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THE HUDSON PROJECT: Bro Safari On Growing Up Punk And Performing Drunk

“Growing up, personally I was a full on punk kid; the leather jacket, the boots, bracelets and everything. The first band I ever listened to, period, was the Dead Kennedys.”

If you’re a fan of trappy, bass-driven hip-hop and electronic music, chances are good that you’ve heard of Bro Safari. If you’re fortunate, you’ve been able to witness him perform live. Also known as one third of the drum ‘n’ bass group Evol Intent, Nick Weiller has taken stage all around the world.

At Day 1 of the inaugural Hudson Project in Saugerties, NY, we sat down with …

hudson mohawke

Hudson Mohawke Chimes In On New Single

Due to receiving stamps of approval ranging from hoards of trap music fans all the way up to our lord and savior Kanye West, expectations are always high for Hudson Mohawke’s newest releases, whether they be for collaborations with Lunice under the now defunct TNGHT banner, or in the case of a brand new cut entitled “Chimes,” his solo work. Fortunately for the bass pounding producer, most listeners will surely be pleased with his latest effort. Featuring bare-bones percussion and bass kicks sounding more akin to Death Grips than Mohawke, floaty synths swirl about before sinking into a slow-burning beatdown …


THE HUDSON PROJECT: Savoy On Lasers, Biggie Smalls And New Tunes

Savoy isn’t a typical electronic group. The trio resides in Brooklyn, NY, although a piece of the group will always live in Colorado.

When the DJ duo and drummer took stage at The Hudson Project in Saugerties, NY, the vibe was slow and steady. By the time the set was underway, the mud-filled tent was uncontrollable. Smoke streams and laser beams were the theme of the evening, as will be the theme of Savoy’s upcoming ‘Mo Lasers Mo Problems Tour.’ If you catch them at Terminal 5 in New York City, expect to see Heather Bright take stage for vocals …

dark model feature

REVIEW: Dark Model – ‘Dark Model’

Artist: Dark Model
Album: Dark Model
Genre: EDM, Orchestral

In the overly homogenized genre that EDM has become in recent years, it takes a lot to truly stand out and grab one’s attention. This obviously goes for any genre of music, truly, but electronic dance music seems to have fallen victim to over-saturation and timeworn ideas even more so than others as of late. With what has appeared to be the death of dubstep–which ironically lived as a whole with a shortlived but steady buildup before its drop–producers that were comfortable within those chaotically robotic sounds have found themselves exploring …


Rusko Abandons Dubstep On New Single, “Sunshower”

They say all good things must eventually come to an end, and it seems we may have finally reached the point where Rusko and dubstep go their separate ways.

Rolling Stone premiered a new single from Rusko this morning titled “Sunshower.” The track marks a clear departure from the world of dubstep that first launched Rusko into the national spotlight, but that in no way means it is a bad song. In fact, I would wager the opposite is true. The playful synth and laid back groove allows Rusko to showcase a whole new set of skills, each better than …


Man Dies At Electric Forest Festival In Michigan

Another week, another tale of a young person losing their life while enjoying EDM.

Police in Michigan are investigating the death of a young man at last weekend’s Electric Forest Festival.

According to reports, Brian Brockette was a 20-year-old volunteer from nearby Caledonia, Michigan. He passed away on Sunday, the last night of the weekend-long festival, but at this time no cause of death has been determined. The Oceana County Medical Examiner’s Office will complete its investigation after receiving the final autopsy report. Michigan State Police released the following statement about the death:

“The Michigan State Police Hart Post and


SINGLE REVIEW: Sem Thomasson – “Heart Attack” (Feat. Elisabeth Stone)

Artist: Sem Thomasson Feat. Elisabeth Stone
Track: “Heart Attack”
Label: Mutants Records

After having the chance to review electronic cornerstone John Dahlback’s massive collaboration with Benny Benassi earlier this year, it’s now time to switch gears and focus in on Sem Thomasson, one of the rising stars from Dahlback’s label, Mutants Records. Hailing from Hasselt, Belgium, the young producer has already found his own within the electro house genre between original material and remixes for household names ranging from Steve Aoki to Jennifer Lopez, thus making it more of “when” he will become a festival headliner staple rather than “if.”…


36 People Were Sent To The Hospital During Opening Night Of Avicii’s US Tour

Another week, another story about young people not knowing how to handle their high at a large scale EDM event.

The Boston Globe is reporting that 36 people were sent to the hospital last night during a performance from top 40 artist Avicii at TD Garden. The event was the opening night of Avicii’s US and European tour, which is scheduled to run until September. No deaths or life threatening injuries have been reported.

As the story goes, throngs of dance music fans descended on TD Garden yesterday following a sunny day in Boston that included temperatures in the upper …

gold top

SINGLE REVIEW: Gold Top – “Gold Like This” (Feat. Soulja Boy)

Artist: Gold Top
Song: “Gold Like This” (feat. Soulja Boy)
Genre: Trap
Label: Dirty Duck Audio

Depending on how invested you are in the rap scene, the mention of Soulja Boy could conjure up vague images of a certain widespread dance craze, vivid memories of cooking furiously to his collaborations with fellow online enigma Lil B, or a slew of increasingly disappointing mixtapes as his potential seemed to fade away. In 2014, Soulja appears to finally be on the rise again, though, albeit in yet another new form, this time as a feature artist with his appearance on Nicki Minaj’s …

anotherendlesssummer copy

UTG Presents: Another Endless Summer (Free Music Compilation)

After far too many months of winter, and a spring that disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived, the time has finally come to shed the winter worries and down blankets for the heat and skimpy clothing of summer. Yes, that time of the year when students run free and the sun sets well after eight at night has returned, and UTG has a brand new compilation to help make every road trip one you will remember for the rest of your life.

We have always tried to keep things interesting with our mixtapes, and for the last few years …


LISTEN: Nero – “Satisfy”

Electronic masterminds Nero have been laying low when it comes to releasing new music, but listeners can finally rejoice as the trio have released a brand new cut. Entitled “Satisfy,” the single comes from the group’s forthcoming sophomore full-length. While there are no details as of yet surrounding the record, “Satisfy” will surely hold fans over until more information arises as the cut is a hair-raising piece of work that dives into the grimier side of dance music.

Follow the jump to check out Nero’s newest creation and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the track in …

Deadmau5 while 1 2

deadmau5 Announces New Album, Previews Opening Track

Shortly following the news that deadmau5 is looking to trademark his logo and butting heads with Disney, word has been spread that the DJ/producer will release a new studio album on June 17 (digitally) and June 24 (physically) via mau5trap/Astralwerks Records. The album, called  while (1<2),  is 24 tracks long, making it his first double-disc release.

Regarding the album, deadmau5 says:

It’s a good mix of sh*t I want to do versus sh*t people want to hear or what they would expect. It’s a good balance. It’s not like, ‘Oh, it’s such a departure. He’s doing smooth jazz.’ It