Refused Guitarist Jon Brännström Says He Was Fired With No Explanation

Earlier today, Refused guitarist Jon Brännström took to Facebook to publicly address fans of the band in regards to his dismissal. The timing or reason for this post seems unprecedented, especially considering the last post on the public page was back in August by vocalist Dennis Lyxzén plugging his new band INVSN.

Below you can read a statement by Brännström:

I was fired from Refused a while ago. I wasn’t given a reasonable explanation and wasn’t even invited to sit down and talk about it, so I’m not completely sure why they decided to go on without me. We’ve

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Ron Reyes States He Was Fired From Black Flag

Things have not gone very smoothly for Black Flag since they decided to reunite. Their lawsuit against Flag (which consists of ex-members of Black Flag) fell through, and now it seems that the frontman, Ron Reyes, has been fired from the group.

According to a lengthy post from Reyes on his personal Facebook page, which has since been removed, they were performing a few nights ago when Mike V got up on stage, took the mic and told him “You’re done, party’s over get off it’s over.” Reyes follows up by stating that he actually feels relieved about parting ways, …

Suicide Silence

All Shall Perish Bassist States They Did Not Fire Eddie For Joining Suicide Silence

It was announced earlier this month that Eddie Hermida of All Shall Perish would be replacing the late Mitch Luker as frontman of Suicide Silence. The band initially released a statement that Eddie quit to be with Suicide Silence full time, but Eddie claimed otherwise. In an interview with Metal Injection, Eddie stated he was asked to step away from the band, even though he was committed to be in both groups.

Mike Tiner, the bassist and one of the band’s founding members, wasted no time in reaching out to Metal Injection to clear things up. He stated …

Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland Comments On His “Termination” From Stone Temple Pilots


We reported on the surprise statement that grunge act Stone Temple Pilots sent out to the press regarding front man Scott Weiland’s role in the band, or as of yesterday, a lack thereof.

But it sounds like news of Weiland’s firing from STP was a surprise even to the singer himself. Shortly after word of his termination broke, Weiland put out his own statement through one of his representatives.

I learned of my supposed “termination” from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press. Not sure how I can be “terminated” from a band

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Fired Employee And The Wonder Years Comment On Rocketown Controversy

Expanding on the events taking place at Rocketown earlier this week, both the man fired from the venue and pop-punk outfit The Wonder Years have commented with their direct thoughts on the controversy. Wes was fired for wearing the Hostage Calm band t-shirt stating “I Support Same-Sex Marriage”. Read both statements below and offer your opinion through the jump.

Note from The Wonder Years:
“The greater issue here to me is that Rocketown is meant to be a safe and constructive place for the youth of Nashville. This hard stance against equality is troubling, and I’m deeply saddened for any

Bring Me The Horizon 2012

Jona Weinhofen Quits Bring Me The Horizon

This seemed out of nowhere to me given that the band was already releasing new music in 2013, but guitarist Jona Weinhofen quit Bring Me The Horizon this morning. He did the announcement on his Tumblr. I would summarize, but the full post is short enough for you to read for yourself:

After a lot of time and thought ive decided to leave my current position as guitarist with Bring Me The Horizon. things in the band have been very tense with a lot of disagreements between myself and certain members who i wont name.

im thankful


UPDATED: Jonny Craig Kicked Off All-Stars Tour

Just when you thought it was safe to place your faith in Jonny Craig…

Shortly after 2AM (EST) this morning, Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen took to Twitter with a call out to end all call outs:

“@jonnycraig4L Yo you drug addict low class thief. You have 5 minutes to apologize to everyone you have wronged on @TheAllStarsTour or urgone”

At the time of posting, we still do not know the events that lead to this Tweet, but it is clear that Jonny stepped out of line because a short while later he took to Twitter with a stream of …


IT’S OFFICIAL: Gary Ross Will Not Direct “Catching Fire”

The man who brought The Hunger Games to life has announced he will not be tackling the film’s sequel, Catching Fire.

Whether or not you enjoyed the recent adaptation of The Hunger Games, there is no denying the financial success of the film. As a result of that popularity, the studio is trying to keep a tight production schedule running on the sequel, Catching Fire, in hopes of hitting an even bigger jackpot in 2013, but that may now be in turmoil because director Gary Ross has confirmed he is leaving the project.

In a statement made …

Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson Speaks Out About Being Fired From Born Of Osiris

Guitarist Jason Richardson, formerly of Born Of Osiris, has revealed the reasoning behind his departure from the band. He is currently playing in Chelsea Grin and is definitely happier in that environment.

Please read Jason’s statement below and let us know how you feel about these events.

“Just to clarify to everyone I did NOT quit Born of Osiris, I would have never been able to bring myself to do such a thing no matter how much tension was between us. All of those dudes were essentially my family, I lived in the same house as them for over 2

Falling in Reverse

Ronnie Radke Fires Bassist From Falling In Reverse

UTG has received news from Falling In Reverse’s fansite stating that frontman Ronnie Radke fired their bassist Mika Horiuchi because “he doesn’t know how to tune his bass and he’s an asshole.”

That is as much as we have uncovered right now and UTG will keep you posted on further updates from FIR.


D.R.U.G.S. and Decaydance part ways

News began swirling this morning with rumor and speculation on 2011’s breakout post-hardcore band, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, being dropped by their label, Decaydance.

Sources reported this morning that both D.R.U.G.S. and Craig Owens’ names had been removed from their label and management rosters. Rather than hop on the quickest-to-post bandwagon, we took to our emails and worked to confirm the story.

Sure enough, the stories were true. We were told today by Mr. Owens that there was a deal between himself and Warner Brothers Records that ended when the two parties decided to go their separate ways. This, …

Mike Pedicone

Mike Pedicone issues statement regarding My Chemical Romance incident

Last weekend, My Chemical Romance’s touring drummer Mike Pedicone was let go after he was accused of stealing from the band. Fans of both My Chemical Romance and Pedicone have been speaking out about the incident, and no opinion has gone unheard.

Finally, Mike Pedicone himself has released an official statement regarding the incident with the band, hoping to share his side of the story. Click through to read it in its entirety.