First Trailer For ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1′ Starts The Revolution

The first trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 has debuted via Facebook and has started the revolt against The Capitol and President Snow! You can view the trailer after the jump.

From the looks of it, Francis Lawrence (director of I Am Legend and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) seems to have made the universe of Panem all the more epic than it was in the preceding film. We get multiple shots teasing characters like Cressida (Game of Throne‘s Natalie Dormer) and the lead of the Capitol revolt, President Alma Coin (portrayed by the legendary Julianne Moore).

The heat is being turned up on our favorite female heroine, Katniss Everdeen, and we will see on November 21 how well her warring efforts against the Capitol goes! Until then, sound back in the comments and let us know what you think of this short but somewhat revealing teaser. Read more »


First ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Footage Revs Its Way Onto The Net

Just only yesterday did director George Miller (creator/director of the Mad Max trilogy) debut extended footage of Mad Max: Fury Road to a roaring crowd inside Hall H at San Diego Comic Con.

Judging by the footage, it looks as if Mad Max is back in the best way possible. This new entry reportedly takes place after the events of Mad Max (the first film in the original trilogy) and before the second film, The Road Warrior. This time around, Max is aiding Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a mechanical-armed woman who wants to make it back to her homeland. Along the way, Max must face Immortan Joe (played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who also played the original villain ‘Toecutter’ in Mad Max) as he and Furiosa try to make it across the vast post-apocalyptic desert alive. This remake/sequel also stars X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s Nicholas Hoult and Transformers: Dark of the Moon‘s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Read more »

Lucy Still

‘Lucy’ Defeats ‘Hercules’ With an Astonishing $44 Mil

Somehow, someway, Scarlett Johansson’s latest lead effort has done the unexpected and acquired a hefty $44 million dollar gross this opening weekend. Clearly, this news wouldn’t be as shocking if its major competitor wasn’t starred by heavyweight Dwayne Johnson, whose action-packed film, Hercules, had only scooped up about $29 million, according to Rentrak.

Lucy’s success can be pointed off to its story: Yes, female-led films tend to not perform so well in the box office, but there’s still such an original plot that manages to pique audience interest just enough to convince them to choose it over a household name like Hercules. In a sequel and adaption-filled summer that’s seen record-setting lows, Lucy’s shown that originality can not only prosper, but top the charts.

Follow the jump to see this week’s full top ten listing. Read more »

Guardians Of The Galaxy

James Gunn Will Write and Direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2,′ Release Date Revealed

Marvel‘s Guardians Of The Galaxy has not even been released, but the studio behind the biggest films of the last decade has just confirmed plans for a sequel.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 will arrive in theaters on July 28, 2017. The film will be written and directed by James Gunn, the same man behind the film hitting US theaters on August 1, with Chris Pratt set to reprise his lead role as Star Lord. We presume the rest of the Guardians cast will return as well.

San Diego Comic-Con International has been a dominating force in our headlines today, and just a few moments ago the fine folks at Marvel ended their annual Hall H panel. The entire Avengers cast was on hand, and from what we read online it seems footage from Age Of Ultron was shown to the crowd. We doubt any of that material will surface on the blogosphere any time soon, but if it does you can rest assured we’ll post it as fast as we are able. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »

fit for a king

Fit For A King Announce Release Date For New Album

Fit For A King announced today that they will be releasing a brand new album on October 14. Though they did not confirm the title of the album, they did respond to a fan’s question and let them know the first single should be released at the end of August. You can see the original post and their response by checking below the break.

Since we have quite a bit of time to wait before we hear new music, we’ll just have to settle for seeing the band live. The group is currently traveling with Warped Tour, and after that ends they have an additional handful of shows scheduled. You can find a full list of dates on their Facebook. Read more »


Here’s Your First Look At Wonder Woman In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

In the weeks leading up to San Diego Comic-Con International there were some who feared Batman V Superman would not have a major presence at the world’s largest celebration of geekdom. Those rumors have since been proven false (thankfully), and now we have our very first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

This morning in California, director Zack Snyder showed up at the Hall H panel for Warner Bros. to unveil several character posters from his upcoming film. Audiences saw the first full body images of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but only one of those images has made its way to the net in its full, gorgeous quality. Below, for the first time since production began earlier this year, you can view the first image of Wonder Woman. Check it out: Read more »


‘Godzilla 2′ Confirmed, New Monsters Revealed

…And the San Diego Comic-Con International news continues.

Saturday is known as movie day for many Comic-Con International attendees, and during the Legendary Pictures panel this morning fans of all things monsters received the surprise of a lifetime when studio head Thomas Tull confirmed plans for Godzilla 2. Even better, filmmaker Gareth Edwards is confirmed to return as director. I can sense the enormous sense of scale growing by the minute.

After the initial gasps of excitement began to die down, Tull took things one step further by sharing footage with the crowd he claimed was classified footage from Monarch “to show what we are thinking about for the sequel.” Read more »

tusk movie

‘Tusk’ Trailer: Kevin Smith Delivers His Most Disturbing Film To Date

Kevin Smith has become known in the world of geekdom as someone with a profound love for storytelling and creativity, regardless of the subject matter. His latest, Tusk, finds the man who gave the world Clerks offering up one of the darkest and most unique stories to hit the silver screen in quite some time.

Last night, Smith stood in front of a packed Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con International for his annual Q&A session when the man responsible for Jay and Silent Bob surprised those in attendance with the very first trailer for Tusk. The film, which stars Justin Long and Michael Parks, tells the story of a podcast host who travels to Canada in order to interview an aging man who claims to have incredible stories he wishes to share before death. Once he arrives, however, the podcast host realizes he’s been tricked into taking part in something much, much darker than any nightmare he may have previously imagined. You can view the trailer below: Read more »


Legendary Announces King Kong Prequel ‘Skull Island,’ Sets 2016 Release Date

San Diego Comic-Con International is taking place right now in California, and over the next day or so you will likely see a slew of headlines coming out of the studio-hosted panels that have long served as the main Saturday attraction. Our coverage has been pretty light thus far, but starting with this post we intend to change that. Strap in.

At the very end of the Legendary Pictures panel in Hall H this morning, studio head Thomas Tull returned to the stage to share one last piece of previously unreleased information. The surprise, which had not been teased anywhere, was that Legendary has begun working on a King Kong prequel based on the mythical island that the gigantic beast called home prior to the events that brought him to New York City. No cast or directors were revealed, but Tull did share a short teaser with the crowd, which our friends at /Film described just a short while ago:

The clip started showing a rain storm pouring down over big waves in the ocean. Audio narration included lines from the Heart of Darkness: “Going up that river was like traveling back to the beginning of the world, Read more »

Have Mercy

Have Mercy’s Van Broken Into, Asking For Donations To Help Replace Stolen Gear

A band’s equipment is their livelihood. So when their gear is stolen from them while out on the road it’s basically a worst-case scenario situation. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to Have Mercy while they were stopped in New York to crash at a friend’s house. They reported waking up this morning to the lock on their trailer broken as well as the door to their van. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment was taken, which essentially leaves them with no leg to stand on for the remainder of their tour. They have asked if any fans would be willing to donate some money to their PayPal so they can begin the recovery process. Their PayPal email address is HaveMercyOfficial@gmail.com.

You can read what the band had to say about the situation below the break, as well as check out a couple of pictures they posted.

It breaks our hearts to hear about bands being robbed while they are out on tour. If you know anything please let the band and/or the local police know right away. Let’s hope they can recover some of their gear like Driver Friendly did. Read more »

alesana 2013

Alesana Announce Fall Headlining Tour

Alesana are certainly keeping themselves busy this year. They released a music video for the single they dropped in 2013, they released an EP to celebrate their ten-year anniversary and they also headlined an anniversary tour. Now the band has announced yet another headlining tour, which has been dubbed ‘Chaos Is A Ladder Tour.’ There aren’t a ton of stops, but the group will be embarking on the tour this September bringing with them Megosh, The Funeral Portrait and The Things They Carried. You can check out the tour poster with all the dates below the jump.

It seems this tour is only on the East Coast, so for us West Coasters let’s hope they plan on a second leg of the tour that focuses a little bit more on us. We will update with any news on more dates. Read more »

the american scene 2014

The American Scene Reveal #hazedrops

Following the release of their killer new single, “Royal Blue,” The American Scene has released information regarding a new promotional campaign in which fans can physically locate USB drives all over the U.S. containing singles from their upcoming LP, Haze.

The first drop, of the aptly named “hazedrops,” can be found in specific spots located in Boston, MA, Oakland, CA, Portland, OR, Long Island, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and soon enough San Diego, CA. Each city’s information comes with a mapped area, and a small clue about where you can find the drop. The American Scene’s website claims that a “song is on the drive, which is located inside/on of an object (brick wall, post, tree, building, what have you).”

The campaign becomes further interesting if you find a USB drive, for at that point the fate of that song is left up to you. You can keep it for yourself, or share it with the world. If you decide to share it on a blog or what you have you, the band will cancel their scheduled stream of the track, and direct listeners to where you have posted the track.

Follow us after the jump to check out the band’s killer video for “Royal Blue” once again, and be sure to head here for all information regarding “hazedrops.” Read more »