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Don’t let age fool you — DECORATOR may be young, but the music is far from naive. DECORATOR is a full-forced wrecking ball of collaborative rock ‘n’ roll cleverly mixed with proper and contagious pop hooks. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band create a live atmosphere of energy that mirrors a heavy mixture of Foxy Shazam and Bruno Mars. With members ranging from 19 to 21, DECORATOR are perfecting a smooth and flamboyant sound years before their competition.

The band had a chance to sit down with Under The Gun during their recent trip to SXSW to talk about …

Party Dolls Love Wars Baby EP

UTG INTERVIEW: Party Dolls Talk ‘Love Wars Baby’

Party Dolls is an Atlanta-based indie rock group that just delivered its tantalizing debut release, Love Wars Baby. Full of a downright impressive singer-songwriter integrity, mixed in with a bit of traditional pop notions, Love Wars Baby is a record reflecting a craft of songwriting that has long since been forgotten in contemporary music. Tracks such as “Vampire” and “You Let Me Know,” show southern seduction, while numbers such as “Kindly Leave,” and “Love Wars Baby” are overtly catchy and melodic.

We had a chance to catch up with with Party Dolls brainchild Drew Beskin to chat about the …

night riots


Night Riots have infected listeners with its contagious blend of electronic and alternative rock. The 2013 release, Young Lore, is making waves amongst a sea of mediocre competition. Songs such as “Remedy” and “Young Lore” display a band composed of musicianship that is absent of fallacies. The record mirrors the essence of other fabulous key-driven acts such as The Killers or Keane.

Under The Gun had a chance to sit down with the band at SXSW to talk about the success the band has been having with the latest release and what we’re to expect from the band …



Long Island’s indie rock act NGHBRS became an overnight sensation with the viral success of the music video for “Hold Up Girl,” but it doesn’t take long to tell this band is much more than just another YouTube sensation. No, NGHBRS is much more than a band with one clever video and catchy tune, they are a band supporting an entire EP that seeps indie rock passion and progression. The band’s newest release, Twenty One Rooms, is gripping and compelling, a record that really shows a band that has created a formula of sensational rock n’ roll tracks.

Under …

Spillway As Astronauts Or Atoms

UTG PREMIERE: Spillway – “Atlas Carried”

Under The Gun Review and Spillway are teaming up to bring you the band’s highly-anticipated debut number, “Atlas Carried.” The track provides the listener with sensations of the strangest variety, as if Dredg decided to write a punk rock song in the back of a jazz club. This is the kind of the strange that is aurally pleasing. It is not sensationalized or glorified to fit the mold of “strange,” it simply is a fascinating listen. The song doesn’t fit one niche, it doesn’t conform, and it doesn’t play by the rules, and those are often the intangibles that make …


UTG Premiere: REACTIONS – “Some Way, Somehow”

There are few things we love more than sharing unreleased music with the world, and this afternoon we are beyond excited to premiere a new single from REACTIONS titled “Somehow, Someway.”

You should already be familiar with the work of REACTIONS, but in case you’re not allow me to give you a quick history lesson. Formed in 2011, Arizona’s REACTIONS consist of Michael Amorosia, Steve Splain, Josh Brown, and Nick Ayres. Combining their love for all things Metal, Pop, and Punk REACTIONS linked their pop/rock sound to form a more rock/post hardcore style integrating big choruses and melodies. They have …

Stages & Stereos

UTG Premiere: Stages & Stereos – “1990″ (Lyric Video)

In a time when it seems every new band is a shameless ripoff of whatever group was trendy last month, Stages & Stereos continue to push ahead with an original take on pop rock that is as infectious as it is memorable. We have aided the group in the past with several premieres, and we’re happy to do so once more this afternoon with the world premiere of the lyric video for “1990.”

If you have seen one video you have pretty much seen them all. I won’t lie to you and act like the video found at the end …

something you whisper

UTG TRACK-BY-TRACK: Something You Whisper – ‘From The Other Side’

Canadian post-hardcore act Something You Whisper show a sensational blend of maturity and definition on the newly-released EP, From The Other Side. Tracks range from the brutally passionate single, “Who I’ve Become,” to the hard-hitting and larger than life closer, “Anti-Conscience.”

Here at Under The Gun, we have teamed up with the band to bring you an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the entire EP, which can be streamed today through our friends at From The Other Side, arranged by Brent Allen and Devin Oliver of I See Stars and produced by Doug Meadows at AllSpark Studios, …


UTG Premiere: William Control – “Illuminator” (Lyric Video)

We have dedicated a lot of digital space to William Control over the last several years, and for good reason. We live in an age where most of the music making waves on blogs is only a slight variation of whatever was hot on the same blogs the week before, but that could not be further from the case with the music created by the former frontman of Aiden. His sound is one entirely his own, and if it’s influenced by anything it’s sex, coffee, literature, and cigarettes.

Today, UTG is thrilled to be assisting William Control in premiering …


UTG Exclusive: Blind Mice – “Step On My Neck” (In Studio Session)

Blind Mice are New England’s next great alternative rock export, and this afternoon we are beyond thrilled to share an exclusive performance video of the group performing “Step On My Neck” at Maximum Sound Studios In Danvers, Mass.

The second in a two-part video series released by Blind Mice in recent days, the performance of “Step On My Neck” found at the end of this post is indeed something special. Blind Mice have found a way to infuse elements of modern pop punk/rock with the best parts of late-90s alternative radio favorites that sounds ready for a top 40 takeover, …

image 2

UTG Premiere: Ephemera – ‘Amoricide’ EP

Under The Gun is excited to be partnering with fast-rising Oklahoma metalcore quintet Ephemera to premiere their debut EP, Amoricide.

The world of hard rock and heavy metal has become so splintered in recent years that it has become incredibly hard to accurately categorize any act into one sub-genre. Ephemera present a straight up metalcore sound in the early moments of Amoricide, but as the album plays on there are alternative and post-hardcore influences that become increasingly present in the band’s sound. It’s an avalanche of sound that strikes your ear canal with such intensity that by the …

SXSW Music 2014.jpg

UTG @ SXSW 2014: Survival Tips From Your Favorite Artists

Closing out our 2014 preview series for SXSW is the UTG annual survival guide. This year, instead of our staff members rambling for 1,000 or more words on why it’s important to check out bands you’ve never heard of, why you should go easy on the booze until after sunset, or what to do when you go broke half-way through the week, we decided it was better you hear it from your favorite artists…because all of those things don’t just happen to fans.

Musicians spanning all genres and scenes, including Murder By Death, The Venetia Fair, Alesana, The Architects, Davey …