STREAM: Jonny Craig – “Rhythm To My Soul (Heroin)”


Last we heard from Jonny Craig, he was writing a letter to himself. Now there’s a new song from his solo material for the world to hear, aptly titled “Rhythm to my Soul (Heroin)”. He is slated to release a seven song EP as a solo artist, although further details are still unknown at this time.

The song is clever (or stupid, depending on your view of drug abuse) as Jonny plays on his own drug addiction and uses “heroin” as a metaphor for a woman (“heroine”). The former Dance Gavin Dance singer has a history of drug problems, and also once ran a huge internet scam that Jack from Absolute Punk investigated. Basically? If he was Lou Reed, I’d give him a pass on it, but being Jonny Craig… it’s an interesting thing to hear him do lyrically as a solo artist.

Listen to the new song here by clicking “Read more”. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on heroin(e) here in the comments.

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  • Jack Mumm

    Lyrics are meh, vocals are good. But I really wished I didn’t like this man’s voice, because he’s such an asshole.

  • Thais

    You and many others, my friend.

  • Nick Dudek

    The NEW link to this video: