henry rollins

henry rollins

Henry Rollins Apologizes for Robin Williams Criticism

Earlier this week, Henry Rollins wrote a column for L.A. Weekly criticizing Robin Williams over his suicide. Last night, he posted a note to his website apologizing which called the anger in his article “off the scale and in my opinion, well placed,” before adding “I am deeply sorry. “Down to my marrow. I can’t think that means anything to you, but I am.”

The original column said that Williams was at fault for traumatizing his three children by taking his life. He wasn’t the only person to drop insensitive comments regarding suicide, but his letter was by far the …

henry rollins

Henry Rollins Writes Editorial Against Suicide, References Robin Williams’ Death

Henry Rollins sure knows how to stir up some controversy, doesn’t he?

Rollins has been around for quite some time. He also happens to be a very opinionated individual. While fans usually find themselves agreeing with him on most issues, it seems that his recent editorial with LA Weekly may turn some people off. He wrote a rather lengthy opinion piece about suicide, and he pulls no punches. Referring to Robin Williams’ untimely passing, as well as some people he knew personally, he states that he can’t understand why someone who has kids to think of would choose to end …

Scott Ian

UTG INTERVIEW: Scott Ian Discusses ‘Speaking Words’ Tour, Anthrax, And NOT Watching The Grammys

“I have as much to do with the Grammys as I do with the fucking Oscars.”

Scott Ian, guitarist of iconic metal band Anthrax, is a straight shooter. It’s probably rooted in his Queens, NY attitude, but regardless of where it came from, the man doesn’t dance around what he’s trying to say.

When I first found out that Ian would be going on the road with just a stage, microphone, and 30 years of stories, I decided that his upcoming ‘Speaking Words’ tour was one I must mark down on my calendar. After witnessing intimate spoken sessions …

henry rollins

Henry Rollins Will Not Be Reuniting With Black Flag This Summer

Black Flag will be reuniting this summer and Henry Rollins will not be a part of it.

Rollins recently wrote an article stating why he’ll be stepping away from music, resulting in his lack of participation in the reunion. Check out the excerpt below and read the entire article here.

In the summer months, you can count on bands that have been gone for years who will reassemble and go onto stages all over the world playing “vintage music.” Perhaps they are on a Proustian mission to recapture that which has been lost. I read the interviews where the

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WATCH: Henry Rollins Talks Life, Music, And More With Pharrell

In one of the better “best of both worlds” style interviews, Henry Rollins recently chatted with Pharrell Williams for his ARTIST TLK series about several topics, most of which revolve around Rollins’ personal life.

Considering Rollins’ multiple outlets of expression including his experience as a former frontman of Black Flag, along with being a writer, a poet, and a radio personality among other things, he has many things to say in this 20+ minute video.

Follow the jump to watch the interview, which was ran through Reserve Channel.

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Henry Rollins Comments On Steubenville Rape Verdict

One story that has captivated our staff and nation in recent months is the tale of a sixteen-year-old girl from Steubenville, Ohio who was raped by two high school football players last summer. Yesterday morning, an Ohio court found the two teens charged in the case, Trent Mays (17) and Ma’lik Richmond (16), guilty and sentenced them to at least one year in juvenile jail. They could be held until they are 21 years old. Mays was sentenced to an additional year for a charge related to distributing nude images of a minor. More details on that can be found …

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Happy Birthday, Henry Rollins!

Henry Rollins, he of Black Flag, the Henry Rollins Band, and spoken word fame, is turning 52 today. We don’t know what exactly the famed punk rock frontman is planning on doing for the big FIVE-TWO, though he certainly won’t celebrate by performing with either of the Black Flag reunion bands.

But it sounds like Rollins is keeping himself busy as he gets on in years. He’s got his duties hosting a radio show in Los Angeles, he just narrated a documentary about DC music culture in the 80s, and he’s still active in his role as …


Multiple Black Flag Reunions Happening, One Of Which Recorded A New Album

This is about to get mildly confusing. Former Black Flag members Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson (along with non-former member Stephen Egerton of the Descendants) have reunited as Flag for Punk Rock Bowling this year. However, at UK’s Hevy Fest, a lineup actually calling themselves Black Flag will be playing with original guitarist and band leader Greg Ginn, drummer Robo, and vocalist Ron Reyes. This leaves the bassist position open, as far as public knowledge goes.

Casual Black Flag fans will say “Where’s Henry Rollins?” and we will ignore them.

The real news is that Greg Ginn’s Black …


Black Sabbath Plan “Special Announcement” For Next Friday, Rumor Mill Goes Crazy

Noisecreep just broke that Black Sabbath will be making a “big announcement” next Friday, November 11.

According to an invitation the blog received to the event, all original members – Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward – will be in attendance and Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins will host. No further details have been revealed.

Rumors about a Black Sabbath reunion have been flooding the internet throughout 2011 and it looks like, just maybe, there might be something to all the commotion. The original lineup hasn’t tour since 2005, but they did share a stage once again …


West Memphis Three freed after 18 years

Thanks to a public campaign involving fans in the rock and metal communities, the West Memphis Three have been freed fro jail after being imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit. Two of the three were saved from life in prison, while the third was saved from Death Row.

Happy Birthday Henry Rollins!

Punk legend Henry Rollins turns 50 today. Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry Rollins produces for Charles Manson

It has been revealed that rock legend Henry Rollins is the producer of infamous serial killer Charles Manson's new album. Thoughts?