Antique Records Announces Cassette Release Of Never Shout Never’s ‘Indigo’

antique logo

Boston’s Antique Records is keeping the cassette alive and well with their latest announcement. With pre-orders launching today, the still young label will be releasing a special edition cassette version of Never Shout Never’s forthcoming album, Indigo. The album is scheduled to be released November 13 with alternative artwork and will be available in three limited run colors (20 blue foil, 30 royal blue, 50 black). You can view the alternate cover below:

Pre-orders for the tape pressing of Indigo are available now. Antique Records has informed us they may have one or two more big announcements up their sleeves in 2012, so we’ll keep an eye for news and update as things change. Until then, click here to like the label on Facebook.

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