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EDITORIAL: “The Expendables 2: Why Stallone’s Ragtag Crew of Action Heroes Didn’t Deliver the Box Office Goods in Their Second Outing”

For an action movie with 11 genre heavyweights, The Expendables 2 really didn’t do that much damage at the box office this weekend. The testosterone-soaked sequel, delivered a mere two years after the original, took in a mediocre $28.75 million, an opening gross 17% lower than that of the original. Factor in the higher budget and the result is weakened even further. For a movie that shares so much in common with its successful predecessor, the gross is indeed surprising. The cast was there, the R-rating was present, the machismo and violence were delivered in heaps, the two movies even …


DAMMIT: Chuck Norris Whines About Profanity, “Expendables 2” Goes PG-13

All jokes about his crazy toughness aside, Chuck Norris severely underestimates his standing in current pop culture.

Recently, Norris sat down with foreign news website Gazeta to discuss his upcoming role in the highly anticipated action epic Expendables 2. During the interview, Norris let out some information about the upcoming feature that many fans of the original will be heartbroken to learn:

Expendables 2 will be rated PG-13.

This was not always the plan for EX2. In fact, Norris himself is responsible for the change. As he explained in the interview:

“In ‘Expendables 2’, there was a lot of