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Freddie Gibbs Disses Jeezy On “Real”

Shots fired.

Two days ago, buzzworthy rapper Freddie Gibbs debuted a Jeezy diss in Chicago titled “Real” that blogs and music fans could not stop discussing. Today, Gibbs shares the studio cut of the track with fans, and the so-called ‘snowman killa’ proves he is out for blood.

Showcasing his wordplay on the first verse before cutting to the chase on the second, “Real” is – if nothing else – another strong entry in Gibbs’ record collection. It may be hard to think about that when you’re laughing and gasping at the shade thrown toward Jeezy on the back half …

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Lionfight Release “Uncle Ben” Music Video

Just a week after releasing their debut EP, Chicago rock outfit Lionfight have released a brand new music video.

Built around a single performance, “Uncle Ben” showcases that eye-catching stage presence of Lionfight against bright lights and dark backdrops. The track is essentially a riot set to music, and the energy shown from the members in the clip is fittingly frantic. You can view the video below.

We featured a track-by-track with Lionfight earlier this month. Click here to learn the story behind their debut EP.

Speaking of that new release, anyone interested in learning more about Lionfight’s music can …

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UTG Track-By-Track: Lionfight

We love helping up and coming bands get a little extra time in the spotlight, and today we’re thrilled to share with you the official track-by-track for the new EP from Chicago hard rock outfit Lionfight.

Available as a free download starting this week, the debut release from Lionfight showcases a band with passion and energy to spare. From the opening moments of Vortex, to the final crushing minute of “Vine,” this release packs a punch that all but assures us Lionfight are destined for great things. You can stream the album, access a download, and read the full …

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EDITORIAL: When Keeping It Drill Goes Wrong

There was a voice in the back of my mind that told me as soon as I ran a piece on my love of ludicrous hip-hop that I would then find myself inundated with tracks that would make me regret having ever opened my mouth. If you read UTG on a regular basis you already know we ran that editorial, and today I am here to tell you that little voice was right.

Yesterday afternoon, a song by the name of “Go Crazy” was brought to my attention by someone familiar with UTG’s appreciation for over-the-top rap music. The …


Lil Durk, Young Chop, King Louie, & More Discuss Chicago In New Documentary

WorldStarHipHop has become a go-to destination for fans of urban music and ridiculous viral videos of people getting in scuffles. 2014 will see the video platform expanding its offerings to include original content, and today the site’s first documentary made its debut online.

Featuring appearances from some of Chicago’s best lyrical assassins, The Field: Chicago finds WSHH dipping their toes into the world of dramatic narrative with an engaging and thought-provoking look at life on the streets of one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Through interviews and freestyles, the artists who have fought to survive a life surrounded by …


Hear Newly-Discovered Chance The Rapper Mixtapes That Sample Adele and Coldplay

Perhaps the biggest news to come out about Chance the Rapper since his collaboration with the Biebs on “Confident” has just been unveiled. Two Chance The Rapper mixtapes from 2009 have emerged online in their entirety. Listen to both mixtapes after the jump.

Titled Good Enough and Back To School Pack, the mixtapes came out in 2009 — that’s three years before the Chicago rapper’s debut mixtape, 10 Day, came out and four years before this year’s breakthrough Acid Rap. Looks like we have a Reddit user to thank for scouring through the Chicago rapper’s old Facebook page. …


3/4 of Quiet Out Loud Quit Band

It’s not every morning you wake up to learn a band you featured less than three months prior essentially imploded while you were asleep.

Three of the four members comprising Chicago pop rock outfit Quiet Out Loud have reportedly quit the band following ongoing friction between themselves and vocalist Nick Forbes. You can read a full explanation from now former member Matt Lillie on Tumblr, including screenshots of a conversation between himself and Nick, but for those looking for something a bit simpler, we’ve highlighted a key section below:

Now I just need to shed some light on some


WATCH: Saves The Day’s Audiotree Session

Audiotree, which in my opinion is one of the best live session outlets for bands today, has released their session video for Saves The Day. The session, which was filmed on September 16, 2013, features tracks from the band’s killer latest release, Saves The Day, which I loved, and you can check out my review of it here.

The band’s session features some of my personal favorites from the latest release, along with “Anywhere With You,” from the much loved In Reverie. Audiotree brings some new vibes to the palate, with questions that most interviewers don’t typically …

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UTG PREVIEW: Eight Reasons Riot Fest Is The Best Lineup Of The Year

Riot Fest Chicago is everything an alternative music lover of the past 3 decades wants in a festival. It is arguably the most buzzed about, tweeted at, liked and talked about festival of 2013. It has the potential to be legendary. 

Riot Fest Chicago will be a weekend full of unforgettable sets and unrealistic appearances. Here at UTG, we understand this is the festival of 2013. Over the next week and a half, we are going to be bringing you a multiple-part series dissecting the lineup of Riot Fest Chicago and telling you why we think this particular event in …

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Riot Fest Chicago Release Set Times, Stages

Only 4 days until Riot Fest-Chicago is finally underway!

The lineup we have all been marveling over for the entire summer has been unveiled in the form of set times and stages for the entire weekend of music. What bands are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments and follow the jump to check out the daily breakdown of when each artist is playing.

Also- in case you missed it, be sure to check out the first installment of the UTG Riot Fest preview piece here.…

Riot Fest 2013

Riot Fest Announces Day-By-Day Lineups In Chicago

Riot Fest announced the day-by-day lineups for its Chicago, IL festival dates. The festival invites huge names including Fall Out Boy, Bad Religion, The Replacements, Andrew W.K., Blink-182, Rancid and so many more. It’s the can’t miss event of 2013.

Click through the link provided to access ticket purchasing. Head through the jump to look and see exactly who is playing on what day of Riot Fest. Who are you most excited to see in the Windy City?…


Tallhart Robbed Of Everything In Chicago

Equal Vision Records outfit Tallhart were robbed of clothes, shoes, electronics, and a ton of gear and equipment in Chicago last night. Read a message from the band and feel free to help them out by purchasing something from their online store. Let the tour continue!

Hey everyone. So, we were robbed last night and our window was smashed in. Bullshit, yes. However, we are definitely going to make every date on this tour. (If nothing worse happens, of course). We have enough gear to continue. Also, enough cash/credit cards for repairs.