Tonight Is Not The Final Fireworks Show

Tonight, after nearly a decade spent touring the world, Michigan pop rock outfit Fireworks are performing what will be their last show for the foreseeable future. This is not the same thing as their final show, and we felt it was important to remind you of the difference.

2015 has been a big year for the alternative scene. Between controversies, big singles, and bands falling apart it can be very hard to keep every band’s current plans straight in your head. When Fireworks announced this current tour would be their last before taking a well-deserved break, the defenders of pop punk began to protest. Though the mitten state band has never been the scene’s biggest group, the dedication their fans have shown their music is second to none in the entire industry. Read more »


Niall Horan Offers Directioners Hope Amid Hiatus Rumors

One Direction have yet to release an official response to rumors the group will go on hiatus in early 2016, but a recent tweet from member Niall Horan has offered fans a glimmer of hope for the future.

Monday night, just a day after E! first broke rumors of One Direction’s hiatus plans, Niall Horan turned to Twitter in an attempt to calm fans’ nerves. Writing to Directioners around the world in a series of tweets, Niall commented:

Ok so Lots of rumours going round. We are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well earned break at some point next year. Don’t worry though, we still have lots we want to achieve! Can’t wait for you to hear all the new music we have for you and to perform. Read more »

Defeater 2015

Defeater Stream New LP, ‘Abandoned’

After months of anticipation, Defeater have officially began streaming their fourth full-length album, Abandoned. Listen in by following the jump below, and share your thoughts with us in the replies.

The Boston five-piece will spend the next few months on tour before heading across the pond for an extensive European run. To see if they’ll be hitting up a venue in your area, head here.

Abandoned hits shelves this Friday, August 28, through Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are ongoing. Read more »


Other People Records Signs exwhy, Band Announces Debut LP

Other People Records just became the lucky label to sign the fast-rising Atlanta natives known as exwhy. The band’s debut record, The Feels, is due later this year. The album was recorded by Kenny Muto at Tomuto Sounds and mixed by Beau Burchell of Saosin fame.

You may not have heard of exwhy before now, and if that is the case you shouldn’t worry. The band is practically brand new, having only released a single so far in 2015, but anyone on the label side of the business has been fielding pitches from the group and people who support them since their first demo surfaced in late 2014. I’ve personally known of the group since January, and I figured it would only be a matter of time before someone scooped them up. You can stream their single, “Good Love,” at the end of this post.

exwhy’s debut album, The Feels is a 10-track introduction to what the band has to offer, which is something the label’s co-owner Tom Williams found particularly interesting. Read more »


Parkway Drive Debut Evolved Sound On “Crushed”

Parkway Drive have shared the second single off their upcoming fifth studio album.

Arriving complete with music video accompaniment, just like the band’s last single, “Crushed” premiered online Monday afternoon following a Sunday night premiere on the Triple J radio show. The song showcases an evolved sound for the band, which finds the aggression of their earlier work met with an ever-so-slight alternative edge. It’s not quite mainstream metal, but it does have broad(er) appeal.

The video for “Crushed” finds the members of Parkway Drive falling prey to the torture of the gods. Trapped in a cage that helps to reenforce the metaphors of the song, the band members do their best to perform while omnipresent deities toy with them for no good reason. You can view the elaborate visuals below. Read more »

Underoath 2015

Underoath Announce 2016 North American ‘Rebirth’ Tour

Just hours after being announced as the Day 2 headliner for South By So What?! 2016, Underoath have confirmed every fan’s hopes and revealed plans for a full-scale North American tour.

Kicking Off March 16 in St. Petersburg, Florida, the ‘Rebirth’ tour will find Underoath performing both They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in full. Support for the tour has yet to be revealed, but we expect some equally heavy-hitting bands to be announced in the weeks ahead. You can find the full tour routing at the end of this post.

“I think the thought of Underoath playing again seemed really exciting,” explains Tim McTague of the band’s reunion. “We never thought we’d ever even want to play together again, much less be as excited to do so. It was a really cool feeling, and when discussing what this tour could be, it just felt right to play the two albums that our fans have held dearly for so many years. I think it’s going to be really special.” Read more »

Movie Club

Love Film? Join The UTG Movie Club And Make A Difference!

As many of you know, UTG recently launched a Patreon page to help fund the future of our site. We are very appreciative of the contributions that have been submitted so far, but there is still a need for additional funds that we hope, in time, you will help us alleviate.

One of the cool aspects of Patreon is that it allows us to turn various donation rewards into makeshift clubs for the more dedicated UTG readers. If you look now, there are four clubs that can be joined, including the Stonecutters Club, the Kitty Kat Club, and our personal favorite, the UTG Movie Club. This post is about the latter, which we feel will prove to be one of the best community building projects we have ever undertaken. Read more »

Underoath 2015

Underoath To Play South By So What?! 2016

The alternative music scene has been buzzing as of late with discussion over when and where Underoath will appear during their 2016 return to glory. Last week’s Self Help Festival announcement was trending for days, and now we’ve learned of another March festival where fans can see the recently reunited band perform.

Underoath will headline Day 2 of the South By So What?! music festival, slated to take place on March 19 and 20 at QuickTrip Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Also confirmed for the event thus far are The Devil Wears Prada and Beartooth. You can view an early poster for the event at the end of this post.

Given that this makes two festival announcements in two weeks, both scheduled for March, it seems likely that Underoath are preparing to announce a full-scale reunion tour. Whether that run will be comprised entirely of large festival appearances remains unclear, but it would be more than a little strange if the two shows announced as of late were the only ones the group had planned. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »


Vin Diesel Confirms Starring Role In Third ‘xXx’ Film

Thirteen years after he first took on the role of Xander Cage in 2002’s xXx, Vin Diesel has revealed plans to return to the once thriving action franchise that helped make him a household name.

Anyone who follows Vin Diesel online knows the Fast And Furious star loves his fans. So much so, in fact, that Vin has often revealed major details regarding his future film projects on social networks before sharing any details with the press. This seems to be the case once more, as Diesel took to Instagram over the weekend to share some big news regarding one of his most iconic roles. Writing to fans alongside an old picture of himself, Diesel wrote:

While I was filming XXX, guys on set called me Air Diesel… The time to return has come. Filming starts December in the Philippines. #ILiveForThisShit

No official street date announcement has been made regarding the third xXx film, which is subtitled The Return Of Xander Cage, but if Vin says it’s happening we see no reason to believe he’s lying. Read more »


UTG PREMIERE: All Walls – “New Vibration” (Music Video)

Many of our younger readers will be returning to school this week, which pretty much means that summer is officially coming to an end. That sucks, and there is no way getting around that fact, but as long as we have catchy music to enjoy the feeling of joy that summer brings can last well into the winter months.

Enter All Walls. Hailing from Los Angeles, this fast-rising indie-pop group is currently creating some of the catchiest music available on the planet. They are partnering with us today to share the world premiere of their video for “New Vibration,” which plays like the love theme for an as-of-yet unreleased Wes Anderson film. You can view the video at the end of this post.

When asked to comment on the video for “New Vibration,” All Walls member Keith Waggoner offered the following: Read more »


‘Kill Your Friends’ Trailer Teases 90s Music Industry Chaos

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

The above quote from Hunter S. Thompson is one I’ve seen shared more than a thousand times in my life, typically from music professionals who have reached their wit’s end with whatever project they have currently been tasked with making a success. It’s a funny line, but it’s not necessarily untrue. There are problematic areas of the music industry, as well as areas where far more partying happens than actual work, but there is far less of that today than was present in the industry twenty or thirty years ago.

Kill Your Friends, which is based on the John Niven novel with the same name, captures the dark underbelly of the music industry during the height of the 90s Brit-pop era. Read more »

joykill collectie

Stream JoyKill Collective’s “Battle Cry” & Upcoming Single, “Liberty Taker”

UK alternative band JoyKill Collective released the video for “Battle Cry” last month, but the single was just officially released late last week. The track, like most of the band’s music, is spawned from their “dissatisfaction with the prevalent right wing politics and media.”

In regards to “Battle Cry” itself, on its designated BandCamp page, the collective’s founder, Leif, explained, “I couldn’t be in the UK during and after the election so I’m protesting from afar using the only way I know how.”

Full of soaring guitars, dark, distorted vocals and plenty of conviction, you can view the video for “Battle Cry” below. Read more »

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