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UTG INTERVIEW: Unfathomed Of Abyss Discusses the Creation of ‘Arisen Upon Oblivion’

“As for death and time, I’m running into one, and running out of the other.”

The patience and determination of Kevin Price is matched or exceeded by few in the music world. His most recent release as Unfathomed Of Abyss, entitled Arisen Upon Oblivion, was created over the course of 14 years, with breaks taken from the project periodically. The vast amount of material that was ultimately condensed into the six lengthy tracks that make up the album saw several forms of change over time but eventually became 57 minutes of powerful, brooding and doom-ridden black metal.

We …


UTG INTERVIEW: Palisades Discuss The Success Of ‘Mind Games’

Last month, Palisades released their sophomore album, Mind Games, via Rise Records. The album has been a big hit with both fans and critics, which is part of the reason why they are participating in some of the largest tours of the year. They have become a bit of a staple in the music scene, and it sounds like they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The band’s drummer Aaron Rosa took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions about Mind Games, and you can read what he had to say below.…

revision revised

UTG INTERVIEW: Revision, Revised Talk ‘Dead Icons’ EP, Touring and More

When a band catches your ear in a wholly unique way, you can’t help but really focus on the nuances of the music, what the lyrics are about, or even find out whos in the band and what their duties are. Those were my goals when I first heard Ohio’s new post-metalcore outfit Revision, Revised. With their intricate and relentless guitar work, massive rhythm section, and deceiving lyrics, it was intriguing to hear a band of this caliber present a lot of poise, and in the right moment unleash their fury in the most brutal and impressive way.

Revision, …


UTG INTERVIEW: Sullivan Discuss ‘Heavy Is The Head’

Last year, the guys in Sullivan announced the end of their seven-year hiatus, and shortly after confirmed the details of a brand new album. The group signed to Spartan Records, and dropped one of my personal favorite albums of 2014 – Heavy Is The Head.

Since they got back together they have kept themselves busy with touring all over the country. We are excited to have the opportunity to steal some of their time away while they are taking a brief break from touring to ask them a few questions about their latest effort.…


UTG INTERVIEW: Corpus Discuss ‘The Sliding Scale of Morality’

Sometimes, while waiting for a headliner to take the stage, you encounter a support act whose performance flips the script on your expectations and leaves an indelible mark on your memories of the night. For me, Corpus is one of those acts.

Personally selected by Bert McCracken to support The Used on the Australian leg of their dual headlining tour with Taking Back Sunday, the duo from Western Sydney took the eyes and ears of the Melbourne audience hostage with an energetic, raw and utterly captivating performance that didn’t so much as just warm the stage as set it on …


Indiana Streams Stripped-Down Versions Of “Solo Dancing” And “Blind As I Am”

The singer-songwriter known as Indiana recently took some time to hang out with The Beat at BBC Radio to live record stripped-down versions of two singles taken from her forthcoming debut album, No Romeo. The songs are “Solo Dancing” and “Blind As I Am.” You can stream the recording session below.

In between the two tracks BBC Radio briefly interviews her and asks a few questions about No Romeo. The original songs are great, and these stripped-down versions are just as fun to listen to.

If you haven’t picked up No Romeo, the album is available to …

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UTG INTERVIEW: Slim Charles Talk ‘Small Improvements’ Reissue

New York-based math-pop outfit Slim Charles caught the attention of multiple UTG staff members last year, a fortunate find that culminated in a song premiere preceding the release of their debut full-length, Small Improvements in Life and Light. Within recent months, the band has signed to Little L Records, an independent Irish label that has previously teamed up with names such as Alex Calder and The Otter Years.

Kicking off their newfound relationship with a limited edition reissue of Small Improvements, Slim Charles have undoubtedly started 2015 on the right foot. Thus, we took some time to …

the great escape

UTG INTERVIEW: The Great Escape Discuss Influences, California and Their Debut LP

California’s The Great Escape is sure to be on the rise in 2015. With a strong debut under their belts, only beginning to make the rounds, the three-piece are poised to take the jam-rock world by storm, with the powerful vocal presence of Amie Miriello leading the charge. With Malte Hagemeister on guitar and Kristian Nord on drums, collectively laying the foundation, the band draws influences from Woodstock-era luminaries like Hendrix, Joplin, and Cream and fuses them with a modern twist that would appeal to fans of The Black Keys and The Dead Weather as well.

With their Ram Jam-ish …


UTG INTERVIEW: Manilow, Festering Away On The Underground

“More honest and ragged” than aiming for a certain sound, London’s Manilow (nothing to do with Barry), offer up a blend of nearly every nook and cranny of rock; punk, lo-fi, power pop and more all make an appearance on their newest EP, Cease And Desist.

We recently had the chance to chat with the band and discuss their method of operation, the current state of punk, and where they see that newly released effort getting the most attention – so read through the jump to get familiar with this English trio and be sure to stream Cease And

James Blake

James Blake Announces New Album Title

James Blake built up a lot of steam over 2014, but the wait since his 2013 record Overgrown has felt massive. That all changes this year, as Blake has formally announced that he will be releasing a new full-length album titled Radio Silence later this year.

Originally announced during an interview with BBC Radio 1 back in December, a Soundcloud link containing the entire interview has surfaced online and news of the new record has started to spread. As previously confirmed, we’re anticipating collaborations with Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame) and Kanye West (of Yeezy fame) set for …

head north

UTG INTERVIEW: Head North Discuss New Music, Plans To Dominate 2015

Here at UTG, we believe in Head North. The Buffalo, NY pop-punk quartet wrapped up a year of seemingly soaring under the radar in 2014 with a few huge announcements for 2015, including the news that the band would be signing with Bad Timing Records for the release of a new EP in the spring and supporting the release with a slot on Front Porch Step’s first headlining tour with Have Mercy…although it now seems that Head North will be hitting the road with headliner Have Mercy after both groups decided to drop off the tour following allegations against …

oxford coma

UTG INTERVIEW: The Oxford Coma

Phoenix, Arizona’s The Oxford Coma released their most recent EP, Morphine, just last month, but the three-piece is already set to drop a followup full-length in 2015, which is already near completion.

The band recently took some time to speak with UTG about the Morphine EP, details regarding their upcoming release, and how much they hate Lars Von Trier and David Lynch, along with several other topics in which they provided a balance of genuine, informative responses and brief, smart-assed ones. Follow us through the jump to get the scoop from The Oxford Coma and be on the lookout …