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Death Of An Era

Death Of An Era Lose Three Members From Lineup

It seems that all is not well and good in the lives of the members in Death Of An Era. Lambgoat has reported that three of the members are claiming they were kicked out of the band. Frontman Daniel Simpson, as well as guitarists Zach Pishney and Dustin Colling have stated that they were removed from the band without their consent. They haven’t released any details into what happened, but they did confirm that they’ve already started a new project named No Man An Island. You can read their official statement below.

There’s no official word from Death …


Nativ Apparently Kicked Out Half Their Members

Things may have seemed quiet in Nativ‘s world if you’re an onlooker, but now it appears as though the inner turmoil is finally spilling out into the public eye. According to a series of tweets by members William Honto and Phil Druyor, they are no longer in the band. Apparently this happened without their consent.

At this point this is a “he said she said” situation, and there are no official updates from the band itself. Check out these tweets by taking a look below jump. Also be sure to check in again soon for more updates.

Note, there …


Steve Klein Is No Longer A Member Of New Found Glory

The pop punk world is confused and a bit sad today following the announcement that longtime guitarist Steve Klein is no longer a member of New Found Glory.

Taking to Facebook late Wednesday night, the remaining members of New Found Glory informed fans about Klein’s departure via open letter. The group cited growing differences between themselves and Klein, which we can only assume came to a head in recent weeks. You can read their full message below:

To All Our Fans,

It is with heavy hearts that we must let you know that Steve Klein is no longer a part


Issues’ Ex-Drummer Claims He Was Kicked Out, Never Paid

It seems that the relationship between Case Snedecor and his former band, Issues, has not been as pleasant as the band would have initially wanted us to believe. According to a personal post by the former drummer, the band has been talking trash about him, they kicked him out and he was never paid for the time that he drummed with them.

When Issues announced details of Case’s departure back in May (and even Case himself weighed in), everything seemed fine and even friendly. With this new statement however, it sounds more like Case was used and taken advantage …

The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain Releases Guitarist/Songwriter

For years, the Acacia Strain had a deal with guitarist and songwriter, Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz. He helped the band write their music, but didn’t tour with the group. Well, it seems that deal is now null and void.

According to, it’s rumored that Devin Shidaker, who recently left Oceano, will join The Acacia Strain. Here’s what Laskiewicz had to say:

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t played a show with The Acacia Strain in years and I’ve just been writing the music for them. I’ve been informed today that they will continue on without me, meaning


Alexisonfire Kicked Out Of Bar After Bouncer Pushes Wade MacNeil’s Wife

Alexisonfire has gotten back for a few farewell shows this month. There’s only a handful of shows left, and then the band will be no more. Last night in Montreal, Canada, the band went to a bar. First hand reporting from guitarist and vocalist Wade MacNeil suggests the band got kicked out after reacting to a bouncer pushing his wife.

Perhaps one day Alexisonfire will play a show in Montreal and denounce the bar in front of that crowd again. We’re still hoping they’ll one day do an American farewell tour, although that ship seems to have long since sailed.…


Dance Gavin Dance Release Statement on Craig Dismissal

Controversial post-hardcore outfit, Dance Gavin Dance, have released a statement confirming yesterday’s news that clean vocalist Jonny Craig has been kicked out of the band. DGD asserts that Craig’s recent public scolding at the hands of Sumerian Records CEO, Ash Avildsen, during DGD’s recent stint on the All Stars tour was the final straw. Check out what Dance Gavin Dance had to say after the jump.

Although DGD make no mention of Craig’s replacement, multiple sources have confirmed that former Tides of Man vocalist, Tilian Pearson, will be joining the group as their new lead singer. Dance Gavin Dance …


BREAKING: Jonny Craig Kicked Out Of Dance Gavin Dance (Again)

This may not come as a surprise given last week’s All Stars Tour blowout, but Jonny Craig has announced that he is no longer a member of Dance Gavin Dance. Again.

Breaking the news as only he could through his personal Twitter earlier today, Jonny posted at length about the split, his plans, and what direction Dance Gavin Dance hope to head towards in the future. You can view Jonny’s tweets below:

This story broke less than an hour ago and will likely develop further in the coming hours. Stay tuned to UTG for further updates.


UPDATED: Jonny Craig Kicked Off All-Stars Tour

Just when you thought it was safe to place your faith in Jonny Craig…

Shortly after 2AM (EST) this morning, Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen took to Twitter with a call out to end all call outs:

“@jonnycraig4L Yo you drug addict low class thief. You have 5 minutes to apologize to everyone you have wronged on @TheAllStarsTour or urgone”

At the time of posting, we still do not know the events that lead to this Tweet, but it is clear that Jonny stepped out of line because a short while later he took to Twitter with a stream of …


RUMOR: Earl Sweatshirt No Longer Involved In Odd Future?

Following a few strange events on social networks over the past few days, word is beginning to spread that rapper Earl Sweatshirt may no longer be a part of the hip hop collective known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Sweatshirt, born Thebe Kgositsile, returned home earlier this week from a boarding school in Somoa where he had been sent prior to Odd Future’s mainstream success in mid-2011. He took to Twitter earlier tonight to announce his return and shortly thereafter requested 50,000 followers before new material would surface. It took only six hours to achieve his goal


UTG EXCLUSIVE: Jonny Craig Homeless, On Heroin, And Wanted By Authorities [VIDEO]

Yesterday, we reported that incriminating photos of Jonny Craig had been posted via an anonymous Tumblr account. Today, we have some exclusive details regarding Jonny’s current condition and what might be next for the troubled singer.

After much discussion in this thread, Thomas Nassiff contacted several contacts tied to Craig, namely his label and now former management, Artery Management. Rise Records responded by saying that they were clueless as to the current controversy and photos and provided no further public comment. It is assumed at this point that Jonny is still tied to Rise Records, however I can infer …


Dance Gavin Dance on Jonny Craig related hiatus.

According to Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance, the band will officially be on Hiatus until “Jonny can get his life together.”

This is no surprise as Jonny continuously shows his ungratefulness for his postition and talent. If more surfaces, We’ll keep you informed.

As a result of the problems with the vocalist, the upcoming tour has been canceled.

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