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Death Grips Announce They’re “Over”

Noise hip-hop group Death Grips are always full of surprises, yet perhaps today’s is the biggest of all. Shortly after dropping a mixtape collaboration with Bjork, they’re calling it quits.

The band is known for canceling shows and dropping unexpected mixtapes, so who’s to say if this will hold true (or if they won’t reunite in a matter of months à la Thee Oh Sees). For now, it’s safe to assume the band’s telling the truth. No more shows, no more new music (apart from The Powers That B), and no more surprises. The Facebook post stating …


Ovlov Have Officially Broken Up

Connecticut-based band Ovlov just announced on their Facebook page that they are breaking up. Really.

On the post, they wrote that “like the last season of Degrassi” they too are putting an end to their limited run. They will still be playing shows on July 11 and August 17-20, although almost all of them are sold out since the band has been riding high since the success of their 2013 LP am. We’ll be busy listening to that and their recent split with Little Big League on repeat as we cry for the remainder of this week (if not month).…


In Fear And Faith Clarify Previous Comments, Will “Probably” Play More Shows

Hey there, internet. We have a confession to make. Though we try our absolute best to bring you accurate news in a timely manner we sometimes slip up and cause a bit of digital chaos. If we kept you up in recent days with our previous post on In Fear And Faith, fear not! We have much more exciting news to share this time around.

Following reports over the weekend that In Fear and Faith would no longer be performing live, a few dozen fans began posting on the band’s Facebook crying foul and asking for an explanation. When one …


A Faylene Sky Are Parting Ways

The post hardcore outfit A Faylene Sky had a good run, but it seems their time as a band has come to an end. They have posted a statement to fans confirming that they are parting ways as a band. Their frontman is going to be a father, and he wants to focus on that new aspect of his life. You can read the entire announcement by taking a look below the jump.

While this is sad news for fans of the band, it’s very exciting for the father to be. Be sure to hit the band up on Facebook


Rest In Peace: G-Unit (2002-2014)

It’s the end of an era for one of modern hip-hop’s most popular rap collectives.

Speaking in a new interview with Power99′s Cosmic Kev at the end of last week, rapper and Vitamin Water investor 50 Cent broke the news that G-Unit has been ‘dismantled.’ He claims despite the numerous rumors that have popped up over the years there are absolutely no plans for a reunion at this time, and even if the possibility presented itself he has no desire to ever enter a new contract with either Lloyd Banks or Tony Yayo.

This is not exactly game …


The Dangerous Summer Officially Break Up

The departure of AJ Perdomo over the weekend left many wondering whether or not The Dangerous Summer would remain together. Today we learned the answer is, sadly, no.

Writing to fans and recognizing that it is indeed April Fools’ Day, the remaining members of The Dangerous Summer posted a message across social networks this afternoon explaining that the group has indeed decided to call it quits. Their letter to fans reads:

Dearest Fans,

To keep you all informed (accurately and unbiased) we are here to let you all know what the real deal is with TDS. Yes we are no


Heights Officially Call It Quits

After five years of being a band, the metalcore group known as Heights have called it quits. The band states that some of them have simply lost their passion, and without that they can’t function as a group. They are all still friends though, and have every intention of scheduling some farewell tour dates. You can read the band’s entire statement from them below. As a parting gift to fans, the band put together a short video titled “Peace,” which shows some clips of the band on tour and performing live. That video is also available below the jump.

Be …

City Lights

City Lights Call It Quits

City Lights have been together since 2008, and they’ve released two full length albums in that time. One of which, was released this past December. It’s a rather short time for a band to be together, but it appears as though that’s long enough for the group as they have announced their plans to break up.

Though the group did no go into detail about their decision, they did indicate it was time for them to take different opportunities. It seems that a few of them still want to make music, and the others want to focus on working behind …


Randy Blythe Confirms Lamb Of God Is Going On Hiatus

“This has been a pretty wild ride…

This is one of those news stories you see coming from a mile away, but still hope you never have to write.

There have been rumors circulating throughout the metal community for several weeks that Lamb Of God would be taking an extended break following the end of their current tour cycle. That run ended just a few days ago, and now frontman Randy Blythe has offered some insight on what the future holds in store for himself and the rest of LoG.

Taking to Instagram of all places, Blythe shared a …


Anberlin To Disband: Band Plans Final Album And Tour For 2014

2014 will be the year we say goodbye to Anberlin.

In an announcement released through the band’s various networks this afternoon, the members of Anberlin announced that 2014 will be the last year they record and tour together. A message written to fans reads:

“In 2014 we’re going to release our final record and tour the world one more time. We don’t want to fade out. We want to end with hugs and celebrate the life that was Anberlin and not be bummed about us ending.”

A video released along with the announcement can be found below.

Anberlin will …

The Seeking

The Seeking Call It Quits

Yesterday the Christian alt rock outfit known as The Seeking announced that they would be parting ways as a band. They stated the reason for the breakup is the fact that too many members have left for the remaining members to be able to keep it together. This isn’t they end for these guys though, and they’ve promised to continue working on music. You can read their entire statement by taking a look below.

Be sure to hit them up on Facebook to stay up to date on any future endeavors any of the members decide to embark on.…


Love Out Loud Break Up

After spending the last few years rising through the ranks of underground pop rock the members of Love Out Loud have announced plans to go their separate ways.

Taking to their Facebook shortly after the start of the new year, members of Love Out Loud broke news of their decision to split up with fans through an open letter that focused on the possibilities presented by 2014. You can read their letter, in full, below:

2014 will be a new chapter in our lives. Love Out Loud has officially decided to break up. After five years, we are so happy