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I Watched Miley Cyrus Cry On Stage For 120 Minutes Last Night

Having spent the last year watching Miley Cyrus transform from Disney Channel starlet to pop music chart-topper most have seen naked so many times that they no longer consider such imagery newsworthy, I knew from the moment the announcement was made that there was no way on Earth I could pass up the opportunity to see her live when the highly-publicized Bangerz tour rolled through Boston’s TD Garden. I expected spectacle and high-gloss raunch to the highest degree, which was delivered from the start, but I did not expect to see America’s most controversial pop star spend the evening reminding …


UTG PREVIEW: Why Middle of the Map Is Festival Season’s Best Kept Secret

Tucked away in the heart of the Midwest, Middle of the Map Fest has became one of the premier festival stops for up-and-coming indie artists. After three years of experimentation with the festival, MOTMF has produced a near-perfect lineup for this year’s event, which is set to take place this weekend in Kansas City.

2014 is set to be the biggest year yet for Middle Of The Map. Under the Gun will be bringing exclusive coverage of this year’s festival, including this preview piece that outlines why MOTMF is one of the best kept secrets during music festival season. If …

something you whisper

UTG TRACK-BY-TRACK: Something You Whisper – ‘From The Other Side’

Canadian post-hardcore act Something You Whisper show a sensational blend of maturity and definition on the newly-released EP, From The Other Side. Tracks range from the brutally passionate single, “Who I’ve Become,” to the hard-hitting and larger than life closer, “Anti-Conscience.”

Here at Under The Gun, we have teamed up with the band to bring you an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the entire EP, which can be streamed today through our friends at From The Other Side, arranged by Brent Allen and Devin Oliver of I See Stars and produced by Doug Meadows at AllSpark Studios, …

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UTG @ SXSW 2014: Survival Tips From Your Favorite Artists

Closing out our 2014 preview series for SXSW is the UTG annual survival guide. This year, instead of our staff members rambling for 1,000 or more words on why it’s important to check out bands you’ve never heard of, why you should go easy on the booze until after sunset, or what to do when you go broke half-way through the week, we decided it was better you hear it from your favorite artists…because all of those things don’t just happen to fans.

Musicians spanning all genres and scenes, including Murder By Death, The Venetia Fair, Alesana, The Architects, Davey …

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UTG @ SXSW 2014: SXSW On The Cheap

For the better part of the first week in March I’m restless. I spend my nights tossing and turning endlessly, as the same questions and riddles race through my head. Over and over, I find myself in a panic, wondering what the hell I’m going to do about SXSW. How will I see everything? What is the best approach for maximum coverage? How will I survive?

You wont. It is that simple.

SXSW is a clusterfuck. It is an industry shitshow and a haven for music lovers international. Everyone who has ever heard a song that gave them butterflies will …


UTG @ SXSW 2014: The Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

FREE STUFF. Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention, read up. SXSW is an event fueled by freebies, word-of-mouth opportunities, and (most recently) social media. Follow the right accounts, be in the right places, do the right things and you could very easily make it through the week not spending a dime on booze, food, or good music. Okay, maybe getting through the week without spending a dime isn’t entirely true…but, if you play your cards right on social media, you do make things a lot more inexpensive and equally as fun on yourself.

Capitalizing on every unique and unforgettable …

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UTG @ SXSW 2014: The 5 Must-See Showcases

Ahhh. It’s already that time of year again. Time to thaw from the freezing cold of winter, prepare for the Austin sunshine, and head out for another jam-packed year at SXSW. The mecca of music discovery, SXSW is gearing up to provide yet another unforgettable week of amazing showcases. From Waterloo, down 6th Street, all the way to Red 7, the world’s best talent will be filling downtown Austin for all to consume.

Rumors are leaking out of south-central Texas almost hourly, making it near-impossible for some to keep up — but what we can confirm for you today …


Why “Trophies” Is The Best Song Of 2014 So Far

News broke this week that Young Money is planning to give Drake‘s “Trophies” a proper promotional release as part of their upcoming label compilation, Rise Of An Empire. The song, which was produced by the one and only Hit-Boy, was originally teased on Drake’s fall 2013 tour before being released for free at the end of the year as a thank you to fans. Whether you have heard the song before now or not no longer matters because it will soon be blasting in regular rotation on every top 40 station in America, which is perfectly fine …


No Scrubs Allowed: TLC’s ‘Fanmail’ Turns 15

When I was in fifth grade my teacher asked everyone in class to fill out a form that listed our interests and hobbies. When I graduated high school, that same teacher returned everyone’s forms, allowing us a few moments to reflect on the even younger people we once were. My favorite food was pizza, my favorite pet was my cat, Ivy, and my favorite song, which for some reason I felt the need to write in all caps, was TLC’s “No Scrubs.” You know, typical 10-year-old boy stuff.

I woke this morning to a tweet from our good friends …


5 Movies That Will Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

Today is the one day every year Hallmark and all the other companies profiting off romance pool their resources to drive consumerism in the name of affection. For many of you, this probably means you have plans with that special someone in your life, which may include dinner, dancing, drinks, House Of Cards binging, or perhaps a quiet night away from the world with just the two of you and whatever movies you can find to watch. We’re not exactly experts in the love department, but if you choose that final option we can think of a number of films …


Editorial: ‘So Far Gone’ Turns 5

Taking a second look at the mixtape that sounded like an album.


Editorial: 3 Ways to Improve Movie Trailers That Would Better The Theater Going Experience

A story in The Hollywood Reporter this week revealed that the National Association of Theater Owners are currently working on a new set of guidelines for the exhibition of movie trailers in cinemas across the country. The changes come as a response to complaints theater owners have received from patrons claiming current standards allow trailers to be both too long and often far too revealing.

In order to improve the theater going experience for audiences nationwide, NATO is currently proposing a plan that will limit the length trailers are allowed to be from two-and-a-half minutes to only two minutes. Additionally, …