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‘Delivery’ Trailer: Guess Who’s Having Satan’s Baby

The film industry is a crazy place where the first person to develop an idea is not always the first person to share that idea with mainstream America. Just because your film was in production first does not guarantee it will see release first. At least, not in a way that will matter once a studio or similarly large competitor rolls out their big(ger) budget version on 3000 screens with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

Delivery is a found footage film about a young couple learning their unborn baby is possessed by a malovent spirit. It’s a setup incredibly similar …

the den


Film: The Den
Directed by: Zachary Donohue
Starring: Melanie Papalia

A horror film that puts a weird twist on the found footage genre by using webcams? Ok, I feel a little wary here. Base the film on Elizabeth Benton (Melanie Paplia) who is studying human nature (with a murderous twist) through this webcam service called The Den? Okay, you have me interested. Start killing people off in the first 20 minutes and exhaust every horror cliché in the book by the end of the film? Damn, I had SOME faith.

The Den is unfortunately another missed opportunity amongst the …


Movie Review: ‘Wolf Creek 2′

Film: Wolf Creek 2
Directed by: Greg McLean
Starring: John Jarratt

There was a not a lot left at the end of Wolf Creek to warrant the creation of a sequel, but filmmaker Greg McLean has pulled off something akin to a flawed miracle with Wolf Creek 2. It’s bigger, slicker, and far bloodier than the original, but it also expands the universe found in the first film in ways that are wacky and – for the most part – genuinely entertaining.…

Animal Trailer

Watch the Trailer for Drew Barrymore’s Horror Film ‘Animal’

A lot of horror films seem to repeat the same plot, yet we’re still jumping every time. Animal, Drew Barrymore‘s new horror film, looks like it will be one of them.

As the tagline “Fear lives in the dark” implies, Animal is about a group of close friends who are chased by a blood-hungry creator when stranded in the woods. It stars Keke Palmer, Amaury Nolasco, Parker Young, Joey Lauren Adams, Elizabeth Gillies, Paul Iacono, Thorsten Kaye, and Jeremy Sumpter. They’re trapped in a cabin, tensions rise, and one by one they begin to be knocked off. We’ve heard …


Movie Review: ’13 Sins’

Film: 13 Sins
Starring: Mark Webber
Directed by: Daniel Stamm

13 Sins is the latest in a long line of unsettling films that prove there are very few things people are not willing to do in exchange for money.

Making ends meet in 2014 is difficult for everyone I know, and that goes double (or even triple) for those with children. Bringing a child into this messed up world is extremely expensive, and no matter how hard you fight to get ahead for your family there are bound to be times when things simply do not go your way. Elliot, …


Watch The Trailer For ‘The Signal,’ Which Looks Very Different Than The Other ‘The Signal’

I already have one horror film with the title The Signal in my life. Now Focus Features is trying to sell me on another.

This new Signal, while still focusing on some sort of signal, looks to be a vastly different film. Unlike the bleakly humorous 2007 indie, this film can be described with a number of recent moviemaking’s favorite adjectives: grim, ominous, bleak, humorless, and so forth. I see slow motion action shots, washed out scenes lacking any color, and, if I had to guess, a problem threatening the fate of the entire world.

There’s something truly …

Starry Eyes

The Escalating Terror Of The ‘Starry Eyes’ Red-Band Trailer

The SXSW red-band teaser trailer for Starry Eyes starts sinisterly enough, with a young woman stretched out on the floor, screaming. What follows is a stream of wordless, escalating clips of visible paranoia and even more visible blood. The blood is often coming from faces. It’s pretty gross.

The film features a young and desperate Hollywood starlet and the dangers of ambition. It looks like she cuts a deal of some sort to get there, which, as we can see, has some disturbing results. It’s a common idea in stories today, but perhaps not portrayed quite so ambiguously evil the …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Almost Human’

Film: Almost Human
Starring: Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier, Vanessa Leigh
Directed by: Joe Begos

There is a moment about twenty minutes into Almost Human when the two main characters are hastily exchanging words in a small town diner over what may or may not be going on in their quiet region in Maine and how it could possibly relate to their mutual friend’s disappearance two years prior during which the film transcends the world of indie filmmaking. Almost Human may be a small film in respect to budget, cast size, and recognition of those involved, but the scope of the …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Knights Of Badassdom’

Film: Knights Of Badassdom 
Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau
Director: Joe Lynch
Writers: Kevin Dreyfuss, Matt Wall

If you met me it would be quite obvious that I love two things: metal and horror. If you got to know me you would learn that I am also a fan of the fantasy genre. Wizards, dragons, knights, and barbarians intrigue me. If you really got to know me you might find out that I play Dungeons and Dragons. Sure, I could just throw a fantasy themed video game on and get my fix that way but …


All Is Not As It Seems In Red Band Trailer For Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’

The Sacrament has been making the rounds at festivals for a while, as these smaller films will do. It will finally be coming to homes (the VOD date is May 5) and theaters (the limited theatrical run begins June 6) soon, and its coming is presaged by the requisite red band trailer.

As director Ti West’s game is suspense and slow-burn, it’s fair to be a bit suspect of the mock documentary format and the genre-standard trailer. The trailer doesn’t sell those best aspects of West’s previous films, The House of the Devil and The Inkeepers. Perhaps producer Eli …

rob zombie 2014

Rob Zombie Ceases Production On Sports Film To Direct New Horror Film, No One Is Surprised

Despite last year’s claim that The Lords of Salem would be his “last sort of horror-genre related film for a really long time,” Rob Zombie recently told New Zealand’s 3 News that he is indeed working on a new film that “fans of The Devil’s Rejects will enjoy the most.” Sounds tame, right?

In effect, Broad Street Bullies, Zombie’s hockey-based film that has been in production for almost two years, has been scrapped until further notice so as the 49-year-old musician-turned-director can divert his attention to this newest project.

Though presently no further details have been divulged, I for …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Upper Footage’

Film: The Upper Footage
Written and Directed By: Justin Cole

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of making sure your movie gets seen. Some movies go with the “unload tons of money into ad time on TV” route while others try to do something more viral. The Upper Footage went with the latter marketing strategy and succeeded massively. Many people (including a few news outlets) fell for their scheme of making their movie appear to be a real film with a real death. Unfortunately, the actual movie just does not hold up to the hype.…