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steff and the articles

UTG PREMIERE: Steff And The Articles – “I Want More”

Earlier this year, our friend Greg Robson at Absolutepunk named Steff and The Articles a must-watch band for 2014 and beyond. I was one of those fools who did not pay attention at the time, and as a result have spent the past several weeks of my life not knowing this fantastic group was getting ready to take over the world of alternative pop in a big way. Last week, my eyes and ears were opened to the good news of their arrival on the music scene, and today we’re bringing their unique sense of creativity to you with the …


UTG PREMIERE: Image Society – ‘The Doom Of Youth’ EP

I’m basically Garfield when it comes to my opinion on Mondays, but every so often I have a reason to get out of bed that makes the idea of beginning a new ‘work week’ slightly more digestible. Today, that reason is Image Society, and by the time you’re through enjoying the music contained within this post I think you’ll feel the same.

Brooklyn has given us many great bands over the last decade, and the latest indie-rock outfit to emerge bursting with mainstream potential is Image Society. Their upcoming EP, The Doom Of Youth (available August 5 via The …


UTG Premiere: Kyle Cox – “Never Looking Back”

We have spent a good portion of July introducing you to a new generation of talent that we feel will soon be dominating headlines worldwide. We’ve featured hard rock, pop, and rap before today, and can now add rising singer-songwriters to the list as well.

Kyle Cox may not be a household name just yet, but I have all the confidence in the world that he will win his way into your heart before the day is out. His new album, The Plan, The Mess, offers listeners a collection of soulful, heartfelt songs that touch on everything from life …


UTG Premiere: Amative – “Selfish Desires” (Official Music Video)

We have been focusing a lot of our efforts in July on exposing readers to new music, and today may be my favorite of all ‘discovery’ posts to debut so far on the site. Amative are a crushingly heavy outfit from Ohio who are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Their debut EP, Flatlined, debuted in April. We missed it, and the more we listen to it now the more we want to kick ourselves for not being familiar with their work in time to help with the initial album promotion. Hopefully this post makes up …

MAIDS Des Moines Interview


A MAIDS live show isn’t something that’s going to punch you in the gut. It’s not aggressive or overbearing. A MAIDS live show is like an addictive trance. The band sends participants into a transfusive and seductive melting pot of pop hooks and an authentic mixture of electronic and experimental instrumentation. It’s the type of live show that gets even the most awkward dude dancin’. The band is catchy and people gravitate toward that notion, but it’s the interaction from duo Mickey Davis and Danny Heggen that keeps the people fixated at the stage.

This is the energy MAIDS brought …

avalanche 2014

UTG Premiere: Avalanche – “Two Years”

It’s hump day, and like many of you we have spent the majority of the work day wondering why it takes so damn long for the weekend to arrive. We cannot give you the tools to build a time machine, nor can we provide you with the financial support needed to quit your dead end job, but we do have a new song from Singapore based metalcore outfit Avalanche that I believe will give you the strength needed to kick this week’s ass.

You may or may not have heard of Avalanche before this moment, but trust me when I …

Max Jury 2014 interview

UTG INTERVIEW: Max Jury @ 80/35

Max Jury is one of the fastest solo artists moving. Creating a dazzling name for himself both nationally and internationally, Jury has a seductive style of songwriting that is able to sweep you off your feet. Opening up for Lana Del Rey both in Chicago and overseas (including a show in Cork, Ireland this week), Jury is on the edge of tipping into full-time mainstream success. His latest EP, Something in the Air, is a swift listen that keeps your toe tappin’ and your lips humming. Jury is poised with a voice so seductive that anyone 1 to 100 …

the feed

UTG INTERVIEW: The Feed Discuss New Record

St Louis’ The Feed are preparing to drop one of the year’s most infectious records. Outsider, the band’s first studio effort in three years, is a full throttle dose of rock ‘n’ roll. Mixing the right concoction of alternative grit with contagious pop hooks, the band have created a formula unique enough to turn heads and memorable enough to keep you coming back for more. It’s lo-fi and truly in your face from beginning to finish.

Under The Gun Review had the chance to sit down with Dave Grelle from The Feed to discuss Outsider, which is due …

SPEAK Interview

UTG INTERVIEW: SPEAK Discuss Self-Producing New Record

Austin, Texas’ SPEAK is an art rock band with versatile and monumental music. The band composes sweet and seductive songs, such as the single “Gates,” that sweep the listener right off of his or her feet. Even Ellie Goulding endorses it.

Gearing up for Tuesday’s release of the brand new LP, Pedals, SPEAK is fresh off of an appearance at last weekend’s Firefly Festival and just wrapped up a tour with Gemini Club and The Griswolds. Pedals is a gripping and emotional record, while not diluting any of the artistic effort in the process. Parts of Pedals are visually …

Astrea Corp Album Cover

UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Astrea Corp – ‘Paradise Oscine’

Tucked away in the grueling depths and swamp of Southern Florida is trip-hop group Astrea Corp. Featuring members of one of Under The Gun’s favorite unsigned acts, Lavola, the band creates an aesthetic trip with their music. Today’s premiere consists of seven of the strangest, yet most sensually appealing tracks the mind can muster to absorb. It’s as though Paradise Oscine is one of those records you can sit back and get lost in for hours, mesmerized by all of the subtleties provided through its well-constructed composition.

Guitarist, bassist, and studio drummer Julian Cires had this to say …


UTG EXCLUSIVE: Stream Adventurer’s Self-Titled EP In Its Entirety

Last week, Michigan post-hardcore trio Adventurer released a lyric video for their track “Marianas Trenchcoat” as a little teaser to give fans and new listeners a taste of what they had on the way. Today, we here at UTG have teamed up with the band for an exclusive stream of their upcoming self-titled EP in its entirety.

Adventurer is a 3-piece act made of up friends hailing from Metro-Detroit, Michigan. With influences ranging from La Dispute, to The Fall of Troy and From First To Last, Adventurer is a band that brings forth aggressive vocals, technical guitar riffs, and hard …

EXPAIN - Just The Tip - Album Cover.jpg

UTG PREMIERE: Expain – “Aggressions Progression”

Metalheads, come forth! Under The Gun Review is excited to introduce you to Expain, a band built on displaying technical skills behind the instruments. A heavy and potent mixture of thrash and jazz metal, Vancouver, Canada’s Expain is hoping to become a staple in a genre built on technical skill and speed.

Today we introduce you to the song “Aggressions Progression,” a particularly jazzy number with a tempo quick enough to cause heart attacks. If you like what you hear, the band’s new record, Just The Tip, is slated to be released on June 24. Full track listing …