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Film: Sex Tape
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel
Directed by: Jake Kasdan

From beginning to end, Sex Tape feels like a film that arrived in theaters a decade too late. There is not a single frame that is in any way sexy or sensual, and very few offer any substantial laughs. There is a sex scene or two, sure, but they’re handled so poorly (like much of the film) that all humor and romance is completely sucked out of the scene, leaving a slew of well known Hollywood talent looking like people who foolishly signed on to create an absolute …


‘Goosebumps’ Synopsis Revealed

Ever since this Goosebumps movie was announced people have been wondering what it could possibly be about – which one of the must-read books that ‘90s kids craved like addicts would be transformed for the big screen? It turns out that it’s taking a completely different route all together.

It’s not so much going to be based on classics like Stay Out of the Basement or The Haunted Mask, but rather focus on R.L. Stine. Wait, what? Yeah, when a teen makes the obvious move from the city to a small town and falls for the first cute girl …


Jack Black Will Star In ‘Goosebumps’ Adaptation; Sony Gives Film 2016 Release Date

The big screen adaptation of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series has found its star and official release date.

According to an article on THR, Jack Black is set to emerge from some much needed time away to star in the young adult centric adaptation. Rob Letterman, who previously worked with black on Gulliver’s Travels is directing.

Goosebumps will arrive in theaters March 23, 2016.

No plot details have been revealed for the Goosebumps adaptation, but the possibilities are essentially endless. Stine wrote 62 books in his Goosebumps‘ series, and along the way touched on everything from evil puppets, to …

School of Rock cast

Watch Jack Black and the ‘School of Rock’ Cast Perform Again 10 Years Later

10 years ago, one of my all-time favorite movies came out: School of Rock. It’s one of those movies that cracks me up and keeps me tuned in thanks to a good soundtrack and a light attitude. It turns out last night in Austin, TX, the crew gathered at a reunion event to catch up and, yes, perform again.

Starring Jack BlackJoan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman, and a young Miranda Cosgrove, the comedy has a burnt-out musician (Black) fill in as a faux substitute teacher to make money. Soon he realizes how talented the …


Tenacious D Organizing Comedy-Rock Festival?

Our favorite duo Tenacious D have given out hints that they might be organizing some sort of comedy-rock festival in the future. Read the direct statement from fearless leader Jack Black below.

If you have not had the opportunity to grab the D’s new album, Rize Of The Fenix, through Columbia Records please be sure to do so here.

“We actually have been talking about joining forces, because we’ve always wanted to do a double bill. We’re working on a festival, called Festival Supreme.”

“It’ll be a meeting of the minds. It’s gonna be like Mount Rockmore, where …

HOLY SH!T: Tenacious D Announce Acoustic Tour

Hollywood rock Gods, Jack Black and Kyle Gas of Tenacious D, have announced that they will be embarking on a nine-city acoustic tour in March of 2013. Tickets for their “old school acoustic tour” can already be purchased on Tickermaster.

To get up-to-date before the tour series, check out the rock duo’s new album, Rize of the Fenix, which was released earlier this year. A review by Under The Gun’s own Tyler Osborne as well as a full stream of the album is available here. Additionally, watch Tenacious D perform “Throw Down” on The Daily Show


OFF! Release Music Video Starring Jack Black

Jack Black stars in the incredibly short music video for OFF!’s song “Wrong,” which premiered over on Funny Or Die earlier today.

Black plays leader of a street gang and ends up dismantling a man by ripping out his innards in the made-up action flick Lethal Justice. Check out the mayhem after the jump and prepare for carnage.…

Tenacious D Perform On The Daily Show

Tenacious D were asked to bring their awesome blend of rock and roll to The Daily Show and can be seen through the jump. Watch Kyle and Jack rock out to their two tracks “Deth Starr” and “Throw Down” and comment with your thoughts.

Please be sure to pick up Tenacious D’s new album, Rize of the Fenix, that is out now through Columbia Records. Click through to purchase the album and notice that iTunes just realized there was a giant penis on the artwork. Therefore, the entire artwork is blocked our and fuzzy. Too funny.…


What The Film?! – King Kong

What The Film?! is a new weekly column exclusive to Under The Gun Review that brings to light the plot holes Hollywood hoped you’d never notice. Written by comedy writer Dane Sager, this column shows no mercy to films that try and pull the proverbial wool over our eyes.

If you know a film with major plot holes that you feel needs to be exposed, tell us! Email utgjames@gmail.com with the subject “What The Film” and we’ll try to get your suggestion featured on the site.

This Week’s Movie: 1933′s & 2005′s King Kong
(Suggested by UTG’s own James

Tenacious D Release “Low Hangin’ Fruit” Video

Tenacious D continue to promote Rize Of The Phoenix this week with the release of the official video for “Low Hangin’ Fruit.” The clip features Jack Black and KG having fun with the different interpretations of the track’s lyrics while in front of a green screen, which results in plenty of hilarity throughout. You can view the clip after the jump.

Rize Of The Phoenix arrived in stores earlier this month and won praise from a variety of entertainment sources, including UTG. If you love rock, comedy, and/or the combination of those things – check it out!…


REVIEW: Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

Artist: Tenacious D
Album: Rize Of The Fenix
Genre: Rock/Comedy

Tenacious D. What can you really say about rock duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass? You could say that their movie was kind of bad. A lot of critics would go as far to say that their last album was bad as well, but if you ask me, anyone who challenges Tenacious D’s glowing god-like musicality should be flogged by Dio himself until Journey and Cheap Trick realize they “don’t have it anymore” and stop touring (Pro-tip: it wont happen). The thing I think is very important to keep …

STREAM: Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix

After releasing their epic 6-minute trailer for Rize of the Fenix, Tenacious D have returned to the world of rock and roll with a brand new stream of “Rize Of The Fenix.”

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have unleashed the album’s monstrous title track and there is no way to stop it from crushing everything in its path. Filled with twists and turns, this song takes you on a journey of persistence and ass-kicking.

Will you be picking up Tenacious D’s Rize Of The Fenix when it hits stores on May 15 through Columbia Records? That was rhetorical, you …