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Tonight Is Not The Final Fireworks Show

Tonight, after nearly a decade spent touring the world, Michigan pop rock outfit Fireworks are performing what will be their last show for the foreseeable future. This is not the same thing as their final show, and we felt it was important to remind you of the difference.

2015 has been a big year for the alternative scene. Between controversies, big singles, and bands falling apart it can be very hard to keep every band’s current plans straight in your head. When Fireworks announced this current tour would be their last before taking a well-deserved break, the defenders of …


Niall Horan Offers Directioners Hope Amid Hiatus Rumors

One Direction have yet to release an official response to rumors the group will go on hiatus in early 2016, but a recent tweet from member Niall Horan has offered fans a glimmer of hope for the future.

Monday night, just a day after E! first broke rumors of One Direction’s hiatus plans, Niall Horan turned to Twitter in an attempt to calm fans’ nerves. Writing to Directioners around the world in a series of tweets, Niall commented:

Ok so Lots of rumours going round. We are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well earned break


One Direction To Go On Hiatus Beginning In March

Prepare to cry yourself to sleep while clutching your vinyl copy of Midnight Memories because the men of One Direction are going on hiatus.

According to a new report from E!, sources close to One Direction claim the group will be taking an extended hiatus beginning in March 2016. The purpose of this break is to allow the individual members of 1D to focus on their various solo albums, as well as projects that lie outside the world of music.

“They are taking a hiatus so they can work on individual projects for a while but they are not …

Polar Bear Club

Polar Bear Club Is Basically On Hiatus

Following last week’s announcement that pop rock favorites Fireworks would be going on hiatus at the end of summer, it now seems another innovative alternative band is taking time away from the spotlight.

Speaking with fans over Twitter this past weekend, Polar Bear Club vocalist Jimmy Stradt broke the hearts of his followers around the world by sharing the news that his band is currently taking some time off. After a fan inquired as to the band’s recent activity, Stradt replied, “The statement that fireworks released the other day is pretty in line with where pbc is at.”

The …


BUMMER: Fireworks To Go On Hiatus Following Upcoming Tour

Today may be the saddest day in UTG history. After eight years together, Fireworks have announced plans to go on hiatus following their upcoming tour.

Announced today via Twitter, Fireworks thanked fans for all their support before breaking news of their plans to take some time away from the spotlight. “After these upcoming gigs are ripped,” they wrote, “we will be taking a break for awhile to give the other side of life a try.” You can read the note in full at the end of this post.

Fireworks later comment that they do not know how long ‘awhile’ will …


New Medicine Announce Immediate Break Up, Cancel Remaining Shows

After six years and two successful studio albums, New Medicine have announced plans to disband, effective immediately. All upcoming shows have been cancelled and, from what we can tell, there seems to be almost no chance they will ever be rescheduled.

If you’re reading this now and feeling a little confused, we can’t blame you. New Medicine has been relatively quiet on the public front for a bit, but we had no idea the band would call it quits in such an immediate manner. The news was shared with fans earlier today, April 27, via a message posted to the …


Adestria Have Called It Quits

One of my personal favorite bands, the San Diego-based outfit Adestria, have announced that they are parting ways after being together for nearly six years. The group was founded back in 2009, and released an EP plus two full-length albums in that time – the most recent release being last April.

They did not go into details as to the reason(s) why they decided to call it quits, but it does seem a number of factors led to their ultimate decision. You can read the announcement, which was written by their frontman Matt Anderson, below.

Rotting Out

Rotting Out Call it Quits

Better to burn out bright than to fade away, eh?

Though they’re far from being the first to release music of this kind, there aren’t many groups doing what Rotting Out has done in the past couple of years – which has arguably been the peak of this Los Angeles hardcore band’s career. With their one-of-a-kind stage presence and willingness to play in any room, they served as a jumping off point for many into this incredible genre.

Frontman Walter Delgado made a very brief post to his Tumblr account today, sharing that his band has officially broken up as …

There For Tomorrow 2012

There For Tomorrow Break Up, Announce Final Performances

Earlier this evening, There for Tomorrow took to social media to announce that they would officially be calling it quits before the end of the year.

“It is now the time in our lives that we must go on and discover these new doors that have opened for each of us,” the band explained via Facebook. “The legacy of There For Tomorrow and the message we always wanted to portray will undoubtedly live with us all forever.” Read the group’s full statement by click through the jump below. and let us know your thoughts in the replies.

As a final …

Hostage Calm

REST IN PEACE: Hostage Calm (2007-2014)

Say it ain’t so, Internet. Hostage Calm, the prolific punk rock band from Connecticut that stole our hearts with this year’s release Die On Stage, is calling it a day. The punk and alternative rock community are nothing short of stunned by the sudden and abrupt departure from one of the most promising acts in the scene.

The band released a statement within the hour via Facebook saying, “Hostage Calm has broken up. It’s too soon, it’s too young, and it hurts too much.” No truer words could be spoken about this news. According to the post, there …

Crystal Castles 2013

Alice Glass Parts Ways With Crystal Castles

Experimental electronic duo Crystal Castles have not released a full-length since 2012, but with today’s announcement, it unfortunately seems we won’t be seeing a followup. Alice Glass, vocalist of the duo, has revealed via Facebook she is departing the outfit, and thus, “this is the end of the band.” It’s quite the shock as the thought of Glass goes hand in hand with Crystal Castles and their quintessential work, but the prospect of a promised solo effort from the musician is a worthy trade-off.

You can read Glass’ full statement on her departure below.

I am leaving Crystal


REST IN PEACE: Chimaira (1998-2014)

After facing the troubles of a revolving door lineup for years which eventually led to the recent departure of five of Chimaira‘s six members, founding vocalist Mark Hunter has decided to finally put the band to rest.

The band’s official website and Facebook now contain a final message from Hunter which reads:

After fifteen full blown as ripping years, it is with great honor to announce the end of Chimaira.

Thanks to everyone that supported the group in any way shape or form.
Everyone involved with the band from members to fans put their heart and soul into this

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