Motionless In White Involved In Van Accident

?Winter is a dangerous time to be traveling across the country, especially between Wyoming and Utah. There is a stretch of I-80 that’s particularly treacherous, and there are plenty of musicians who can attest to the very real danger they face while on the road. We’ve already seen our fair share of accidents this season, and Motionless In White have become the latest victims of Mother Nature. The band confirmed via Facebook that they were involved in an accident while driving I-80. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, and they had a second van that they could pile into and …

No Bragging Rights

No Bragging Rights Involved In Accident Due To Weather Conditions

The winter months are a dangerous season for touring bands. Some areas are worse than others, especially in and around mountains. We’ve already seen a handful of accidents this season, and I am sure we’ll see more before winter’s up unfortunately.? The latest victims of weather conditions are the guys in No Bragging Rights. They are currently on tour and were heading from Washington to California when they lost control of their van and it along with their trailer were flipped. You can check out a picture of the accident below.

Luckily no one was seriously injured. If you …

Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss And Her Band Involved In Van Accident, Taking Donations And Digital Sales

Writing about this kind of thing is the hardest part of the job. While driving from Denver to Salt Lake City yesterday as a part of their current tour routing, Allison Weiss and her band hit a patch of ice along a treacherous stretch of highway and rolled off the road.

According to a Facebook post from Weiss, no one in the band is seriously injured aside from a few bumps and scratches. However, the group’s tour van is destroyed. This is always painful to hear about. As a touring musician, you depend on your van and your instruments to …

Sledding With Tigers

Sledding With Tigers Detail Car Accident, Release New Shirt To Raise Funds

Yesterday, we brought you the news that our friends in Sledding With Tigers had been involved in a car accident while traveling between Oklahoma and St. Louis. We felt helpless when we first ran the headline, but in the hours that followed frontman Dan Faughdner and the fine folks at Antique Records developed a way for everyone to help get SWT back on their feet.

First, let’s talk about the event itself. Sledding With Tigers have only been on tour since Friday, but sometime yesterday afternoon they lost control of their vehicle and ended up on their side in the …

Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through Get Into Van Accident

It’s that time of the year again. The roads are getting icy, and it can be unsafe to drive in some parts of the country. Bleeding Through have been on the first leg of their farewell tour, and were on their way to the last venue on the tour, which was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On their way to the show, they were involved in a van accident on the freeway. Luckily, none of the band members were injured. The group even ended up making it to the show!

It’s getting colder out there, so if you have to travel …


Miguel Gets “Caught Up in the Moment,” Goes Hulkamania on Fan at Billboard Music Awards

During his performance of the silky smooth “Adorn” during Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, pop crooner Miguel took a leap of faith across the mini pit filled with fans aplenty, and upon his less than ideal landing, he gave one woman a stylish boot to the head and graced another with an Atomic Leg Drop. Oh yeeeaaaah, brother!

Luckily no one was seriously injured. Miguel suavely continued on post mistake and will hopefully learn to take more factors into consideration during rehearsal next time.

Asking Alexandria 2012

Asking Alexandria’s Bus Struck By Drunk Driver; Band Determined To Make Extreme Thing

Asking Alexandria are shaken, but okay this morning after their bus was struck by a drunk driver in the middle of the night.

UTG is still in the process of creating a full narrative for last night’s events, but according to a tweet from frontman Danny Worsnop at 5:01 AM (EST) the band’s bus was struck by a drunk driver while en route to Extreme Thing. At the time he expressed doubts the band would be able to perform at the event.


BREAKING: Chad Gilbert Shocked On Stage By Microphone; Collapses

Purevolume is reporting that Chad Gilbert, lead guitarist of New Found Glory was electrically shocked onstage at a performance in Anaheim, California this evening.

Word comes from a photographer in attendance who explains that a faulty microphone at Chain Reaction sent Gilbert to the floor and, subsequently, backstage.

New Found Glory was playing the venue this evening in the first of two audio captured performances that would comprise a live album.

After collapsing, Gilbert was taken backstage while the rest of the band performed without him. The audience was informed that the musician was ok, but would not be …


Baroness’ Bus Driver To Be Charged With Reckless Driving

The BBC is reporting that Norman Markus, the driver behind the wheel during Baroness’ terrifying bus crash  in the UK last August will be brought up on multiple charges stemming from the accident.

The multitude of charges that Markus faces range from operational issues with the vehicle that he was transporting the band in to safety protocols that Markus failed to adhere to.

Investigators allege that Markus drove a vehicle with defective brakes that also exceeded a 7.5 ton weight limit. Markus also failed to meet daily and weekly rest requirements for a bus driver. Damningly, Markus is also being …


Maker In Terrible Car Accident

Absolutepunk have just posted news regarding rock band Maker being in a terrible accident in their Suburban. Read the short note below and be sure to donate any money you can to help support the group and these costly hospital bills. UTG is glad everyone in the band survived this horrendous accident.

“Maker were in a terrible accident today while traveling to Texas on tour. Their Suburban flipped, ejecting a few people, one of which is in critical condition. The band have setup a donations paypal, which you can donate to at this email – Please keep the band

The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain Forced Off Of Co-Headlining Tour; Van Accident

The Acacia Strain have recently stated that they were forced to leave their co-headlining tour, with Veil Of Maya, due to a serious van accident. We are glad to hear no one was seriously injured in the wreck. Read the message from TAS below and comment after the jump.

“It comes with heavy hearts and sadness to announce that The Acacia Strain will be leaving their Co-Headlining tour with Veil Of Maya due to a serious van accident. Members of the band and crew are being treated for minor injuries, nothing serious.

Frontman, Vincent Bennet commented, “Canceling tour dates is …


David Bazan Shows Still On, Everything Fine

Earlier today, we told you of David Bazan‘s van getting crashed into by a drunk driver. We knew every ONE was alright, but we didn’t know whether every THING was. Now, Bazan manager Bob has updated the world on his status, and thankfully, all the shows will be on at their originally scheduled times.

An update on Facebook said “Hi everyone, this is Bob (David’s manager). It was a very long and complicated day, but the guys are back on the road to continue the tour. Big thanks to Brown’s Auto Construction for getting the van fixed

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