Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Release Info On ‘Pardon My French’

Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have recently released info on their upcoming sophomore release, Pardon My French.

Included along with the video announcement that the band made yesterday was the album’s tracklist of about 12 songs, and album art, which are all included below the jump.

The group is set to go out their US headliner soon, with a tour alongside A Day To Remember and Of Mice & Men happening later this spring.


  1. Restart
  2. Hater’s Gonna Hate
  3. Pardon My French
  4. Between Your Lines
  5. The Progression of Regression
  6. Bipolar Mind
  7. Reasons to Turn Back
  8. Taking Chances
  9. I Am Nothing Like You
  10. Miles & Decibels
  11. So Close and Yet So Far
  12. The Best Is Yet to Come

Chunk No Captain Chunk Pardon My French

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