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Run The Jewels Release New Track From ‘RTJ2′ Feat. ‘Police Academy’ Actor Michael Winslow

Oh my. Killer Mike and El-P can do no wrong.

Run The Jewels have finally released their contribution to the Adult Swim Singles Program which has been running strong and steadily for 14 weeks, featuring huge hits from the likes of Mastodon, Deafheaven, Diarrhea Planet, Captain Murphy and many more. This year’s series’ second to last track is “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” which serves as our second taste of Run The Jewels’ highly anticipated sophomore LP following the massive “Blockbuster Night Part 1.”

“Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” has a production almost akin to a more mainstream Death Grips — The Money Store era I’d say. Between that and the flawless flows of Killer Mike and El-P, our anxiousness to get a hold of RTJ2 has risen yet again. To top off all the awesome here, RTJ recruited iconic actor / comedian / human noise sampler Michael Winslow from the Police Academy series to drop some robot voices on the track.

The Adult Swim Singles series wraps up next week with an offering from KA. Run The Jewels’ followup to 2013′s stellar self-titled debut drops on October 27 via Mass Appeal (Nas’ label). A number of ridiculous pre-order packages can be found here. These unique bonus packages include Killer Mike and El-P going to ‘show and tell’ with your child, self-producing a new episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, or taking revenge upon your enemy for you “through a series of humiliating and vicious tactics designed to bring shame upon their name and the name of their children.” Read more »

architects kansas city border wars episode 2

REVIEW: The Architects (U.S) – ‘Border Wars Episode II’

Artist: The Architects (U.S.)
Album: Border Wars Episode II
Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Border Wars Episode II from Kansas City’s The Architects is a record poised to steal your heart and make you truly fight to get it back.

As the latest installment of the five-part concept record and graphic novel combination, Episode II is the pat on the back to help you recover from the hard punch in the gut that was Border Wars Episode I. Yes, you still hear The Architects’ unapologetic brand of Midwest rock ‘n’ roll moxy, but it comes with a sweeter side this time. It’s everything you want from an Architects record and then some. Read more »


HIM Announce Limited-Edition Vinyl Boxed Set, Remastered Catalog

Break out the eyeliner and tissues because HIM have revealed plans to bring their back catalog to your personal vinyl collection before the end of 2014.

According to a press released sent out Monday morning, HIM will be releasing an exclusive limited edition boxset titled Lashes To Ashes, Lust To Dust: A Vinyl Retrospective ’96-’03 on November 25th via The End Records. The boxset includes the rare debut 1996 EP 666 Ways To Love: Prologue on 180gram heavy weight vinyl for the first time ever, along with an exclusive Heartagram logo slipmat and a USB drive with 37 bonus tracks, 80 tracks all together, all re-mastered. You can view an image of the packaging below: Read more »

Hostage Calm

UTG INTERVIEW: Hostage Calm’s ‘Die On Stage’ Is Their ‘Born In The U.S.A.’

In 2012, there were countless people frantically concerned that the world was coming to an end. To some, it didn’t matter that December’s doomsday was approaching. At least they’d have the time between October 9 and the end of the world to blast Hostage Calm‘s breakthrough record Please Remain Calm.

On September 16, we will see the formal release of Hostage Calm’s new record Die On Stage, although if you’re a fan of the band, I’m sure you’ve streamed or bought it online already.

The staff at Under The Gun Review have collectively been longtime supporters of the Connecticut band, so we decided it was entirely necessary to get a hold of vocalist/guitarist Chris “Cmar” Martin to talk about the new record.

Check below the jump for the UTG exclusive interview and the band’s upcoming tour dates. Read more »

Panda Bear

Panda Bear Streams New Mixtape

We’ve known that Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox of Animal Collective) has been working on a new album this year with hip-hop influences, but we’re still left in the air in terms of its title and release date. Today what we do get, however, is a mixtape he made which likely points in the direction of what his new record will sound like.

The mixtape showed up on his new website, While previous reports suspected his upcoming LP’s title would be Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, the mixtape’s hyperlink indicates it may be Panda Bear VS Grim Reaper. According to Stereogum, the mixtape isn’t made entirely of new material from Panda Bear; there’s Moodyman x Laidback Luke in thereas well as several other artists’ work.

Head over to his website to dive into the trippy imagery, stream it below if your lazy, or catch him on tour to hear some of these songs live. Read more »


Meatbodies (feat. Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin Member) Share New Track “Disorder”

Chad Ubovich has plenty of experience playing guitar and bass behind both psych rock gods Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin. Between tours with them, he spent his time recording his own crunchy fuzz as Chad and the Meatbodies. Now he’s shortened the name, written up 12 tracks, and teamed up with Cory Hanson of Wand and Erik Jimenez of Together Pangea to create a heavy debut, their self-titled album out October 14 via In The Red.

“Disorder” sees the Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin members doing what they do best: thrashing. Every power chord riff goes hand-in-hand with crazy antics and summer garage rock straight from the garage. As they all join together in singing a long stream of “Oohs” at the end, we get the feeling summer never really ended after all — at least if you’re from California.

Give it a listen below: Read more »

20 Eyes

UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: 20 Eyes – “Friends Like You”

Friends and viewers of Under The Gun, we are happy to present you with the official premiere of an unusual song and video to match. 20 Eyes, the three-piece alternative group from San Pedro, CA, are equally as excited to unveil “Friends Like You.”

The video features genre-fusing musical stylings cleverly paired with the funkiest dance moves I’ve ever seen from an elderly man. Although artists have successfully deployed the use of a wacky random guy in the past, this one is just too good to pass over. The band has also found a quirky way to deliver a track that has a more serious undertone than you’d imagine at first listen.

“We feel this song really demonstrates who we are as a band. The lyrical content of it is very personal to me. It’s also a subject I think a lot of people can relate to. This song if for the kids who have ever felt abandoned. We want them to know, you’re not alone, vocalist Wolf Bradley told UTG. Read more »

hostage calm

REVIEW: Hostage Calm – ‘Die on Stage’

Artist: Hostage Calm
Album: Die on Stage
Label: Run For Cover Records
Genre: Punk, Alternative

There are a lot of bands that come and go in the music scene, and rarely make a mark of any kind. Most bands like to think that they are “different” and “special,” but let’s be honest, they usually are not. A few years back when I first saw Hostage Calm, I really did not get “it.” A lot of people really liked them to an extreme degree, and I felt like I was on the outs in a way. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right place in time. However when the band released Please Remain Calm, something inside of me clicked. Hostage Calm were a band that were really trying something different, and successfully bringing a different style of punk and pop to a relatively boring, oversaturated scene. Calm’s followup, Die on Stage, while lopsided, is a solid entry in the ever-growing catalog of one of my favorite bands making music today. Read more »


‘Playing It Cool’ Trailer: Chris Evans Falls For Michelle Monaghan

There are few fates in life worse than being a professional rom-com writer, but being a rom-com writer who hates rom-coms may take the cake. That’s the role Chris Evans finds himself in throughout Playing It Cool, which just released its first trailer over the weekend.

“Rom-coms are not true” comments one character during the first trailer for Playing It Cool. That may be the case, but this story of finding love when you least expect begs to differ, as Evans and Monaghan seem to fall for one another within moments of meeting. He’s a writer loathing in his own misery and she’s engaged to be married, but neither drawback stops one from jumping the other’s bones as soon as humanly possible. Hijinks and complicated situations ensue. You can view the film’s first trailer below: Read more »


Lorde Covers Kanye West And Bon Iver Live

Lorde is currently on tour in the US. Not only is she performing her own songs on the tour, but it seems like she’s performing some other big hits. During her set at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, she performed covers of Kanye West‘s “Flashing Lights” and Bon Iver‘s “Heavenly Father.” You can watch a live recording of both songs by checking beneath the break.

If you would like to see her live, she has plenty of dates left on her tour. Be sure to take a look at her Facebook page to see if she will be stopping in your city soon. Read more »

Senses Fail

Senses Fail Announce They’ve Signed To Pure Noise Records During Set At Riot Fest

According to AbsolutePunk, fans are reporting that during their set at Riot Fest Senses Fail announced they have signed to Pure Noise Records. Though neither party have officially confirmed the statement through social media, a fan did tweet at the label & band asking if it was true and they ended up retweeting the tweet. So there’s that!

Be sure to check in again soon. If it turns out this news is indeed the real deal then there are likely some more announcements coming from the band in the near future.

Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses Stream ‘Reimagine’ In Full

Hands Like Houses will drop their Reimagine EP this coming Tuesday, September 16. The EP features five reworked songs off their sophomore studio album, Unimagine. Though the official release is still a couple of days away, the band has teamed up with Alternative Press to stream the EP in its entirety a little early. You can give it a listen by heading here.

If you have not picked up a pre-order bundle yet, you can still do so through MerchNow. Digital pre-orders are also available on iTunes.