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Banner Pilot

Banner Pilot Premiere New Song “Effigy”

Today, Minneapolis punks Banner Pilot released their new album Souvenir through Fat Wreck Chords.

To see our review of the album, you can click here. Coming from a roster of legendary punk bands, Souvenir has a high standard to hold up to.

The band’s bassist Nate Gangelhoff told Alternative Press that he’s confident that the tracks will cause “defiant fist pumps” to ensue. While talking about the new album on the band’s website, Nate assured fans “We are very stoked about it. If we were bummed about it, I would still lie and tell you we were stoked. But …


REVIEW: Banner Pilot – ‘Souvenir’

Artist: Banner Pilot
Album: Souvenir
Genre: Punk
Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Once bands have three albums under their belts, they tend to be well-oiled machines. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they should have no problem cranking out songs that will appeal to their core audience and new fans alike. That’s not to say they can phone in record number four – listeners will always see right through a lack of passion – but there is a certain level of comfort that comes with that stage in a band’s career. Banner Pilot have reached that stage, and signs …

jake round

UTG INTERVIEW: Pure Noise Records’ Founder Jake Round Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

In 2009, Jake Round founded Pure Noise Records in California. Although he’d had no previous experience in single-handedly operating a record label, he was still able to turn a loan from his mother into one of the driving forces in independent pop punk, rock, indie, and hardcore.

In 2014, we are celebrating the five-year anniversary of Pure Noise Records, which has come a long way from a split decision to release a No Bragging Rights record. Perhaps you can accredit Round’s success to his longtime involvement in the local music scene, his time spent interning at a record label, or …

weekly wax

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 3/9-3/15

Welcome back to Weekly Wax!

Once again, this week’s vinyl news was dominated by Record Store Day announcements. Most notably, Childish Gambino and Katy Perry both announced pressings of their most recent albums to commemorate the holiday, and they were far from the only ones. Check out Modern Vinyl’s RSD list for the latest in what will be hitting stores on April 19.

In other news, pre-orders launched for more than a few exciting releases. You can now purchase the soundtrack to Alfonso Cauron’s excellent Gravity and a splatter pressing of Blink-182‘s live album courtesy of Mondo Records and …

Fat Mike of NOFX

UTG PHOTOS: NOFX (11/30/13)

Under The Gun Review sent photographer, Derek Scancarelli, to photograph NOFX at Irving Plaza in New York, NY.

The team over at Fat Wreck Chords has always treated us well and Under The Gun appreciates that. Simply put, Fat Wreck knows how to do punk rock, because Fat Mike and the boys in NOFX helped invent it. If you’re an old school punk, you may argue that they actually helped develop it, but that’s just semantics. After 30 years of being an influential band, you’re a pioneer either way you look at it. NOFX will be a staple in punk …


REVIEW: Less Than Jake – ‘See The Light’

Artist: Less Than Jake
Album: See The Light
Genre: Ska, Punk
Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Considering all of the crap that people give ska and its sub-genres nowadays, we really miss out on how fundamental and influential the genre has been on today’s punk scene. Among the many ska-punk bands who have come and gone over the past several years, Less Than Jake have remained in the land of the living for 21 years, and as of this month, have now put out their ninth album, See The Light.

The truth is, LTJ have never completely deviated from their signature …


NOFX Stream ‘Stoke Extinguisher’ EP

Long-running California punk rockers NOFX will release their new EP, Stoke Extinguisher, tomorrow, but you can stream the whole record after the break. The EP contains one new song (the title track), four B-sides from their 2012 full-length, Self Entitled, and a cover of Tony Sly’s “The Shortest Pier,” which was featured on the recent tribute to the late No Use For a Name vocalist.

Stoke Extinguisher is available from Fat Wreck Chords on a CD containing the full tracklist or a 7″ single featuring the title track and “The Shortest Pier.”…

Teenage Bottlerocket 2012

Teenage Bottlerocket Release New Song

There are no hidden messages about drugs in the new Teenage Bottlerocket song. There are, however, a lot of overt and obvious messages. That’s clear enough from the title: “I’m the One Smoking Marijuana Motherfucker.”

The minute-long burst of energy is an anthem for everything your parents were scared you would get into when you first discovered punk, but Teenage Bottlerocket’s goofball take on the genre can be appreciated regardless of your views on their chosen recreational activity.

The song comes from the band’s upcoming seven-inch EP, American Deutsch Bag, out November 26. Give the song a listen over …

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

LYRIC VIDEO: Less Than Jake – “My Money Is On The Long Shot”

A couple of months ago Less Than Jake announced that they will be releasing their ninth studio album, See The Light, on November 12 via Fat Wreck Chords. Yes, their ninth! The group has released their first single from the album, and they’ve had a lyric video put together for it. The song is titled “My Money Is On The Long Shot,” and you can check it out below the jump.

Less Than Jake have stuck to their roots and have kept their signature pop punk sound. They sing about living the life in the middle class. If you …

a fat wreck

TRAILER: A Fat Wreck (Fat Wreck Chords Documentary)

Here at the UTG offices we love a good music documentary (as we expressed in our article on the new Green Day documentary this morning), and today we’re also excited to share with you a doc on one of the most important labels in punk, Fat Wreck Chords. The documentary, A Fat Wreck, aims to tell the story of the legendary record label from its origins in 1990 to 1999, through interviews with band members who have been on the label, as well as other music industry members.

The film is still in production and is calling …

Chris, Less Than Jake

UTG INTERVIEW: Less Than Jake Discuss Their New Album and the State of Music

“HEY GIRLS! HEY GIRLLLL! ARE YOU THERE?” whispers Chris DeMakes, frontman of Less Than Jake as we begin our interview in the back on the band’s tour bus. Fortunately for my comfort’s sake, he was speaking directly into my audio recorder and assured me “I’m just making sure it’s working.”

It was the first date of a summer tour featuring Less Than Jake, with our buddies in Hostage Calm and Pentimento along for the ride. Fortunately, Under The Gun got to speak with Chris DeMakes (guitar, vocals) and Roger Manganelli (bass, vocals) one on one about the guys’ new …

The Flatliners 2013

The Flatliners Announce New Album

The Flatliners announced today that their forthcoming album will be titled Dead Language.

Dead Language has a set drop date of September 17 through Fat Wreck Chords. Be sure to view a full-size image of the cool cover artwork by clicking “Read More” and prepare for more updates from The Flatliners on Under The Gun Review in the weeks to come. Go watch the band perform on tour, with Such Gold and A Wilhelm Scream, when they roll through your city. Dates can be found here.

Are you ready for some new music?…