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STREAM: KiD CuDi – “Solo Dolo Pt. 2” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

KiD CuDi‘s follow up to “Solo Dolo,” a track off of his 2009 debut full length album, has hit the net today. “Solo Dolo Pt. 2” comes off of Cudi’s upcoming album, Indicud, and features one of hip-hop’s rising stars, Kendrick Lamar.

Indicud drops on April 23 through Wicked Awesome/Republic. Follow the jump to stream the track provided by How Fly Hip Hop.

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LISTEN: Kid CuDi Announces He Is “No longer on G.O.O.D. music”

Billboard reports that during an interview with Los Angeles’s Power 106, Kid Cudi announced he is no longer on Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D. Music.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise, especially since Kid Cudi is slated to debut his new album, Indicud on April 23. Cudi stated that both Kanye West and himself came to an agreement on the direction he was moving as an artist. Nevertheless, there’s no hard feelings between the two rappers, and Cudi is on record stating that his decision was strictly a business one.

STREAM: Kid Cudi Ft. Too $hort – “Girls”

Who doesn’t love listening to new Kid Cudi material late at night?

Cudder has released the studio version of “Girls,” featuring Too $hort, on iTunes and lives up to the anticipation. Pre-order Indicud right now through Universal Republic Records. It hits stores on April 23.

If you missed Cudi performing his two new songs “Immortal” and “Mad Solar” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! be sure to head past the link provided and get a glimpse of the heat to come.

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KiD CuDi Performs “Immortal” & Debuts “Mad Solar” On Jimmy Kimmel Live

With the release of Indicud fast approaching, KiD CuDi has been revving up his promotional efforts. Last night the “Mr. Rager” MC took his live show to the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform not one, but two new songs, and thanks to the power of the internet you can now view both performances right here on UTG.

Starting with his single “Immortal,” CuDi wasted no time getting the audience entranced with his latest musical efforts. The song’s thunderous drum section kept the crowd involved even if they didn’t seem overly invested in the track’s lyrical content. It’s not …

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STREAM: Kid Cudi – “Immortal”

Kid Cudi is at it again. The rapper has been teasing a new song through his Twitter for the better part of the week and last night he made good on his word and dropped “Immortal”.

A self-produced cut, “Immortal” comes off as a solid mesh of the appealing elements of early Cudi and some of his latter-day more rockist tendencies. I couldn’t tell upon my first and subsequent listens, but Kid Cudi states that the beat is essentially MGMT’s “Congratulations” reversed and sped up with a couple of guitar solos peppered in. That production is the foundation for some …

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Kid CuDi’s ‘Indicud’ Will See A Release In April

G.O.O.D. Music’s own Kid CuDi has updated his fan base with news from his forthcoming album, which is titled Indicud.

The album will officially see the light of day on April 23. Cudi went on to briefly state in his short message that “King Wizard” was not the second single from this effort. Simply a “Scooby snack.”

“Phase 2 of my domination has begun. King Wizard is not the official second single, just a scooby snack. Indicud in April. Hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday. Til my next tweet of madness, love yall.”


MUSIC VIDEO: Kid Cudi – “King Wizard”

Cleveland’s own Kid Cudi has released the relaxed visuals for his new single “King Wizard” and can be viewed through the link.

The self-directed video shows Cudi holding a cigarette, rapping at the camera, and dancing in the streets along to the upbeat track. He remains trapped in a picture frame the entire performance. This single is off of his forthcoming album, Indicud, which has plans of dropping in 2013 through Universal Republic. Be sure to let UTG know if you have plans of pre-ordering this effort when it hits the web!

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MUSIC VIDEO: Kid Cudi Ft King Chip – “Just What I Am”

We premiered the audio about a month back and now fans around the globe can enjoy the official video for Kid Cudi and King Chip’s collaborative single, “Just What I Am.” The clip premiered online around noon today and it serves as the directorial debut of Cudi. The track still plays as well as it did when it dropped, and Cudi’s vision for how it should be expressed is executed with far more precision than one may expect. You can view the video after the jump.

“Just What I Am” should be appearing on Cudi’s next album, Indicud, but …

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Kid Cudi Discusses Album Details

Kid Cudi recently took to his Twitter account to discuss some details about his forthcoming album Indicud. The rapper revealed that his new album will “def” drop at the top of next year and promises to give an exact date in the near future.

Mr. Rager also looked ahead to some of his projects slated after his Indicud release, including fellow rapper King Chip’s album and the release of Man On The Moon III.

Kid Cudi is gearing up for what appears to be a massive year, filled with tons of new music, so be sure to keep …

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PREVIEW: Kid Cudi – “King Wizard”

What a way to start your Saturday. Early this morning Kid Cudi released a preview of a brand new song, titled “King Wizard”, off the rapper’s upcoming album Indicud. The preview runs for almost two minutes and the song is played straight off Cudi’s laptop with him lip singing along.

Mr. Rager’s most recent material includes the first single from his new album Indicud, called “Just What I Am”, and his song “Creepers” off the Cruel Summer compilation, both of which were flawless. Along with the preview of his newest track,  Kid Cudi’s coming album seems …


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Kid Cudi Ft King Chip – Just What I Am

Kid Cudi is helping kickoff the work week this morning with a new jam that is sure to keep your head bobbing all day long.

Pairing with King Chip (formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper), Kid Cudi has blessed the blogosphere with a new Indicud leak entitled “Just What I Am.” The track carries a very Man On The Moon: The End Of Day vibe, with plenty of faded synths and simple drums accompany each diary-like line spit by the emcees, but there’s still enough new to make it feel fresh. You can stream, download, and experience “Just What I …

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Kid Cudi Announces Album, Reveals Title, Sets Expectations As High As Possible

Kid Cudi has never been one to play by the rules of the music industry handbook and his latest hijinks are no different. Late last night, Cudi logged into his rarely used Twitter account and not only announced a new album, but did so in a way that was sure to instantly spark conversation and controversy around the world. Cudi wrote:

“My new album is entitled “indicud”, it will be my version of The Chronic 2001, some songs ill produce, others ill feat &/or play songwriter.”

At this time, what you read above is the only information available regarding …