First ‘Taken 3′ Trailer Has Very Little To Do With Kidnapping

Taken 3 is a reality, and for whatever reason the plot has nothing to do with someone kidnapping Liam Neeson.

Today, the first trailer for Taken 3 found its way online. The footage sets up a story that involves bad guys framing Liam Neeson’s character for the murder of his wife. When cops arrive on seen, Liam runs, and in doing so kicks off a chain of events that will put the lives of everyone he loves in danger. He fights back, but the police may catch up to him before he can figure out exactly who is responsible for …

trash talk 2014

Watch Trash Talk Destroy A Quadcopter Drone Camera With A Beer Can Mid-Show

Detroit is a weird place where it seems absolutely anything can happen at any time. Somedays this means there is a flood unlike anything the city has ever seen, and other times it means an internationally recognized punk band break a drone camera in the middle of a concert. This is a story about the latter.

This past week, Trash Talk were performing at a skateboarding event in Detroit. During their set, one event photographer launched a quadcopter drone camera to catch a few new perspectives on the show. He started at the back of the venue, but before the …


HOLY SH!T: ‘Deadpool’ Movie Test Footage Leaks Online

In a world overrun with superhero films it seems a little strange that Deadpool, otherwise known as the merc with the mouth, has yet to be given his own film. It’s true he’s a little more violent and a lot more profane than your typical hero, but after witnessing the footage we’re about to share I think you too will be demanding a big screen Wade Wilson adventure in the near future.

20th Century FOX has owned the rights to Deadpool for a while, and around 2010 they began to plan a solo film for the long-running comic hero. The …


Nic Cage Shines In Footage And Promotional Materials For ‘Left Behind’ Reboot

2014 is going to be a weird year for Nicolas Cage. To be fair though, every year in recent memory has been weird for the star of such hits as Con Air and Raising Arizona. It seems every time a good role comes his way it is follow by 2-9 films that make absolutely no sense beyond offering him a paycheck. Sometimes that’s all it takes, I guess.

Later this year Nic Cage will join Chad Michael Murray and a few other faces you’ve sort of forgotten by now in the remake of the adaptation to the best-selling Left

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.54.33 AM

Bizarre Proof Of Concept Trailer for Sci-Fi Leaning ‘Zorro Reborn’ Finds Its Way Online

Update: The video has been taken down by request of the producers.

This is one of those articles where the video included is likely to disappear in a matter of days. If the video in this post is currently unavailable or otherwise not operational, please comment and let us know.

20th Century Fox has been developing a project titled Zorro Reborn for the better part of the last two years, but until today there has been very little information made available about the progress of their efforts. Now, thanks to ShowBizCafe, a never-before-seen ‘proof of concept’ trailer for the …

kanye west 2013

Kanye West Could Face Up To A Year In Prison, Video Surfaces Of Incident

Regardless of whether you hated Yeezus or not, you probably don’t think Kanye West deserves a year in prison for the effort. That said, the insanely self-involved rapper faces some serious time for his actions against the paparazzi. West has been charged with misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft in an incident that happened with photographer Daniel Ramos on July 19.

The arraignment is set for October 10, right before his tour with Kendrick Lamar. If you’re a fan, you should keep your fingers crossed that this is cleared up by then; if you’re me, you can keep hoping he …


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Main Villain Revealed, Comic-Con Footage Will Not Be Released

Not a week goes by without a major Marvel property (or more) making headlines, and this afternoon it’s Guardians Of The Galaxy jumping into the newsfeed.

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Marvel President Kevin Feige divulged a plethora of new tidbits regarding the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy feature film. He first revealed the film takes place during the same timeline as the other “phase two” Marvel property, but admitted no specific date is given. He then commented on the villains our heroes will face, and that is when things got really interesting.

Shortly after mentioning the …

2Chainz 2013

Footage Of 2 Chainz Being Robbed At Gunpoint Surfaces Online

So much for those attempts to deny everything, eh 2 Chainz?

Earlier this week, the hip hop community was rocked with the news that 2 Chainz had been robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco. News of the event broke in the middle of the night, and by the time most sites got around to reporting it 2 Chainz began telling news outlets no crimes were committed. The rapper insisted the only thing that happened in San Fran was getting high, but this morning TMZ posted footage from two security cameras that proves otherwise.

In a new video uploaded …


First High Quality On Set Footage From ‘Need For Speed’ Surfaces Online

It may be hard to remember given the vast amount of seemingly ridiculous film titles that have been greenlit in recent months, but next year Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul will lead the film adaptation of Need For Speed. The first high quality set footage has surfaced online, and though we’re still a year away from release we couldn’t resist showing you what is in store. No spoilers so far, so don’t be afraid to keep on reading.

Does the world need another ‘fancy cars driven fast in exotic locales’ movie when the Fast & Furious franchise is still …

Avenged Sevenfold 2013

IT BEGINS: Avenged Sevenfold Are Back; Teasing Studio Footage

Are you ready for Avenged Sevenfold to come back and melt faces?

The group posted up a very short and fuzzy teaser video for studio footage, that can be viewed through the jump. No one here knows exactly what is in store for A7X but it is going to be huge. Check out the vague video through the jump and offer your thoughts!

Anyone out there as excited as we are?…

Shai Hulud

Shai Hulud’s First Show With Chad Gilbert; 1996 Footage Surfaces

Remember when Under The Gun Review posted up the old Rage Against The Machine full sets from the early nineties? Well, we are back today with more legendary performances from the decade’s powerhouse Shai Hulud.

Shai Hulud footage from their July 18, 1996 at Cheers in Miami, Florida has surfaced. What makes this performance so enormous is that this was Chad Gilbert’s very first show on vocals at the young age of 15.

Watch their rendition of “For The World” after the jump and comment with your thoughts. Band lineup: Matt Fox – guitar, Oliver Chapoy – guitar, Dave …

Paramore 2013

WATCH: Paramore – “Still Into You” (Live At SXSW)

Yesterday we posted a stream of a lyric video of Paramore’s latest single, “Still Into You”, and today we follow that up with a clip taken from the band’s first ever live performance of the song at SXSW.

Two days into SXSW, and it seems obvious that Paramore‘s antics have been in full swing. The game changing pop-rock act will be releasing their self-titled album on April 9, 2013 through Fueled By Ramen.

Follow the jump for a stream of Paramore performing “Still Into You”.…