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Exposing Metal Bands

Exposing Metal Bands (Satanic Illuminati) Part 3

The third (and final?) installment of this ridiculous video series from April and Wayne Show is here. We’ve provided you with a look at their two previous segments where they’ve rambled on with illiteracy about metal artists selling their souls to the devil and joining his metal army and blah blah blah.

Now, April and Wayne Show are at it again, delving deeper into the lyrical content from bands like All Shall Perish and Cannibal Corpse as well as criticizing fans’ tattoos and some of the bands’ music videos. In their first video, April and Wayne state that, “These demons …

Exposing Metal Bands

Exposing Metal Bands (Satanic Illuminati) Part 2

Over a week ago, we brought you the first installment of a YouTube video uploaded by April and Wayne Show, denouncing metal music and musicians for not glorifying God. A second part of the video was recently uploaded and is approximately five minutes longer than the first.

April and Wayne Show claim that metal artists have sold their souls to the devil and are part of a secret society known as “The Illuminati” run by Satan himself with intentions to take over the world by mind control via mass media. The videos have so far accused bands such as Suicide …

Exposing Metal Bands

Exposing Metal Bands (Satanic Illuminati) Part 1

“Music that doesn’t glorify God belongs to the devil.”

This video was evidently uploaded to YouTube this past Saturday by April and Wayne Show. Up until this point, I had never heard of this show (or whatever it is). I’ve done extensive research (like 2 minutes worth) and have found nothing but a lot of ranting about these people who apparently are extremely Christian and denounce anything that is awesome.

I completely understand where metal genres/bands could catch some grief regarding lyrical content, visuals, and live shows and what seems to be the promotion of violence and other entertaining things, …