‘White Bird In A Blizzard’ Trailer: Shailene Woodley Has A Sexual Awakening (And A Missing Mom)

White Bird In A Blizzard serves as the third film to star Shailene Woodley in the last year. It is also the third adaptation the former Secret Life Of The American Teenager star has appeared in during that same time. I’m not sure if she likes books, or if she feels the stories in them are better told on the silver screen, but either way, there is a new film on the way that is sure to give all the feels.

Kat Connors (Shailene Woodley) is 17 years old when her perfect homemaker mother, Eve (Eva Green), a beautiful, enigmatic, …

nic cage outcast 2015 i am the white ghost

‘Outcast’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Saves Children With A Sword In Ancient China

Nicolas Cage has spent the last several years trying to repay debt owed to the federal government from years of unpaid taxes. As a result, he has also spent the past several years taking on a number of questionable roles in movies that have production value akin to a college thesis project. Some films have turned out great, but most have been bad. Outcast, sadly, looks to be the latter.

It’s the age of the crusades in ancient China, and Nicolas Cage is a long-haired warrior taking a stand against the evil in the world. When a new …


‘Miss Meadows’ Trailer: Katie Holmes Has A Gun And She Is Not Afraid To Use It

One of the magical things about elementary teachers is that they seem to know just what to say and do in order to make their students feel safe, even as their understanding of the world grows by the day. It’s a rare feat that not everyone is capable of achieving, but there are those who do have the ability to shape the future of our planet. It’s a high risk situation, but the rewards are priceless.

What if you learned that same teacher that made you feel safe was also a crime fighting vigilante who was not afraid to use …

The Longest Week (2014) Trailer (Screengrab)

‘The Longest Week’ Trailer: Jason Bateman and Billy Crudup Fight Over Olivia Wilde

Holy shit, everyone. I found a movie starring Jason Bateman where he does not play a middle-aged man stuck in a thankless job with a lot of growing up left to do. It’s close, but it’s not the same!

The Longest Week tells the story of Conrad Valmont (Bateman). Just passed the age of 40, Conrad is the over-educated, under-employed heir to the Valmont Hotel fortune. He’s also never had a job or any goals in life beyond one day accepting his parents’ wealth and living off of it until he eventually dies. You know, big picture stuff.

One day, …

shaun of the dead phinead and ferb

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost to Get Animated as Their ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ Characters in ‘Phineas And Ferb’ Halloween Special

If you’re at all into cartoons and have never watched the Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb, I highly suggest you give it a shot. Alongside the ridiculously awesome and hilarious Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb is top-notch animated entertainment.

Anyway, as we typically don’t feature television news on Under The Gun, this bit involves one of our favorite films, so we figured it was worth the piece. Shaun Of The Dead will be turning 10 next month, which may or may not have anything to do with this, but Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will be reprising their …


Watch The Latest Trailer for Brad Pitt’s ‘Fury’

Recently, a new trailer has arrived for this Fall’s World War II drama, Fury, a story of an American tank team entering Germany during the final months of the war.

The film, which hits theatres on October 17, stars Brad Pitt as a tank sergeant nick-named “Wardaddy,” leading his five-man crew on a dangerous mission into enemy territory. Alongside Pitt are familiar faces including Logan Lerman, Shia LeBeouf and Jon Bernthal, who must fend off an overwhelming German opposition in their Sherman tank.

You can check out the official second peek at Fury and Brad Pitt’s trendy haircut below …


‘Women Aren’t Funny’ Trailer: Do Women Have A Place In Comedy?

Hold on, internet. Before you go reaching for pitchforks, torches, and whatever DDOS attacks you may plan against people who hate women online, please know that the headline above does not reflect our views in any way. Sometimes in order to create a great film you need to ask tough questions, and if those questions make you uncomfortable in any way then the filmmakers are probably on to something great.

Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos have released the first trailer for their new documentary, Women Aren’t Funny. The film, which is available for pre-order on iTunes, chases down the …


Bobby Cannavale, John Slattery, And More Join Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

Today was a big day for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe. Not only did production [finally] begin on the Paul Rudd led, Edgar Wright-less Ant-Man, but the studio comic fans believe can do no wrong also announced a slew of big time cast additions.

According to a press release distributed several hours after the initial announcement regarding the start of Ant-Man‘s production, Judy Greer, Bobby Cannavale, Wood Harris, Gregg Turkington, T.I., and John Slattery have also joined the cast of the upcoming Peyton Reed directed film. In addition, it confirmed earlier reports that Michael Peña and David …


‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Has Been Delayed By A Baby

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was supposed to begin production before the end of the year, but a new update from the film’s star has made it known that no footage will be filmed in 2014.

Writing to fans on what was expected to be the first day of production, or at the very least pre-production, Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich revealed to franchise fans that she recently learned she is pregnant with her second child. After discussing the new development with her husband, RE franchise mastermind Paul W.S. Anderson, the couple decided putting the final chapter of their long-running …

Ninja Turtles

‘Turtles’ Defend Top Position From ‘The Expendables’

The summer film season is now reaching its conclusion with the arrival of not only a star-packed blockbuster and a silver screen adaption of a YA-fiction novel, but yet another buddy cop comedy. Despite all of that action between the new titles, not one has surpassed last week’s top film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or even the prior week’s top dog, Guardians of the Galaxy.

That’s not to say that these three haven’t made a dent. It’s just that they were no match for TMNT‘s $28.4 million haul. Although it was the first to come to theaters starting …


Watch A New International Trailer for ‘Northmen – A Viking Saga’

Wannabe Vikings, rejoice! Northmen – A Viking Saga has a new trailer. The film, directed by Claudio Feah, stars Ryan Kwanten, Ed Skrein and Tom Hopper and features Johan Hegg, frontman of the ever-awesome melodic death metal band Amon Amarth.

The film’s website offers this description:

In the 9th century a group of Vikings, commanded by captain Asbjörn, is approaching Britain, aiming to plunder the rich monasteries in the north of the island. But their ship gets caught in a storm and is smashed to pieces on the rocks off the coast of Scotland, the only part of Britain without

life after beth movie review

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Life After Beth’ Replaces Brains With Mediocrity

Film: Life After Beth
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Aubrey Plaza
Directed by: Jeff Baena

Mixing genres can be a tumultuous task in film making today. In Life After Beth, writer/director Jeff Baena tries to raise the romantic drama genre from the grave whilst spinning a hilarious tale about zombie love. Unfortunately, all the film compiles into is an amalgam of wasted comedic talent that can’t seem to unearth the most worthwhile qualities from separate genres. Not to mention that this little zombie apocalypse setting that Baena produces is minimalistic and leaves a lot up to interpretation.…