A Skylit Drive Lose Two Members; Announce New Album

A Skylit Drive have had a lot going on in the last 24 hours, so let’s start from the beginning.

This past Tuesday, ASD bassist Brian White and drummer Cory LaQuay announced via Instagram, that they were both leaving the group to pursue other endeavors. Though they are not leaving “together” per se, they are leaving for similar reasons. In a nutshell, they are no longer happy doing what they are doing with this particular band. You can read their entire statement below.

According to the band’s Facebook page, this news apparently was not supposed to be made public at the time it was posted on the internet. However, the band has since posted their own statement on the situation, and included in there is some exciting information for fans. The group confirmed they will be releasing an acoustic version of their last album, titled Rise: Ascension. Their comment on the situation and video announcement can be found below as well.

Rise: Ascension will hit stores January 6, 2015. Read more »

The Killing Lights 2014

STREAM: The Killing Lights – “Until I Bleed”

The Killing Lights is the latest project by former Vampires Everywhere! frontman Michael Vampire. The band hit the ground running and have been working fiercely to produce music that reflects the musician’s new direction. Because of that quick work and determination, the group will already release their self-titled debut EP this December.

We have already heard one song from the band, but now they have teamed up with Kerrang! to premiere the second track off the EP. The new song is titled “Until I Bleed,” and you can listen to it below.

Their EP is available for pre-order through District Lines, so if you like what you hear be sure to grab yourself a copy. Read more »

Cobra Starship 2012

Cobra Starship Have Parted Ways With Two Members

Up until today, most of the band members in Cobra Starship were original. The band has announced that their lead guitarist, Ryland Blackinton, and bassist, Alex Suarez, are no longer a part of the group. From the sounds of it, the two decided to part ways on their own, and there are no hard feelings between the members. You can read the statement from the band, as well as the two former members, below.

The band has also confirmed that they already have a new bassist and will be announcing his identity shortly. It does not appear that they have a new guitarist yet. Read more »

La Bella Charade

La Bella Charade Stream Their EP, ‘Born To Crawl,’ In Full

The St Louis-based pop-punk outfit known as La Bella Charade are releasing a brand new EP at the end of next week, titled Born To Crawl. This will be the followup to the EP they released this past January, which is titled Sleepwalkers. The group teamed up with Absolutepunk to stream the new EP a little over a week early. It’s also available to stream right below the jump.

Born To Crawl will officially be released by the band on October 31. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow the group on Facebook if you haven’t already. Read more »


Mac Miller Streams New Song After Signing $10M Contract With Warner Bros.

In line with recently signing a reportedly $10 million contract with Warner Bros., Pittsburgh rapper, Mac Miller, put out a new song, entitled “Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here.”

The 22-year-old released Faces last May; a release that had his critics second-guessing themselves. Slowly distancing himself from the tendency to constantly rap about marijuana, Miller and his newly-conceived Frank Ocean lyrical semblances is growing noticeably more substantial. Here’s to hoping the ball keeps rolling and he starts to talk about things other than “bitches” and his cash money.

You can listen to the new track below. Read more »


Stream The New Sorority Noise/Somos Split

Connecticut and Boston natives, Sorority Noise and Somos (respectively), recently announced that they will be putting out a split EP via Bad Timing Records. The EP officially drops on November 4 and is available for pre-order here.

If you enjoyed Somos’ 2014 release, Temple Of Plenty, and Sorority Noise’s Unforgettable, you may be caught off guard by the slight dip in energy from both bands. When comparing it to both debut full-length records, Somos and Sorority Noise have noticeably gone the laid-back route in terms of their sound’s overall vibe. That is not to say, however, that these aren’t solid tunes. The material definitely adds some new character to their catalogues.

You can stream the split EP below. Read more »


Job For A Cowboy Debut “Eating The Visions Of God”

Arizona death metal outfit Job For A Cowboy have followed up the recent release of “Sun Of Nihility” with yet another monstrous single courtesy of the guys over at MetalSucks. Entitled “Eating The Visions of God,” the new cut hails from the group’s forthcoming record, Sun Eater. While the full-length officially hits stores November 11 via Metal Blade Records, pre-order options are available here.

The new single just might be Job For A Cowboy’s best work yet, so turn up your speakers to full blast, head over to MetalSucks, and give “Eating The Visions Of God” a listen. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the track in the comments section below.


Attila Guitarist Parts Ways With Band

Metalcore outfit Attila recently kicked off their album release cycle for Guilty Pleasure with the release of a brand new single in “Proving Grounds,” but slightly less pleasurable news has come from the band’s camp today. According to a post on guitarist Nate Salameh’s personal Facebook page, he has amicably parted ways with the band in order to focus on removing drugs and alcohol from his life alongside pursuing a career in producing.

For those who would like to read Salameh’s full statement on his departure, it can be found below. Read more »

jane shermans

The Jane Shermans Stream “I Walk Alone”

Nashville rock duo, The Jane Shermans, recently began streaming a brand new single, entitled “I Walk Alone.” Led by an undeniably funky bassline and driving structure, Eulene Sherman seems to channel the best of the ’80s as she uses the unique, punk-disco foundation on which to layer her vocal chops.

In regards to the song’s meaning, Sherman explains, “The lyrics are about owning confidence to move ahead when the road ahead is hazy and full of fog. Believe in what you got and who you are.” A relatable insight that we should all strive to achieve.

You can stream “I Walk Alone” below (via The Vinyl District) which is available in 7″ format with another single entitled “Shotgun.” Read more »


Here Is The First Trailer For ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

Oh, internet. Sometimes the anonymous computer fiends that create your best content risk legal action to share something amazing with the world, and tonight they truly outdid themselves.

The first full trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron has found its way online ahead of the scheduled October 28 premiere. The footage shows a world on the verge of being torn apart by an enemy it has never seen before, and it looks like our beloved heroes are no longer the friends they once were. It’s big. It’s crazy. It includes Hulkbuster imagery. Check it out: Read more »

arms and sleepers

Arms & Sleepers Stream Their Excellent New LP, ‘Swim Team,’ In Full

Boston duo Arms & Sleepers have a brand new, post-hiatus LP set to release on October 28. We were lucky enough to have a listen awhile back and have been waiting anxiously for it to officially drop. Today, we have the opportunity to stream the 11-track effort in full over at HuffPost.

Summer might be over but A&S aim to keep things hot with this newest effort. Overflowing with chill-meets-trill vibes, Swim Team can perfectly accentuate just about any activity, especially swimming and/or relaxing by the pool. With ethereal elements that have always been present in the endlessly fantastic catalogue of Arms & Sleepers, the two have now implemented some late ’80s / early ’90s, hip-hop-inspired beats that really elevate their sound to the upper echelon of the ambient/trip-hop genre alongside acts like Bonobo and Tycho. Swim Team should appeal to fans of those greats or other multi-talented producers like Vanilla or The Mad Writer, L’Orange.

Either way, we highly suggest you kick back and stream through the record below. As you’ll undoubtedly want a copy for yourself, head right here and treat yourself to something worth your time and money. Read more »


‘The Gambler’ Red-Band Trailer Rolls Dice And Spouts F-Bombs

It’s that time of the year again, where every studio scrambles to find a spot for a film they think is destined for awards this season. The Gambler is one of those films we have almost heard nothing about. Well, until now. Sporting an A-list cast including Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Michael Kenneth Williams and Jessica Lange, The Gambler hits theaters in limited release on December 19, and then expands on January 1 of 2015. The Gambler is directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and written by William Monahan (The Departed).

The Gambler follows Jim Bennett (Wahlberg), literature professor, whose gambling problems get him in trouble with the wrong people. After losing all that he has, Jim garners the interest of a underground loan shark by the name of Frank (John Goodman). As Jim’s relationship with one of his students (Brie Larson’s Amy Phillips) deepens, his possibility at getting a second chance at life gets riskier and riskier. (Plot summary per IMDB and Comingsoon.net)

Check out the red-band trailer below along with the first poster and let us know what you think! Read more »