goodbye tiger pixelated

UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Goodbye Tiger – ‘The Pixelated Soul’

When four personalities cross paths and take a major leap in stepping away from the usual routine of building a musical style from the ground up, something truly magical can be born. This can be the case for New Jersey’s up-and-coming experimental outfit Goodbye Tiger.

After releasing their debut EP, Who Do You Call Home?, back in 2013, the band was put into the Asbury Park spotlight, showing poise in every show and leaving every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears on stage. Two years later, the band is set to release their debut full-length album, The Pixelated

Big Boy

UTG INTERVIEW: Screenwriter David Larson Discusses Being Accepted Into Tribeca Film Festival With ‘Big Boy’

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival is taking place April 15-26 in New York City, NY. Each year the festival showcases hundreds of features by film crews across the globe. Not every feature that’s submitted to the festival gets accepted, which makes it a huge honor for those who make it. Most features that win in their category are eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award for the current season. Last year’s winner in the Best Narrative Short category, The Phone Call, subsequently won an Oscar this past February.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the screenwriter …


UTG INTERVIEW: Writer/Director Alex Garland Talks ‘Ex Machina’ And The Auteur Theory

The Beach, 28 Days Later, Never Let Me Go, Dredd, Sunshine. These may all be sci-fi titles that you have seen or heard of in the past ten years. Alex Garland is the man who helped shepherd them to completion. Not only is he the writer on all of those aforementioned products, he is also a consultant on how those films ended up looking.

Starting out as a cartoonist, Garland turned his eye toward writing. When his book, The Beach, got optioned, Garland’s gaze turned towards filmmaking. Since The Beach, Garland has succeeded …

Great Cynics

UTG INTERVIEW: Great Cynics Discuss ‘I Feel Weird’

Since 2011, Great Cynics have been bringing their own version of folk-punk to the masses. First it started with their home country of England, but now in 2015, they’ve logged thousands of miles thanks to some incredible tours with groups like Joyce Manor and The Smith Street Band.

Their third full-length, I Feel Weird, will be hitting US shelves on April 13 and is sure to spread like wildfire. Don’t believe us? Take a listen to “Lost in You” below.

After giving the record a spin, we knew we absolutely had to have a chat with the band about …


UTG INTERVIEW: Lovesucker Discuss Debut EP and Gypsy Soul

“People can spot bullshit and being real is worth its weight in bone and blood.”

Charlotte, North Carolina duo, Lovesucker, have more passion for their work than most musicians I’ve come across. Crystal Crosby and Zoltan Von Bury are creating what they please, as they please, and the results are inspiring.

We had the chance to speak with the two about their growing career and mission as Lovesucker, as well as their gypsy soul tag and future plans, so read through below and get the scoop from two unique souls with a true fervor for their art.…

attik door


In February, San Francisco’s Attik Door released their debut full-length album, titled Never In Agreement. They’ve since been working on a new video and performing around the Bay Area, with at least two more shows coming up this month.

We recently spoke with guitarist Tim Shulepov about the band coming together and their newest album, so read below to get some inside information on Attik Door.…

moorhead and benson

UTG INTERVIEW: Directors Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson Discuss ‘Spring’

Co-directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson released their debut film, Resolution, in 2012 to wide praise and an almost immediate cult following. We loved it and were excited to see what the future held for these two filmmakers, especially after they revealed to us that their next project was already well on its way.

Spring was released last month, and much like their first effort, it’s been scooping up loads of acclaim from all corners of the horror-loving world. It’s a monster movie but it’s a love story. It’s gorgeous in aesthetic, story and tone. It’s a great contribution …

832 promo

UTG INTERVIEW: 832 Discuss Family Legacy and Their History With Hip-Hop

Oklahoma City’s 832 is comprised of two brothers who are three years apart in age. Solomis and Nawlege 405 grew up with an inherent love for music which evolved into a love for hip-hop specifically, as well as a passion and career path inspired by the likes of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Fresh off a performance at SXSW in Austin, TX, we had the chance to chat with 832 about their progression as musicians, the legacy involved with the 832 moniker, and the reasons as to why their message and lyrics are unique to the rap genre. Get the scoop below on …

Famous Last Words

UTG INTERVIEW: Famous Last Words Discuss New Short, ‘A Two-Faced Charade’

Famous Last Words have been keeping themselves busy over the last few years. They’ve released two full-length albums since 2013, a short film and have toured all over the country. Even as busy as they are, they still took some time to answer some questions about performing at South By So What?! and their new short, A Two-Faced Charade. You can see what they had to say below. If you haven’t seen the short yet, you can view it here, or right below the interview.

A Two-Faced Charade is available to pre-order through the band’s website. It …

You Blew It Feat 2015

UTG INTERVIEW: Tanner Jones of You Blew It! Discusses Hyper-Personal Songwriting & Getting Robbed on Tour

You Blew It! have certainly kicked things into high gear this past year and half. In the time that most bands put out an LP and rest on it, this Orlando, FL group decided to slap on a Weezer covers EP and  four-way split onto their discography. At the very beginning of 2014, they put out Pioneer of Nothing through the highly-revered Jade Tree Records, then embarked on their first ever headlining tour, taking their catchy version of the emo genre to the masses.

After seeing YBI! perform in two very unique settings on subsequent days – that being their …


UTG INTERVIEW: Bobby Meader Music Talks Career Paths & Writing ‘Breakfast After Noon’

Independent music is a vital realm of the entertainment world. That being said, the industry is very fortunate to have a plethora of artists who continuously pump out material worthy of keeping the public’s attention and admiration. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with singer-songwriter Bobby Meader Music about his journey as a musician and how he brought his new EP, Breakfast After Noon, to fruition.

“Life has definitely gotten more difficult, especially starting so late, but I don’t look back at all,” Meader says as he talks about his journey as a fairly new singer-songwriter. The Las …


UTG INTERVIEW: Make Do and Mend Embrace DIY and Stick to the Basics

DIY culture may not be the same as it was in the heyday of hardcore, but it’s far from gone. When Make Do and Mend decided the time had come to record a follow-up to their 2012 record, Everything You Ever Loved, they wanted to do it on their own terms.

Stay Close Records, the band’s own imprint ran through Rise Records, made the whole release cycle for Don’t Be Long all the more personal and genuine. Through this, a lot of the excess tied in with releasing music doesn’t need to be tolerated, but instead, could be avoided …