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Adestria Have Called It Quits

One of my personal favorite bands, the San Diego-based outfit Adestria, have announced that they are parting ways after being together for nearly six years. The group was founded back in 2009, and released an EP plus two full-length albums in that time – the most recent release being last April.

They did not go into details as to the reason(s) why they decided to call it quits, but it does seem a number of factors led to their ultimate decision. You can read the announcement, which was written by their frontman Matt Anderson, below.

on my honor

On My Honor Are Calling It Quits

This morning, Knoxville Tennessee’s On My Honor officially announced their retirement on their Facebook page. After 8 years, the group has decided to dissolve the band, citing they felt “an overwhelming feeling” to move on.

Along with the announcement, the band provided contact information for bassist Jake Jones and drummer Tobias Campbell, both of whom will be seeking to join new projects.

The guys announced plans for a final show, in their hometown of Knoxville, set to take place in early 2015, and will release more information about the show when it becomes available. You can view the entire statement …


The Civil Wars Officially Break Up

I have one word for this story: Dammit.

After nearly five years together, The Civil Wars have announced that they are officially calling it quits. The duo, as you may well know, had been on indefinite hiatus since 2012, but this morning they made it known that there is apparently no hope left for reconciliation.

It’s not all bad, however, as the band has decided to say farewell by releasing their cover of “You Are My Sunshine” as a free download. Previously released in 2011 as a B-side to the band’s limited-edition Barton Hollow 7-inch, it’s the first time the …


The Dangerous Summer Officially Break Up

The departure of AJ Perdomo over the weekend left many wondering whether or not The Dangerous Summer would remain together. Today we learned the answer is, sadly, no.

Writing to fans and recognizing that it is indeed April Fools’ Day, the remaining members of The Dangerous Summer posted a message across social networks this afternoon explaining that the group has indeed decided to call it quits. Their letter to fans reads:

Dearest Fans,

To keep you all informed (accurately and unbiased) we are here to let you all know what the real deal is with TDS. Yes we are no


Heights Officially Call It Quits

After five years of being a band, the metalcore group known as Heights have called it quits. The band states that some of them have simply lost their passion, and without that they can’t function as a group. They are all still friends though, and have every intention of scheduling some farewell tour dates. You can read the band’s entire statement from them below. As a parting gift to fans, the band put together a short video titled “Peace,” which shows some clips of the band on tour and performing live. That video is also available below the jump.

Be …

City Lights

City Lights Call It Quits

City Lights have been together since 2008, and they’ve released two full length albums in that time. One of which, was released this past December. It’s a rather short time for a band to be together, but it appears as though that’s long enough for the group as they have announced their plans to break up.

Though the group did no go into detail about their decision, they did indicate it was time for them to take different opportunities. It seems that a few of them still want to make music, and the others want to focus on working behind …


The Wanted To Go On Hiatus Following World Tour

…And just like that, a million teen and tween hearts across the globe were broken.

Modern boy band outfit The Wanted, perhaps best known for the hit “Glad You Came,” have announced their next tour will be their last for the foreseeable future.

In a message written to fans posted online earlier today, members of The Wanted broke the news of their decision to take time off by first updating fans on what lies on the immediate horizon: Their 2014 world tour. The guys tell followers they are excited to interact with fans once more, then went on to …

The Seeking

The Seeking Call It Quits

Yesterday the Christian alt rock outfit known as The Seeking announced that they would be parting ways as a band. They stated the reason for the breakup is the fact that too many members have left for the remaining members to be able to keep it together. This isn’t they end for these guys though, and they’ve promised to continue working on music. You can read their entire statement by taking a look below.

Be sure to hit them up on Facebook to stay up to date on any future endeavors any of the members decide to embark on.


Conditions Are Calling It Quits

The alternative rock quartet hailing from Richmond, Virginia, known as Conditions, have announced that they will be calling it quits as a band. The group has been together for nearly eight long years, and in that time released two full length albums and two EPs. The group did not disclose the full reason behind the decision, however it sounds like this was a mutual decision between all of the members. You can read all of what the group had to say to fans by checking below.

Conditions will be announcing a final tour in the summer of 2014, and …


RIP: Go Radio

After seven years, dozens of sad songs, and countless broken hearts mended through sing-a-longs, Floridian pop rock favorites Go Radio have announced their next tour will be their last.

Taking to their social networks this evening, Go Radio members Alex Reed and Steven Kopacz issued the following statement:

“It is with heavy hearts that after 7 years of making music and touring the world, Go Radio has come to an end. For some of you this comes as a huge shock and for our friends and family this will be a certain sense of closure. There is no easy way …

God Forbid

God Forbid Break Up – One Member At A Time

Usually when members quit a band it’s just that, they quit and then it’s done. Well apparently a number of the members of God Forbid had some issues because shortly after Doc Coyle, the band’s guitarist, announced he’d be parting ways with the group, a number of the other members piped up and stated they would be quitting as well.

Long story short, there were some professional and personal differences between the members that could not be reconciled. From what it looks like, the band is done for good. You can read what each member had to say by taking …



Sorry to bring down your Fourth of July, but one of our favorite bands are calling it a day.

Following a career that any upcoming punk band should aspire for, Sharks have announced they will be disbanding.

Breaking the news to fans via open letter, Sharks apologized for the sudden news, but explained the decision had been in the works for some time. Their current schedule recently opened up due to cancelled events, and they decided now was as good a time as any. You can read their entire message below:

To all our fans,

We’re sorry to announce that

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