Stick To Your Guns Feature

Stick To Your Guns Debut “Nobody” Music Video

California hardcore/metalcore outfit Stick To Your Guns have teamed up with our friends over at Alternative Press to premiere a brand new single and music video. Entitled “Nobody,” the cut is the first taste of Jesse Barnett and company’s forthcoming LP, Disobedient, which is slated for release on February 10, 2015, via Sumerian Records.

Follow the jump to check out “Nobody” and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the track in the comments section below. Read more »


The Simpsons’ Halloween Tribute To Stanley Kubrick Is Perfect

A number of people on our staff may be closer to 30 than 20 these days, but that has not prevented us from maintaining a strong dedication to The Simpsons. Their adventures have kept us entertained our entire lives in a very literal sense, and this week they won us over once again by paying tribute to the great Stanley Kubrick.

The Simpsons aired the 25th installment of their Treehouse of Horror series last Sunday, and per usual the episode featured a collection of short stories that parodied the world of killers, chillers, and thrillers. The middle segment, which found Moe, Homer, Lenny, and Carl appearing as characters from A Clockwork Orange, paid tribute to the entire career of Stanley Kubrick with a variety of gags that has kept us laughing well into the work week. The segment has since found its way online and can now be viewed below: Read more »

Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt Announces New Album ‘On Your Own Love Again’

If you love folk, specifically the gentle sound of classical guitar playing, you likely spent much of 2012 and the following years giving Jessica Pratt‘s self-titled debut a whole lot of play time. Now the California-based singer-songwriter is returning in 2015 with a follow-up, at long last. The album, titled On Your Own Love Again, drops January 27 via Drag City. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Her austere playing and dark, whimsicle wanderings will sound similar to “Night Faces” and “Dreams” off her last release, likely because they were recorded at home over the past two years. According to the press release, Pratt created the album out of a sense of urgency to render songs she was hearing inside of herself, honing them down to their tiniest details. Check out the tracklist below: Read more »

Tesla Rossa Wishes

UTG PREMIERE: Tesla Rossa – “Wishes”

Nashville’s indie rock trio Tesla Rossa is a brilliant and bombastic example of everything that’s right about rock and roll music. The new self-titled record contains songs with utter sex appeal, songs with drive, songs with blistering distortion, and songs with the softest and most humble melodies. It’s an effort worthy of modern rock ‘n’ roll’s best — swaying and sensitive enough for this decade’s version of Arctic Monkeys and loud enough to be a product of Jack White.

Today, Under The Gun is premiering the band’s new song off the record, “Wishes.” A lo-fi and entrancing number, “Wishes” embodies everything the new record is about. Singer and guitarist Jason Denton said this about the new song:

“This song was actually the original demo I recorded in our basement. I had just gotten an octave pedal and was screwing around with playing my electric like a bass to some loops I’d been making on the computer. I liked the uniqueness of the track compared to everything we were writing at the time—it made the cut.”

Click the “Read More” button to check out an exclusive stream of the new song and an interview with Denton. Be on the lookout for the band’s new self-titled record, due out November 11. Read more »


UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: The Weekend Classic – “Dread The Weather”

Several weeks ago we brought you an extensive introduction to fast-rising Indiana pop-rock outfit The Weekend Classic, and today it’s our great honor to assist the band in sharing their first music video with the world.

I have spent a lot of time over the last month listening to The Weekend Classic, which is kind of amazing when you consider the fact they have only released two songs to date. The debut single took us by surprise, and it has continued to win over new fans every single day since its initial release. I think that trend will only continue when the world sees the visuals for “Dread The Weather,” and to be honest I don’t see it dying off any time soon.

The video you are about to see is pretty straightforward. Directed/produced by Vince Lundi, the clip features a multi-angle performance sequence juxtaposed against images of the band driving around their hometown, with the majority of the band having a good time in the bed of an aging pickup truck. It’s nothing too complex, but it is beautifully shot and edited to the point of near perfection. Check it out: Read more »


Dissecting “How About Now” And The World’s Ongoing Obsession With Drake

On Sunday night, something incredibly unexpected happened for the second time in two months: A track rumored to be off Drake’s upcoming album Views From The 6 found its way online through a source other than the rapper and his management team.

The song, titled “How About Now,” was first uploaded to the internet by a 17-year-old fan from Georgia, and as far as I’ve found, no explanation for how he came to be in possession of the unreleased material has surfaced, aside from a comment that it was an “exclusive leak.” It doesn’t really matter at this point however, because once it hit the net it was available for anyone who felt like grabbing a free mp3. Drake’s team leaped into action, but the damage was done. Read more »


Sullivan Launch Pre-orders For ‘Heavy Is The Head’

Back in August Sullivan not only announced that they were getting back together, but that they would also be releasing a brand new album, titled Heavy Is The Head. We hadn’t heard much more about the album at the time, but now the band has revealed the cover art and tracklist for the album. You can check those out below the break.

The band has also launched some pre-order options for the release. Heavy Is The Head‘s first pressing is limited to 500 copies, with 5 different variations available. You can snag yourself a copy by heading right here. Read more »


Ty Dolla $ign & Belly Remix The Weeknd’s “King Of The Fall”

Canadian crooner The Weeknd has become one of the most sought after voices in modern R&B and hip-hop circles, so it’s always exciting to see any release with his name attached. Remixes featuring other artists are a bit of a catch-22 when it comes to his tracks, though, as it’s no easy task to hop on one of his songs and offer something that genuinely improves the original work. In the case of Ty Dolla $ign and Belly’s new found effort, their added verses don’t exactly detract from “King Of The Fall,” but it’s indeed hard to decide if they end up crafting a remix truly worth multiple listens.

Click here to check out the rappers’ “King Of The Fall” remix and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the track in the comments section below.


Such Gold Stream “No Cab Fare” Off ‘The New Sidewalk’

Melodic pop-punkers Such Gold have been promoting the forthcoming release of their new album, The New Sidewalk, by sharing the tracks “Faced” and “Nauseating.” Today, the band have released yet another song that is most assuredly among their most complex material to date.

“No Cab Fare” is filled with odd guitar parts throughout the song as well as echoed measures that truly show how the band’s sound has matured since the release of their debut LP, Misadventures. You can stream the song after the jump. The premiere includes a behind-the-scenes of the band’s time in the studio. You can pre-order the album here. Read more »


BACK FROM THE DEAD: Fear Before The March Of Flames Come To Life, Post Studio Video

The post hardcore champions of the mid ’00s are (finally) back and appear to be making new music. Fear Before The March of Flames (otherwise known as Fear Before) dropped a 10-second video of what looks and sounds to be frontman David Michael Marion in the studio recording a set of vocals. The post is captioned, “New songs…No hoax.”

We have no idea what the band has in store, but its potential resurrection is some of the best news to come out of the scene since we were told of The Blood Brothers reunion earlier this year. The band has been on hiatus since 2010 and no original music has been released since 2008′s self-titled effort. The band’s drummer, Clayton “Goose” Holyoak, currently plays in metal act Norma Jean.

Is this video a sign we are to see or hear more from the otherwise stalemate Fear Before? Under The Gun will have more information as it’s released. Click the “Read More” button to check out the teaser video now and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Read more »


Damon Albarn Hints At New Gorillaz Album in 2016

Damon Albarn has been busy this year promoting his debut solo album, Everyday Robots, which was met with high praise upon release. This means he is keeping the status of famed UK rock outfit Blur under wraps, where he serves as frontman for the band. Most recently though, he came out of the clouds with another project that could once again see the light of day: The virtual cartoon band we know as Gorillaz.

According to Albarn in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, he has stated that he is in the “process of reactivating” the virtual four-piece. If this is to be true, this would be the first full-length record that Albarn and co-creator Jamie Hewlett have collaborated on since their last album, The Fall, which came out in 2011. Rumors had it that there was a creative difference between the two for years but that as early as last year, Hewlett had told Consequence of Sound this quote regarding the band: Read more »


In The Whale Update “Ride” To Support The Denver Broncos

We said this a lot in our review of Riot Fest Denver, but In The Whale are quickly becoming our favorite unsigned band in the entire world. Their unique take on rock and roll is incredibly exhilarating, and their live show cannot be topped.

Today, the Colorado natives surprised fans by sharing an updated version of their fan favorite track “Ride” that is meant to show support for the Denver Broncos. The song is now called “(Mile High) Ride,” and it contains lyrics like “Number 18 with the forward pass, you other teams better watch your ass.” You can stream the track below: Read more »