Die Romantic: Aiden Have Returned

After a few short years of hiatus, Aiden have plans to return in 2015.

William Control, otherwise known as Aiden frontman Will Francis, recently wrote a lengthy update to fans expressing his joy over the previous year and all he has in store for the months ahead. In it, Francis confirmed plans to open his own merch printing company, as well as plans to resurrect Aiden with a brand new album. “Yes you heard that right,” he wrote. “There will be an Aiden record and most likely a tour.”

The reason touring is only a possibility at this point …

William Control 2012

William Control Delays ‘The Neuromancer,’ UTG Weeps Softly

William Control has had one hell of a year in 2013. He kicked things off with the main support slot on Black Veil Brides’ album release tour, then proceeded to perform worldwide with his own string of gigs before building his own recording studio, which he used for his new album as well as the upcoming release from Fearless Vampire Killers, and now he’s on the road once more supporting Davey Suicide. To say he’s been busy would be an understatement, and as a result his new album suffered a small setback.

Speaking to fans through his official blog earlier …


Aiden Begin Writing, Planning New (Final?) Album For 2014

Earlier this year, UTG sat down with William Control to discuss a number of things, including the fate of his punk band Aiden. At that point, Aiden had not been heard from in months, and it was clear from our discussion with William that it would be some time before that project was heard from again. He also mentioned the idea that Aiden may come to an end in the foreseeable future, and now it seems everything is slowly starting to come together.

Taking to Aiden’s official Facebook, William Control (real name Wil Francis) posted a lengthy update …

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William Control Announces “Short Break” Following US Headlining Tour; New Album Still In Development

William Control, otherwise known as the musical brainchild of Aiden frontman Wil Francis, has announced plans to take a short break in the coming months.

In a lengthy open letter to fans released around 2PM EST today, May 14, Francis noted that having spent a decade in the business he feels it is time to step away momentarily. He’s quick to assure fans he will return, in fact he notes that work on writing the new William Control release is nearly complete, but he is looking forward to a Summer with family and some time away from the road. First, …


REVIEW: William Control – Skeleton Strings

Artist: William Control
Album: Skeleton Strings
Genre: Acoustic
Label: Control Records

When I was in first year of college, my two roomies and I were unceremoniously evicted from our flat. That’s a long story for another day, but I remember that the thing that most amused me in hindsight was the notion of how the council people would have reacted to the giant poster of Wil Francis in my room. It was from Aidan’s early days so it was suitably ghoulish and mad-looking, and suited the extremities of wardrobe and make-up I was into at the time. Now, several years …

William Control 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: William Control – “The Velvet Warms And Binds” (NSFW)

William Control has released a music video for “The Velvet Warms And Binds”, a track off of the Aiden frontman’s 2012 full length, Silentium Amoris.

There’s nothing bland or plain about William Control’s personal brand, and with that said, you could imagine one of his music videos to be as bizarre and graphic as it gets… so then double that, and that’s what you have with “The Velvet Warms And Binds”.

James Shotwell sat down with Mr. Control in late January for an interview, and that could be found right here. Also, must we remind that this is …


UTG INTERVIEW: William Control

There are a select few in this alternative music community who truly spend every waking second trying to develop fresh ideas to share with curious ears. Sometimes their efforts fail, sure, but in our book a disastrous experiment is better than a monotonous retread of familiar sonic territory any day of the week.

Of those who consistently work to find new ways to express their creativity, William Francis stands out as someone who, for better or worse, has experienced it all. From teen years plagued with crime and drug abuse, to rising through the underground ranks and signing his first …

William Control 2012

DVD TRAILER: William Control – Live In London

UTG favorite William Control spent the end of August recording performances in London and tonight we get our first look at the footage. Taken from his forthcoming Live In London DVD, William took to his website and social networks earlier this evening to release the first feature’s first trailer. If you’ve ever been a fan of William’s efforts, this is will surely be a treat. Click through the “Read more” link and enjoy!

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William Control 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: William Control – Kiss Me Judas

Wil Francis is always one to leave an impression and today’s news is no different. Just two months after self-releasing the latest William Control record, Wil took to his solo act’s YouTube channel to premiere the official video for “Kiss Me Judas.” The visuals are as slick as the beats and fans are sure to be hitting replay sooner than later. Click past the jump and enjoy.

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review. He loves writing about music and movies almost as much as he loves his two fat cats. He’s also the co-founder


Angel Ibarra Leave Aiden, Band Releases Video Update

Angel Ibarra, lead guitarist of Aiden, has announced that he is parting ways with the band after a decade of touring and recording.

The announcement was first made late last night via a new video update from the band. In the clip, Angel signs off one last time, noting a desire for something news, and offers fans their first look at his replacement. You can view the announcement after the jump.

Aiden will be continuing touring in support of Some Kind Of Hate well into 2012. Click here to view their latest tour dates and stay tuned to UTG for …


REVIEW: William Control – Nouvus Ordo Selcorum

Artist: William Control
Album: Nouvus Ordo Selcorum
Genre: Wil Francis
Label: self-released

Now over a decade into his career, Wil Francis has traversed a vast musical landscape. From his early punk days of scene glory with Aiden on Nightmare Anatomy, to his sonic journey of self discover that flooded Conviction, and the later releases which showcased that he had not only found his voice, but knew what needed to be said, Wil has repeatedly proven he is going to do whatever he wants. There is perhaps no clearer example of this than his work on William Control, the …


Aiden Release “Broken Bones” Music Video

Hot on the heels of their tour announcement with Wednesday 13, Aiden have unleashed their music video for the Disguises single “Broken Bones.”

Further cementing their modern greaser-punk look and style, the video follows a man finding his way through a world of horrors while frontman Wil Francis loses his mind in performance shots. A fitting and messy companion to the track and album as a whole.

You can view Aiden’s video for “Broken Bones” after the jump. If you still haven’t done so, click here to read our review of Disguises.

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