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BUFF 2014 Review: ‘The Congress’

Film: The Congress (Le congrès)
Directed by: Ari Folman
Starring: Robin Wright

A film that is a live action-animation hybrid that plays dual roles as a middle finger to the studio system and an exploration in who we perceive ourselves to be? Am I dreaming? Is this movie real? It is real and it’s a perfect representation of how performances are becoming more of a product for studios to market instead of a piece of artistic quantity.…

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BUFF 2014 Review: ‘American Jesus’

Film: American Jesus
Directed by: Aram Garriga
Genre: Documentary

America was founded on the phrase ‘In God We Trust,’ but how one defines that God and their relationship to him/her/it was left open to interpretation. Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of who we are as a nation, and over the centuries since our founding the Christian faith has been divided into hundreds, if not thousands of sects and variations. Many filmmakers have taken the time to highlight some of the more peculiar aspects of our nation’s relationship with religion, but few – if any – have taken the time …

feed her to the sharks 2013 feature

Victory Records Welcomes Feed Her To The Sharks And UTG Feels Conflicted

Australian metalcore outfit Feed Her To The Sharks are the latest band to join the Victory Records roster. The group has released two full-length albums to date by themselves, and will likely have a new recording out by the end of 2014. You can view a video announcement featuring music from the band’s latest album below.

We have been covering Feed Her To The Sharks for the last several years and could not be more thrilled to learn a label has finally decided to give them the financial support needed to take their career to the next level. Our only …


Watch Earl Sweatshirt Debut a New Song in New York

Odd Future’s youngest member, Earl Sweatshirt, is currently on his “wearld tour” in support of his debut LP, Doris, out last year. On Thursday in New York City, the rapper performed a new track, showing he’s already looking ahead to work on a new record. Even though Doris is stacked with some impressive work, especially considering Earl only just turned 19, this new song packs quite a punch.

Watch the fan-filmed footage below, or try to catch him on one of his upcoming tour dates to hear it live.…


Godspeed You! Black Emperor Finally Address Why They Didn’t Want The Polaris Award

Last September, dark, political, post-rock group Godspeed You! Black Emperor won Canada’s prestigious Polaris Music Prize for 2012′s surprise album Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! To some people’s surprise, they weren’t in attendance to accept the award and then went on to issue a statement thanking the music-press for the prize but speaking out against corporate domination and the idolization of music awards. Feathers were ruffled — obviously.  Now, in a Kreative Kontrol podcast interview, Godspeed member Efrim Menuck spoke about the event and why things happened the way they did.

Menuck explains how the band didn’t expect to win and …


Tarantino’s Next Film Is A Western, Possibly Titled ‘The Hateful Eight’

Anytime Quentin Tarantino begins to make progress on a new project, the floodgates holding rumors and gossip at bay open wide. People love this man’s movies, our staff included, and due to the amount of time that tends to pass between project’s it’s easy to understand why his fans’ thirst for new ideas is so rabid. We try to keep the rumors away until they come from a reliable source, and it’s because of Deadline that the following story made its way to UTG’s front page.

According to sources, Quentin Tarantino has begun sharing a script for his next project …

Queens Of The Stone Age 2013

Queens of the Stone Age Ready to Work on a New Album

Queens of the Stone Age have seen nothing but the press they deserve since the release of their sixth studio album, …Like Clockwork. Now the band have spoken with Rolling Stone about working on a new album that is, apparently, in the very near future.

Frontman Josh Homme expressed that the band wants to keep that drive running in 2014. When asked if the band is ready to make another album soon, he replied: “Absolutely. We have more than enough songs. We’re booked til September, but after that we plan to jump in the studio and get going.” He’s not …


Hear Vampire Weekend’s “Step” Remix Featuring Danny Brown, Heems, Despot

Almost in an effort to have the last say of 2013, Vampire Weekend took to Twitter last night to share a “wintertime remix” of “Step” with verses from Danny Brown, Despot, and Heems. Download it below.

The four piece band had quite a year, topping nearly every “Best of” list from 2013 with this year’s great Modern Vampires of the City. They roped in a ton of celebrities for their “Diane Young” music video, sang a hilarious cover of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” and saw their own material covered quite a few times in return. When sharing the remix …


UTG TV: Janelle Monáe Talks ‘The Electric Lady’ And New Year’s Eve Performance

Ladies and gentlemen, here she is. Billboard’s Rising Star of 2013.

In 2010, Janelle Monáe reinvented pop music with her debut release The ArchAndroid. This year she returned to the forefront with The Electric Lady– a multi-suite album centered around empowering female protagonists–that wound up topping numerous radio charts and end-of-year lists. It wasn’t long before she won Billboard’s Rising Star of 2013, an award previously given to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Before ringing in the new year by performing as the headliner at the 25th Annual Peach Drop in Atlanta for the “Year of the Peanut” with …

Brenton Harris with Andy Williams of ETID

Brenton Harris’ ‘Best Of 2013′ In Music

Family aside, music has and always will be my first love and closest friend in this world. It is my voice in the times that I cannot speak and my favourite choice of topic for the times I can. It can take me from the depths of despair to the highest peak of elation and back again within the space of one song and it is the one spiritual power in which I will always maintain my belief.

The influence is so deep that the records I love become the hallmarks by which I remember my life, and as such …


These 90 Films Won’t Be On Netflix After Tonight

Everyone knows by now that Netflix is one of the best choices around for streaming content to your favorite device. It is loaded with a plethora of great movies and television shows to watch any time you want and for some has even replaced the need for cable TV.

Like all good things, however, even Netflix has to end sometime. No, not the service itself, but there are nearly one hundred titles disappearing from the king of streaming tonight (December 31, 2013) at midnight so pick a couple of your favorites and make sure you see them today. You can …


See the 20 Most Pirated Musicians of 2013

This year was big for music, and, as always, a big loss in terms of sales. According to to new statistics released from music analytics firm Musicmetric, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Drake were a few of the musicians to see their music illegally downloaded the most in 2013. Bruno Mars and Rihanna came in first and second, respectively, with Mars’ singles peaking at 5,783,556 downloads and Rihanna’s at 5,414,166 downloads.

If you’re having trouble remembering what exactly Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and half of the other artists on this list put out this year, know you aren’t out