Independent Film Festival Boston 2015 – Day 8: ‘Me And Earl And The Dying Girl’

As the 13th Annual Independent Film Festival Boston drew to a close on Wednesday, a wave of melancholy seemed to hit every viewer eagerly waiting for the closing night film, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, in a sold out theater at Coolidge Corner Theater.

Brian Tamm, the fest’s Executive Director, took the stage for the last time. He humbly thanked all of the people that attended this year’s fest before a rousing fit of applause was dedicated to Nancy Campbell, the fest’s Program Director, for her immaculate work in curating this year’s film events. Before the film …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Is Too Big For Its Own Good

Film: Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans
Directed by: Joss Whedon

The Marvel cinematic universe has finally reached its tipping point.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is the eleventh film in a series that began with 2008’s Iron Man. The nine films between those two titles have introduced big screen versions of legendary comic book heroes, assembled them, and even gave most of them a sequel. Audiences know these characters whether or not they have ever picked up a comic in their entire lives, so one would imagine their latest adventure as a team would waste …


FEATURE: What Might Happen To The Hulk After ‘Age Of Ultron’

SPOILER ALERT: In order to write this article I must discuss the final minutes of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. If you don’t want anything ruined, please click off this page and return after you have seen the film. Don’t worry, this post will still be here.…


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Finders Keepers’ Is Documentary Gold

Film: Finders Keepers
Starring: Shannon Whisnant, John Wood
Directed by: Bryan Carberry, Clay Tweel

During a storage locker auction in 2007, a man named Shannon Whisnant purchased a smoker with hopes of possibly selling it for a profit in the near future. When he arrived home, he discovered a severed human foot inside the lid, and thus began one of the strangest viral news stories of the last decade.

To recap everything that transpired in the briefest of terms, Whisnant’s discovery soon went viral, and not long after, the man whose foot was inside the grill, John Wood, came looking …


REVIEW: Alesana – ‘Confessions’

Artist: Alesana
Album: Confessions
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Revival Recordings

I have been listening to Alesana since high school. I’ve had their songs in my music library for nearly as long as they’ve been a band. While my music taste has changed over the years, Alesana still hold a special place in my heart. As an angsty teenager I absolutely loved their sound. As I grew up, I continued to listen to them, and found that their new songs were just as enjoyable. When The Emptiness was released, I fell in love with it and was instantly hooked. Knowing it …


UTG Track-By-Track: OWEL Discuss ‘Every Good Boy’

Today is the day many indie and alternative rock fans have been waiting months to see arrive. After a lengthy period of promotion, coupled with a huge outpouring of support from the press, OWEL have released their highly-anticipated Every Good Boy EP through our friends at In The Cloud Records. It’s a release nearly everyone on our staff cannot stop spinning, and we are thrilled to be hosting the exclusive track-by-track rundown of the entire album.

What’s that? You still need to be introduced to OWEL? Allow us to help:…


REVIEW: Turnover – ‘Peripheral Vision’

Artist: Turnover
Album: Peripheral Vision
Label: Run For Cover Records
Genre: Indie Rock

Turnover return with sophomore LP Peripheral Vision, creating a new sound for the band that is one of ambience, purity, and serenity. Produced by band favorite Will Yip, Peripheral Vision is a stark departure from the band’s more straightforward rock sound. Tracks like “Humming” and “Hello Euphoria” bathe in bright sounds, all washed over a hum of air spinning through the background.

With Peripheral Vision Turnover has refined their songwriting techniques to make sure each track consists of little filler, and enrich the purpose of the …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Little Boy’ Comes Up Short

Film: Little Boy
Starring: Jakob Salvati, Emily Watson, Michael Rapaport
Directed by: Alejandro Monteverde

The road to mediocre cinema is paved with good intentions, and Little Boy is yet another example of what happens when a good idea is made nearly unwatchable thanks to lackluster execution.

Little Boy is not exactly a fairy tale, but it certainly tries to frame itself as one. Pepper (Jakob Salvati), otherwise known to the people in his tiny coastal town as ‘Little Boy,’ is a small, eight-year-old child with a big imagination. He loves his life and all the people in it, especially his …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Adult Beginners’ Is A Guaranteed Good Time

Film: Adult Beginners
Starring: Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne
Directed by: Ross Katz

Nick Kroll has finally hit his mark.

Following years of making a living from stage to television and back again portraying an asshole in one way or another, comedian turned producer and actor, Nick Kroll has developed something undeniably great with Adult Beginners. A simple story about family that takes on a life of its own, the film finds a fine balance between comedy and drama that will no doubt win over moviegoers young and old.…


Independent Film Festival Boston 2015 – Day 5: ‘In Transit’ And ‘The Primary Instinct’

Day five at the 13th Annual Independent Film Festival Boston was filled with storytelling, in the classical sense. Albert Maysles’ final directorial effort (he passed away last month), In Transit, and David Chen’s The Primary Instinct went on to further the fest’s overlying theme of “Gather ‘Round,” with both films telling important stories to a community of film fans perked up and attentive.

We were sad to have missed Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence and Daniel Barber’s The Keeping Room (one of our most anticipated at the fest) but Drafthouse Films is attached to release both in the …


UTG INTERVIEW: Nick Kroll Talks ‘Adult Beginners’

In a time when it seems everyone is looking to the next mega-budget Hollywood blockbuster for their entertainment it can be easy to forget that there are countless indie efforts hitting theaters as well that offer equal, if not greater quality entertainment without resorting to the use of CGI and latex. One such film in theaters right now is Adult Beginners, which stars comedian Nick Kroll as a man who is forced to move in with his pregnant sister and her husband after losing everything in a tech startup. It’s the kind of funny, yet emotionally driven story that …


Independent Film Festival Boston 2015 – Day 4: ‘Welcome To Leith’ and ‘Slow West’

Just like day three at the 13th Annual Independent Film Festival Boston, day four was filled with hard-hitting cinema.

Even though UTG missed City of Gold, The Year We Thought About Love, and Call Me Lucky (look for our review later this week), we were fortunate enough to see the terrifying doc, Welcome to Leith, and the hilariously subversive western, Slow West.

If anything, we at UTG are mad about missing Deathgasm. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to see a film titled Deathgasm? The Jason Schwartzman-led Seven Chinese Brothers also played but by …