The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Sponge Of Out Water

2D Turns 3D In First Trailer For ‘The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Of Out Water’

The last several weeks have been filled with peculiar (and sometimes terrifying) imagery promoting the upcoming return of Spongebob Squarepants to theaters nationwide. We’ve known for months the film would feature the beloved cartoon characters interacting with the world beyond the ocean floor, but it wasn’t until this morning that audiences got their first real look at what 2015 has in store.

The Captain people originally believed to be hosting the Spongebob Squarepants show is actually a far more evil character than the public has ever known, at least it seems that way in the first trailer for The Spongebob

Guns N'Roses Tour -  Sydney

Axl Rose Claims Guns N’ Roses Have Completed Another Album (And Then Some)

Despite rumors surfacing last month that the aging rock frontman would be calling it quits in the near future, Axl Rose is making headlines this week with the news he and his iconic rock band may soon have new music on shelves.

According to a new interview between Rose and our friends at Revolver, Guns N’ Roses have already completed work on a follow-up to Chinese Democracy. “We recorded a lot of things before Chinese was out,” Rose said. “We’ve worked more on some of those things and we’ve written a few new things. But basically, we have …


Kraftwerk Add More North American Tour Dates

Iconic electronic group Kraftwerk announced tour dates not too long ago, and it looks like they felt they left a few places out that shouldn’t have been. Their upcoming North American tour has just been expanded to include New York City and Washington, DC.

Their tour begins with a four-show, eight-night performance in LA where they’ll play their catalog in full before taking off for their “greatest hits” tour, later wrapping up the North American portion by playing at Asheville’s Moogfest (April 24-25). Don’t forget that this tour has Kraftwerk’s renowned 3D show, a “perfectly synchronized audiovisual spectacle complete with …



Film: Frozen
Starring: Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel
Directed by: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Studio: Disney

Disney built a brand on lovable animations filled with humor and song, but over the last decade the singing aspect of their theatrical efforts has been tossed to the wayside in preference of more story-driven, computer-generated features. Tangled marked a return to form of sorts, with music becoming an increasingly important part of the filmmaking process once more, and now the return of the musical cartoon genre is back in full swing with the release of Disney’s latest feature, Frozen.

avion roe 2012

Avion Roe Tease “The Escape” Video

Avion Roe have been building a following over the last few years, but for one reason or another they have yet to break through on a national level. We believe their time is still to come, and they are taking one step closer to their destiny this week by teasing the world’s first 3D music video from an unsigned band.

“The Escape” has all the makings of a classic Avion Roe song wrapped in a sound that is unquestionably more mature than their debut. It’s emo-tinged rock with just enough melancholy to pull at the part of your heart that …


Metallica Release Full ‘Through The Never’ 3D Movie Trailer

After a weekend that saw them performing a surprise set at Comic-Con International, Metallica have uploaded the full trailer to their forthcoming feature film, Through The Never.

It seems like we have been discussing the release of Through The Never for nearly a year, but it wasn’t until the full trailer arrived online this morning that the full plot of the feature was revealed. The teaser released earlier this year showed what some believed to be a storyline running alongside the concert video, and we can now confirm that is in fact the case. As you’ll see in the …


‘The Wizard of Oz’ Gets the IMAX 3D Treatment

Warner Bros. announced today that they will be re-releasing cinema classic The Wizard of Oz into select IMAX theaters on September 20. The re-release is slated to have a one-week stint where you can see the film on not only the giant silver screen, but also in 3D.

President of IMAX Greg Foster talked to USA Today about the re-release, saying, “The sound was exceptional, the sharpness was exceptional…But it’s the color that stands out. What they could do is truly amazing, maybe what people felt when they first saw it.”

Live in DC, grew up in PA.


Ben Stiller Will Spend A Third ‘Night At The Museum’ In December 2014

People have been discussing the possibility of a third Night At The Museum film since the 2009 release of Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and as of today it is officially a reality.

Twentieth Century Fox’s Night at the Museum 3 has been scheduled to hit theaters on December 25, 2014. Shawn Levy will return to the franchise as director with Ben Stiller reprising his role as museum security guard Larry Daley.

No word yet whether or not Thomas Lennon and Robert Garant will write, or if that “3” will become “3D,” but we are reaching …

Axl Rose GnR Guns n Roses

WATCH: Guns N’ Roses – “Paradise City” From Upcoming 3D DVD ‘Appetite For Democracy’

There is so much heartbreak in writing this article. As someone who didn’t get into anything beyond radio music until his late teens (and I mean late), there is still a spot in my heart for Guns N’ Roses. Part of me wants (or wanted) to see them live, reunion lineup or no, just so I could have seen these songs sung live by a no-longer-fat Axl Rose.

Now, modern Guns N’ Roses have a live DVD coming up, filmed in 3D because apparently nothing says “music” like guitars coming towards you slightly while wearing glasses. They released …


HOW BAD IS IT?: Texas Chainsaw (3D)

Movies are the number one source of entertainment according to a statistic I just made up. Everyone loves going to the movies. It’s a standard date night, and has helped millions of teens awkwardly hold hands in the dark. Movies are a great escape from reality, and help people relieve the stress of their lives. Unfortunately every once in a while a movie gets released that ruins the experience…

I love horror movies. There, I said it. You tell me there will be a maniac murdering people in a movie and I will buy a ticket. That wont ever change. …

The Hobbit

Stream the First Track from ‘The Hobbit’ Score, List of Theaters Showing 48FPS Released

It’s a great day in the Shire today! We are so excited to share with you a track off of the score from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, created by legendary composer Howard Shore. The song titled  “Radagast the Brown” is beautiful, but let’s be honest, we knew it was going to be great before we clicked play on the stream.

Today 48FPS Movies announced the locations of where The Hobbit will be screened in 48 frames per second. Don’t know what this means? We broke it down here earlier this year here. Now this format is new technological advancement …


FOR THE LOVE OF FILM: Silent Hill: Revelation

For The Love Of Film is UTG’s newest creation from film nerd and lover of all movies Justin Proper. Sometimes you need some guidance to figure out how to enjoy movies, and we are here to help! No longer will you need to fear movie night because your friends have no taste in film. With this column you will be able to love even the worst gems to ever grace the silver screen.

I enjoyed the first Silent Hill movie. This is not a popular opinion to have, as most people did not enjoy it. Fans of the game …

Under The Gun Review