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INTERVIEW: HELENA Talks “Levity,” Working With Ultra Records and More

“If I’m not fist-pumping and jumping around in the studio when it drops then I know it’s not going to transpose well into a festival set. “Levity” was about combining classic house with the more energetic sounds of now.”

HELENA has blessed the electro house community with multiple massive singles in recent months, but “Levity,” her brand new Ultra Records-backed collaboration with esteemed vocalist Shawnee Taylor, just might be the one that launches the Australian producer to her inevitable position as an instantly recognizable staple of electronic music.

After hearing the exciting new material, UTG had the chance to talk …

sex idiot

UTG Review @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Bryony Kimmings – ‘Sex Idiot’

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Comic: Bryony Kimmings
Show: Sex Idiot
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall

Every now and then a piece of performance art comes along that is so unique, daring and confrontational that words simply cannot do it testament. Bryony Kimmings’ Sex Idiot is not one of these shows, but only because you’d need to add ‘hilarious’ to the description.

A thought-provoking yet wildly humorous examination of the awkward aftermath that follows being diagnosed with an STI, Sex Idiot is at once a biting social critique of our archaic attitudes towards STIs and a heartfelt dissertation on modern relationships. Oh, …

alex williamson

UTG Review @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Alex Williamson – ‘Dumb Things I’ve Done’

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Comic: Alex Williamson
Show: Dumb Things I’ve Done
Venue: The Athenaeum Theatre

Over the course of the last seven years, Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson has developed from brash comedic upstart to a multi-talented, verifiable YouTube sensation. With more than 35 million views and more than 370,000 people who have signed up as subscribers to his YouTube channel, as well as over 575,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, Alex has been able to cash in on that popularity and create opportunities for himself, including stints at LA’s The Hot Hits Live, regular commercial radio gigs and landing the lead role …

umbilical brothers

UTG Review @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival: The Umbilical Brothers – ‘KiDShoW (Not Suitable For Children)’

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review
Comic: The Umbilical Brothers
Show: KiDShoW (Not Suitable For Children)

Slapstick superstars, The Umbilical Brothers–Dane (David Collins) and Shavid (Shane Dundas)–brought their considerable talents back to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year for an opening night performance of their latest comedic creation, KiDShoW (Not Suitable For Children), and what a performance it proved to be.

A profoundly dark, twisted and undeniably funny re-imagining of the classic children’s television format, KiDShoW finds The Umbilical Brothers in sparkling form, as they utilise their contrasting comedic talents to deliver multiple laughs per minute across the duration …


SINGLE REVIEW: The Smith Street Band – “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams”

Artist: The Smith Street Band
Song: “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams”
Album: Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams
Label: Poison City Records

There’s voices in this world that can speak endlessly without saying anything, and then there’s voices that can say everything with a simple turn of phrase. Undoubtedly Will Wagner is gifted with the latter, and on “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams,” Wagner’s familiar, heavily-accented and weathered drawl is in fine form, turning a few lines and a simple melody into an emotion drenched five-minute journey through the last two years of The Smith Street Band’s existence.…


REVIEW: The Ramshackle Army – ‘The Road Less Travelled’

Artist: The Ramshackle Army
Album: The Road Less Travelled
Genre: Celtic-Punk

It’s no secret that despite its natural beauty and status as the world’s most livable city, Melbourne, Australia and indeed Australia as a nation, has a rather dark and sordid, yet fascinating past. Originally ‘settled’ as a penal colony by the British in order to resolve overcrowding of prisons in the motherland, ‘Van Diemen’s Land’ as it was then known, has grown from these humble beginnings to establish itself as a modern multicultural society that provides its citizens with a wonderful standard of life. Much of that early growth …


LISTEN: Iggy Azalea – “Fancy” (Feat. Charli XCX)

Iggy Azalea has been a favorite of UTG’s for quite some time now, thus making the wait for her constantly delayed debut record, The New Classic, borderline torturous. With the release of “Fancy,” a reworking of a demo entitled “Leave It,” though, Azalea once again reminds fans why they have been standing by in hopes of hearing a full-length in the first place. Featuring what is arguably the Australian rapper’s best performance yet, the song also includes a phenomenal chorus courtesy of Charli XCX, best known as one of the minds behind Icona Pop’s smash hit, “I Love It.”…

vista chino

UTG INTERVIEW: Vista Chino – Kyuss Lives! is Dead, Long Live Kyuss!

Rising from the ashes of the sadly burnt-out but much beloved desert-rock icons Kyuss, Vista Chino have been touring the world for the best part of the last three years, bringing the music and the vision of Kyuss screaming back to life in all of its distorted glory.

Originally formed under the name Kyuss Lives! by ex-Kyuss members Brant Bjork (drums), John Garcia (vocals) and Nick Oliveri (bass) with Brian Fevery (guitar) completing the line-up, the band has experienced significant complications over the course of the past two years, thanks largely to a now rather infamous “trademark infringement and consumer …


UTG INTERVIEW: Ghost – Conversation With A Nameless Ghoul

Without question, Ghost (aka Ghost B.C) are one of modern music’s most interesting acts. An anonymous band operating within a culture obsessed with celebrity, the Swedish quintet have managed to obtain a level of crossover success that most bands in their genre could only ever dream about, while remaining steadfastly cloaked in mystery. More an immersive artistic experiment than just a metal band, Ghost are an utterly compelling watch in a live environment, with the costumes, lighting, and stage banter all coming together in a carefully choreographed yet utterly chaotic manner to deliver a truly memorable experience.…


Backtrack’s Australian Tour Begins Today

New York hardcore upstarts Backtrack have arrived in Australia and will be kicking off their Australian tour tonight in Brisbane.

The tour which is in support of their crushing new record, Lost In Life (out now through Bridge Nine records), began with a brief trek through New Zealand over the last few days, and sees old friends reunite as Backtrack team up with Australian hardcore legends Iron Mind to tear rooms apart all across the country.

Both bands’ hard riffs and strong work ethic has seen them go from strength to strength in the last few years and 2014 looks …


First Trailer For ‘The Babadook’ Is A Must-See For Horror Fans

There are dozens of films playing at the Sundance Film Festival this week, and there is absolutely no way we can possibly hope to cover every single one. The best we can do is stay on top of the films we think you will love, and The Babadook looks like it may be one of the best horror imports of 2014.

Coming to us from Australia and premiering in Park City this week, The Babadook is a unique story built on an extremely familiar foundation. A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s …

Saviour (WA)

Saviour To Call It A Day

In news that has sent shock-waves through the Australian punk and hardcore community, rising stars Saviour have announced that they are calling it a day.

The band announced their decision via an official statement distributed by their label UNFD today, in which they confirmed that their upcoming shows at Melbourne’s Push Over and Tasmania’s Breath of Life festivals will be their last ever shows outside of Western Australia. The band has promised to announce some farewell dates in Perth in the near future though. They gave no specific reason for the decision to break-up, instead they used their announcement to …