Migos Postpone ‘Yung Rich Nation’ Tour, Issue Statement

With less than a week to go before their highly anticipated US headlining tour was set to begin, the member of Migos have announced they have been forced to postpone the Yung Rich Nation tour until July.

Speaking to fans and journalists through a press release, the members of Migos avoided bringing up their recent arrest(s) while attempting to explain the reason for their tour’s delay. They wrote, “Due to circumstances beyond our control we are postponing this tour until July. We want to be at our best and make sure that we give 100% during the Yung Rich Nation …


Former Finch Bassist Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison

Back in September, we were one of the first to notice that former Finch bassist Derek Doherty (pictured at far-right) admitted he was running a mortgage audit scam. Back on October 17, UTG had learned, Derek was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his crimes.

From the Department of Justice:

DEREK DOHERTY was sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay $98,835 restitution involving a scheme to defraud clients by taking advance fees for loan audits that he never performed. 

According to court documents, between April and August 2010, Doherty created Home Safe Financial, a


More Than 180,000 People Want To See Justin Bieber Deported From The US

It’s time to celebrate democracy in the modern age, everyone!

Not that long ago, the Obama administration added a section to the White House website that allows any citizen with an idea to open a new digital petition. If that petition earns more than 100,000 signatures the Obama administration is required to issue a formal response to the request, and this morning there are literally thousands of people waiting to hear from Barack Obama on the topic of Justin Bieber. It seems at least 182,000 people want the pop star deported, and that means the White House must take …

Chief Keef

Chief Keef Sentenced To 90 Days In Drug Rehab

I guess Chief Keef really does hate being sober.

According to a new article on DNAinfo, Chicago native Chief Keef has been ordered into a 90-day residential drug treatment program. This news follows reports last month of Keef spending 20 days in a Chicago jail violating his parole by failing not one, but two separate drug tests. Keef, who is only 18, was back in court on Wednesday afternoon, where a judge ordered him into the treatment program at the West Side-based Haymarket Center.

Fans of Keef likely knew this news was coming if they have been paying …


Former Finch Bassist Admits To Running A Mortgage Audit Scam

Temecula, California, 2002. Five young men in a band called Finch release What It Is To Burn to critical acclaim. Fast forward to St. Louis in 2013, and one of those men has long since been out of the band and is now admitting that he ran a mortgage audit scam. According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Derek Thomas Doherty (pictured in the far right of the picture), former bassist for Finch and the only original member no longer in the band, would phone call strangers, use television and mail ads to get business for his mortgage audit business. He …

Tim Lambesis 2013

Tim Lambesis’ Reportedly Worth $14 Million; New Arrest Details Emerge

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis is currently sitting in the Vista Detention Facility in California, being held on $3 million bail stemming from charges of plotting to have his estranged wife killed by a hitman. He’s not due in court again until June 10, but details surrounding the case and Lambesis’ life continue to surface by the day.

Yesterday, a new article from The San Diego Reader revealed new details regarding the day police took Lambesis into custody. An eyewitness who chose to not be named claims he was working at Barnes And Noble when cops entered the …


Chief Keef Arrested In Georgia

Seventeen-year-old rapper Chief Keef continues to find himself tangled in legal troubles this morning as news of yet another arrest has begun surfacing online.

According to an article on TMZ, Keef was taken into custody while in DeKalb County, Georgia yesterday on charges of “disorderly conduct.” The events leading up to police involvement remain unclear, but Keef was allowed to leave last night (presumably after paying a small fine). After he was free, Keef tweeted “Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As fuck.”

This isn’t the first time Keef has had a run in with …


Randy Blythe Posts Letter To Fans

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe heads out on his first tour in over a year this week, and it comes not long after he was exonerated on murder-related charges stemming from a fan’s death that resulted from injuries sustained during an LOG set. To say his heart is heavy with emotion would be an understatement, and in a new letter to fans Blythe has finally opened up about what he has been seeing, feeling, and experiencing the past several months.

Summarizing letters can be a problematic task. The desire for the important information without all the work of reading …

taylor swift

Obsessed Taylor Swift Fan Arrested For Swimming To Singer’s Rhode Island Home

I don’t know about you, but something about this Wednesday has me in need of a good laugh. The week is only half over and I feel like I’ve already conquered a mountain (or two) of work. Luckily, some idiot from Chicago just provided us with lols for the day. We can all be a bit obsessive about our favorite artists, but this guy might have taken things a bit too far.

According to a story posted on TMZ this morning, a 22-year-old man from Chicago was arrested around 2AM (EST) this morning, May 15, after he was spotted swimming …

austin carlile

EXCLUSIVE: Austin Carlile Found Guilty Of Misdemeanor Assault

A month after being arrested for a late night brawl in Ohio, Of Mice And Men frontman Austin Carlile was in court this morning to learn what would come of the felonious assault charges facing him.

Carlile appeared at the Bowling Green Municipal Courthouse this morning at 9:30 AM to begin proceedings. We were unable to have a reporter on site, but a phone call with the courthouse has informed us the hearing was relatively short. Carlile’s original charge of felonious assault was lowered by the judge to a misdemeanor offense, and moments later Carlile was found guilty.

As a …

austin carlile

UPDATE: Austin Carlile’s Preliminary Hearing Moved To April 29

We received a number of messages over the last week seeking an update to our report on the arrest of Austin Carlile in Bowling Green, OH during the last weekend in March on charges of felonious assault. Few additional details have surfaced in the weeks that have passed since we last posted about the situation, and the big take away today is that there will likely be no new information for at least another two weeks.

According to a recent update on the Bowling Green Municipal Court website, Austin Carlile’s preliminary hearing was moved from yesterday, April 15


WATCH: ABC13 Reports On Austin Carlile’s Arrest

News that Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile was arrested in Bowling Green, Ohio over the weekend hit the internet yesterday morning and quickly caused quite a mess for fans and reporters alike. Since the date was April 1, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day, many believed the numerous reports to be false or misleading. Even when sites like UTG used court documents as sources, people were persistent that we had it wrong because neither Carlile nor his bandmates would comment on the situation. We thought such a situation might be aided by hearing the news from another trustworthy …