the Kickstarter Amanda-Palmer-Start-a-Revolution thing, which is fine for her, but I’m not super-comfortable with the idea of Ziggy Stardust shaking his cup for scraps. I’m not saying offering things for free or pay-what-you-can is wrong. I’m


Piglet Successfully Funds Kickstarter Campaign

Oh, math rock, how I adore your best bands and despise your run-of-the-mill local acts. Legendary math rock pioneers Piglet successfully funded their own Kickstarter campaign earlier today, which featured a handful of limited prints of their releases. Piglet’s entire official discography can be summarized as a six track EP that was released in 2005, Lava Land, and a 7″ single of “Little Bubble, Where You Going?”.

The crowdfunding campaign, however, expands upon their limited song catalog: a digital download of early songs (which is exactly what it sounds like), a limited run vinyl of Lava Land, and …


Reggie and the Full Effect Begin Recording New Album

A little over two months ago, Reggie and the Full Effect created a Kickstarter to fund their new album, No Country For Old Musicians. Today, frontman James Dewees announced that the recording process has officially begun via an update to Kickstarter backers.

“It feels so amazing to be back doing reggie again,” wrote Dewees. “I hope you are ready for the insanity that is about to begin! I know I am!”

No Country For Old Musicians successfully passed its goal of $50,000 a week before the campaign was scheduled to end (and with an extra $8,081 to spare).…


Eisley Post Statement On Not Making Kickstarter Goal

Eisley had hoped to fund their upcoming tour to support their new album, Currents, by launching a Kickstarter. Unfortunately they did not make their goal, but they still plan on touring anyway, they will just be borrowing some funds from their family and the label. You can read the full statement from the band by taking a look below the jump.

Currents will be hitting stores everywhere this coming Tuesday, May 28. If you haven’t pre-ordered one of their numerous pre-order bundles yet you can still do so by heading right here.

The band will be embarking on …