BREAKING: Disney To Buy LucasFilms; Promises ‘Star Wars’ Episode Seven in 2015


If you felt a weird vibration shoot through your body a few moments ago, you’re not alone. Movie geeks and sci-fi fans around the world likely felt the same shiver-inducing tingle that our UTG staff just experienced a short while ago when news broke from Reuters that Disney has purchased LucasFilm with plans to release Star Wars Episode Seven in 2015. According to a series of tweets from the news service, the house Mickey Mouse built purchased the company in a $4 Billion deal that included the rights to the Star Wars franchise.

You can view a full series of tweets related to this acquisition below. We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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  • Dane Sager

    And so starts production on Star Wars 7: The Secret Of The New Death Star, Boba Fett Goes To The Sun, and R2-D2 Fights a Lava Snake