Chief Keef

Chief Keef Dropped From Interscope Records

Just two months after Trinidad James was reportedly dropped by the folks at Def Jam, another hot name from the 2012 rap game has been released from his major label contract.

News is breaking this afternoon that Chief Keef has been dropped from Interscope Records. The label, which initially gave Keef a deal worth $3 million, have yet to comment on the news. The rapper, on the other hand, was quick to confirm the rumors by uploading a screenshot of a text conversation with a friend he had shortly after the news broke. You can view that image at the …


Don’t Believe The Hype: Morrissey Was Not Dropped By His Record Label

Last week, Morrissey fan site True To You sent the internet into a tizzy when it claimed to have learned that Moz was dropped from his label, Harvest Records, due to the performance of World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Turns out, discussing the relationship Morrissey has with his label is none of True To You‘s business.

Today, Billboard ran a news article that claims Morrissey has not been dropped from Harvest Records. After speaking with the label, the long-running industry publication has confirmed that World Peace is the first in a two-album deal the label has …


Trinidad James Admits To Being Dropped From Def Jam, Releases New Single

You never know how long your fifteen minutes will last.

While the rest of us were busy enjoying the weekend, Atlanta native Trinidad James may have been experiencing some of the hardest days of his life. Just two years after signing a multi-million dollar record deal with Def Jam, James took to Twitter late Friday night to inform fans around the globe he and his label have parted ways. Even worse, James claims he is broke and will be unable to pay the producers and guests who appear on his upcoming album (which he intends to release for free). You …


R Kelly Dropped From Fashion Meets Music Festival

When you are an organizer trying to debut a brand new music festival you generally want to avoid bad press. Unfortunately for the upcoming Fashion Meets Music Festival they were met with overwhelming criticism when they announced one of their headlining artists would be R Kelly. The rapper is no stranger to controversy, and it seems the festival owner(s) did not expect to receive such an immediate backlash online.

If you were one of those who were upset by the announcement, then you may be happy to hear that R Kelly has been dropped from the festival. Though they did …

Tyler+the+Creator 2013

Tyler, The Creator Gets His Mountain Dew Ad Pulled For Racism

Corporate racism is an interesting beast to tackle, because so much of it is subtle that you wonder if it’s actual racism. Certain prejudices and stereotypes are so deep rooted in our culture that a lot of people don’t even notice them, or understand the struggle, so that some will end up sitting around asking if something offensive is, indeed, offensive.

The advertisement Tyler, the Creator made for Mountain Dew is not one of those subtle incidents. The ad’s pretty freaking racist, in our opinion. In fairness, Tyler may not have written it; he merely created a drunk goat character …


HOLY SH!T: Death Grips Dropped From Epic Records

Earlier today, I commented that I still thought the Death Grips versus Epic Records battle was a publicity stunt; maybe I was wrong.

Epic Records have dropped Death Grips in light of their on going battle over the release of No Love Deep Web. Epic release this statement: “Epic Records is a music first company that breaks new artists. That is our mission and our mandate. Unfortunately, when marketing and publicity stunts trump the actual music, we must remind ourselves of our core values. To that end, effective immediately, we are working to dissolve our relationship with Death Grips.


DAMMIT(?): Jeff Daniels Confirms “Dumb And Dumber To” Is DEAD

A few months back the internet exploded for an hour or so over news that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels had officially signed on to make a sequel to Dumb And Dumber. The film was set to shoot in August, but TMZ is now reporting that Jeff Daniels has proclaimed the film “dead” following the exit of Carrey (who thought the studio was not as excited about the project as he would have liked). Is this good news? Is it depressing? I guess at this point we will never really know what might have been, but I get the …

Escape The Fate 2012

Escape The Fate Have Dropped From Interscope Records

Along with the news of All Time Low dropping off of Interscope Records yesterday, it has been confirmed that Escape The Fate have followed suit.

The artists have confirmed this statement in a brand new interview at this years Rock On The Range festival. They are now signed to Eleven Seven Music, which houses artists like Buckcherry and Papa Roach.

Watch the interview after the jump and let Under The Gun Review know what you think of this huge move from Escape The Fate.

Four Year Strong 2012

Four Year Strong Part Ways With Universal Records

In what may be the least surprising announcement, Four Year Strong have announced a separation from Universal Records. While speaking with AltPress on the topic, a member of the band had the following to offer:

“When the merger between Motown and Republic happened, our album was essentially done,” says FYS manager Rob Hitt. “Republic put out the album since it was done and didn’t seem like they had much intention other than that, so we were able to get off the label. Nobody is unhappy about this on our side.”

Four Year Strong have no plans of slowing down anytime …


D.R.U.G.S. and Decaydance part ways

News began swirling this morning with rumor and speculation on 2011’s breakout post-hardcore band, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, being dropped by their label, Decaydance.

Sources reported this morning that both D.R.U.G.S. and Craig Owens’ names had been removed from their label and management rosters. Rather than hop on the quickest-to-post bandwagon, we took to our emails and worked to confirm the story.

Sure enough, the stories were true. We were told today by Mr. Owens that there was a deal between himself and Warner Brothers Records that ended when the two parties decided to go their separate ways. This, …

sparks the rescue

Fearless Records Drops Sparks The Rescue & Artist Vs Poet, Releases Statement

Fearless Records has dropped pop rock acts Sparks The Rescue and Artist Vs. Poet.

Rumors of the separations have been circling for bit, but word became official in recent days. The move was (obviously) met with fan outcry, but a statement released from Fearless Records should help better explain the move:

“Due to the departure of crucial band members, Fearless Records has released Sparks The Rescue and Artist Vs Poet from their contractual obligations.

We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.”

We join Fearless Records in this sentiment and will continue to follow both bands in their …


KISS dropped from M.J.’s tribute concert

The promoters of the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert have heard fans loud and clear. Gene Simmons, who accused Michael of being a pedophile, and his band KISS, have been taken off of the roster.

M.J.’s fans where furious after TMZ posted a story last year in which Gene said,

“There is no question in my question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt.”