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Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ To Hit Theaters Two Weeks Early

If you are a superhero fan, a comic book fan, or just a fan of action packed films, then you should be excited for the next couple of years. Captain America, the yet-to-be titled Batman Vs Superman film, The Avengers and more will all be on the big screen in the foreseeable future. One movie in particular that fans are excited for is Ant-Man, especially after Paul Rudd was confirmed to be the Ant-Man himself. Ant-Man was originally scheduled to hit theaters on July 31, but it was announced earlier today that the film will now be released …


‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Release Moved To May 2016

Holy delays Batman!

In a move that is not that surprising, the upcoming DC epic, Batman vs. Superman, has been pushed back a whopping ten months, from July 2015 to May 2016. With all the news buzzing around about a possible Nightwing, Wonder Woman casting, DC cameos galore, and a massive budget, it comes as no surprise that the film’s production has been extended.

This is a massive undertaking for Warner Bros, and at times, it seems that they are trying way too hard to catch up to The Avengers with only one film under their belt. Although saddening …

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UTG EXCLUSIVE: Stream Makeshift Shelters’ Debut EP, ‘The Cautious End of Things’

Today Under the Gun Review is proud to exclusively stream the debut EP for DC-based indie rock band Makeshift Shelters. The EP, titled The Cautious End of Things, is a cathartic short release that is so catchy that you’d think a more established band wrote it already. We already reviewed the first single from the EP earlier this month, and we’re happy to announce that the rest of the EP keeps up the same high quality as the title track. The Cautious End of Things is a great introduction from Makeshift Shelters, and really leaves our staff …


Nightwing And Wonder Woman Joining ‘Batman Vs. Superman’?

Not going to lie, I am a little surprised. Reports are coming in that there have been casting calls for the roles of Nightwing, and Wonder Woman, for the upcoming DC film, Batman vs. Superman. There is still no word if that is the official title or not, so we’ll just go with it.

According to Latino Review, Dick Grayson will be involved in the film, though he will no longer be at Batman’s side. In the comic canon, Dick Grayson grows tired of the Robin persona, and decides to leave Gotham and the under arm of Batman. …

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UTG PREMIERE: Makeshift Shelters – “The Cautious End of Things”

Today at Under the Gun Review we are really excited to share with you the debut track from DC’s newest indie rock outfit, Makeshift Shelters. The title track off their debut record, The Cautious End of Things, is a story about dealing with the fallout of a relationship gone sour, and the mental toll it can take.

Makeshift Shelters is brand new to the indie scene, but feels more put together and advanced then just some random group of kids playing in their garage. “The Cautious End of Things,” as well as the rest of the EP, is …


EXCLUSIVE: UTG Helps AUIAC Present DC Premiere of ‘Filmage’ On November 15

A few days ago we announced that we were hosting a screening of Filmage: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL. Today, we’re pleased to help our Head of Videography, Tyler Osborne, promote his Washington, DC Premiere screening of this fantastic documentary! Filmage tells the story of the legendary punk bands Descendents and ALL, how they got their start, their history, and where they are now.

On November 15, the screening will be hosted by the Independent Arts Collective at American University (4400 Massachusetts Ave NW), and is open to the public. The tickets are on sale now, but as there are …

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Rock The Bells Canceled In NY And DC

It’s been announced on the official Rock The Bells website that two of the four dates have been canceled due to poor ticket sales. Rock The Bells is an annual hip hop festival that usually brings thousands of guests, but apparently, for at least two cities, didn’t sell enough tickets. The festival organizers had to announce that the New York and DC dates have to be canceled. You can read the full statement below the jump.

If you purchased a physical ticket you can go back to the place of purchase and receive a refund, and if you purchased online …


REVIEW: Down to Nothing – ‘Life on the James’

Band: Down to Nothing
Album: Life on the James
Label: Revelation Records
Genre: Hardcore

Down to Nothing is Richmond, Virginia’s hardcore golden child. Having this much love and popularity as a band comes with certain expectations of quality in new material, especially when the last full record you put out was five years ago (The Most on Revelation Records). The question I know the hardcore scene is asking themselves is whether or not the album was worth the wait, and I am here to supply an answer. …

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UTG TV: A Conversation with Kill Lincoln

Hello, everyone! We are happy to introduce to you a new series on UTG TV called A Conversation with…, where we sit down and get to know new artists, as well as some of your old favorites.

On our pilot episode, we sit back and talk to Washington, DC based ska-punk band, Kill Lincoln. We get to know how they got started as a band, what they think of the ska genre, and which band member’s Dad would win in a fight.

Click through the break to watch the first episode of A Conversation with…, but make sure …

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MUSIC VIDEO: Kill Lincoln – “Wake, Wait, Repeat”

Washington DC ska-punk band Kill Lincoln relased a music video for their song, “Wake, Wait, Repeat,” today on BlankTV. The video was shot by our very own UTG staffer Tyler Osborne, and is a live shoot of the band playing in their house after nobody shows up to their party.

Kill Lincoln just released their second full-length, That’s Cool…In a Totally Negative and Destructive Way, on Jump Start Records at the beginning of June, which we enjoyed a great deal.

You can check out the video after the break, but let UTG know what you think of …


UTG at AFI: 10 Films You Need to See at AFI Docs Film Festival

AFI Docs, the East Coast’s premiere documentary film festival starts tomorrow in Washington, DC, and here at UTG we’re excited to cover it and give you the scoop on what will be some of the best documentaries that 2013 has to offer. With a few world premieres and exclusive screenings, we’ve collected a list of films that we’re excited to see at this year’s festival that we think you should keep your eye on.

Click through the break to see what made our list!…

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REVIEW + STREAM: Kill Lincoln – That’s Cool…In A Totally Negative and Destructive Way

Band: Kill LIncoln
Album:  That’s Cool…in a Totally Negative and Destructive Way
Label: Jump Start Records
Genre: Ska/Pop-Punk

Ska is such a dirty word these days. Asking a friend if they want to go see a ska band is basically opening a door to statements such as “you still like ska??” Yes, ska became a very weird genre, really fast. A lot of bands were doing it really well, and then even more bands were doing it very poorly.  Other than the household names of Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto, ska and ska-punk bands have been relatively dormant …