Silent Planet

STREAM: Silent Planet – “firstwake”

The Night God Slept is the upcoming debut album by Solid State Records’ metalcore outfit Silent Planet. Within a few weeks of announcing the album the group unleashed the first two singles. Now they have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the newest single, titled “firstwake.” You can also give it a listen below the break.

I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be one of the best metalcore albums this year. If you haven’t checked out any of their new singles yet, then now is a great opportunity.

Pre-orders are available through Merchline and iTunes. Read more »


Nas Debuts New Single At Run The Jewels Release Party

October 29 marked the release of Run The Jewels‘ critically acclaimed sophomore record, Run The Jewels 2. The release party, held in Brooklyn at Nitehawk Cinemas, featured a screening of The Warriors as well as a Q&A with Killer Mike and El-P who make up Run The Jewels.

At some point during the festitivites, Nas, the owner of Mass Appeal who released RTJ2, played a new track titled “The Season” built around J Dilla’s “Gobstopper.” A video surfaced on YouTube showing part of the Q&A and Nas premiering a snippet of the track which you can see below as well as the official recording. Read more »

36 crazyfists

36 Crazyfists Announce New Album, Stream Single “Also Am I”

I must admit. I haven’t kept up with Alaskan rockers 36 Crazyfists in recent years. But back in the early 2000s, when they were releasing albums like Bitterness the Star and A Snow Capped Romance on Roadrunner Records, they were one of my favorite bands. They’ve been quiet for four years, but have now broken that silence by announcing their signing to Spinefarm Records and releasing “Also Am I.” The song is the first single from their new album Time and Trauma, which is on track to be released in February.

The band’s sound has always been a difficult one to pin down, as emo, metalcore, post-hardcore and, hell, even nu-metal feel appropriate at times. But the one distinctive quality that has always defined the band is Brock Lindow’s unique vocals. That still holds true as the new track’s chorus finds Lindow seamlessly shifting from a radio-friendly croon to a piercing, throat-shredding scream.

36 Crazyfists are also heading out on a 20th anniversary (who knew?) tour alongside Skinlab, All Hail The Yeti and Incite. That tour actually kicks off tonight in South Lake Tahoe at what I can only assume is a fine establishment called Whiskey Dick’s, but you can find the full run of dates along with a stream of “Also Am I” below. Read more »


The 1975 Take “Medicine” For Zane Lowe’s Re-score of ‘Drive’

As previously reported, Zane Lowe’s re-scoring of BBC’s Drive has got some crazy names on it, including one of the years biggest explosions, The 1975.

Well, now we’ve officially been able to hear the track, which is titled “Medicine,” from the boys across the pond. It’s very different from most of their self-titled record, which fans have absolutely adored and can probably spew every single word of. It’s one of the most relaxing tracks they’ve released. It very shoegazey and fitting for the band. It feels like a chilled out, sedative ballad that reassures the value of this other significant person, as lead singer Matt Healey phases in and out of consciousness.

Healy mentions that the track has a nostalgic value for the band. “It’s a new piece of music informed by the genesis of our band and our love for ‘Drive’ as a film.” Check out the song below and don’t sleep on the rest of the songs from the score. Read more »


Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco to Provide New Theme Song for Chicago Bulls

Over the past few years Chicago artists Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco have collaborated a couple of times, but most recently the pair have put their heads together to produce a track for a totally different entity, The Chicago Bulls.

For those who don’t know, The Bulls already had a theme song of their own called “Only The Bulls,” which Fall Out Boy and Fiasco have redone in a more modern style. The new arrangement will reportedly feature an instrumental track and chorus produced by Fall Out Boy and verses courtesy of Lupe Fiasco.

The song is said to be used at different points during Bulls games at the United Center in Chicago, potentially making its debut at tonight’s game against the Cavaliers. You can check out the original track, “Only The Bulls,” below the jump while we wait for Fall Out Boy to carve their place in the stadium-rock rafters beside bands like Scorpion and Europe. Read more »

trick r treat

UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween: Full Recap

Halloween is finally here, and the UTG staff couldn’t possibly be more thrilled. Today is our favorite day of the entire year, and as we’ve done in years past, we began celebrating on October 1 with the launch of our annual ’31 Days Of Halloween’ feature, where we offer a daily editorial on some of our favorite films appropriate for All Hallows’ Eve.

You may have been following along as the month progressed, but if you happened to miss any of our daily pieces (or let them slip by you altogether), we’ve compiled a list with links to each of the 31 articles that made the cut for 2014.


So dig in below, let us know which films you made time for this season, and have a happy Halloween! Read more »


Refused Guitarist Jon Brännström Says He Was Fired With No Explanation

Earlier today, Refused guitarist Jon Brännström took to Facebook to publicly address fans of the band in regards to his dismissal. The timing or reason for this post seems unprecedented, especially considering the last post on the public page was back in August by vocalist Dennis Lyxzén plugging his new band INVSN.

Below you can read a statement by Brännström:

I was fired from Refused a while ago. I wasn’t given a reasonable explanation and wasn’t even invited to sit down and talk about it, so I’m not completely sure why they decided to go on without me. We’ve always been better at punk rock than democratic processes and dealing with conflicts, so I guess I’m not too surprised it went down like this. Quite sad indeed, but perhaps it’s all for the best. Read more »


Que Sera Release Free Cover Of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Today is Halloween, which means at some point in the coming hours you will peel off your work clothes and step into a costume that allows you to become whatever it is you have chosen to be this year. For some, that may be a zombie or a serial killer covered in fake blood. For others, a sexy Olaf costume may come in handy. Whatever the case may be for you, we must urge you to not leave your home without first adding Que Sera‘s new cover to your personal music collection.

Ever since it first hit radio in the 1980s, Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” has been a staple of weddings and Halloween parties everywhere. The song has everything you could ask for in a hit horror soundtrack, including creepy lyrics, a memorable hook, and a now iconic dance that looks freaking amazing when performed in unison with a large group. The only thing it really lacks is thunderous drums and live instrumentation, which Que Sera have added with their new cover of the classic track. You can stream and download their take on “Thriller,” for free, below: Read more »


Bridge Releases “Roll My Weed” Video Featuring Schoolboy Q

Up and coming crooner Bridge has partnered with Schoolboy Q for a weed tinged track about the ladies that know what smokers like.

“Roll My Weed” is a pretty straightforward song. Whether you smoke or not I have to believe you understand the message Bridge is trying to convey with his latest single. Spitting verses opposite Schoolboy Q, Bridge shares his vision of the perfect lady and the life they would lead against smooth production that could easily accompany the next big RnB radio hit. The black and white video is centered around a pair of performances, but there are plenty of beautiful ladies to enjoy as well. Check it out: Read more »

Damien Rice My Favourite Faded Fantasy

Damien Rice Becomes “The Greatest Bastard” With New Track

Another huge release that we’re greatly anticipating here at UTG is the new Damien Rice album, My Favorite Faded Fantasy. With already hearing the title track and then “I Don’t Want to Change You,” he continually leaves us begging for more. And now we have “The Greatest Bastard.”

He doesn’t stray from his niche in this song, but he continues to blow our minds with his craft. He crescendos and decrescendos so strategically that it crushes our hearts and makes us fall in love at the same time. As he sings “Am I just dreaming once again? Some dreams are better when they end,” we come out of our trance and have to disagree with him, and wish he didn’t wake us up.

Check out the track below and be sure to pick up My Favorite Faded Fantasy on November 11 when it’s released. Read more »


Stop What You’re Doing And Rage To Big K.R.I.T.’s “King Of The South”

This week the music industry has dedicated every speck of free space to praise and promote the new album from Taylor Swift. In a year where not a single artist has managed to go platinum with their album release, Swift is believed to be the last great hope for the music industry. If you’re someone who believes that to be true then you likely don’t understand how this business works. We don’t need platinum records in order to have success stories, just dedicated fans who support their favorite artist.

The reason I bring this up is because I believe the industry at large is wrong to write off the rest of the albums coming out this year as incapable of skyrocketing to success. There are at least a handful of albums still to be released this year from major talent, and if I had any say over what got the most limelight it would almost certainly be the forthcoming effort from Big K.R.I.T. Cadillactica has been on our radar all year long, and so far the southern rapper behind it has shared a number of crazy good tracks off the record. Today, he delivered his best to date, and we have the complete stream right here on UTG. Read more »


UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Housebound’

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of the year’s best month, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read.

Now in its third year, 31 Days Of Halloween is a recurring feature that will run throughout the month of October. The hope and goal of this column is to supply every UTG reader with a daily horror (or Halloween-themed) movie recommendation that is guaranteed to amplify your All Hallows’ Eve festivities. We’ll be watching every film the day it’s featured, and we hope you’ll follow along at home.

[Warning: the material within is positively NSFW]


Day 31: Housebound (2014)

Before I get to the film I have chosen to highlight it only feels right to thank you for spending another year celebrating the greatest horror films with all of us here at UTG. We look forward to this series every single year, and there is always a little fear in the back of our minds that readers will not want to hear more about our deep fascination with all things horror. You have proven those fears to be nonsense three years running, and we hope you will come back next October to do it all over again. Read more »