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Rebel Revive

REVIEW: Jamie’s Elsewhere – ‘Rebel/Revive’

Artist: Jamie’s Elsewhere
Album: Rebel/Revive
Genre: Post-hardcore
Label: Unsigned

​Jamie’s Elsewhere have had some dramatic changes in their sound over the years. ​They’ve yet to release two full-length studio albums in a row with the same frontman so it’s been an interesting ride for fans who’ve been there since the beginning. After they left Victory Records their future seemed uncertain, but after some silence they recruited a new vocalist and promised more music. It didn’t take long for them to start teasing new music, and what was released seemed promising.

Considering the group has had different frontmen for their albums, …

particle wave

REVIEW: Particle Wave – ‘Grand Unifier’

Artist: Particle Wave
Album: Grand Unifier
Genre: Rock

Los Angeles-based garage rock quartet Particle Wave recently released Grand Unifier, their third album since forming in 2006. Melding prominent elements of modern garage and psych rock with the best influences from earlier eras of rock and roll, the band’s newest release can appeal to many generations as you could surmise that their sound is something that originated in the ’60s and snowballed along to the present, assimilating the various bits of each decade’s contributions to the rock genre and adapted as it grew.…


REVIEW: Banner Pilot – ‘Souvenir’

Artist: Banner Pilot
Album: Souvenir
Genre: Punk
Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Once bands have three albums under their belts, they tend to be well-oiled machines. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they should have no problem cranking out songs that will appeal to their core audience and new fans alike. That’s not to say they can phone in record number four – listeners will always see right through a lack of passion – but there is a certain level of comfort that comes with that stage in a band’s career. Banner Pilot have reached that stage, and signs …

Foxy Gonzo feature

REVIEW: Foxy Shazam – ‘Gonzo’

Artist: Foxy Shazam
Album: Gonzo
Genre: Rock

Surprise releases are all the rage these days. Beyonce wasn’t the first to drop an album without warning, but the release of Beyonce in December certainly made her the highest profile artist to do so. Surprise albums work because the spectacle of the release is in the album itself, not the marketing campaign leading up to it. Few bands know more about spectacle than Foxy Shazam, so it’s fitting that they followed in Beyonce’s footsteps for their fifth album, Gonzo, released without warning on Bandcamp last week. The Ohio group is …



Artist: PUP
Album: PUP
Genres: Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Label: SideOneDummy

It’s hard to contextualize a band on their debut album. A genre listing could mean so many things. What does punk mean, especially if they are going pop? Does it mean pop-punk in today’s sense of The Wonder Years and State Champs? Does it mean nods to Drive-Thru Records, New Found Glory and the like? Is it more along the lines of The Offspring and 90s skater-punk melodies?

From the opening chords and lyrics of PUP’s self-titled album, something unusual was happening. Not quite math rock, the opening …


UTG @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Celia Pacquola – ‘Let Me Know How It All Works Out…’

Comic: …


REVIEW: Manchester Orchestra – ‘Cope’

Artist: Manchester Orchestra
Album: Cope
Genre: Rock
Label: Favorite Gentlemen / Loma Vista

Most of my adolescence was spent exclusively listening to heavy music. If it wasn’t metal (or hardcore punk, post-hardcore, you get the idea), I probably wasn’t listening to it.

It wasn’t until college that I began listening to lighter music (or “indie rock,” whatever that term even means anymore), and Manchester Orchestra’s I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child was one of the first albums to spark that shift in my musical development. I don’t even remember how I discovered them. I was probably just looking through …


REVIEW: Chiodos – ‘Devil’

Artist: Chiodos
Album: Devil
Genre: Post-hardcore
Label: Razor & Tie

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since the last time Chiodos released an album with Craig Owens at the helm. It’s been four years since the band released any new music for that matter. It’s been a long time coming, and fans will finally get to hear what the band has been working so as of late. Owens stated that this new album would be more mature, self-reflective and basically “whatever the band wants.” He made it known that they weren’t writing these new songs based on …


REVIEW: Amatus – ‘Broken Compass’

Artist: Amatus
Album: Broken Compass
Genre: Pop, Electronic

If given the opportunity at an early age to sit in on sessions from some of R&B and hip-hop’s legendary acts such as The Roots, Erykah Badu, and Common, it’s no surprise that those experiences would have a resonating influence on the eventual sound and style of a budding musical talent. Taking cues from said luminaries and adding a mixture of her own personality and personal experiences, Amatus has crafted a 5-track debut EP that offers undeniable hooks, impressive vocals, and an array of percussion massive enough to put up a fair …

latimer house

REVIEW: Latimer House – ‘All The Rage’

Artist: Latimer House
Album: All The Rage
Genre: Indie Rock, Pop

Prague-based quartet, Latimer House, deliver a unique blend of quirky, lo-fi, guitar-driven, indie rock that might best be described as The Smiths meets The Strokes with a dash of Los Campesinos! and a sprinkle of Beck tossed in for good measure. Their 10-track debut, All The Rage, may not entirely live up to what its title suggests but any fans of the aforementioned comparative acts may find themselves comfortably at home within Latimer House, at times kicking back on the sofa with their feet up, and at …

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.09.30 PM

Review: ‘Punk Goes 90s Volume 2′

Artist: Various
Album: Punk Goes 90s Vol 2
Genre: Rock/Compilation
Label: Fearless

The Punk Goes… series has lasted long enough that counting how many installments exist at this point usually requires a trip to Google or Wikipedia. It has become an annual event of sorts, like the mixtape version of Warped Tour, with alternative music fans impatiently waiting year-round to figure out what theme the scene’s top talent will tackle next. This spring that theme is the 90s for the second time in 8 years, and the results are as mixed as ever.…

Angel Olsen Burn You Fire For No Witness

REVIEW: Angel Olsen – ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’

Artist: Angel Olsen
Album: Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Genre: Folk Rock
Label: Jagjaguwar

Out of all the world’s inevitabilities, loneliness and fear are the two we know at birth. Perhaps that’s because they require the most of our heart. They teach our body how to expand its insides for the type of worry and uncertainty that leave us feeling heavy with emptiness. They feed on isolation, even in the most populated of areas. So we learn, at that young age, how to accept them. If we don’t, living loses its thrill.

Missouri singer-songwriter Angel Olsen returns on her …