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Saosin Announce Weekend Reunion Tour with Anthony Green

As most of you know, Anthony Green was the lead singer that helped boost Saosin to fame before they parted ways and Circa Survive was formed. After the news that he would be playing a reunion show with Saosin at Skate and Surf, the idea of a possible tour never rested in the minds of fans.

And today, the hopeful Saosin supporters have been rewarded. Well, if you live in California or can make it to New Jersey for Skate and Surf. Most of us will be unable to see this once in a lifetime set of shows, but stay …


Required Listening: Circa Survive – “Scentless Apprentice” (Nirvana Cover)

It’s Record Store Day! We hope those of you who were able to shop this morning got out and did your part to celebrate and support the industry we’ve dedicated our lives to covering, but even if you left as soon as you woke up today there is a good chance you came home with a few items missing from your RSD wish list. We cannot help you acquire those records, but we can help you experience some of the music you may be missing.

Circa Survive were one of a dozen artists chosen to cover a song off Nirvana


Skate And Surf Festival Announces Lineup Including Midtown Reunion, Saosin With Anthony Green

After a chaotic return in 2013 that was marred by bad weather, delays, and poor planning, Skate and Surf Festival has pulled out all of the stops to make the 2014 edition, which takes place May 17 and 18 in Middletown, New Jersey, a memorable one for all the right reasons. The first steps in the right direction are the two big surprises at the top of the bill.

Skate and Surf 2014 will play host to the long-awaited reunion of New Jersey pop punk heroes Midtown, who have been inactive since 2005. Members have gone on to play …

Anthony Green

Anthony Green Performs Live At AltarTV Studios

Anthony Green recently stopped by the AltarTV studios to perform a set of acoustic songs, and you can enjoy the performance for yourself by following the jump.

Green released his third full-length, Young Legs, back in November, which was produced by Will Yip and peaked at number 67 on the Billboard 200 charts. Like his previous two releases, the tremendously talented Good Old War provided accompaniment throughout the album.

Since his humble beginnings, Green has more than validated himself as a stellar live performer, and this most recent presentation is no different. Check it out below, and be sure …


VINYL REVIEW: Circa Survive – ‘Juturna’

Artist: Circa Survive
Album: Juturna
Label: Equal Vision Records
Original release date: June 20, 2005

After Anthony Green’s upsetting departure from Saosin, I immediately began to follow his every move, and because of that, in 2005, Juturna became the first CD I ever pre-ordered. I had listened to The Inuit Sessions a thousand times since its release in the 3 months preceding Juturna‘s, and based on those first 4 glorious tracks released by Circa Survive, I just knew that Juturna was going to be an album I had to own.

Over 8 years later, here I am with a …

anthony green

REVIEW: Anthony Green – ‘Young Legs’

Artist: Anthony Green
Album: Young Legs
Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Moshtradamus Records

My father once told me that the first time he held me in his arms, everything had changed. Something that I have not yet experienced myself, the joy of procreation is ever apparent in most parent’s daily view on life, yielding a change in lens once their little ones emanate their first breaths. And why shouldn’t they? Birth is one of the most inspiring aspects of human life. Thousands and thousands of codes of DNA collecting in progressive fashion, the chemicals that write you up skillfully rip themselves …

Young Legs

Anthony Green Streams ‘Young Legs’ In Full

Everybody’s favorite frontman and the overseer of crowd-sway, Anthony Green, is set to release his third solo effort, Young Legs, on November 12, but the Circa Survive vocalist is currently streaming the album in its entirety via his website.

Featuring the lead single, “Breaker,” the excellent Will Yip-produced album is again, like Green’s past two releases, backed instrumentally by longtime friends, the great Good Old War, this time with an even fuller sound of added orchestral elements and top-notch production from Yip.

You can still pick up some pre-order options from Green’s website before the release but …

Circa Survive

Circa Survive To Play Secret Halloween Show In Philly

If you announce that you’re having a secret show, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a secret show? Anthony Green tweeted on Friday that his band, Circa Survive, would be playing a secret show on Halloween in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have not announced the location yet, but Green also confirmed that the show would be sometime after 8pm. You can check out both tweets by taking a look below the jump.

As soon as more information is announced about the secret show, we will be sure to let you know!…


The Sound Of Animals…Writing? Or Something Not As Exciting?

Admittedly, the cheesy headline was more of an attempt at a pun than what the news may actually be, but something is definitely happening in camp TSOAF! At the very least, there’s activity on their Facebook and website. Maybe we’re just getting excited as they simply thought it was time to change their cover photo, but only time can tell.

It’s been a long five years since the quasi-mysterious supergroup released their third album, The Ocean And The Sun, and the rotating members have been busy in various other projects and life happenings since with little to no …

Anthony Green

Anthony Green Premieres Title Track From ‘Young Legs’

Anthony Green is a busy man. He and his band, Circa Survive, self-released their fourth studio album, Violent Waves, late last year. He also released his second full length solo album last year as well. On November 12, Green will be releasing his third full length solo album, titled Young Legs. We’ve heard just a little bit of what this album will have to offer so far, and now he’s partnered up with Red Bull to premiere the title track off the album.

You can stream the new track by heading right here. Here’s a brief …


LIVE REVIEW: Will Yip’s Studio 4 Session With Anthony Green And Tigers Jaw

Under the Gun Review was able to send staff writer Dan Bogosian to Will Yip’s Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania to review the second ever Studio 4 Session with Anthony Green and Tigers Jaw.

When Will Yip first announced the Studio 4 Sessions, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. On one hand, Will Yip is a wonderful producer with a solid background ranging from everything like the experimental side of Circa Survive to the straight forward pop punk of Man Overboard, engineering things ranging from Lauryn Hill (really) to Koji. With that sort of diversity, the launch …

Young Legs

Anthony Green Releases First Single From ‘Young Legs’

Circa Survive‘s vocalist, Anthony Green, will be self releasing his upcoming solo album, Young Legs on November 12 of this year. He partnered up with Rolling Stone to stream the very first single from the album, which is titled “Breaker.” You can listen to the song by heading right here.

If you liked Anthony Green’s last solo album, Beautiful Things, then you will likely dig this track. It’s a little less folky sounding, and has a bit of a faster pace – but is still chock full of cleverly written verses to suck you in. If …