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UTG INTERVIEW: The Tontons @ Middle of the Map Fest

When you think of Houston, TX, what do you think of? ZZ Top? Destiny’s Child? Maybe…Blue October? Some southern gospel…maybe? But chilled-out indie isn’t necessarily the vibes I get when I think about one of the largest cities in the country. But The Tontons deliver just that. The band just released their latest album, Make Out King and Other Stories of Love, and have caught some glances, not only with the album itself, but with their relaxing, yet in-your-face live show that leaves nothing in its path.

As they made their way to Kansas City for Middle of the …


UTG Interview: Marlon Wayans Talks ‘A Haunted House 2′

Few comedic voices have been as prominent or successful in the last two decades as that of Marlon Wayans. From Don’t Be A Menace, to White Chicks, Scary Movie, Little Man, and beyond, Wayans has a knack for bringing the outrageous to life in a way that attracts throngs of movie goers again and again. His latest, A Haunted House 2 (out this weekend), will likely be no different.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to sit down with Wayans and a group of Boston film critics to discuss his latest work, as well as …

books on fate


“If you can express yourself without hurting others and bring something into this life, well that’s the point of the thing.”

We recently had the chance to speak with San Francisco-based Adam Dishart, who goes musically by his solo moniker Books On Fate, a project started after working with his previous band, The Catholic Comb.

After the jump you can read through our conversation as we discuss the beautiful Bay Area, the works of Books On Fate, and the various projects he’ll be exploring in the not so distant future.…



After reviewing Amatus‘ excellent debut EP late last month, the New York-based up-and-comer took some time to speak with us about Broken Compass, those involved with creating it and the other projects she’s currently working on.

Check out our full conversation after the jump and make sure to give Amatus’s new 5-track EP a spin over on Bandcamp.…



Don’t let age fool you — DECORATOR may be young, but the music is far from naive. DECORATOR is a full-forced wrecking ball of collaborative rock ‘n’ roll cleverly mixed with proper and contagious pop hooks. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band create a live atmosphere of energy that mirrors a heavy mixture of Foxy Shazam and Bruno Mars. With members ranging from 19 to 21, DECORATOR are perfecting a smooth and flamboyant sound years before their competition.

The band had a chance to sit down with Under The Gun during their recent trip to SXSW to talk about …

night riots


Night Riots have infected listeners with its contagious blend of electronic and alternative rock. The 2013 release, Young Lore, is making waves amongst a sea of mediocre competition. Songs such as “Remedy” and “Young Lore” display a band composed of musicianship that is absent of fallacies. The record mirrors the essence of other fabulous key-driven acts such as The Killers or Keane.

Under The Gun had a chance to sit down with the band at SXSW to talk about the success the band has been having with the latest release and what we’re to expect from the band …

fire and the romance

UTG INTERVIEW: Fire And The Romance

Fire And The Romance are only just emerging but already offer a massive sound in the vein of high-energy, arena rock acts like Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION. They’re in the process of preparing their debut EP, Adaptations, to release sometime this summer but in the meantime have already unveiled a music video for their breakout single, “Way Down Below.”

Founder and frontman, Dion Roy, took a break from working on their next music video to speak with us about how the group formed, how he manages working from both the west and east coasts, and what we can expect …

latimer house

UTG INTERVIEW: Latimer House Discuss ‘All The Rage’

Latimer House is a guitar-driven indie rock quartet based out of Prague in the Czech Republic, but all four members are originally from separate countries; The United States, Canada, England, and Azerbaijan. They joined forces as musically like-minded individuals to form a sound both fresh and familiar which eventually resulted in their debut LP, All The Rage.

Guitarist Joe Cook took some time to speak with us about their new album, Prague’s music scene, Record Store Day, and much more, so read below the jump to get the scoop on Latimer House.…

ready never

UTG INTERVIEW: Ready Never Talks Multitasking, YouTube, and ‘Eleutherophobia’

Los Angeles-based EDM rock duo Ready Never are still riding high on the success of their viral video and single, “Take That Pill,” but Benny Ed and Clinton Karcher are continuing to develop their genre-melding sound as they prepare for future work and create new ways to advance their performance in a live atmosphere.

Ed recently took some time to speak with us in depth about the band’s unique style, the ideas found in “Take This Pill” and its accompanying video, and how one YouTube user referred to him as a future Justin Bieber, so get acquainted with Ready Never …

Tiny Moving Parts Feature

UTG INTERVIEW: Tiny Moving Parts Discuss Recording LP #2, Emo, and SXSW

The past year and a half has been massive for Triple Crown Records’ latest signing, Tiny Moving Parts. In January, the group released their full-length debut, This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship, and was met with widespread acclaim. So much to the point that we named them one of our 5 artists you need to watch in 2013. Somehow, someway, TMP found themselves on bigger and bigger tours with bands like The Front Bottoms and Real Friends, and releasing their debut album through Kind of Like Records.

In February of 2014, the group announced that …

the year fifteen

UTG INTERVIEW: Billy Duprey (The Republic Of Wolves) Discusses His Debut Album as The Year Fifteen

For the past month, we’ve been stalking Billy Duprey‘s every move. Okay, maybe not every move, but every move he makes musically. We’ve covered his debut solo LP extensively and are pleased to continue aiding in its promotion. As A World Entire is a stellar indie rock release from one fourth of The Republic Of Wolves, and following hot on the heels of our review, exclusive track-by-track, and various streams, Duprey took the time to speak with us about his introductory solo effort with more insight to how it developed and matured from its 2008 inception …

jake round

UTG INTERVIEW: Pure Noise Records’ Founder Jake Round Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

In 2009, Jake Round founded Pure Noise Records in California. Although he’d had no previous experience in single-handedly operating a record label, he was still able to turn a loan from his mother into one of the driving forces in independent pop punk, rock, indie, and hardcore.

In 2014, we are celebrating the five-year anniversary of Pure Noise Records, which has come a long way from a split decision to release a No Bragging Rights record. Perhaps you can accredit Round’s success to his longtime involvement in the local music scene, his time spent interning at a record label, or …