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Required Listening: Skrillex Featuring Chance The Rapper – “Coast Is Clear”

Just a day after announcing plans to bring his Mothership tour to the United States in summer 2014, Skrillex has released his long-awaited collaboration with Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper.

Titled “Coast Is Clear,” the mashup fans have been waiting to hear since it was first teased at the beginning of February does not disappoint. Skrillex has crafted a beat that plays well with Chance’s genre-bending rhyme scheme, resulting in a fast-paced and infectious dance offering that feels heavily influence from the golden age of pop music. It’s undoubtedly EDM, but there are bits of jazz and soul thrown …


Required Listening: Eminem Featuring Rihanna – “The Monster”

Those anxiously awaiting a sonic sequel to “Love The Way You Lie” are about to be sorely disappointed…

After a few promotional singles, Eminem has delivered the first radio single off The Marshall Mathers LP 2 exclusively through Shade45 radio. Titled “The Monster,” the track pairs Slim Shady with Rihanna for an upbeat song whose production feels created specifically for club play. Eminem talks about how he wanted fame, but not the wave of bullshit that followed, and as the verses play on he details coming to terms with the metaphorical monster he’s created. Rihanna compliments this sentiment with a …


Required Listening: Lorde Featuring Rick Ross – “Royals” (Remix)

You had to know this was coming.

There is little doubt in my mind that you, like me, think about Rick Ross every time you hear Lorde‘s breakout single “Royals.” She may not mention the MMG mastermind by name, but her lyrics about songs that mention Maybach in the chorus instantly brings to mind the label Ross oversees. Now, just weeks after the original hit went number one, Ross comes through and delivers his version of “Royals” for fans to enjoy.

Keeping the original song almost entirely in tact, Ross has injected a new verse into the middle of …


Big Sean Releases “Control” Featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

Big Sean is only weeks away from releasing his new album, Hall Of Fame, and last night fans got an early taste of his new sound by way of a leftover track entitled, “Control.”

Hitting the net late last night following an announcement from Big Sean that it would not be making Hall Of Fame, “Control” pairs the Detroit native with Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. This is not a b-side or a promotional joint dropped to sell a record, but rather a solid gold offering that could not make the album due to the inability to …


Lady Gaga Streams “Applause”

Move over, Katy Perry. Mother Monster is back in action and aiming for that number one spot with the early release of her new single, “Applause.”

Debuting online Monday afternoon following a weekend littered with high and low quality leaks, Lady Gaga has made “Applause” available for streaming ahead of its scheduled release.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Gaga sounded off against the piracy she has been battling with a series of caps-locked tweet. She wrote, “DUE TO HACKERS AN ABUNDANCE OF LOW/HIGH QUALITY LEAKS…WE ISSUE THIS POP MUSIC EMERGENCY…MONSTERS SPREAD THE WORD. POP MUSIC EMERGENCY #0DAYSTillAPPLAUSE MY NEW …


Beyoncé Debuts ‘Epic’ Contribution “Rise Up”

After a few low quality rips, a high quality stream of Beyoncé’s contribution to the soundtrack for the film Epic has found its way online.

A departure from the abrasive solo material she has pushed out so far in 2013, “Rise Up” is a by-the-numbers inspirational song that sounds larger than life thanks to the angelic pairing of Beyoncé’s vocals and light string accompaniment. Make no mistake, this is a pop song with a pulse, but at its core it’s about as overdramatic as a daytime soap opera. You can stream “Rise Up” at the end of this post.



STREAM: 2 Chainz Ft. Pharrell – “Feds Watching”

Just three days after premiering at Summer Jam, 2 Chainz has released the studio audio for his latest single, “Feds Watching.”

Kicking off the promotion for his forthcoming Sophomore album, which we expect to drop at the end of summer, “Feds Watching” is a song for the season if we have heard one. It feels like a straightforward hip hop track up front, but as you dig into the beat there are a number of island/caribbean influences that give the whole affair a ‘party in the sun’ type of vibe. The chorus only further matters, with a chorus that is …


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

Drake has jumped the gun on his plans to release a new single later this month and graced the internet with his first new song in over a year.

Originally scheduled to premiere the night of the Grammys, “Started From The Bottom” is the first single to be released off Drake’s forthcoming follow-up to 2011′s Take Care. The track features Drizzy going in over a snare-heavy beat about his rise to the top, with a hook that will instantly stick to the walls in your mind. You can stream, download, and enjoy “Started From The Bottom” below.

Drake already …


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Chief Keef Ft 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa – “Hate Bein Sober”

Holy. Shit.

One of the most anticipated tracks off Chief Keef’s upcoming major label debut has finally arrived online. “Hate Bein Sober” pairs the “Love Sosa” rapper with industry heavyweights Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent against another undeniably heavy beat from Young Chop. I hate to say Keef takes a backseat to guests on his own song, but I think that may be the case. You can stream, download, and enjoy “Hate Bein Sober” after the jump.

What I want to know is: Where was this song when UTG’s Ignorant Anthems of 2012 was released? We may need a deluxe …


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe Ft French Montana, A$AP Rocky, & Lil Wayne – “Yellow Tape”

Hurricane Sandy may be knocking down the street signs for a good portion of our readers right now, but cranking the speakers high enough on this next track may be what brings down doors worldwide tonight. Out of nowhere, Fat Joe took to the internet this afternoon to drop his latest star-studded single, “Yellow Tape.” While I’m not sure how many of us can relate to the subject of the song per se, the appearance of Lil Wayne, French Montana, and A$AP Rocky is sure to bring in a few thousand extra listeners. You can stream, download, and enjoy “Yellow …


STREAM: Kanye West – “White Dress”

A day after setting blogs ablaze with a snippet, the full version of Kanye West’s contribution to The Rza’s Man With The Iron Firsts OST has surfaced online.

Released with an accompanying visual that does not pass an official video, “White Dress” makes good on the teaser’s promise of delivering an old school Kanye flow against a chilled beat and it feels damn good. Yeezy has never not shined, but his ability to connect listeners with his stories has definitely wavered in recent years, and while “White Dress” doesn’t completely make up for that, it’s definitely a good start. You …

Rick Ross 2012

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross Ft Drake and Lil Reese – “Us” (Remix)

Maybach Music Group mastermind Rick Ross released his highly anticipated Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape around midnight last night. We ran a post, some of you probably saw it by now, but this track deserves a post of its own. Recruiting Lil Reese and YMCMB heartthrob Drake, Ross’ official remix of “Us” packs three verses of straight fire into a tweaked beat that bangs as hard today as it did when the original premiered. You can stream, download, and experience the track after the jump.

Don’t have time to dig through Ross’ latest? Fear not! UTG will be running a review …