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Justin Bieber Claims He Cannot Be “Broken” On Surprise New Single

So much for retirement.

Justin Bieber surprised fans around the world by releasing a new song this morning titled “Broken.” The track was released in a similar fashion to his #MusicMondays, only this time it arrived via a mixtape put online by his official DJ, Tay James. You can stream the song, which features Blake Kelly, below.

Bieber has become more and more direct with his lyricism in recent months, and “Broken” is no exception. Even though the music builds a funk-laden atmosphere, the sole focus of the song appears to be responding to the flood of criticism young …

Satelites & Sirens

MUSIC VIDEO: Satellites & Sirens – “As Long As You Love Me” (Justin Bieber Cover)

Satellites & Sirens are a four piece rock outfit hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. The band has been together since 2008, and they’ve released a good number of albums and singles in that time. Yesterday they added another song to their repertoire; this time though, it’s a cover. The group recorded their take on Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me.” They even had a video shot for it as well, which you can watch below the break.

If you would like to hear more new music from the band in the near future, then be sure to check out …


More Than 180,000 People Want To See Justin Bieber Deported From The US

It’s time to celebrate democracy in the modern age, everyone!

Not that long ago, the Obama administration added a section to the White House website that allows any citizen with an idea to open a new digital petition. If that petition earns more than 100,000 signatures the Obama administration is required to issue a formal response to the request, and this morning there are literally thousands of people waiting to hear from Barack Obama on the topic of Justin Bieber. It seems at least 182,000 people want the pop star deported, and that means the White House must take …

the drop

THE DROP: Featuring Jay Cosmic, Kastle, Twofold and More

While electronic music is generally not the main focus of Under The Gun’s coverage, there are quite a few members of our team who enjoy everything from dubstep and d&b to hardstyle and house. Thus, staff writer Michael Giegerich is heading the revival of The Drop, a retired column some longtime readers may remember.

Focusing on producers who aren’t headlining Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland (not yet, anyway), this list will provide you with five artists and their must-hear tracks. If you have any suggestions for who should be added to the next edition of this feature, contact us …

Boston Justin Bieber Clothing

Boston-based Clothing Company Prevented From Selling Justin Bieber Nazi Shirt

A Boston clothing company has been trying to manufacture t-shirts that display Justin Bieber with a swastika on his forehead, but now–surprise–it looks like they’re being thwarted. Let’s Rage Clothing had the“all-over” t-shirt for sale on their website, but now customers who try to purchase the garment receive a message explaining that no one will actually print it.

The message is as follows:

Thank you for contacting us! I checked your order and it looks like you purchased our Justin Bieber Swastika t-shirt. Unfortunately, we can’t find a printing facility that will actually make those shirts so they’ve been


Justin Bieber Hits On Everyone’s Daughter In “Hold Tight” Video

Anyone who has witnessed a male pop vocalist perform live knows there is always a moment in the show when the performer will invite a pretty lady on stage for a mini-serenade in front of the thousands who have gathered for the event. These moments are about as rare as a frontman saying “this is the best city we’ve been to on the entire tour,” but they make the individuals selected feel pretty damn special nonetheless. That is, until Justin Bieber compiles your special moment alongside the dozens of other young girls who thought they too shared a magical moment …

The Hobbit

‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Frozen’ Continue Box Office Dominance Over Holiday Newcomers

As families continued to flock to movie theaters over the post-holiday weekend, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Frozen held strong to fend off a bevy of newcomers. $29,850,000 in receipts was enough to give The Hobbit its third straight first-place finish and Frozen wasn’t far behind with $28,450,000, which represents an impressive 46.9% increase over last weekend.

The weekend’s highest ranking debut was Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, which landed at #5 with $18,510,000 in sales. The $100 million film has made $34 million since opening on Christmas Day, which I suppose isn’t a terrible …


Justin Bieber Has Officially Retired (According To Twitter)

Justin Bieber made headlines earlier this month after telling Power106 in LA that he was thinking about retiring following the release of his next album. That record, titled Journals hit stores on Monday. On Tuesday, Bieber took to Twitter with a message to fans.

Using the social network that has helped him stay connected with millions of fans for the past few years, Bieber kept things simple with a message released at 7:20PM (EST) that read, “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.” He followed this tweet with two others, both of which assured fans he and his music would always …


Watch: Tyga’s “Wait For A Minute” Video Featuring Justin Bieber

Guess Justin Bieber’s “retirement” isn’t happening after all? He’s got a new movie out on Christmas day and can be found in Tyga’s video for “Wait For A Minute,” which should technically be his song since he’s doing most of the work.

It’s a minute and a half before Tyga even says anything more than the hook, before that Bieber’s doing his usual pouty face that millions of tweens (and some adults) still swoon hard over. The best part of the video though is the former mop head’s “thug” moves behind Tyga.

“Wait For A Minute” dropped back in October …


Justin Bieber Jokes About Retirement, Internet Wants To Belieb He’s Telling The Truth

Oh, Justin Bieber. We can always count on you to provide us with something interesting on otherwise slow news days.

While taking part in a radio interview this morning (12/18) with Power106 in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber told listeners he was considering walking away from music after his next album hits stores. He said, “The new album… I’m actually retiring. I’m retiring man. I’m just gonna take some time. I think I’m probably going to quit music.”

As you can imagine, fans began crying foul online within moments of the clop airing and people who have spent the last …


Justin Bieber Releases “Confident” Featuring Chance The Rapper

The most hyped collaboration of Chance The Rapper‘s career has come to fruition.

Following a week of hype that started over a Twitter conversation, Justin Bieber has continued his #MusicMondays series by releasing a new collaboration with Chicago native Chance The Rapper. Titled “Confident,” the song adds a jolt of exciting energy to Bieber’s new music series that, without giving it too much credit early on, may very well be the best song to surface from Bieber all year.

Backed by a beat that demands you find the closest open space and begin dancing immediately, Bieber and Chance talk …


Justin Bieber Teases Chance The Rapper Collaboration

Just when you thought Justin Bieber’s #MusicMondays series was beginning to wind down (it ends this month), a new tweet from the pop sensation has the urban music community chatting up a storm this morning.

Last night, “Birthday Sex” vocalist Jeremih tweeted that he was in the studio with fellow Chicago native Chance The Rapper working on new material for 2014. Shortly after the tweet went live, Justin Bieber tweeted at Chance’s account, “We are next.” Chance then retweeted this message to his followers, and moments later hip-hop blogs worldwide began buzzing about the Acid Rap star’s next collaboration.

We …