Old Again

UTG INTERVIEW: Old Again Discuss Their Debut LP and Relationship With Fronz

Just like every band to come before them and every band after, Orlando, FL’s Old Again have come from the humblest of beginnings in house shows and small-cap venues. But there have been three huge things that have helped separate them from the rest: Their ambitious twist on modern pop-punk, their opportunistic mentality, and last but not least, their constant drive to tour as much as possible.

Most likely, you first heard of the group this past December when they were announced as the first signing to Stay Sick Records, an imprint launched by the controversial (but perhaps not all …

staring out the sun

UTG INTERVIEW: Staring Out The Sun Discuss ‘Break The Silence’

London rock four-piece Staring Out The Sun are still riding high on the positive praise of their most recent 4-track EP that was released in February of this year. Break The Silence balances heavy riffs and pummeling percussion with softer, melodic bits that serve as a great juxtaposition throughout the effort’s brief, 13-minute runtime. Those who enjoy the works of acts varying from Alien Ant Farm to Dead Poetic should find themselves enjoying the sounds created by SOTS.

We had the chance to speak with the members of the band to discuss Break The Silence and its recording process, what …

winchester revival

UTG INTERVIEW: Winchester Revival Discuss ‘Burden’s Landing’ EP

Oakland, California’s Winchester Revival released their newest EP, titled Burden’s Landing, earlier this year to wide praise across the blogosphere. Boasting impressive precision in their indie rock and post-rock structures, the Bay Area quintet’s newest is a six-track effort that melds driving rock with electronic elements, multi-vocal harmonies, expansive guitar work, and plenty of experimentation.

We had the chance to speak with guitarist Andrew Lund about the band’s inception, the Burden’s Landing EP and where they plan to go from here, so hit the jump and get the scoop on all things Winchester Revival.…

dave plaehn

UTG INTERVIEW: Dave Plaehn Discusses ‘Radio Sister’

Dave Plaehn has been on the scene for many years — stemming from a love for pop music at a young age, and venturing into band life in high school, Plaehn has been writing and recording for decades. His most recent effort is the genre-bending, late-2014 release, Radio Sister.

We had the chance to speak with Plaehn about his background in music and his most recent release, and we also discussed his local scene in Oregon and what he’s been working on since Radio Sister came out in December.

Read through below and get familiar with the ever-expanding career …


UTG INTERVIEW: Nick Kroll Talks ‘Adult Beginners’

In a time when it seems everyone is looking to the next mega-budget Hollywood blockbuster for their entertainment it can be easy to forget that there are countless indie efforts hitting theaters as well that offer equal, if not greater quality entertainment without resorting to the use of CGI and latex. One such film in theaters right now is Adult Beginners, which stars comedian Nick Kroll as a man who is forced to move in with his pregnant sister and her husband after losing everything in a tech startup. It’s the kind of funny, yet emotionally driven story that …

debut postcards

UTG INTERVIEW: [debut] Discusses ‘Postcards From Berlin’

Gareth Thomas, aka [debut], recently released his newest album, Postcards From Berlin, which has quickly been picking up steam through word of mouth and positive press from all corners of the world. On May 2, [debut] will be performing songs from the album at Complex LA, where there will also be an art exhibit showcasing some album photography and a screening of a documentary about the making of Postcards From Berlin.

We had the chance to speak with Gareth Thomas about all things [debut], from his musical background and inspirations to this new album, the people who …

sir cadian rhythm

UTG INTERVIEW: Sir Cadian Rhythm Discuss Their Debut EP and Plans For 2015

Long Island’s Sir Cadian Rhythm have been a band for just over a year and already they’ve shown an immense amount of talent and promise with their self-titled, debut EP. Since its release in February, they’ve been hard at work on a follow-up amidst several other plans to take off in 2015.

We had the chance to speak with some of the Sirs about the band’s formation, debut release, and what we can expect from them moving forward. Who knows, maybe you’ll see them at Skate and Surf in Asbury Park next month.

Head through the jump to read our …

liz graham


Those who still enjoy ’90s pop-rock staples such as Alanis Morissette and Tracy Bonham should find themselves comfortably at home in Liz Graham‘s sounds, but she also traverses some sound elements of the ’80s all while adding her own signature to it all.

Graham has been working hard to promote her forthcoming album, both online and on the road, and as she continues to do so until this summer’s release, she took a moment to speak with us about where her career began and what we can expect from her newest release.

Read through the jump and get acquainted …

goodbye tiger pixelated

UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Goodbye Tiger – ‘The Pixelated Soul’

When four personalities cross paths and take a major leap in stepping away from the usual routine of building a musical style from the ground up, something truly magical can be born. This can be the case for New Jersey’s up-and-coming experimental outfit Goodbye Tiger.

After releasing their debut EP, Who Do You Call Home?, back in 2013, the band was put into the Asbury Park spotlight, showing poise in every show and leaving every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears on stage. Two years later, the band is set to release their debut full-length album, The Pixelated

Big Boy

UTG INTERVIEW: Screenwriter David Larson Discusses Being Accepted Into Tribeca Film Festival With ‘Big Boy’

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival is taking place April 15-26 in New York City, NY. Each year the festival showcases hundreds of features by film crews across the globe. Not every feature that’s submitted to the festival gets accepted, which makes it a huge honor for those who make it. Most features that win in their category are eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award for the current season. Last year’s winner in the Best Narrative Short category, The Phone Call, subsequently won an Oscar this past February.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the screenwriter …


UTG INTERVIEW: Writer/Director Alex Garland Talks ‘Ex Machina’ And The Auteur Theory

The Beach, 28 Days Later, Never Let Me Go, Dredd, Sunshine. These may all be sci-fi titles that you have seen or heard of in the past ten years. Alex Garland is the man who helped shepherd them to completion. Not only is he the writer on all of those aforementioned products, he is also a consultant on how those films ended up looking.

Starting out as a cartoonist, Garland turned his eye toward writing. When his book, The Beach, got optioned, Garland’s gaze turned towards filmmaking. Since The Beach, Garland has succeeded …

Great Cynics

UTG INTERVIEW: Great Cynics Discuss ‘I Feel Weird’

Since 2011, Great Cynics have been bringing their own version of folk-punk to the masses. First it started with their home country of England, but now in 2015, they’ve logged thousands of miles thanks to some incredible tours with groups like Joyce Manor and The Smith Street Band.

Their third full-length, I Feel Weird, will be hitting US shelves on April 13 and is sure to spread like wildfire. Don’t believe us? Take a listen to “Lost in You” below.

After giving the record a spin, we knew we absolutely had to have a chat with the band about …