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Don’t let age fool you — DECORATOR may be young, but the music is far from naive. DECORATOR is a full-forced wrecking ball of collaborative rock ‘n’ roll cleverly mixed with proper and contagious pop hooks. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band create a live atmosphere of energy that mirrors a heavy mixture of Foxy Shazam and Bruno Mars. With members ranging from 19 to 21, DECORATOR are perfecting a smooth and flamboyant sound years before their competition.

The band had a chance to sit down with Under The Gun during their recent trip to SXSW to talk about …


REVIEW: Speedy Ortiz – ‘Real Hair’

Artist: Speedy Ortiz
Album: Real Hair
Genre: Alt-rock/Noise Punk
Label: Carpark

After a huge year in 2013, including a critically acclaimed debut album, Major Arcana, and a match-made-in-heaven tour with The Breeders, Speedy Ortiz refuse to sleep, and have released another four songs, with their Real Hair EP. This time, they took Paul Q. Kolderie to record for them, which appears to be another perfect connection for this band, as he is no stranger to working with the sorts; with a repertoire including Radiohead and the Pixies. This coalescence will be nothing short of a landmark for the band, …


Drop Everything and Discover Bentley Park

It must be tough trying to develop an alternative rock act these days. With the same dozen or so acts making up every major tour announcement, finding a way to catch a break with curious music fans is nearly impossible. The best most can hope to do is create music so good it makes people want to share it with others, which is exactly what Bentley Park have done with their latest release.

I have no idea exactly how many emails come through the UTG offices pitching bands that sound like My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember, Pierce The …


REVIEW: FS – ‘Cheers and Fears From the Past Year’

Artist: FS
Album: Cheers and Fears From the Past Year
Genre: Alt-punk

The latest EP from FS, Cheers and Fears From the Past Year, has enough swagger to be worthy of Fall Out Boy’s Take This To Your Grave, yet throws a punch hard enough to hold its own in the ring with The Fall of Troy’s Doppelganger.  Cheers and Fears is a record that shows stunning consistency from beginning to end, never wavering for a dull moment throughout the duration.…


REVIEW: Linkin Park – Living Things

Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Living Things
Genre: Rock
Label: Warner Bros.

One of the many things that can be said about Linkin Park is that there will never be one album from the band that will go by unnoticed in today’s mainstream world. The band has just little bit of everything for everyone out there. Distorted guitars for the typical rock fans? Check. Walls of synth sounds coupled with some occasional dance-y drum beats for the electro fans? Check. The occasional rapped verse/chorus by Mike Shinoda for the more experimental hip hop fans? Check. What about some harsh auto-tune laced …

Lit 2012

Lit Premiere “Miss You Gone”

Alternative rockers Lit have released a brand new song entitled, “Miss You Gone.”

Serving as the second new song to surface from the band this year (“Same Shit, Different Drink” being the first), “Miss You Gone” premiered exclusively on ArtistDirect earlier this morning. Our macs apparently cannot work well with whatever player they’re using on AD, so I cannot tell you how this one sounds, but my hopes are high. Click here to stream “Miss You Gone.”…


REVIEW: TS & The Past Haunts – Gone & Goner

Artist: TS & The Past Haunts
Album: Gone & Goner
Genre: Alt-rock/Punk
Label: No Sleep Records

It was while he was acting as the tour manager for the Duke Spirit that Travis Shettel, lyricist and front man for the now defunct Piebald, began to start writing new music. After recruiting the husband and wife duo of Heather and Ben Heywood to round out the rest of the band, Shettel was finally able to fully indulge his new musical project: TS & The Past Haunts. Their debut album Gone & Goner is an enjoyable blend of raw melodic guitars, crashing drums …


REVIEW: Needtobreathe – The Reckoning

Artist: Needtobreathe
Album: The Reckoning
Genre: Christian Alt-Rock
Label: Atlantic

Music has become sort of ridiculous lately, due to the large scale availability of music these days we can be exposed to bands like Blood On The Dance floor who, allegedly, touch children, and the OFWGKTA guys who just write songs about doing such things. And people like Christofer Drew of NeverShoutNever, who is still convinced he’s John Lennon reincarnate, but sort of missed the mark when he wrote his new single about rolling on MDMA.…

UTG Album Stream: The Coming Weak

The best alternative rock band to come out of Rhode Island since Monty Are I have joined forces with UTG to bring you an exclusive stream of their new, self-titled, album. Click through to listen!

The Spill Canvas premiere “Dust Storm” video

As they continue on the second leg of their nationwide tour with the Goo Goo Dolls, alt-rockers The Spill Canvas have released a music video for “Dust Storm,” the second single from their recent LP Formalities. Watch it after the jump.

Review: Deftones – Diamond Eyes

3 and 1/2 years too long, they’re finally back!

Soundgarden reunites

After a 12 year break that began near the end of 1997, Soundgarden, fronted by Chris Cornell, have announced their REUNION. More details as they become available.…