Joyce Manor Clash With Concertgoer Over Stage Dives In Houston (VIDEO)

Joyce Manor have been making a lot of headlines this week for essentially taking a stance against the proliferation of stage dives, especially at shows where they happen to be performing. These headlines apparently did not reach every concertgoer in attendance at the band’s show in Houston last night, September 26, because mid-way through the group’s set the entire performance was put on hold to address one person vocalist/guitarist Barry Johnson could not stand. Lucky for us, the whole thing was captured on video.

Here’s the scene: Joyce Manor were performing to a packed house when one young man decided …

action bronson

WATCH: Action Bronson Fights With Security In Portland

Action Bronson seems like a pretty easy going guy, but if video from last night’s show in Portland is any indication of his behavior we suggest no one ever try putting the Blue Chips 2 rapper in a headlock.

According to sources, Action Bronson was involved in a small scuffle with security during a performance in Portland, Oregon last night. The incident happened after Bronson, taking a break from his lengthy set list, began lighting blunts and throwing them into the crowd. As soon as the first one was lit, security emerged on stage and tried to escort the rapper …


Azealia Banks Begs Universal to Drop Her

Azealia Banks isn’t one to stay quiet. She picks fights with everyone. She lies and retracts her statements. Hell, how many months now have we been waiting for her album Broke With Expensive Taste after she’s set numerous release dates? Now she’s taken to Twitter once more to bash — and possibly ditch — her label, Universal.

She started tweeting about her dissatisfaction with them earlier today, saying, “I REALLY should have signed with Sony,” and later adding, “Can someone at Sony buy me off of Universal please?? i’m really in hell here.”


3/4 of Quiet Out Loud Quit Band

It’s not every morning you wake up to learn a band you featured less than three months prior essentially imploded while you were asleep.

Three of the four members comprising Chicago pop rock outfit Quiet Out Loud have reportedly quit the band following ongoing friction between themselves and vocalist Nick Forbes. You can read a full explanation from now former member Matt Lillie on Tumblr, including screenshots of a conversation between himself and Nick, but for those looking for something a bit simpler, we’ve highlighted a key section below:

Now I just need to shed some light on some

Queens Of The Stone Age 2013

Josh Homme Of Queens Of The Stone Age Says Jay Z Is “Rude,” “A Kook”

Josh Homme, front man (and pretty much the only consistent man) of Queens of the Stone Age, recently lead the group to their playing at Jay Z’s Made in America Festival, and some things that happened there have caused him to air some odd beef with Jay Z. Queens of the Stone Age were frisked at the festival, which apparently isn’t common place at every major festival, and so Homme found that rude. Jay Z gave the band a bottle of his champagne and asked them to pose for a photograph with it, and Homme found that rude …


Lady Gaga Claims Perez Hilton Is Stalking Her

Oh, Mother Monster, what have you gone and done now?

Hours before Lady Gaga took over New York for the premiere of her “Applause” video, the queen of all things theatrical in modern pop music made waves online for a story that has almost nothing whatsoever to do with her highly-anticipated new album.

It is no secret that Lady Gaga has been an object of obsession for members of the press since she debuted on the pop scene, but in recent months it has become clear that the over-the-top singer has grown tired of the constant attention. Now, upon …


Kanye West Wanted Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ Tracks To Appear On ‘Watch The Throne’

During a BBC Interview with Zane Lowe, Jay-Z revealed that Kanye West and himself got into a bit of a tiff during the production of their 2011 album, Watch The Throne. Apparently, two of the tracks featured on Jay-Z’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, were advocated by Kanye West that they must appear on the duo’s collaborative effort. On top of it, they both spent days arguing over the tracks.

The two records in question are the opening track “Holy Grail,” which features Justin Timberlake, and the track “Oceans” which features Frank Ocean. NME reports that Jay-Z …


Red Hot Chili Peppers Vocalist Anthony Kiedis Scuffles With The Rolling Stones’ Security On Video

Celebrity obsessed news website gets the strangest things on video. On Friday, Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis was walking back to the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia where the Rolling Stones were staying, and Rolling Stones security thought the fifty year old rock and roll hall of famer was a crazed fan. You can’t make that up.

The guard tried to stop Kiedis from entering, but swiftly decided he was a threat and dove at his legs. Things were sorted out when onlookers noticed he was the crazy looking guy in a band that was relevant seven …

patrick stump 2013

Patrick Stump Destroys Heckler Shane Morris Over Twitter

Fall Out Boy. Love them or hate them, everyone you know has an opinion about them, and they’re probably not too afraid to share it. In light of the band’s success with Save Rock And Roll one might think the bashing and unnecessary jabs would slow, or at least diminish, but that does not seem to be the case. Now, frontman Patrick Stump has taken to Twitter to call out one of his hecklers, and the results are destined to become internet legend.

Starting around 3:30 PM (EST) today, Stump began posting a series of tweets responding to comments he …


WATCH: Kevin Hart And Drake Face Off (At Paintball)

Comedian Kevin Hart is one of the most popular standups working today. He is currently promoting his forthcoming theatrical special, Let Me Explain, and this morning he released a clip of himself facing off with YMCMB artist Drake in a game of paintball.

As you learn in the video, Hart and Drake have grown to be close in recent years, but that certainly doesn’t stop them from facing off for a little friendly competition. The footage was shot last year near Toronto, and the results of the challenge are sure to entertain fans of both performers. You can view …


EXCLUSIVE: New Details Emerge Regarding Austin Carlile’s Arrest For Felonious Assault

UPDATE: Carlile has been arraigned and is scheduled to appear in court April 15. Click here for the latest.

UPDATE #2: The mugshot for Carlile’s arrest has been found.

Earlier today, AbsoluteVoices site PropertyOfZack broke the news that Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile had been arrested over the weekend and charged with felonious assault. UTG dug into the matter and recovered a few additional details, including the fact Carlile was not the only one arrested.

Austin Carlile, 25, of Huntington Beach, Calif., was arrested in Bowling Green, OH for felonious assault outside of 149 North at 2:50 …


Kelly Clarkson Responds To Accusations Made By Clive Davis In His New Memoir

Clive Davis’ highly-anticipated memoir hit shelves today, and buried amongst the decades of stories he has to share is an in-depth account of what exactly occurred between him and former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson a few years back.

If you do not recall, Davis and Clarkson reportedly had a falling out based on a conversation over her hit, “Since U Been Gone,” and it seems Davis now wants to set the record straight. However, Kelly Clarkson has already stepped forward and claimed nearly everything written about her in Davis’ book is false. You can read a message posted by

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