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Ayler Young Offers A Pop-Heavy Take On Funk With “You Can’t Buy Love”

At the beginning of the summer, the editors of UTG held a digital meeting to discuss our plans for the future. At the very top of the list was increasing our focus on in-depth content, and following not far behind was a universal desire to expose more up-and-coming artists to our readers. We like to think we have done a good job of exposing great alt-rock and pop punk bands in recent years, but our coverage extends beyond those areas and so should our new music spotlight.

With all that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Ayler Young


UTG CRUSH: Rixton Want To “Make Out” With You

I love this column. Okay, so it’s not really a column per se, but after several months of these ‘Crush’ articles I have to believe you’ve put together that this corner of UTG is reserved for the latest pop discoveries. Forget about lyrical depth and well-meaning instrumentation for a few minutes and allow yourself to become lost in the confectionery world of top 40 music. It’s scary at times, I know, but it’s also the most fun you’ll have with your clothes on.

Several people have commented in recent weeks that all my Crush articles have highlighted the efforts of …


UTG CRUSH: Christina Grimmie

We have been so bogged down in A Day To Remember news as of late that we have not had time to share with you our latest pop music addiction. At the age of just 19, Christina Grimmie is quickly on her way to becoming the next household name in radio-ready music. She has the opening slot on Selena Gomez‘s upcoming fall tour, and as long as her handlers push her fantastic debut album well we think she could soon be dominating radio play coast-to-coast in no time at all. Her music isn’t for everyone, but those who love …

The Early November 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: The Early November – “Tell Me Why”

The Early November are buzzworthy. The band has teamed up with MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog to premiere the video for the track, “Tell Me Why,” from their 2012 album, In Currents. Having featured their single and title track, “In Currents,” on the MTV blog in October 2012, this marks the second time the band has been deemed buzzworthy within the past 12 months. Not too bad for a band coming off a hiatus.

MTV asked guitarist/keyboardist, Joe Marro, about working with director Trevor Bowman and how he interoperates the video’s final product,

“We’ve been working with Trevor Bowman for the past


Drop Everything & Watch Transit’s New Video

Boston’s Transit have come a long way in their careers and today they cross another milestone with their first MTV video premiere.

“Skipping Stone” is taken from Transit’s 2011 Rise Records release and coupled with visuals that tell the tale of young love falling apart. It’s as moving visually as the original work and in this case that is truly an accomplishment. Few bands touch on the beauty in the frailness of life and release relationships quite like Transit and this single serves as a great introduction for anyone unfamiliar. Click past the jump and enjoy “Skipping Stone” right this …


Never Shout Never premiere “Silver Ecstasy”

Never Shout Never have premiered a new song online entitled “Silver Ecstasy.”

The song, which can be streamed below, is the third to be released from the group’s forthcoming effort, Time Travel. Featuring a gigantic hook, grandiose instrumentation, and heartfelt sentimentality, something tells us this one will become an instant favorite of NSN fans everywhere.

Time Travel gets released September 20. Why not kill time waiting by reading our review!

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VIDEO PREVIEW: Linkin Park – Iridescent

Music videos have gone to crap in recent years. What once stood for an extension of the music itself has become fodder for looking cool and showcasing how sleazy you can be. Luckily, Linkin Park have plans to release a new clip soon that will hopefully right all the wrongs found in recent video.

“Iridescent,” the fourth single from A Thousand Sun, is set to have its world video premiere on June 2. You can view a teaser clip of the video below:

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The

Panic! At The Disco on Buzzworthy

Panic! At The Disco was recently interviewed by Buzzworthy for MTV. The band talks about their sound and even make-up. You can watch all the videos here.

Music Video: Tila Tequila “Walking On Thin Ice”

“Walking On Thin Ice,” originally sung by Yoko Ono in 1981, was covered by Tila Tequila and is on her 2010 EP, Welcome To The Darkside. Click here to watch the video.

Set Your Goals are Buzzworthy

MTV, behind the times more than ever, have finally recognized the talent that is SET YOUR GOALS.

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The Audition are Buzzworthy on MTV

THE AUDITION sat down with MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog to reveal some unknown facts about the band. The interview covers everything from the upcoming album, Great Danger, to fascinating tales from the road!

Check out this episode of THE 5: 5 Things You Don’t Know About The Audition.