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SLEEP IN Premiere “Sleep Sound,” Launch Pre-Orders For Debut LP

The New Jersey based five-piece SLEEP IN (ex-members of The Progress) are premiering “Sleep Sound” from their upcoming debut LP, Settling, on AbsolutePunk. The LP is set to be released digitally by Hide Away Records on April 29 and on 12″ vinyl May 27.

Their last single “I Do Know and I’m Not Sorry” had a debut at Noisey coupled with an interview that you can find here.

You can stream the track below or at AbsolutePunk here. Pre-orders are available over here, limited to 100 ocean blue and 200 black copies. Read more »


Let The Analog Affair Kickstart Your Weekend With “Take Me Home”

The digital age is a crazy cool time for music for a number of reasons, including the ability for musicians separated by hundreds, if not thousands of miles to collaborate on projects that the entire world can enjoy. This is one of those projects.

Evan Baker and Cody Moser are the two creative minds behind The Analog Affair, a fast-rising electronic outfit with a wide range of influences from the worlds of rock and pop. Their sound brings to mind the kind of cutesy indie meets summertime electronica fodder you would expect Pitchfork to flip over, with a subtle sentimentality that brings to mind more universally appealing singer/songwriter types. There is also an element of dance, but only in the most shoegaze of ways. Read more »


One Direction Swap Faces For “You And I” Video

One Direction‘s “You And I” has spent the past several weeks battling for the top spot at top 40 stations around the country, but it was not until earlier today that the track’s official video made its way to the public.

One might expect a song about two loves defying the odds and the rules they’re meant to live by in the name of unbridled passion would warrant an equally epic video, but for “You And I” One Direction have actually chosen a relatively straightforward approach. The members are seen walking a lengthy boardwalk, one at time, with the face of the person singing swapping in time with the vocals on the song. It’s a simple bit of computer editing that makes an otherwise boring clip relatively fun, even if only for a view or two. You can watch the video for “You And I” below: Read more »

Prince 2013

Prince Settles Differences With Label, Announces New Album

Prince has been been teasing the public for the better part of the last year with the idea he may have new music ready to share with the world. There have been a handful of single releases, as well as highly-publicized concerts and appearances on TV shows, but until this afternoon that artist behind “Little Red Corvette” confirmed he indeed has new music on the way.

Today, Prince officially settled his long-running dispute with Warner Bros. records and entered into a new contract that not only allows him to retain the rights to his masters, but also comes the guarantee of a new album featuring previously unreleased material in the near future. “A brand-new studio album is on the way,” he said in a statement. “Both Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship.”

There is no release date for Prince’s new material just yet, but we can confirm plans for a 30th anniversary digital deluxe reissue of Purple Rain later this year. That release, which also has no exact street date at this time, will contain previously unheard material from the sessions that created the original bestselling album. Read more »


5 Movies That Mishandle Future Tech As Badly As ’Transcendence’

The future is both incredibly exciting and horribly terrifying at the same time. You never know what breakthroughs will be discovered from one day to the next, nor do you know who will be in control of said innovation once it has been found, and over the last several decades Hollywood has made many promising attempts to bring the idea of future tech and all its crazy possibilities to the big screen. Some work, like Looper or The Fifth Element, but others are so facepalm worthy that the sheer idea of revisiting them makes you want to slap yourself silly. This post is dedicated to the latter.

I really wanted to love Transcendence, but sitting in a Boston press screening earlier this week I found myself slowly growing frustrated with numerous errors, flubs, and otherwise stupid things taking place on the giant screen in front of me. The idea of the singularity is one of the most talked about potential innovations of the modern age, and the possibility for its existence to do irreparable damage to our culture is very real, but somehow filmmaker Wally Pfister fails to bring any of that to life onscreen. At least, not in a way that one would deem entertaining (or in some cases, even watchable).

Should I be upset? Not really. It’s just a movie after all, and there are bound to be a handful every year that are so maddening I feel moved to scream in a crowded theater. What I feel is disappointment, and it’s certainly not the first time a film featuring future tech managed to have that impact on me. I would average 40% of all science fiction films released in the last three decades, if not more, are completely laughable. Here are 5 examples: Read more »

Jay Mohr

UTG INTERVIEW: Jay Mohr On Stand-Up, George Carlin, And His “Hotel California”

“If anyone thinks my show was ‘pretty good,’ then I’ve completely failed.”

It’s hard to edit down an interview when the person you’re talking to is an incredible interviewer himself. Not only did Jay Mohr devote time to our conversation, but he often turned the table, asking me my opinion on various issues.

Furthermore, it is impossible to define Mohr in a succinct way, given that he’s done so many different things so well. You may recognize him as a stand-up comedian or an actor. You may have seen him on Saturday Night Live or listen to his podcast Mohr Stories, which has risen to the top of the ranks.

Regardless of what medium you’ve used to experience the charisma that Jay has to offer, it is undeniable that he is wholehearted and honest in all of his approaches. On April 5, after his stand-up performance at The Space in Westbury, NY, we talked to Jay about his ever-growing approach to success in an over-saturated world of comedy and media. Check out below the jump for a UTG exclusive interview, photos from Mohr’s set, and to see his upcoming tour dates. Read more »


STREAM: Fun. – ‘Point And Light’

Record Store Day is almost upon us, and pop superstars Fun. will be participating in this year’s event with the release of Point and Light, a collection of demos recorded prior to the group’s 2009 debut album, Aim and Ignite. Physical copies will be available exclusively at independent stores tomorrow, but you can stream the five-song EP right now after the break.

Fans will no doubt be familiar with the final versions of these songs, but it’s still interesting to hear the progression that the arrangements went through before the official recording. “Light a Roman Candle With Me,” for instance, is stripped down to piano and vocals, which gives it an entirely different feeling.

In other Fun. news, vocalist Nate Ruess talked with Rolling Stone earlier this week about the state of the band’s upcoming third album, which is in the early stages of writing, and guitarist Jack Antonoff debuted his new project, Bleachers. Check out their first single and music video right here. Read more »

The Final Member

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Final Member’

Film: The Final Member
Directors: Jonah Bekhor, Zach Math

“More and more penises kept coming into the house,” Sigurour “Siggy” Hjartarson’s wife said of her husband’s growing habit. “Then it just got out of control.”

No, Siggy wasn’t turning his home into a brothel — he was merely gathering specimens for what would eventually become known as the Icelandic Phallological Museum. The Final Member is a documentary that focuses on Siggy, his museum, and his search for the one penis that has eluded him for nearly 40 years — that of a human being. Read more »


Movie Review: ‘Wolf Creek 2′

Film: Wolf Creek 2
Directed by: Greg McLean
Starring: John Jarratt

There was a not a lot left at the end of Wolf Creek to warrant the creation of a sequel, but filmmaker Greg McLean has pulled off something akin to a flawed miracle with Wolf Creek 2. It’s bigger, slicker, and far bloodier than the original, but it also expands the universe found in the first film in ways that are wacky and – for the most part – genuinely entertaining. Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.02.24 AM

Move Over Batman, “Trapman” is The Hero Pop Music Needs

If you have never heard of Astro Safari USA before this moment you’re about to have a very, very exciting Friday.

A lot of people have been fortunate enough to portray Batman over the last hundred years. Christian Bale, George Clooney, Adam West, an eccentric billionaire named Bruce Wayne, and more. Only one person has ever been so blessed that the unseen powers that control the universe saw fit to dub them Trapman, and fortunately for the rest of us that person has decided to share their gift for wordplay with the rest of the world via Astro Safari USA’s new single. It’s modern pop-funk with the rap prowess of something akin to a genius lion with the opposable thumbs necessary to hold a microphone and a hook that just won’t quit. Experience “Trapman” for yourself, below: Read more »


UTG INTERVIEW: The Tontons @ Middle of the Map Fest

When you think of Houston, TX, what do you think of? ZZ Top? Destiny’s Child? Maybe…Blue October? Some southern gospel…maybe? But chilled-out indie isn’t necessarily the vibes I get when I think about one of the largest cities in the country. But The Tontons deliver just that. The band just released their latest album, Make Out King and Other Stories of Love, and have caught some glances, not only with the album itself, but with their relaxing, yet in-your-face live show that leaves nothing in its path.

As they made their way to Kansas City for Middle of the Map Festival, Under the Gun had a chance to sit down with them to talk about the record, their huge summer plans, and the future. Read more »

authors anonymous

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Authors Anonymous’

Film: Authors Anonymous
Directed by: Ellie Kanner
Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Dennis Farina

Good or bad, Authors Anonymous would still be worth watching if for no other reason than it represents the final performance of Dennis Farina. The criminally underrated actor passed away in July, left behind more than 30 years of memorable film and television performances, and I still haven’t gotten over his egregious omission from the “In Memoriam” tribute at this year’s Academy Awards.

As much as I love complaining about the Oscars, I’m sure there will be another time for that. This is a film review, after all. But Farina’s performance in this film, adding a lovable and relatable layer to an otherwise smarmy, narcissistic and slightly delusional aspiring novelist is exemplary of his excellent body of work. Read more »