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Dance Gavin Dance Release Animated Video For “Death of the Robot with Human Hair”

Our friends at Absolutepunk have partnered with staff favorites Dance Gavin Dance to share the band’s new animated video for “Death of the Robot with Human Hair.”

The second single from 2013′s Acceptance Speech to be given the single treatment, “Death of the Robot with Human Hair” features the latest evolution of DGD’s signature post-hardcore sound. The animated video builds on the scene depicted on the Acceptance Speech cover art, and in doing so brings together themes of violence, science fiction, and heroism. You can view the video below.

Acceptance Speech is the kind of album you like on a …

DGD Tour

Dance Gavin Dance ‘Acceptance Speech’ Tour Dates

Dance Gavin Dance dropped their killer fifth studio album, Acceptance Speech, this past October. At the time, the group did not embark on a tour to support the release, but now that we’re inching closer to spring time (believe it or not) the group has revealed a cross-country tour routing for this April & May. The tour will kick off in Seattle, WA April 16 and wrap up May 17 in Denver, CO. They will receive support from Bleach Blonde, Capture The Crown and Palisades. You can check out the entire tour routing by clicking through the …


Sianvar Won’t Be Touring For The Rest Of 2014

As you probably know by now, Sianvar consists of members of A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance, Stolas and Hail The Sun. All of these bands have a lot of their own things going on most of the time. Because of that fact, Sianvar had to unfortunately announce the inevitable news that they would likely not be doing much of anything this year — especially touring. They just ended an extensive tour with A Lot Like Birds, and it appears as though that will be it for the rest of 2014. However, they have stated that …

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Dance Gavin Dance Re-Sign With Rise Records

We usually don’t worry too much about short stories, but today is proving to be far slower than most.

Our brothers and sisters at PropertyOfZack confirmed earlier today that Dance Gavin Dance have resigned with Rise Records. Though the exact details of the deal were not disclosed, the site claims the band will release the next “couple” records through Rise.

Dance Gavin Dance have spent their entire career on Rise Records, so I am sure there are a few of you out there who are less than shocked by this news. Still, it’s exciting to know we can expect more …

Sianvar EP

REVIEW: Sianvar – ‘Sianvar’ EP

Artist: Sianvar
Album: Sianvar EP
Genre: Post hardcore
Label: None

Can we really handle a world where we have music coming from A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance, Secret Band and Sianvar? My head hurts just trying to think about who’s in what band right now. The last twelve months though, these bands have been dominating the music scene, and Sianvar have stepped up to prove they have a place in the scene as well.

When members of Dance Gavin Dance, Stolas, A Lot Like Birds and Hail The Sun announced they would be starting a …


Rare Dance Gavin Dance Practice Recording Surfaces

Before the time of smartphones, Garage Band, and other modern recording tools, there was a thing called a tape recorder. A tape recorder used something called “tape” to capture sound.

Ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zachary Garren used such a device when practicing with the band in 2008. Today he has shared the audio from one of their “Deathstar” writing sessions.

On Reddit, he posted the following description.…

Tilian Pearson

Tilian Pearson Teases New Material

Tilian Pearson had a whirlwind of a year in 2013 as he released a fantastic solo album that combined his signature vocals with pure pop goodness, his music was featured on ESPN for a month-long span, and of course, his first effort with Dance Gavin Dance finally hit stores. If a recent Instagram post is any indication, though, it appears Pearson doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon as he has posted a clip of brand new solo material that is still in the works.

After hearing the fifteen-second teaser, our staff couldn’t possibly be more excited to hear the …


Sianvar Stream New EP

It’s a new year, and what better way to start it off than with some new music? Post-hardcore supergroup Sianvar are happy to oblige.

Anticipation has been building for the debut EP from the band, whose lineup includes guitarist Will Swan (Dance Gavin Dance), drummer Joseph Arrington (A Lot Like Birds), bassist Michael Littlefield (A Lot Like Birds), vocalist Donovan Melero (Hail The Sun), and guitarist Sergio Medina (Stolas), since the quintet announced their formation last summer. They teased fans with a couple singles released in the fall, and now all five songs from the self-titled effort can be heard …


Michael Giegerich’s ‘Best of 2013′ In Music

I could preface my list of personal favorite records from 2013 with a stereotypical tangent concerning how difficult it was to handpick each choice, but that would be a completely boldfaced lie. Throughout the year, each one of these albums stood out to me as soon as they emerged from my headphones and latched onto my mind for the weeks and months that followed. That’s not to say there weren’t any surprises within my audio experiences, as a certain Pittsburgh rapper who wasn’t even on my musical radar ended up blowing me away while an old favorite managed to reach …


Kriston McConnell’s ‘Best Of 2013′ In Music

When you’re listening to an album in February you may say to yourself, “THIS is my favorite album this year, definitely.” After that June comes around and you say, “No, THIS is my favorite album, hands down.” November rolls on by and you say, “Fuck all of those other albums, this is THE album of the year!” You think you have it all sorted out, then your editor asks you to put together a list of your favorite albums for the year. Well, shit.

2013 has been such a great year for music, and deciding which albums are “the best …

Acceptance Speech

REVIEW: Dance Gavin Dance – ‘Acceptance Speech’

Artist: Dance Gavin Dance
Album: Acceptance Speech
Genre: Post hardcore
Label: Rise Records

Believe it or not, Tilian Pearson was around long before he joined forces with Dance Gavin Dance. He started off in a little known band called Tides Of Man back in 2008. While he was with the group, they released two full length albums. Shortly after the release of their sophomore album in 2010, Tilian parted ways with the group. Supposedly it was because he was moving to be in Saosin, which actually never worked out. They recorded a song together, but nothing more came of …


Secret Band (Dance Gavin Dance) Post Update On Lineup Changes, Recent Inactivity

Sacramento, California post-hardcore unit Dance Gavin Dance have been through their fair share of vocalists over the past few years, but their often very public struggle with singers does have a bright side. In the midst of member changes in late 2011, members of Dance Gavin Dance (sans clean vocalist) recorded and released a free EP under the name Secret Band. The music was well-received, but outside of a few shows in 2012, the band has been relatively inactive since (and rightfully so, with new DGD material taking the lead).

However, it looks like things are stirring in Secret …