UTG INTERVIEW: Secondborn Discuss ‘Symbols’

Last month, Louisiana six-piece Secondborn released Symbols, a new six-track EP that echoes back to the glory days of emo-rock and post-hardcore from the mid-2000s with bands like Saosin, The Classic Crime and Matchbook Romance. So, needless to say, Secondborn fit comfortably in with the current resurgence of such bands and reunions with their own fresh take on the sound.

We had to chance to speak with guitarist Patrick Trumps recently and discussed the band’s formation, the Symbols EP and its follow-up they’ve already begun working on. You can read through our conversation below and check out more material …

matthew morgan

UTG INTERVIEW: Matthew Morgan Talks ‘Empathy For Inanimate Objects’

“Honestly, I don’t ever remember a time that I didn’t feel like I was a musician and I’ve never imagined a different focus for my life.”

Matthew Morgan has been making music for many years, but his newest effort, an EP titled Empathy For Inanimate Objects, is arguably his best work yet. Layered with varied instrumentation, beautiful vocal harmonies and Morgan’s lyrical storytelling, Empathy is folky Americana done right and serves as one of this year’s strongest undiscovered releases.

We recently had the chance to chat with Matthew to discuss his musical upbringing and how it led to where …


UTG INTERVIEW: Kingmaker’s Alex Gaspar Discusses the Creation of ‘The Cradle’

Kingmaker have always been a group that thrives on progression. Since bursting onto the scene in the summer of 2009, the Lake County quartet has undergone a number of style and lineup changes, all leading to the release of their latest full-length effort, The Cradle–a bold blend of abrasive riffs, ear-shattering percussion, and poignant lyricism.

We recently spoke with guitarist Alex Gaspar, who not only gave us all the details on the band’s latest album, but also elaborated on what they have in the works for the rest of 2015. Read our conversation below, and keep in touch with …


UTG INTERVIEW: The Great Game Discuss Their Huge Lineup and Newest Album

The Great Game is spread across Europe–primarily from Spain to Scotland–but that doesn’t stop its several members, both permanent and the occasional contributor, from creating some of the most unique music you’ve heard, from any genre, in some time.

We had the chance to have a lengthy conversation with composer and guitarist Mounzer Sarraf, and we discussed the band’s large cast of players, how they all came together, and their newest album they created–a lengthy, 13-track effort that melds far too many styles and genres to list here.…


UTG INTERVIEW: CalatrilloZ Talk Concepts and ‘Psalms Of Zahyin’

Last week, London-based operatic metal band CalatrilloZ released their newest effort, Psalms Of Zahyin — a 6-track blast of shredding guitar riffs, pummeling drum work, orchestral string arrangements and classical vocals led by Zahyin himself, the creative ringleader.

We had the chance to speak with Zahyin about all things CalatrilloZ, from the band’s beginnings to their newest album and everything they have lined up for the future, so read through to find our full conversation and the band’s newest video for “Z The Psychopath.”…


UTG INTERVIEW: Patrick Brice Discusses His New Film, ‘The Overnight’

It’s hard to throw a stone in the world of modern indie movies without hitting some up and coming filmmaker who one or more publications has dubbed the latest ‘visionary’ storyteller. Everyone has someone they’re rooting for in the race to see who graduates from one-time genius to career-long writer/director who influences countless future storytellers, and for me there is no one with more promise or talent working right now than Patrick Brice. He’s delivered two incredibly different and immensely entertaining films over the last year, each pushing genre boundaries in ways rarely, if ever seen before. Like Mark Duplass …

of mice and men

UTG INTERVIEW: Valentino Arteaga Discusses Of Mice & Men’s Newest Chapter

Often described as Of Mice & Men’s backbone, Valentino Arteaga shines with this aura the second you meet him. Sitting down with the tenacious drummer, he explained the mentality of Of Mice & Men, and contributing to their growing success in the music scene.

From being on top of schedules and acting as a moral compass to the band, Tino proudly elaborates on his role with a reflective song lyric. “‘Taking care of business’ – that’s how I look at things. Things have to get done and you just got to do it.” Ever since Arteaga was young, his …

lydia feature

UTG INTERVIEW: Lydia Discuss Their Recent Tour, Upcoming Album

Lydia is an irresistible band. The material they produce has always been that of those who truly possess talent. Witnessing this band perform live made that fact very evident. Their mass appeal is undeniable and the energy they exude when on stage is magnetic.

The three-piece recently wrapped up their North American tour alongside The Early November and Restorations. We got to chat with them about their upcoming new record. Follow us below for more.…

conchita little shells

UTG INTERVIEW: Little Shells Talks ’5 Deep Under’

Ex-west coaster Conchita Campos recently released her third album under the banner of Little Shells, titled 5 Deep Under, a beautifully smooth, jazzy and experimental effort led by Campos’ ostensibly veteran vocal prowess with a team of talented players providing a strong instrumental foundation that raises the whole affair to another level.

We had the chance to speak with Campos about the album but also touched on her musical past, her various other projects and spending time on both US coasts in two of the world’s best cities. Read through below to get to our entire conversation where …

a will away

UTG INTERVIEW: A Will Away Talk ‘Bliss,’ Rock And Roll At Skate And Surf Festival

A Will Away are riding high on the release of Bliss, their latest EP which dropped in March via Quiet Fire Media. The band delivered one of the biggest performances of the weekend at New Jersey’s Skate and Surf Festival in May, and hit the road last week with Light Years, Head North, and Casey Bolles for a full U.S. Summer run.

We had the chance to catch up with lead singer/guitarist Matt Carlson and guitarist Collin Waldron at Skate and Surf Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey to talk about their new music, influences, touring, and the shape …

slim loris

UTG INTERVIEW: Slim Loris Discuss ‘Love And Fear’

Stockholm, Sweden’s Slim Loris have followed up 2013′s Future Echoes and Past Replays with their newest album, Love and Fear, which became available just last month. Previously a duo primarily, Slim Loris have become a full, four-piece band in a more permanent capacity, with plans to tour and write even more music in the near future.

We had the chance to speak with the band and we took time to discuss Love and Fear, the changes in Slim Loris since their last release, and much more, so read through our conversation below and stream the band’s newest album …

the unravelling

UTG INTERVIEW: The Unravelling Talk “Revolt,” Upcoming Album

It’s been half a decade since Calgary duo The Unravelling released 13 Arcane Hymns, their last album, but they’re still very much active with new material on the way. We got our first taste of it with “Revolt” in April and there’s plenty more to look forward to in the coming months.

We had the chance to speak with both members–Gustavo de Beauville and Steve Moore–about their musical pasts, the formation of the band, and what they’ve been working on since their last album in 2010. Follow us through below to read our conversation and get caught …