UTG Premiere: Pete RG – “Let It All Go” (Lyric Video)

We are addicted to new music. I know that sounds cute and/or akin to something a teenager who just discovered that music exists beyond the radio, but it’s absolutely true. We spend hours every week sifting through the unknown talents of the world, and every so often we find one we cannot deny. This week that talent is Pete RG, and today we have a killer lyric video to share with all of you.

If you are not familiar with the work of Pete RG yet, don’t fret. His talent is one the world is still very much discovering, and anyone hopping on the bandwagon now is still considered an early adopter. As for his sound, I think it can best be describe as a cross between pop, folk, and the slightest bit of modern alternative rock. It’s rustic, yet feels entirely fresh at the same time. “Let It All Go” is our favorite song in his catalog, and below you can view the world premiere of that song’s official lyric video. Check it out: Read more »


Dustin Kensrue To Release New Solo Album, ‘Carry The Fire’

Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue has never been a stranger to the world of solo material, but he’s admittedly kept his participation in this area to a minimum in recent years. Now, just as Thrice are preparing to return in some form, Kensrue has revealed plans to release his first non-holiday solo album in years.

Carry The Fire will arrive in stores on April 21, 2015. The album will contain ten new songs, the titles of which were all revealed alongside the cover art for the record earlier today. You can view that information below.

Commenting on his upcoming album, Kensrue explained:

Recording right now is for me the end of a long distilling process. I always have bits and pieces of songs that are bouncing around in my head. I usually record them and listen back later, and most of the time I can’t remember why I even bothered to record them in the first place. But then there are the tunes that stick – the ones I find running over and over through my head, demanding to be finished. Begging for a home. The most persistent of these tunes from the past 8 years are what I’m busy recording right now, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

We’ll bring you more on Carry The Fire, including the launch of pre-orders, as more information becomes available. Read more »

jeff rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock Premieres New Song And Music Video For “Nausea”

With Bomb The Music Industry! laid to rest in January of 2014, Long Island singer-songwriter Jeff Rosenstock has remained preoccupied with writing and recording his own music. Having recently put out an EP called I’m So Tethered with Antarctigo Vespucci, Rosenstock is now ready to pump out a sophomore LP via SideOneDummy Records.

We Cool?, which is due out on March 3, follows Rosenstock’s debut album I Look Like Shit from 2012, and is now available for pre-order here. Below you will find a new track off the record entitled “Nausea.” This may sound familiar as it is a revamped version of the bonus track from his Summer 7″ EP. You can check it out after the jump and let us know what you think.

Additionally, Rosenstock will also be going on tour as support for Andrew Jackson Jihad this spring, along with The Smith Street Band, and he will be embarking on a separate series of shows with Chumped shortly after that. More details are available below. Read more »


Rocky Votolato Shares “The Hereafter”

Just a short time after announcing his decision to sign with No Sleep Records, Rocky Votolato has released the first single off his highly-anticipated new album.

Premiering on Stereogum earlier today, “The Hereafter” is a song that could only be written by someone whose led a truly interesting life. It oozes with a lifetime’s worth of experience having been boiled down to a four-minute song in the best possible way, with images of broken teeth, scraped hands, and weary eyes littered throughout. If Rocky were to try and encapsulate his career with a single song, this would no doubt be it. You can stream the track below.

“The Hereafter,” just like every song on Rocky’s upcoming album Hospital Handshakes, was produced by former Death Cab guitarist/producer Chris Walla and recorded at his Seattle studio. The album hits stores April 21. Click here for pre-order options. Read more »


Watch the First Trailer for ‘Ted 2′

Over the past decade, Seth MacFarlane has introduced us to a multitude of memorable characters, but few have been as universally adored as Ted. Back in 2012, the potty-mouthed teddy bear took the box office ransom for over $549 million, snagged an Academy Award nomination with the help of Mark Wahlberg, and reminded moviegoers everywhere to never judge a book by its cover.

Now, almost two years after the plush protagonist’s initial introduction, we have been given the first trailer for Ted 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to MacFarlane’s full-length directorial debut. Wonderfully witty and loaded with laughs, check it out below: Read more »


REVIEW: The Dodos – ‘Individ’

Artist: The Dodos
Album: Individ
Genre: Indie Rock, Folk
Label: Polyvinyl Records

This is a confession I am willing to make: I have never really listened to The Dodos, or at least given them the attention they deserved. But after listening to their past albums, especially Visiter and Carrier, I didn’t have to think twice about embracing the creations of this fantastic duo from San Francisco. It was awe-inspiring to dive into unfamiliar territory and feel comforted by the indie-folk this duo has put out. This is where the band’s newest album Individ comes into play. Their sixth album overall as a band, members Meric Long and Logan Kroeber took the next step in their songwriting with this release and really outdid themselves, while still capturing the roots of their sound they have mastered over the course of their career. Read more »

john carpenter

Director John Carpenter Streams ‘Lost Themes’ In Full

This post is admittedly late but this album is too great to not run it at all.

The legendary master of horror, John Carpenter (Halloween, They Live, The Thing), is set to release his first non-score album on Feb. 3 via Sacred Bones Records.

Lost Themes is a 9-track effort of instrumental offerings that could score nearly any one of Carpenter’s iconic feature films. From the brooding, night stalker-ish “Vortex” to the more upbeat and eccentric “Domain,” Lost Themes offers a wide range of classic Carpenter sounds with unconventional transitions and tones that you can easily set your own films to in your mind.

Stream the entire album over at NPR and pick up a pre-order before the album releases next Tuesday, Feb. 3.

Kanye West 2014

Kanye West Drops “Only One” Video

Kanye West has shared two new songs so far in 2015, and both have showcased surprisingly new sides of his dynamic persona. One of those songs now has a video, and earlier this week Ellen helped Yeezus share those visuals with the world.

It’s hard to believe anyone who cares about Kanye West has yet to hear “Only One.” The song, which was released at the the top of the new year, is written by West from the perspective of his deceased mother. It’s a ballad of sorts, with Beatles member Paul McCartney playing keys to accompany Kanye’s soft croon. The video shows none of this, however, and instead ops to showcase some private moments from West’s time with his daughter, North. You can view the clip below: Read more »


This Wild Life, The Amity Affliction and More Announced For Warped Tour 2015

Happy Wednesday! Vans Warped Tour has released another batch of bands to play their 2015 festival.

The lineup has been beefed up with this weeks five bands: This Wild Life, The Amity Affliction, Seaway, Jule Vera, and ChrisB.

This week’s announcements are getting fans even more excited for the biggest summer-long music festival in the US.

Who are you most excited to see so far on the lineup? Who do you hope to see on the next announcement? Comment below.

Visit Vans Warped Tour’s website for more information. Read more »

Oceans Ate Alaska

Watch The New Music Video For Oceans Ate Alaska’s Single “Vultures And Sharks”

Oceans Ate Alaska will be dropping their debut full-length album via Fearless Records Feb. 24. When they initially announced the album they premiered the lead single, which is titled “Blood Brothers.” Now that a little bit of time has passed the band has revealed the next single. The music video for that song, titled “Vultures And Sharks,” can be viewed below.

Out of the singles the band has released so far, “Vultures And Sharks” is my favorite. While I don’t think this will be my favorite album of the year, I look forward to hearing what else the band has to offer on this effort.

Lost Isles is now available for pre-order through iTunes and MerchNow. Read more »

Emma Watson

Emma Watson To Portray Belle In Upcoming ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Live-Action Film

Bill Condon is known for directing the last two Twilight movies and Gods And Monsters. The director will soon be taking on another movie, which is a title that many people should be familiar with. He will direct a live-action adaptation of Disney’s classic Beauty And The Beast. Stephen Chbosky will be one of the writers penning the screenplay.

Up until recently, that was most of the information that we had available. Now, thanks to an update on Facebook, Emma Watson has happily announced that she will be portraying Belle in the upcoming movie. You can read her update by taking a look below. Read more »

Seasons Change

Seasons Change Premiere New Single Off Debut Album

The California-based pop-punk outfit known as Seasons Change have quickly been making a name for themselves over the last few months. Back in 2013 the group self-released an acoustic EP titled Apologies, and now they are poised to drop their full-legnth debut album via No Sleep Records.

Earlier today the group teamed up with Alternative Press to unleash an angsty new single titled “Clueless.” You can also check it out below.

Please Don’t Leave will hit stores April 7, and pre-orders are available for purchase right here. Read more »