Refused Guitarist Jon Brännström Says He Was Fired With No Explanation

Earlier today, Refused guitarist Jon Brännström took to Facebook to publicly address fans of the band in regards to his dismissal. The timing or reason for this post seems unprecedented, especially considering the last post on the public page was back in August by vocalist Dennis Lyxzén plugging his new band INVSN.

Below you can read a statement by Brännström:

I was fired from Refused a while ago. I wasn’t given a reasonable explanation and wasn’t even invited to sit down and talk about it, so I’m not completely sure why they decided to go on without me. We’ve always been better at punk rock than democratic processes and dealing with conflicts, so I guess I’m not too surprised it went down like this. Quite sad indeed, but perhaps it’s all for the best. Read more »


Que Sera Release Free Cover Of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Today is Halloween, which means at some point in the coming hours you will peel off your work clothes and step into a costume that allows you to become whatever it is you have chosen to be this year. For some, that may be a zombie or a serial killer covered in fake blood. For others, a sexy Olaf costume may come in handy. Whatever the case may be for you, we must urge you to not leave your home without first adding Que Sera‘s new cover to your personal music collection.

Ever since it first hit radio in the 1980s, Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” has been a staple of weddings and Halloween parties everywhere. The song has everything you could ask for in a hit horror soundtrack, including creepy lyrics, a memorable hook, and a now iconic dance that looks freaking amazing when performed in unison with a large group. The only thing it really lacks is thunderous drums and live instrumentation, which Que Sera have added with their new cover of the classic track. You can stream and download their take on “Thriller,” for free, below: Read more »


Bridge Releases “Roll My Weed” Video Featuring Schoolboy Q

Up and coming crooner Bridge has partnered with Schoolboy Q for a weed tinged track about the ladies that know what smokers like.

“Roll My Weed” is a pretty straightforward song. Whether you smoke or not I have to believe you understand the message Bridge is trying to convey with his latest single. Spitting verses opposite Schoolboy Q, Bridge shares his vision of the perfect lady and the life they would lead against smooth production that could easily accompany the next big RnB radio hit. The black and white video is centered around a pair of performances, but there are plenty of beautiful ladies to enjoy as well. Check it out: Read more »

Damien Rice My Favourite Faded Fantasy

Damien Rice Becomes “The Greatest Bastard” With New Track

Another huge release that we’re greatly anticipating here at UTG, is the new Damien Rice album, My Favorite Faded Fantasy. With already hearing the title track and then “I Don’t Want to Change You“, he continually leaves us begging for more. And now we have “The Greatest Bastard.”

He doesn’t stray from his niche in this song, but he continues to blow our minds with his craft. He crescendos and decrescendos so strategically that it crushes our hearts and makes us fall in love at the same time. As he sings “Am I just dreaming once again? Some dreams are better when they end,” we come out of our trance and have to disagree with him, and wish he didn’t wake us up. Read more »


Stop What You’re Doing And Rage To Big K.R.I.T.’s “King Of The South”

This week the music industry has dedicated every speck of free space to praise and promote the new album from Taylor Swift. In a year where not a single artist has managed to go platinum with their album release, Swift is believed to be the last great hope for the music industry. If you’re someone who believes that to be true then you likely don’t understand how this business works. We don’t need platinum records in order to have success stories, just dedicated fans who support their favorite artist.

The reason I bring this up is because I believe the industry at large is wrong to write off the rest of the albums coming out this year as incapable of skyrocketing to success. There are at least a handful of albums still to released this year from major talent, and if I had any say over what got the most limelight it would almost certainly be the forthcoming effort from Big K.R.I.T. Cadillactica has been on our radar all year long, and so far the southern rapper behind it has shared a number of crazy good tracks off the record. Today, he delivered his best to date, and we have the complete stream right here on UTG.

Every rapper who was raised south of Kentucky likes to claim themselves to be the king of the south at one point or another, but in the case of Big K.R.I.T. that boast may indeed be the truth. “King Of The South” finds K.R.I.T. recounting all the things that make him the boss of souther hip-hop, and to be honest I cannot think of a single reason to disagree. The track was produced by K.R.I.T. and features only his vocals (along with enough bass to shake your skull). Check it out: Read more »


UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Housebound’

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of the year’s best month, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read.

Now in its third year, 31 Days Of Halloween is a recurring feature that will run throughout the month of October. The hope and goal of this column is to supply every UTG reader with a daily horror (or Halloween-themed) movie recommendation that is guaranteed to amplify your All Hallows’ Eve festivities. We’ll be watching every film the day it’s featured, and we hope you’ll follow along at home.

[Warning: the material within is positively NSFW]


Day 31: Housebound (2014)

Before I get to the film I have chosen to highlight it only feels right to thank you for spending another year celebrating the greatest horror films with all of us here at UTG. We look forward to this series every single year, and there is always a little fear in the back of our minds that readers will not want to hear more about our deep fascination with all things horror. You have proven those fears to be nonsense three years running, and we hope you will come back next October to do it all over again. Read more »


UTG Video Premiere: Angels And Airwaves – “The Wolfpack”

This is probably the most exciting Halloween we’ve ever had on UTG.

We have partnered with our SpinMedia brothers and sisters to host the world premiere of Angels And Airwaves video for “The Wolfpack.” The track is the latest to surface from the group’s upcoming album, The Dream Walker, and to be perfectly honest it’s our favorite of the bunch. The video is great as well, but would you really expect anything less from a visually focused band like AvA? Check it out: Read more »


Kevin Smith Confirms Jay And Silent Bob Will Appear In ‘Clerks 3′

Kevin Smith confirmed the upcoming production of Clerks III in recent weeks, and he’s already revealed on bit of information that is sure to give fans faith in the View Askew creator’s ability to continue delivering quality entertainment with his beloved characters.

Speaking on a recent episode of his popular Smodcast podcast, Smith confirmed the appearance of the characters known as Jay and Silent Bob in the upcoming Clerks III. “They’re in the movie as much as they were in Clerks and Clerks II,” he said. You can stream the episode featuring the quote at the end of this post.

Details on the plot of Clerks III are being closely guarded for the time being. Clerks II ended with Dante and Randall purchasing the Quick Stop and making it their own, so it seems safe to assume that is where the story will begin. Smith has revealed the first ten minutes will take place in black and white, but beyond that we know very little about the highly-anticipated sequel. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »


Florida Georgia Line Release “Sun Daze” Music Video

I woke up this morning to discover the horrible chill of fall creeping through my cracked bedroom window and under my blankets. Sad and just a bit frustrated, I rolled over to check my phone and found a picture from a friend in Michigan featuring snow covered roads that he drove on in order to reach work. I wanted to scream, but instead I put on this song, and just an hour later I learned the official video had been posted online. Funny how life works out, right?

Sun Daze” is the second song off Florida Georgia Line‘s recently released album Anything Goes to be given a proper promotional push. The track captures the true essence of summer, with a laid back groove and talk of hanging out poolside with your closest friends and whatever drugs they desire. The video echoes this sentiment with a story about the members of FGL cutting work in order to party and get stoned. You can view the footage below: Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Nightcrawler’ Is A Visceral Thrill Ride

Film: Nightcrawler
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal
Directed by: Dan Gilroy

Nightcrawler brushes with greatness before settling for a solid story with one truly great performance.

When we first meet Lou Bloom at the top of Nightcrawler he is a lonely man desperate for work. Portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, Bloom is a quiet and reserved man who has spent far too much time on the Internet. He’s smart, but a lack of social skills prevents him from ever forging lasting connections with other people. To make ends meet, Bloom is a thief, taking everything that isn’t nailed down in order to keep a roof over his head. You feel sorry for him, but only from a distance. Read more »

foo fighters

DROP EVERYTHING AND JAM: Foo Fighters Release Third ‘Sonic Highways’ Song

Fall 2014 is shaping up to forever be known as the season of Foo. The all-American rock ‘n’ roll band dropped the third track off of their upcoming LP, Sonic Highways, this evening. The track, “Congregation,” is a full on Foo track — containing the gnarly energy and light-hearted melodies that have been stealing our hearts for years on end.

The song drops the evening before the third edition of the band’s HBO Original Series, Sonic Highways. In the show the band travels to different American cities and attempts to capture the musical history and aesthetic of the city through an original song. The band traveled to eight cities for the Sonic Highways record and television show. “Congregation,” a glorified rock number with a bit of a country twang, represents Nashville. The song features Nashville native Zac Brown and was recorded at Nashville’s Southern Ground Studio.

The band previously released “Something From Nothing,” an ode to Chicago, and “The Feast and the Famine,” a gritty number encompassing Washington D.C.

Sonic Highways, the band’s eighth LP, is due out Nov. 10 on Roswell Records. Follow the jump to hear the song and see the full track listing for Sonic Highways. Read more »

Strawberry Girls 2013

Strawberry Girls Launch IndieGoGo Campaign For Tour Van

Instrumental rock outfit Strawberry Girls have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the purchase of the band’s future van. For those who feel compelled to donate to the band’s cause and help them take their groovy sounds on the road, a slew of price-based awards awaits including everything from exclusive pre-release downloads to having the band throw a private performance in their Carmel, California practice spot.

There’s little doubt our staff would jump at the chance to see Strawberry Girls perform in our various cities, so we highly suggest donating to the IndieGoGo campaign here. For those who might need a little convincing before passing on their funds, feel free to check out a message from the band concerning their campaign after the jump. Read more »