Foxing Audiotree

Watch Foxing’s Fantastic Audiotree Session

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing some members of Foxing. Not only did they put on an exceptional and moving live show, but the members that we had the chance to converse with are some of the nicest and chillest musicians we have had the pleasure of speaking with. In our interview, we chatted about their experiences during their Audiotree performance filmed last month, and they were all quick to say how nice, generous, and professional the Audiotree staff was.

Finally released on the Audiotree site, Foxing’s session is now available for viewing. The band …

You Blew It! 2013

WATCH: Audiotree Releases Live Session From You Blew It!

In the scope of  2014’s important music releases, Orlando’s You Blew It! have been garnering a considerable amount of praise for their recent Topshelf Records sophomore record, Keep Doing What You’re Doing.

The folks over at Audiotree recently had the emo band over at their studio to record a fantastic live session. This band sounds great live, and if you found yourself liking Keep Doing What You’re Doing, you’re gonna love this. You can stream the whole thing down below, and if you really like it, you can buy an HD video and audio tracks of the set.…


Check Out Mansions On Audiotree

Audiotree is one of my favorite live video sessions around right now. With a wonderfully humbling atmosphere, a crew that noticeably cares about the current state of music, and great filming and sound, their approach to bringing live sets to the masses is certainly welcomed.

They recently released their live session from Mansions, a band that is consistently loved here at UTG. Our own Jacob Tender gave their latest album, Doom Loop, a perfect 10. You can check out his review of it here.

The set features six tracks from the band’s roster, spanning their discography. Make …


WATCH: Gates Full Live Audiotree Session

New Brunswick, NJ experimental indie outfit, Gates just released their full live session on Audiotree.

According to the band’s Facebook page, they were invited out to Chicago to record with Audiotree on December 14th and “couldn’t have walked away feeling any better about [their] time spent in their studio.”

After opening a series of shows for The Gaslight Anthem in September of 2013, the band quickly gained success with their October 2013 release, You Are All You Have Left To Fear, which can be heard here.

Audiotree said of the band, “Gates’ individuality lies in their ability to maintain …

ttng this town needs guns 2013

Watch TTNG’s Audiotree Session

Audiotree is one of my favorite in-studio live performance outlets. A wonderfully crafted atmosphere, a superb roster of artists that have performed in their rooms, it is a great escape to watch bands emit their musical prowess live.

Now we can add TTNG (formerly This Town Needs Guns) to that roster. The UK math-rock band is a powerhouse of experimental rock, tinged with some emo undertones. We loved their latest release,, and you can read our review of it here.

Check out “Left Aligned,” my favorite track from the performance after the jump, but be sure to …


WATCH: Saves The Day’s Audiotree Session

Audiotree, which in my opinion is one of the best live session outlets for bands today, has released their session video for Saves The Day. The session, which was filmed on September 16, 2013, features tracks from the band’s killer latest release, Saves The Day, which I loved, and you can check out my review of it here.

The band’s session features some of my personal favorites from the latest release, along with “Anywhere With You,” from the much loved In Reverie. Audiotree brings some new vibes to the palate, with questions that most interviewers don’t typically …

Mark Rose Audiotree 2013

Mark Rose (Ex Spitalfield) Audiotree Session

Former Spitalfield frontman Mark Rose made a special appearance on Audiotree to perform a six song acoustic session.

Rose lays down his tracks “Decade Of A Girl,” “She Doesn’t,” “How Can You Believe In Me,” “Go On,” “Someone,” and “I Can See You (With My Eyes Closed).” Simply inspiring. Watch this beautiful live performance from Under The Gun Review’s favorite through the link provided and enjoy.

Late In The Playoffs 2013

Late In The Playoffs Plays Audio Tree LIVE

Our Windy City friends in Late in The Playoffs are gearing up the promotional campaign for their upcoming album, Alive and On Your Own, which is making its way into the airwaves this spring.

Today at noon (12PM) central time, the band will be playing LIVE on Audiotree. The band will be playing some new tunes for the Audiotree team and the online viewing audience. Don’t miss out.

Tune in here at 1PM Est/12PM C.

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Hostage_Calm 2012

WATCH: Hostage Calm Perform On Audiotree Live

Audiotree has been rolling out videos of great bands lately, with Into It. Over It., Pentimento, and now Hostage Calm. They perform six songs in total: “Brokenheartland”, “Woke Up Next To A Body”, “On Both Eyes”, “The ‘M’ Word”, “War On A Feeling”, and “Don’t Die On Me Now”. “Don’t Die On Me Now” and “The ‘M’ Word” are perhaps my two favorites from their most recent album, Please Remain Calm.

It’s funny to think, but this video is actually longer than Please Remain Calm. We loved it when we reviewed it, giving the …


Pentimento Perform On Audiotree Live

Buffalo’s Pentimento made an appearance on Audiotree Live for a special session and can be viewed through the jump.

The guys independently released their debut self-titled album on November 13 and is currently available on We highly recommend that all of our readers check into this effort.

View the track-listing for this intimate session below and watch Pentimento perform their 6 songs in stunning high definition.

Seahaven 2012

AUDIOTREE TV: Seahaven Live Session

Audiotree TV released today a new live session with punk group Seahaven, and just like every other session that they’ve released, Audiotree delivers a fantastic video for you to watch. Playing songs spanning from all their releases, Seahaven puts on a great live set that is mesmerizing to watch. You can check out the session after the break, as well as the track list from the session.

Seahaven also currently has some dates to round out the year which you can check after the break as well.

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Into It. Over It. 2012

LIVE SET: Into It. Over It. (Full Band) – Live Set

Chicago’s Into It. Over It. recently went into the Audio Tree studios to record not one, not two, but ten live tracks with his full band. With tracks from every release, this video is not only extremely high quality in sound but has high quality video as well. Seriously, Audio Tree puts out some of the coolest videos right now. This 54 minute set is lengthy, but it’s so worth it. The video also includes some really cool interviews with everyone in the band.

Into It. Over It. is currently on tour with Hostage Calm, Make Do and Mend

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