MOVIE REVIEW: ‘San Andreas’ Crumbles, Explodes And Dulls

Film: San Andreas
Starring: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario
Directed by: Brad Peyton

The disaster movie is a sub-genre that works almost solely off of nostalgia. I remember watching The Poseidon Adventure as a kid and was shook in awe by the power of natural forces and how humans may react to such an event. The bar of quality was set decades ago for these kinds of bombastic features. San Andreas does nothing to prove that it’s different from any other recent blow-em-up effort, wading through a slew of CGI compositions of buildings crumbling, coupled with generic performances rooted in the family dynamic.

Ray (Dwayne Johnson) is a rescue-chopper pilot tasked with disaster relief after an earthquake in Nevada brings the Hoover Damn to a pile of rubble. What he didn’t know is that the earthquake would set off a series of other earthquakes in California. Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Aloha’ Means Goodbye To Cameron Crowe In Hawaiian

Film: Aloha
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams
Directed by: Cameron Crowe

Director Cameron Crowe, the guy who brought us the masterpiece that is Almost Famous, has been on a sharp decline in quality ever since that 2000 effort. Vanilla Sky was an ambiguous mess and Elizabethtown was the most self-indulgent road movie to date. We Bought a Zoo wasn’t terrible, but it was nevertheless harmless fluff. Aloha is no different. Is it a romantic drama? Is it a screwball comedy? Is it a drama steeped in supernatural Hawaiian mythos? Well, it tries and fails to be all of these things. It became shockingly clear in the first act that at least an hour of footage was cut from its runtime. As it stands now, Aloha is a cobbled-together mess that tries to emulate profundity through jarring tonal shifts. Read more »

Sins Divider

Sins (Joseph Milligan of Anberlin) Streams New Album, ‘Divider’

Ex-Anberlin guitarist Joseph Milligan has begun streaming his brand new album, Divider, under his longtime solo moniker, Sins. Check it out by following the jump below.

Catchy and calculated, Milligan’s latest undertaking is a straightforward alt-rock rager that will no doubt conjure fond memories of Anberlin’s heyday, which isn’t particularly surprising considering he was one of the group’s primary songwriters for well over a decade. If you like what you hear, sound off in the replies.

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sbtrkt feature

UTG PHOTOS: Sasquatch! 2015 – Days 3 & 4 in Quincy, WA

Days three and four of Sasquatch! were nothing short of excellent. Though the weather was unpredictable, it wasn’t as sweltering as many had predicted it would be. With performances from Lana Del Rey, Run The Jewels, SBTRKT, Tame Impala and The Glitch Mob, this year’s Sasquatch! turned out to be pretty impressive. It was also a step up from the disaster that was last year’s festival.

Following up our photo set from days one and two, below you can find our photos from the second half of the fest, featuring Twin Peaks, SBTRKT, Sharon Van Etten, MØ, Run The Jewels, St. Vincent and more. Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Tooken’ Is Just Another Worthless Parody

Film: Tooken
Starring: Lee Tergesen
Directed by: Josh Asher

Despite a cast of notable names and more than enough source material to work with, Tooken is yet another mindless parody film that will quickly be forgotten.

Tooken markets itself as the ultimate parody of the Taken franchise, but from the very first sequence that idea is thrown out the window in lieu of poking fun at every major Liam Neeson film. That would be fine if there were some original ideas to be found, but unfortunately there is very little to be found in this project. Instead, viewers are subjected to tired gags involving everything from farts to aggressively sexual non sequiturs, as well as generic action movie send-ups that could easily fit in any parody effort. In short, there is nothing here to set this film apart aside from its premise. Read more »


Blurred: It’s OK Not To Be OK

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t think we are vulnerable enough. Being vulnerable is another type of courage. Perhaps we are too much in love with being invincible. A couple weeks ago, I took a look at the much talked about documentary, Montage Of Heck, which chronicled Kurt Cobain, the man and not the mythical figure that we may be familiar with. Albums like Nevermind and In Utero were basically the pulling off of the bandages of life’s old wounds that were persistent within Cobain as he grew up. That pain drew millions and millions of fans towards Nirvana. Kurt was human.

Fast forward to now – all you get is the finished product. The hot and attractive meal sitting at the end of the drive-through. In the social media-prevalent world, we often window dress to hide our insecurities. We feel the need to stack our collective Jenga pieces on top of one another just to get that false sense of security that…maybe we aren’t. Read more »


Sit Down And Watch ‘Kung Fury,’ For Free, Right Now

The Kickstarter campaign that sparked a viral sensation amongst film fans young and old has finally transformed into the final product we all hoped it would become. Kung Fury is here, and it’s 100% free.

If you’re unaware of the magic that awaits, Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80s action movie made in the modern day, but with all the qualities (and drawbacks) of VHS in its glory days. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his nemesis, Hitler. The film also features Nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners. What’s not to love?

You can view the full film below. Read more »


SINGLE REVIEW: We Came As Romans – “The World I Used To Know”

Artist: We Came As Romans
Song: “The World I Used To Know”
Album: Self-Titled

The evolution of We Came As Romans is entangled with the band’s own passion for storytelling and inspirational lyricism. Their journey is their song, and their songs detail their journey. Having long conquered the world of post-hardcore with multiple albums featuring top shelf production and the perfect combination of sing/scream vocals, the group have now stripped their music to its core, and through doing so found a new sound that marks the beginning of yet another chapter in their already celebrated career. Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Drunk Wedding’ Offers Cheap POV Laughs

Film: Drunk Wedding
Starring: Nick P. Ross, J.R. Ramirez
Directed by: Nick Weiss

Having suffered through well over a decade of increasingly mindless found footage horror that is typically far too shaky for most audiences to thoroughly enjoy, Drunk Wedding has arrived as proof that POV filmmaking can also be funny.

If there was ever a film about a group of people wandering around a foreign place with cameras you could buy at your local department store that you could actually relate to, it’s Nick Weiss’ Drunk Wedding. Read more »

the early november feat

UTG PHOTOS: Bled Fest in Howell, MI (5/23/15)

Under The Gun Review sent photographer, Benjamin Howell, to cover Big Love’s Education Festival on May 23, 2015 in Howell, MI.

Scattered throughout the Hartland Performing Arts Center in Howell, MI is one of the most exciting and engaging annual music festivals Michigan has to offer. With over 70 bands playing in a ten-hour period on five different stages, Bled Fest offers one of the most intimate and intense concert experiences for both fans and press alike.

No photo pits, no guard rails, and limited security interaction allows fans to get up close and personal with their favorite artists. As soon as one band finishes, another stage lights up and the next band goes on. It may sound like a recipe for disaster, but the increased trust from security at the venue has led to a loyal and respectful fanbase.

As a photographer, sometimes I have to take risks to get the perfect shot. Sometimes I go down trying. Read more »


Tyler, The Creator Hints That Odd Future Are “No More”

It’s hard to believe Odd Future are a group that only came onto the nation rap radar six years ago, but when that happened the crew seemed as tight as any the industry had seen before. Not only were they all friends, but they each possessed a unique take on hip-hop that allowed them to avoid ever sounding too redundant in their delivery. Now, it seems, we may never hear new material from the crew again.

Any fan of Odd Future could tell you it has been a minute since the group was seen together. After initially touring as a crew, not to mention featuring on one another’s records, the various members of Odd Future have slowly drifted apart while pursuing their individual tastes and interests. Earl has pushed the boundaries of mainstream hip-hop, while Tyler has become more eclectic than ever (both in rap and the number of additional, non-music projects he tackles). Domo Genesis still loves weed more than anyone you know, and Left Brain is just as wild as ever. I could go on, but I assume you get the idea by now that even though the various members of Odd Future are simply more mature versions of their former selves, something has changed in the dynamic between them, and last night Tyler, The Creator seemed to confirm the end of the group via Twitter. You can view the tweets in question below: Read more »


Drake Drops Unreleased Freestyle During Detroit Performance

Warning: You probably aren’t ready for this.

Drake is not spending much of the summer on the road, but right now he’s currently joining Future on the far too short ‘Jungle’ tour that is hitting arenas nationwide. Last night the run stopped in Detroit at the Palace Of Auburn Hills, and the man behind Views From The Six decided to share something never before released with the crowd of thousands who had paid to see him perform. We weren’t there, but fortunately for us (and you), someone shot a video.

Now you’ve probably seen Drake freestyle before. His flow, though not as smooth as it typically is on records, always feels closer to poetry than what most consider hip-hop. His latest effort is no different, as Drake touches on the drawbacks to success, the isolation that comes with fame, and his complete inability to give a shit about what haters may think of his latest moves. The full freestyle, from what we can hear, goes something like this:

Thank you so so much for wearing your true colors to every single ****in’ function
had ni**as tell me to my face how we were family and how they love me
while they were schemin off the budget, now when I see em they the ones actin’ funny Read more »