WATCH: A Scene From Brooklyn Rocksteady


Brookyln Rocksteady was the one act of Skate & Surf I wanted to see that I did not get to see. A feature length documentary on ska and rocksteady in Brooklyn? I was stoked. But alas, I did not get to see it, and nor did anyone else at Skate & Surf due to as-of-yet unknown reasons. We’ll have an interview with its creator, Samuel Gursky, coming soon; perhaps we’ll find out what happened there.

That said, Samuel Gursky has released a scene from the film in place of a movie trailer. The film is now set to premier Thursday, July 18 and Friday, July 19 in Brooklyn with a public release on Tuesday, July 23; more information can be found at their official website,  You can watch the six minute scene here after the jump.

Brooklyn Rocksteady // On The 2000s // Coming Out Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 from Samuel Gursky on Vimeo.

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