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Craig Owens Talks About The End Of D.R.U.G.S.

Craig Owens recently opened up about the split of his former band D.R.U.G.S. (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) and the opportunities ahead with Chiodos. Read what Owens had to say below and be sure to catch Chiodos on tour in 2013.

Last time we had talked on the D.R.U.G.S. headliner, I definitely got the feeling that the band was going to stick around a lot longer than it did. What exactly happened after that day to cause the band to split up?

It was kind of weird, to be honest. The Chiodos opportunity was something that I’d obviously …


Jonny Craig Announces UK Solo Tour

Jonny Craig has announced that he is planning on heading out to the United Kingdom for a solo run in October. He will be bringing special guests along at every date so be sure and keep a close watch on his page for details.

Craig is currently trying to get himself clean from drugs and needs your support to help the process along.

Please check out the touring itinerary below and let UTG know if you are planning on visiting Craig on one of these solo dates.

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Jonny Craig Opens Up About Staying Sober

Jonny Craig recently did a feature interview piece with AP on dealing with sobriety and remaining in rehab these past few months.

Read the entire piece with Jonny Craig by heading over to Alternative Press and let UTG know what you think. We are glad to hear he is making choices for himself and not the drugs anymore.

In our print interview, you ended with talking about how you feel transformed and had found a new sense happiness, so what do you want to say now as a follow-up? What is it you want to tell people now that


Chiodos Release Video Update, Derrick Frost Back in Band

Recently reunited Chiodos released a video update today that shows the band practicing piano parts when their former drummer, Derrick Frost, video chats them via skype. This can only conclude that he will be reuniting with the group to play drums with them once again.

With this update and Craig being back in the band, rumors continue to fly as to what will happen with the band. Derrick left the band in 2010 because he could not get along with Craig Owens, and it was later that year when Craig left the band as well. It seems that the band …


Jonny Craig Adds Solo Tour Dates

After many months of terrible career choices, and a scary uphill battle with drugs, Jonny Craig has announced that he will be touring more with his solo material.

Not word yet has been revealed yet about direct support but it should find its way out soon.

If you have not heard either, it has been mentioned that hippy hop’s own Mod Sun will be teaming up with Craig for a new project. Under The Gun will keep you updated on all items on these two artists in the weeks to come so stay tuned.

June 1st – Cesar Chavez Park …

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows 2012 DRUGS

Nick Martin, Aaron Stern & Matt Good Have Left Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows members Nick Martin, Aaron Stern and Matt Good have announced that they have left the band. This news comes just a day after we learned that Craig Owens decided to rejoin Chiodos.

DRUGS have released an official statement and can be read below.

“To our loyal fans and friends,

After much thought and consideration we (Matt Good, Nick Martin and Aaron Stern) have decided to announce that we will be moving on from D.R.U.G.S. This decision has not been easy to make, and we want to express how grateful we are for all of you …


UTG EXCLUSIVE: Jonny Craig Homeless, On Heroin, And Wanted By Authorities [VIDEO]

Yesterday, we reported that incriminating photos of Jonny Craig had been posted via an anonymous Tumblr account. Today, we have some exclusive details regarding Jonny’s current condition and what might be next for the troubled singer.

After much discussion in this thread, Thomas Nassiff contacted several contacts tied to Craig, namely his label and now former management, Artery Management. Rise Records responded by saying that they were clueless as to the current controversy and photos and provided no further public comment. It is assumed at this point that Jonny is still tied to Rise Records, however I can infer …