AWOLNATION Announce New Album, Stream Video For “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)”

Nearly four years have passed and AWOLNATION are still sailing on the success of their debut album, Megalithic Symphony (and their subsequent EPs). However, the time has finally come for a brand new studio LP.

The Los Angeles-based chart toppers have announced Run, which will be released on March 17 via Red Bull Records. The album’s lead single, titled “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf),” is immediately infectious and undeniable. Aaron Bruno’s groovy, Under the Influence of Giants roots are entirely present as the track offers a somewhat funky rhythm that’s hard to resist dancing to. The participants in the single’s accompanying video appear to know the truth of that. Hold out for the breakdown toward the end; it’s a nice twist to an already enjoyable offering.

You can watch the video for “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” below and pick up a pre-order of Run through AWOLNATION’s webstore. Read more »

alanna clarke

STREAM: Alanna Clarke – “Heartstrings”

“Play ‘em till you break ‘em in.”

With her newest single, “Heartstrings,” Canada’s Alanna Clarke is destined for radio takeover and inevitable stardom. Within the excellent production is a simple structure of beautiful instrumentation setting the foundation for Clarke’s powerfully soulful vocal presence and a chorus that will dominate your mind for weeks to come.

No name immediately comes to mind when trying to think of a comparison for Alanna Clarke which I believe is a testament to her unique qualities as a songwriter and force to be reckoned with within the pop realm. It’s familiar, but it’s refreshing all the same.

You can stream “Heartstrings” below. We’ve heard whisperings of more material on the way so be on the lookout for what Alanna Clarke delivers next. Read more »


UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Morals – “Question”

Under The Gun Review is pleased to bring you the premiere of Morals’ first official music video for their new track “Question.”

When it came to picking which track to create a video for, the choice was obvious for the band.

“We thought that the format of the song really lent itself to a music video concept,” says bassist Dan Roth. “We love videos that have a message or a story, that are more than just a band playing. We scrutinized every track and made sure that could we present each in the best way. We felt this is the best way to present this song.”

The video has an eerie, almost Poltergeist-like theme to it, shot in black and white and generally mysterious as all hell. Roth says the concept behind the video is simple: television is bad, and lends itself to social disease. Read more »

age of ultron

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Super Bowl Spot Has Arrived!

We told you earlier today that a number of Super Bowl ads were beginning to make their way online, and we’ve already found a second thrilling clip that demands to be shared.

This may seem hard to believe, but as of today (January 30) we are only 90 sleeps away from the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The sequel to Marvel’s biggest film is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and so far the advertising campaign has teased a story far bigger than the first film. The latest ad focuses heavily on the battle between Hulk and Iron Man, but there are also several new shots thrown in to keep fans guessing about what might happen when the film arrives in theaters on May 1, 2015. Check it out: Read more »

cedar b

UTG PREMIERE: Cedar Boulevard – “Shorelines & Shipwrecks”

Following the stream of “A Raven Like A Writing Desk” just two weeks ago, Toronto’s Cedar Boulevard are back with another taste of their forthcoming, self-titled EP.

The five-piece has teamed with UTG to stream “Shorelines & Shipwrecks, a groovy, riff-driven pop-punk jam that totally shreds, bringing to mind the likes of Four Year Strong, New Found Glory, Rufio and Anberlin, both musically and vocally.

In regards to the new track, the band offered: “The song ‘Shorelines & Shipwrecks’ is a track from our self-titled Cedar Boulevard EP. Lyrically, the song is about overcoming obstacles and the differences between the people who put all they have into their work and the people who just talk about it. We used nautical references as a metaphorical way to describe the things we all go through in life.”

You can stream “Shorelines & Shipwrecks” below. Be sure to be on the lookout for Cedar Boulevard’s new EP (recorded at Adelaide Recording Studios), due out Feb. 17, by following the band on Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

the grape and the grain single premiere burnt by the sun

UTG PREMIERE: The Grape And The Grain – “Burnt By The Sun (alternate version)”

The Grape And The Grain is one of those bands that is simply doing everything right. Within each song the band mixes and melds the proper doses of rock ‘n’ roll, folk, singer-songwriter, and downright addictive storytelling. Under The Gun Review is premiering the band’s second single off of the upcoming acoustic EP, “Burnt By The Sun.”

The song is dirty and abrasive — it’s like taking a shot of whiskey with your ears. Frontman Daniel Grimsland had this to say about “Burnt By The Sun”:

“Burnt By The Sun” is one of my favorites that we’ve done so far. The original musical idea for this song was written on acoustic guitar and was a bit bluesier than what wound up on our self-titled record. So it was fun to return to the song and re-imagine it more in the way that it was first conceived. Read more »


Petite Meller’s “Baby Love” Video Reminds Us Of Wes Anderson

We love great pop music around UTG, but truth be told coming across that kind of material is often a near impossible task. There is so much disposable music made for clubs and radio today that sifting through long enough to find something worthy of more than five replays is often a daunting proposition. Fortunately for you, such work is what we love to do, and today we have yet another promising young act to share.

Petite Meller is a name many don’t know yet, but it is only a matter of time before her latest single, “Baby Love,” finds its way to terrestrial radio. It’s the kind of infectious pop song that was made with dance floors in mind. Not the bump and grind type of club dance scene either, but rather a feel-good disco type setting where everyone dances because it’s the only way they know how to express themselves. This idea is mirrored in the video, which finds Meller dancing her way through various African locales. You can view the clip below: Read more »


‘Terminator Genisys’ Super Bowl Spot Teases Arnold Vs. Arnold

With the big game only a few days away, studios and corporations are making the most of their overpriced Super Bowl ads by sharing the clips online a little early. We won’t post them all, but there are a few movie clips we cannot resist the urge to share. Starting with this…

We have only seen one trailer for Terminator Genisys before now, and it left most viewers with more questions than answers. It’s clear time travel will once again play a major role in the plot, but also that the time lines we have come to accept as franchise fact have actually been erased from existence. The period our heroes jump to in the 20th century this time around is nothing like the world seen in the first two Terminator films, and from the looks of it that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as differences are concerned.

The latest ad, which only runs thirty seconds in length, keeps the majority of the plot a mystery while leveraging the numerous action sequences in the film to create a thrilling clip. It’s just as chaotic as the first trailer, but it does offer several new shots from the film we have previously never seen, including another tease of the surely epic fight between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check it out: Read more »


Meek Mill Shares “B-Boy” Video Featuring Big Sean & A$AP Ferg

Having dropped a number of freestyles in celebration of his release from incarceration earlier this year, Meek Mill cements his return to the top of the rap echelon with the official video for “B-Boy.”

Oh, you haven’t heard “B-Boy”? That isn’t hard to understand seeing as the song was quietly released at the beginning of the week. Initially we didn’t understand this marketing move, but now that a video has been revealed everything is starting to make sense. “B-Boy” bangs without any additional help, but the video certainly takes the whole affair to a new level. It’s a 90s style clip that not only features three of the biggest names in hip-hop partying at a mansion, but also a number of gorgeous women and plenty of alcohol endorsements. You can view the visuals below.

Meek was supposed to release his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, in the fall of 2014. His probation violation caused the album to be delayed, and so far we have not received a new street date. You can follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »

black sea

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Black Sea’ Is A Leaky Ship

Film: Black Sea
Directed By: Kevin Macdonald
Starring: Jude Law, Jodie Whittaker, Scoot McNairy

Submarine thrillers that emanate claustrophobia and heist thrillers with big risks are two subgenres that have been retreaded over and over. In director Kevin Macdonald’s newest, a world is envisioned where the two could work in tandem. Add a dash of grim humor, deep cockney accents, a crazed Ben Mendelsohn performance, and a murder plot and you get Black Sea. Things get a bit predictable and linger on for far too long, but a committed slew of great character actors help make the material rise to bearable January fodder.

Jude Law plays Robinson, a submarine captain with no first name because he’s that much of an expert in his field. After getting fired from the Agora Corporation, his employer for the past 11 years, he takes it upon himself to join up with some other disgruntled sailors in the job of a lifetime. The job being the heist of millions of dollars in gold from an old Nazi submarine in the Black Sea. Working for a mysterious millionaire, Robinson rounds up the best of the best to get the job done. Naturally, some things go amiss. Read more »


Big Sean Drops “Blessings” Featuring Drake & Kanye West

Detroit native Big Sean recently announced plans to title his new album Dark Sky Paradise, and late last night he revealed the album’s latest single. The song, which features appearances from both Drake and Kanye West is titled “Blessings.” You can stream the track, in full at the end of this post.

Any time three powerhouse rappers get on a track together there is bound to be some debate over who rode the beat best, and anyone familiar with Big Sean’s catalog knows his guests often bring the heat (Kendrick‘s “Control” verse proved that). Sean holds his own on “Blessings,” but with his position on the hook–in addition to a new verse–it’s Drake who shines brightest amongst the three emcees. Yeezus does well too, but it has become so rare to hear Kanye actually rap you can tell he’s not at the top of his game on this track.

Dark Sky Paradise has yet to receive a release date, but we expect the album to drop before summer. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »

project alamanac

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Project Almanac’ Is Found Footage Fun

Film: Project Almanac
Directed By: Dean Israelite
Starring: Jonny Weston, Sofia Black D’Elia, Sam Lerner

Teenage hormones are abound in this Michael Bay-produced effort about a group of young’ns grappling with the dangers of time travel. Adopting the found footage aesthetic of many features, Project Almanac attempts and mostly succeeds at taking something weary in cinema and breathing an EDM-laden breath directly onto the screen. Sure, a large amount of the humor is generational and caters to people in their younger years, but this effective little film veers from a tired path in a thrilling (albeit a bit predictable) way. Read more »