Mike Epps Will Portray The Late Richard Pryor In Lee Daniels’ Upcoming Biopic

We have been reporting on Lee Daniels’ plans to bring the story of Richard Pryor to the big screen for well over a year. In that time, everyone from Marlon Wayans to Nick Cannon were rumored to be playing the title role, but news confirmed by Daniels earlier this week revealed none of the rumors were true.

Mike Epps, comedian and longtime on screen funny man, has officially signed on to portray Richard Pryor in Daniels’ still-untitled new biopic. The news was confirmed by Daniels over Twitter yesterday afternoon, then again by executive producer Oprah Winfrey a few hours later. …


STAND-UP TUESDAYS: Bonnie McFarlane (Interview)

Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny.

This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Bonnie McFarlane’s comedy career. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

It’s been the subject of debate for decades now, and finally, someone is addressing it head on: are women funny? Comedian Bonnie McFarlane, along with husband and comedian Rich Vos, set out a few years ago to find the answer in …


Dave Chappelle Returns To Hartford, CT With OddBall Comedy Festival (Video)

Just over a year ago we ran a story about comedian Dave Chappelle having a meltdown in Hartford, CT while appearing on the inaugural Oddball Comedy Festival. It was an embarrassing moment for the comedian, and in the weeks that followed the former Comedy Central star was thrown through the ringer from various members of the press. No one knew if Chappelle would ever return to the tour again, let alone the city where his meltdown occurred, but over this past weekend Chappelle made good with a surprise appearance that has since found its way online.

The 2014 installment …

life after beth movie review

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Life After Beth’ Replaces Brains With Mediocrity

Film: Life After Beth
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Aubrey Plaza
Directed by: Jeff Baena

Mixing genres can be a tumultuous task in film making today. In Life After Beth, writer/director Jeff Baena tries to raise the romantic drama genre from the grave whilst spinning a hilarious tale about zombie love. Unfortunately, all the film compiles into is an amalgam of wasted comedic talent that can’t seem to unearth the most worthwhile qualities from separate genres. Not to mention that this little zombie apocalypse setting that Baena produces is minimalistic and leaves a lot up to interpretation.…

Mike Birbiglia at Carnegie Hall!

Comedian Mike Birbiglia Is Headed To Prison…For Netflix

Comedian Mike Birbiglia has signed on to join the cast of Orange Is The New Black for the program’s upcoming third season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Birbiglia’s role has to be revealed, but considering the fact the show revolves around a women’s prison it’s fairly safe to assume he’ll either be cast as a prison guard, family member of an inmate, or lover/ex-lover of an inmate.

Birbiglia never set out to become a film and TV star, but since the release of his critically acclaimed film Sleepwalk With Me the offers have not stopped pouring in. You may …

lets be cops movie

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Let’s Be Cops’ Should Turn Itself In

Film: Let’s Be Cops
Starring: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr.
Directed by: Luke Greenfield

There is little more than meets the eye when it comes to Let’s Be Cops. Written and directed by Luke Greenfield, this half-assed attempt at grown-up make believe loses steam long before it reaches its final destination.

Ryan and Justin are two men who are afraid of embracing adulthood. Though their motivations for doing so slightly differ, each has made it to what appears to be nearly 30 without having to make a single major commitment or decision in their entire lives. Neither is very …


The Lonely Island Teams With Judd Apatow For Movie “In The World Of Music”

Per Variety, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are developing an as-yet-untitled movie. The film is being produced by Judd Apatow and developed by Universal Pictures.

This news means two things: brand new songs and boatloads of cameos. Shaffer and Taccone will co-direct, and Samberg will undoubtedly star, with the production being overseen by Universal’s Erik Baiers. This is yet another recent extra-music development for the musical acting trio; they also signed a deal with Fox – which airs the Samberg-starring, Golden Globe-winning comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine - “to develop TV shows on digital platforms for the network.”


Jim Norton

Whitney Cummings Appears On Episode 3 Of ‘The Jim Norton Show’

I don’t how often you stop by UTG, but if you’re regular visitor you have no doubt noticed that we have been covering Jim Norton a lot in recent weeks. We don’t feature a lot of web shows, but what Norton is doing through his Vice-sponsored project is something truly unique (and incredibly hilarious). We may highlight other online programs in the months ahead, but for now this one has our full attention.

This week, Jim Norton welcomed comedian and 2 Broke Girls co-creator Whitney Cummings onto his talk show. The two share stories from the road, as well as …


Sony Moves ‘The Interview’ To Christmas Day, North Korea Still Pissed

A lot of time and research goes into scheduling the release of major motion pictures. Studios need to not only make sure their film opens with as little competition as possible, but that it opens at a time of year when people will be interested in seeing the type of film the studio plans to release. This is why horror films do not come out on Valentine’s Day and Christmas themed films tend to steer clear of the summer months (with the exception of Joe Swanberg’s Happy Christmas).

Today, Sony Pictures announced that The Interview has been moved from …



Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny.

This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Mark Normand’s comedy career. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

Though my to-do list keeps growing exponentially, there’s one album that’s been waiting patiently for its chance to shine in Stand-Up Tuesdays. Mark Normand’s debut comedy album, Still Got It, was released digitally by Comedy Central a couple of weeks …


‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′ Red Band Trailer: Here’s To The Future!

Comic-Con International is currently taking place in San Diego, California. We are not on site, but thanks to the mysterious powers of the internet we’re able to bring you all the biggest news and reveals from the convention floor without having to take a single step outside our apartment / headquarters. For example, this…

Paramount Pictures was one of the first studios to hold a panel during this year’s SDCC, and they made it a point to pull out all stops to ensure their films received coverage. One of the biggest surprises of the night came when Clark Duke made …

weird al

Weird Al’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ Becomes First No. 1 Comedy Album in Half a Century

Last week, “Weird Al” Yankovic took the internet by storm when he relentlessly debuted 8 music videos including parodies of everything from Pharrell’s “Happy” to Lorde’s “Royals” in order to celebrate the release of his 14th studio album, Mandatory Fun, on July 15. In addition to the success of the hilarious and star-studded music videos, Yankovic reached a monumental achievement of his lengthy 28-year music career:

As of this morning, Mandatory Fun has topped the charts, making it Yankovic’s first ever number 1 album on the Billboard 200. Even more impressive, the record is the first number 1 comedy …