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Kanye West’s Court-Ordered Community Service Was Announced and It’s Pretty Great

Back in March of this year, Kanye West pleaded “no contest” to misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft after confronting paparazzi and the court ruled that he was sentenced to 24 months of probation and 250 hours of community service. TMZ has just shared what Kanye’s community service obligations are, and it’s actually pretty great: teaching at a fashion school.

Apparently he’s been speaking at colleges all over the country. On Monday of this week, he went to the L.A. Trade Technical College to give a three-hour discussion on fashion designers, marking his third visit there in six weeks. Honestly, …

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As I Lay Dying Frontman Tim Lambesis Will Serve Six Years In Prison

A year has passed since As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested in connection to a murder-for-hire plot the vocalist was allegedly attempting to construct against his wife. Today, Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison for his involvement in the plot, and according to reports he has no chance at parole.

According to, Meggan’s family spoke during the hearing saying Lambesis showed no remorse and only cared about money during the proceedings:

Mike Murphy, Meggan’s father, was the first to speak to the court. As Lambesis watched intently, Murphy explained that some people talk


Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Charges

A year-long story that caught the scene off guard has taken a turn many fans feared for months. According to the BBC, Lostprophets‘ frontman Ian Watkins has plead guilty to a series of child sex offenses, including attempted rape of a baby.

Watkins, who previously claimed to have “furiously denied” the allegations, made his decision known in court this morning. He pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13, but not guilty to rape. The prosecution accepted this plea, but what will happen next remains to be seen.

Watson was originally charged in …

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Tim Lambesis Will Be Going To Trial For Murder Plot

Earlier today Tim Lambesis attended a hearing where the court would decide if his case should be brought to trial. According to a couple of different local news outlets, after a few hours in the courtroom, the court has decided to proceed to take Tim to trial for an attempt to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife. This has been confirmed by a number of different news sites, and a local reporter even tweeted about the update.

According to news outlets, his next court date will be October 22, which will be when they officially set the date …


Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Is On Suicide Watch

On November 25, Lostprophets frontman will be on trial for many sexual offenses (24, though one involves possessing indecent photographs of an animal); two of those are the infamous charges of raping a baby. Unsurprisingly, the vocalist has been placed on suicide watch, according to a pretrial hearing that happened yesterday.

According to his defense barrister (read: lawyer), “[Ian] has been seen by a clinical psychologist and she believes he should be receiving anti-psychotic medication… She wants him to be taken to a secure hospital for assessment and treatment… He is on suicide watch five times an hour.


UPDATE: Tim Lambesis Preliminary Court Hearing Set For July 10

After being released from prison on bail, another update has come to our attention in the ever-evolving tale of Tim Lambesis.

A preliminary hearing date of July 10 has been set for Lambesis on charges he attempted to solicit a hitman to murder his estranged wife. Such a hearing is necessary in a case such as this because it is where the defense must prove they have sufficient evidence in order to move forward with the trial. As far as we know, none of the planned evidence has been made public as of yet, but the testimony of the …


Sly Stone Has Insane Money Problems

A Billboard article that came out early this morning reveals the full extent of funk singer Sly Stone‘s money problems. The singer, famed for his work with Sly & The Family Stone, had a big fuss a few years ago when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had a wash of his performance.

It turns out that not only are his long rumored drug problems entirely true, but that they are a major factor in his money problems. He sold several forms of his royalties to pay off debts in the 70s and …

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Lawyer Blames Steroid Use In As I Lay Dying Frontman’s Murder-for-Hire Case

The case of Tim Lambesis’ arrest in connection to a murder-for-hire plot took another turn this afternoon as members of the press were informed that his lawyer believes the singer’s steroid abuse is to blame.

Lambesis’ defense lawyer, Thomas Warwick, told the California court last week that the As I Lay Dying singer had become a spokesperson for nutritional supplements, taken to weightlifting, and begun eating healthier in recent years. At some point that currently remains undetermined that Lambesis started abusing steroids, went from 170 to 220-pounds, and in his attorney’s words, “Was not the same person. He was irritable …

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VIDEO: Tim Lambesis Arraignment; Singer Renounced God

In court today, Deputy District Attorney Claudia Grasso read the charges and official complaint for defendant and As I Lay Dying frontman, Tim Lambesis.

In the video, Grasso describes that Lambesis asked a gym member if he knew of anyone that could kill his wife. He later met someone and set a meeting with them last month.

After “making the divorce” impossible, he told the undercover agent he believed to be a hit man that he wanted his wife gone. When asked if he wanted her killed, he replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want.”

The DA continued to …

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As I Lay Dying Comment On Tim Lambesis’ Arrest

This week has been batshit insane. Between Patrick Stump calling out haters on Twitter, Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri being electrocuted on stage in Moscow, and especially this entire Tim Lambesis situation, it’s a crazy week for news about musicians that has nothing to do with music.

We knew the members of As I Lay Dying would eventually comment on the arrest of frontman Tim Lambesis, and last night the band finally broke their silence. In a statement released to fans and press, the additional members of the group confessed to being as in the dark about Lambesis’ activities as the …

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EXCLUSIVE: Austin Carlile Found Guilty Of Misdemeanor Assault

A month after being arrested for a late night brawl in Ohio, Of Mice And Men frontman Austin Carlile was in court this morning to learn what would come of the felonious assault charges facing him.

Carlile appeared at the Bowling Green Municipal Courthouse this morning at 9:30 AM to begin proceedings. We were unable to have a reporter on site, but a phone call with the courthouse has informed us the hearing was relatively short. Carlile’s original charge of felonious assault was lowered by the judge to a misdemeanor offense, and moments later Carlile was found guilty.

As a …


Austin Carlile’s Mugshot Surfaces Online

News of Austin Carlile’s arrest has quickly become the biggest story of today and it seems there is no end in site to the updates that we’ll be able to present in the coming hours.

Just a short while ago, one fan digging for details managed to find Carlile’s mugshot from the night of the incident. This photograph was taken after Carlile and the Of Mice & Men drum tech were arrested on charges of felonious assault in Bowling Green, Ohio. You can view the image below.

UTG has received dozens of tips since this story broke and we are …