The Ready Set 2012

Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set) Discusses Albums That Changed His Life

The Ready Set‘s own Jordan Witzigreuter sat down with our friends over at Alter The Press to discuss the albums that changed his life.

Jordan talks about the many influences that have shaped his musical career including Copeland, The Lawrence Arms, Saves The Day and Kanye West. Do you enjoy some of his picks?

Please head through the link provided to read this article and comment with your thoughts on Jordan’s favorites. Check out The Ready Set on tour currently with Breathe Carolina by clicking right here.


We Are The In Crowd Interview With Robert Herrera

Front Row Live Entertainment took some time with pop rockers We Are The In Crowd and can be seen right here.

Taylor and Jordan discussed their band’s album Best Intentions, their different writing styles, Warped Tour and other touring plans as well! The group will be on tour with Every Avene until the end of March so be sure to go check them out.

Please view the interview after the jump and let UTG know how much you enjoy We Are The In Crowd.

Mod Sun 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Mod Sun ft. The Ready Set – All Night, Every Night

Hippy hop pioneer Mod Sun has released a brand new music video for his song “All Night, Every Night,” featuring Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set.

This video takes place in a makeshift party bus and shows us how crazy Mod and his friends can be. Drinks, trees, and a whole bunch of girls to cap off this amazing time.

Please be sure to pick up Mod Sun’s latest mixtape, Blazed By The Bell, by simply heading through the link provided. What do you think of his new material?

Feel-Good-Now-EP the ready set

MUSIC VIDEO: The Ready Set – Killer

The Ready Set have returned to our headlines to make girls scream and guys jealous with their music video for “Killer.”

If you’re unfamiliar with The Ready Set, think about the sweetest candy you’ve ever tasted, add a bass line and enough electric guitar to cross-genres, then sprinkle in lyrics about love, loss, and youth. The video, which you can view below, features mastermind Jordan Witzigreute performing the song, alone, on a variety of instruments.

If you’re a fan of The Ready Set, there will is no reason to sell you on this clip. If you need a new song …

Teacher resigns over Eminem’s “Superman” video

A teacher in Westborough, Mass. is without a job this morning after parents’ poor reaction to her decision to show an EDITED music video clip to middle schoolers drove her to resignation.

Reading teacher Sarah Jordan showed her students at Sarah Gibbons Middle School a portion of an edited cut of Eminem’s “Superman” video as part of a media analysis project. The video clip contained foul language, as well as scantily clad women, but was edited with all questionable language bleeped and any nudity blurred.

Following the viewing, parents of two children, out of twenty in the class, complained to …

We Are The In Crowd sit down with Common Revolt

Common Revolt had a chance to sit down with Jordan and Taylor from We Are The In Crowd very recently. The two discussed recording plans, filming their music video for “Lights Out” and not being nude on the internet. Click past the link to find out what the band had to say on all these topics.

The Ready Set music video news

Jordan, from The Ready Set, announced on his Twitter that he is shooting the music video for “Young Forever” today.

Athletics live from BalconyTV

Check out the guys from Athletics perform their song "Jordan" for BalconyTV after the jump.

New Found Glory holiday video

Watch a special video message from New Found Glory that can be seen by clicking past the jump.