little may

Little May Are Sure To Make Pet Lovers Cry With Their Video For “Dust”

We haven’t featured Little May in quite some time; since their gorgeous video for “Hide” hit last year, to be exact. That’s entirely on us, but the Sydney-based trio have a brand new video out now for another beautiful track, entitled “Dust,” which will be featured on their forthcoming self-titled EP, due out October 14 through Capitol Records.

The video, which premiered over at The Fader, is a tearjerker — primarily for pet/animal lovers, but really for anyone that has a heart. The loss of a pet is never easy, and that’s something that’s beautifully portrayed in a sad, but uplifting visual accompaniment from Little May. The band told The Fader, “We were intrigued by the concept of how we, as viewers, are often more affected by the loss of an animal than of a human on screen. We wanted to explore the power in this.”

You can view the video below, and be sure to keep Little May on your radar. You can pre-order what’s certain to be one of the best EPs of the year through iTunes. Read more »

Queen Forever

New Queen Anthology To Feature Unreleased Freddie Mercury And Michael Jackson Duet

The announcement of Queen‘s latest anthology release, titled Queen Forever, comes with the intriguing surprise of new, previously unreleased music from the band featuring original frontman Freddie Mercury.

Amongst these new tracks is a song featuring Michael Jackson — yes, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson performing a duet on a Queen track. The collaboration is titled “There Must Be More to Life Than This.” The anthology, which is set to be released November 11, also features other unheard Queen numbers, including “Let Me in Your Heart Again,” an unfinished track featuring Mercury from the band’s sessions for 1984′s The Works.

According to Consequence of Sound, the release will come in two formats: a 20-track single-CD set or a 36-track, double-disk set. Follow the jump to see the full track listing as well as a press statement regarding the Mercury-Jackson track. Read more »


UTG PREMIERE: Nemes – “Black Streak”

With a little more than a month to go before their long awaited full-length debut arrives in stores, New England folk rock outfit Nemes have joined forces with UTG to share a brand new song.

It’s hard to know the right way to describe the sound of Nemes to someone who has never encountered their unique take on music. The best explanation I have been able to put together is asking people to imagine what would happen if My Morning Jacket had a baby with Mumford And Sons while listening to acoustic-driven emo music from the early millennium. I know that is kind of a mouthful, but after experiencing “Black Streak” I think you will understand why Nemes’ sound leaves me at a loss. You can enjoy the track below: Read more »

jlo big booty

WATCH: New JLo Video For “Booty” Proves She Is Still A Goddess

According to Wikipedia, Jennifer Lopez is 45 years old. But that can’t be right — she hasn’t aged a day. JLo’s new video for the single “Booty,” is as sexual and sensational as the JLo we fell in love with decades ago. It’s apparent, by the 2.3 million views in less than 24 hours, that this pop Goddess has found the elixir of life and she just hasn’t told us yet.

All jokes of how amazing JLo looks aside, the duet single with Iggy Azalea is infectious as pop music can be. The hook of “big, big booty…butchu got a big booty” will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Click the “Read More” link and watch for yourself. Be prepared to feel bad about all those calories you’ve been eating or drinking, because it’s obvious JLo hasn’t eaten an ounce of fat in 20 years. Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Tusk’ Will Stay With You Long After The Credits Roll

Film: Tusk
Starring: Justin Long, Michael Parks
Directed by: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has gone full walrus with his latest feature, and the world of horror may never be the same.

Wallace (Justin Long) is a grown man-child who makes his living hosting a podcast with his best friend called the ‘Not-See Party.’ Their show’s premise is never explained, but suffice to say they spend a lot of time watching and commenting on ridiculous videos they find online. One clip, which features a young man accidentally harming himself in an incredibly embarrassing way, inspires Wallace to travel from his home in Los Angeles to rural Canada in order to interview the boy who inspired 30 million YouTube views. Things don’t go as planned, and Wallace soon finds himself with nothing to do and several days to kill in a place with nothing interesting to offer. That is, except for a mysterious message posted to a classified board offering stories from a world traveler in exchange for chores. It’s something too perfect for Wallace to pass up, but it also happens to be the ad that will lead him to a place that might as well be hell on Earth. Read more »

rural alberta

The Rural Alberta Advantage Stream “Runners In The Night”

The Rural Alberta Advantage, a wildly underrated act, have an album of the year contender on their hands with Mended With Gold, their newest full-length which comes out on September 30.

Following two fantastic singles in “Terrified” and “On The Rocks,” the band are currently streaming a third, entitled “Runners in the Night,” over at Stereogum. The newest taste of Mended With Gold is probably the most straightforward we’ve been offered yet but it should have easy crossover appeal for fans of modern day indie-folk and earlier genre pioneers such as Bob Dylan himself.

You can stream the new track below where you can also find the band’s extensive tour dates for the rest of the year. You can pre-order Mended With Gold through Saddle Creek now. Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Maze Runner’ Is Surprisingly Good

Film: The Maze Runner
Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario
Directed by: Wes Ball

Inability to end without setting up a sequel aside, The Maze Runner is the best YA adaptation to hit the screen in years.

I have never read The Maze Runner, but I am a firm believer that a film is truly good then I should not need to be familiar with its source material in order to appreciate the adventure it has to share. The Maze Runner begins with a boy being lifted on an elevator from deep underground to the Earth’s surface. He’s cold, wet, afraid, and hasn’t the slightest idea who he is or how he came to be where he is at that very moment. He reaches his destination to find a dozen or more other boys, all around the same age, living in a community they have built and maintained entirely on their own. The area in the immediate vicinity is green and filled with trees, but not far beyond that are walls–giant walls, truth be told, and they hold within them a deadly maze that is believed to be the key to the captured boys’ freedom. Read more »


UTG INTERVIEW: Director Ned Benson Discusses ‘The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby’

To cast both Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy in your first feature film you’ve got to be a pretty special director, and after seeing The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Them, I can vouch for the fact that Ned Benson has some pretty special traits to him as a filmmaker.

His first feature film, The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby, is split into three parts – HimHer, and Them – each exploring different viewpoints and perspectives as to why the relationship between Conor Ludlow (McAvoy) and Eleanor Rigby (Chastain) failed. It portrays their relationship in both a raw and a sensitive manner, making for a certain type of realism that we often don’t see in romantic dramas.

As you can imagine, the Them cut examines Conor and Eleanor’s relationship from a level, in-between ground as compared to the other two, and actually never even existed until both the Him and Her cut premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. We sat down with Benson to discuss the differences between each of the versions, the significance of the name Eleanor Rigby, and a little bit about a great actress named Jessica Chastain and a great director she once acted under in Terrance Malick.  Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ Owes Everything To Its Cast

Film: This Is Where I Leave You
Starring: Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda
Directed By: Shawn Levy

Featuring a cast of familiar faces and a variety of issues that almost everyone can relate to, This Is Where I Leave You serves as a reminder that there truly is no place like home.

Jonathan Tropper wrote This Is Where I Leave You as a portrait of a family going through a hard time together while each individual also deals with their own personal struggles. The adaptation channels the entire story through the perspective of one son, played by Jason Bateman, as he travels home to grieve the loss of his father the day after learning his wife of three years was cheating on him with his boss. It’s a role that Jason Bateman has essentially played every time he’s appeared on screen in the last three years, with the exception of Bad Words, and for what it’s worth, Bateman fills the role as well as ever. Read more »

Matty Mullins

STREAM: Matty Mullins – “More Of You”

We are now less than a week away from the release of Matty Mullins‘ debut solo album. So far he’s revealed a couple of singles and a handful of short song clips. That changed today though as he released a brand new track off the album, titled “More Of You.” You can give it a listen by taking a look below.

While the content of songs in general is pretty personal for most artists, it’s clear that at least a few of the tracks off this album are about love. If that’s what you guessed a song titled “More Of You” would be about, then you guessed right.

You can pre-order physical copies of the album through MerchNow, or digital downloads on iTunes. Read more »


Vulvatron Joins Gwar As New Permanent Member

Earlier this year GWAR lost their last founding member and frontman, Dave Brockie (Orderus Urungus), when he unexpectedly passed away. The future of the band has been up in the air since then, but the remaining members have promised to keep moving forward. That fact has now become obvious as the group has announced their new vocalist – Kim Dylla, aka Vulvatron. Yes, their new vocalist is a woman, and she will be the “co-frontperson” of the band. You can read a snippet of Wondering Sound‘s article regarding the announcement below the jump.

This is exciting news for the band, and is further proof that they are committed to staying together. A new vocalist will bring a whole new dynamic to their sound and performances, which should be a great reason for fans to welcome her with open arms. Read more »

The Amity Affliction

MUSIC VIDEO: The Amity Affliction – “The Weigh Down”

Let The Ocean Take Me is the fourth studio album by the post hardcore outfit The Amity Affliction. One of the slower, more melodic tracks on the album is their single “The Weigh Down.” Earlier today the band premiered the music video for that song. You can watch the video by taking a look below the break.

The band is currently on tour in the US, and will be on the road through the end of the month. You can find a full list of tour dates on their Facebook page. Read more »