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EDITORIAL: Of Mice & Men Come Full Circle

It seems that with every minute, rock and roll group Of Mice & Men are becoming more and more relevant to the music scene. The question is, however, in what way? Any Warped Tour fanatic of early 2010-2012 can vouch for the band’s incredible growth as they reigned over the metalcore scene, one tour at a time. Yet now, with the release of their newest record Restoring Force, along with their reissue Full Circle, they have easily left this platform behind them, diving into a style that’s poised to launch them into mainstream music–or it’s a style they’ve …


Of Mice & Men Release New Single, “Never Giving Up”

The deluxe reissue of their third record Restoring Force is days away from its release, and Of Mice & Men are keeping fans on their toes in the coming days of Restoring Force: Full Circle.

After many clues from frontman Austin Carlile, the band finally dropped one of the four new tracks of the reissue, “Never Giving Up.”

If you didn’t believe that Of Mice & Men were heading in a new direction with Restoring Force, you will believe it now. The band jumps into their nu-metal influences head first and delivers a riveting introduction to what’s in …

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My Top 5 Played Songs Of 2014

2014 was a pretty interesting year for music on my part. I was pleased by my favorite bands, impressed by artists I’ve never heard before, and revisited musicians who have proved to be absolutely incredible this year.

One thing I love more than anything else in a song is a good hook that I can listen to over and over again, so the top songs from 2014 played on my iTunes list certainly contain this catchiness in one way or another.

I present to you the top five songs on my iPod that I can never seem to skip.


Of Mice And Men Announce ‘Restoring Force: Full Circle’

Metalcore outfit, Of Mice & Men, have just announced that they will be releasing Restoring Force: Full Circle, the extended edition of their most recent full-length, Restoring Force, which came out in January of this year.

The extended record will contain the same eleven tracks, an additional three new tracks, and an acoustic version of “Feels Like Forever.” This version will be officially released on February 24, in conjunction with their arena tour alongside Linkin Park.

You can check out the album artwork and the track listing below.

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Linkin Park Announce North American Tour With Rise Against, Of Mice & Men

Ever since Linkin Park surprised fans with an appearance on Vans Warped Tour 2015 there has been a renewed sense of excitement for the group amongst alternative scene diehards. Those old enough to own physical copies of Hybrid Theory spent at least a little time walking down memory lane when the band dropped The Hunting Party earlier this year, and today we learned that in early 2015 we will have a chance to hear those classic tracks live when the band embarks on their latest North American tour.

The Hunting Party tour will find Linkin Park hitting up major cities …


Of Mice And Men Cancel Shows Due To Austin Carlile’s Health

Of Mice and Men have been touring heavily throughout 2014, but it seems all their time on the road has started to take a toll on frontman Austin Carlile.

Just before dawn this morning, August 14, Of Mice and Men posted an update across social networks explaining to fans that they have been forced to cancel several upcoming European tour dates. The cause, as described by the band, is due to Austin Carlile experiencing unforeseen health issues. You can read their message to fans below:

Due to Austin having unforeseen health issues we’re unfortunately not going to be able


Of Mice And Men Step Into The Mainstream With “Would You Still Be There”

A recent report from Billboard claimed that releases from Rise Records accounted for 5% of all rock music sales in 2014 so far. Five years ago that kind of headline would have been mind blowing, but these days it is not a stretch to believe such information as fact because the label has done a fantastic job of slowly evolving their sound while still catering to the audience that first propelled them into the spotlight. It’s a change that spreads across the label’s already diverse roster of talent, but it may have impacted no singular group greater than Of Mice …

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Suicide Silence Release Clip From ‘Ending Is The Beginning’ Featuring Austin Carlile

Tragedy struck the Suicide Silence camp in 2012 with the death of vocalist Mitch Lucker following a motorcycle accident. To honor the singer’s memory, friends of the band and Lucker put together a memorial show, at which Suicide Silence performed with a number of prominent guest vocalists. The performance was filmed for an upcoming CD and DVD release titled Ending Is The Beginning, and you watch a new clip from the project, featuring Of Mice and Men frontman Austin Carlile, after the break.

Carlile joins the band for “OCD,” which originally appeared on Suicide Silence’s 2011 album, The Black


REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – Restoring Force

Artist: Of Mice & Men
Album: Restoring Force
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Rise

In the years since The Flood, metalcore outfit Of Mice & Men have been evolving. From member changes, to influence and musical direction, the band has been taking steps towards being something more than just another ‘heavy band’ with a strong following of dedicated Hot Topic shoppers for some time. This transition may have seemed subtle, but if you trace the band’s sound from their early demos to now its alarmingly evident that they have their eyes set on much higher level of rock glory, and …

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WATCH: Of Mice & Men Release Behind the Scenes Video

Of Mice & Men have chosen to give fans a special look at the making of the band’s upcoming album Restoring Force.

The band (via Rise Records) has posted a short video of the recording process for the record.

The video includes black and white film of the studio where the band recorded the album as well as a voice over by vocalist Austin Carlile (ex Attack Attack!).

You can check out this exclusive behind the scenes look below.


Of Mice & Men Debut “Bones Exposed”

Christmas music is pretty much everywhere you look these days, but Of Mice & Men are keeping things heavy with the release of a new track titled “Bones Exposed.”

The second song to surface off Of Mice & Men’s forthcoming album, “Bones Exposed” is a hard-hitting single that packs a powerful mix of sing/scream vocals into a riff-driven rock juggernaut that goes far beyond anything Of Mice & Men have delivered to date. The lyrics tell of a relationship on the rocks and the inability to move on until the other chooses to do the same, with a hook that …


SINGLE REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – “You’re Not Alone”

Artist: Of Mice & Men
Track: “You’re Not Alone”
Album: Restoring Force
Label: Rise Records

It is hard to believe over two years have passed since Of Mice & Men released The Flood. I cannot recall more than a handful of weeks in all that time the band wasn’t making headlines worldwide, and for that they certainly deserve some credit. The metalcore market is as crowded as its ever been, but for one reason or another Of Mice & Men have managed to captivate throngs of young music fans with an intensity unmatched by their genre peers, and in …