Rob Thomas Returns With New Single “Trust Me”

Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas has stepped back into the pop spotlight with the premiere of a new song titled “Trust Me.” I should warn you: It’s catchy.

Co-written with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, “Trust Me” is a fast-paced pop song that further evolves Thomas’ already dynamic and tenured sound. Thomas may have made his name in alternative rock, but his solo career has always boasted a heavy pop influence that is once again present on this track. That said, it’s not so in line with current radio hits as to feel immediately disposable in any way, shape, or form. You can stream the song below.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about his plans for the future in a new interview, Thomas was asked what, if any news to report on the status of Matchbox 20. Thomas replied:

We put out North and then we toured for a year and a half all over the world. Then I spent the rest of the time working on this solo record. We never really stop. We obviously want to do something big for the 20th anniversary of our first record. And we plan to always keep making music and keep touring, just right now it’s impossible—it really takes a lot of effort to do two projects at one time. I actually just talked to Paul [Doucette] from Matchbox, who’s my best friend, trying to figure out what we’re going to do as soon as I get this ship in the water. Once this gets floating then I’ll feel a little safer to start talking about what that’s going to be. But there’s definitely going to be something on the horizon, especially for the 20th anniversary.

Thomas’ next solo album, The Great Unknown, will hit stores later this year. Read more »


New Music: Juicy J Featuring Drake & Ty Dolla $ign – “Tryna F*ck”

Without warning or promotion, a new Juicy J track has begun to circulate online that many are already calling the next big hit of summer 2015.

“Tryna Fuck” is not the kind of title you can sell to radio, but the studio quality song that leaked from Juicy J over the weekend is actually the edited version of a song with that very name, only this time the hook has been changed to “Tryna Love.” Make no mistake though, it’s clear from each line in every verse, not to mention the celebratory hook, that the headliners behind this track have one thing on there minds. Juicy J shines brightest, as the beat was no doubt created with him in mind, but Drake and Ty Dolla $ign do more than simply earn paychecks. Drizzy brings aggression we haven’t seen much of this year, but his verse is so short you might miss it if you’re busy texting your girl (likely about how you have a new Drake song to show her). You can stream the track below.

Word on the internet says an official, unedited cut of this track should surface in the days ahead. I find it hard to believe anyone can stream the song below and walk away thinking that it won’t be a hit with mainstream genre fans because it’s platinum-quality radio rap whether you like it or not, but I’m sure haters will find a way to spin it. Either way, make sure you check it out.

Juicy J is due to release a new studio album this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if “Tryna Fuck” appeared on the track list. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »


New Music: Young Thug – “Spaghetti Factory” & “Scoop”

There have been so many quality Young Thug loosies dropping as of late I wouldn’t be surprised if the man behind Barter 6 had a new mixtape on the way. I don’t know if that is the plan or not, but I know our site certainly wouldn’t complain.

This weekend, while most of us were enjoying the kickoff to summer fun (a month before summer begins), unreleased material from Young Thug was hitting the net like surprise gifts from the music gods. The first, “Spaghetti Factory,” arrived early on Memorial Day boasting gothic production courtesy of Metro Booming. The second, an all-too short G Fresh production titled “Scoop,” debuted shortly after noon. Both songs are worth your time, but neither are available for download at this time. You can (and should) stream both tracks below.

Young Thug is set to release his debut album this August. Whether that happens or another mixtape drops instead remains to be seen. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »


Director Cary Fukunaga Exits ‘It’ Reboot, Film Pushed Indefinitely

It looks like we may not be headed back to Derry, Maine after all as director Cary Fukunaga has reportedly left the reboot of It just three weeks from when production was slated to begin.

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter on Monday, May 25, Fukunaga left the production due to a disagreement with producers over recent budget cuts. New Line is citing ‘creative differences.’

Fukunaga rose to prominence after directing the first season of True Detective, and by all accounts was one of the main reasons many were taking an interest in the project. Even we were excited by the arrival of Fukunaga to the film, which was set to be released in two parts (the plan was for the first movie to tell the kids’ story and the second movie to focus on the adults), so it’s rather depressing to learn he will no longer be involved. Read more »


Watch Coldplay’s ‘Game Of Thrones: The Musical’

File under: things Game Of Thrones fans will absolutely love.

In observance of Red Nose Day, an annual fundraising campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young adults, NBC recently presented Coldplay‘s Game Of Thrones: The Musical.

The short film features twelve minutes of the British rock band coming together in a recording studio to bring reportedly one of their favorite shows to life in the form of a short musical. In this comical skit — which has already amassed over 7.5 million views — you will find the band in their element as they brainstorm ideas for songs in an attempt to appease the entire cast of the popular television series so as to get them on board.

You can check out the very enjoyable film in full below. Let us know what you think. Read more »


UTG PHOTOS: Sasquatch! 2015 – Days 1 & 2 in Quincy, WA

Sasquatch, this year, has been interesting to say the least. Not only did the festival go back to four days instead of the cluster-cuss of last year where they tried to split the festival into two different weekends — which failed anyway as the second weekend was cancelled due to low ticket sales — but Mother Nature decided to make her presence known by bringing in a massive rainstorm during the first day of the festival.

Fans of all ages were treated to awesome sets on the main stage from bands such as Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, Gogol Bordello and Sleater-Kinney. However, many of the side stage bands put on excellent shows as well, including Mother Mother, King Tuff, Diarrhea Planet and Cardiknox.

Below is a photo recap of what you may have missed. Read more »

LB KUTD 2015 Digital Single CoverF.indd

SINGLE REVIEW: Luke Bryan – “Kick The Dust Up”

Artist: Luke Bryan
Song: “Kick The Dust Up”
Album: Kill The Lights

Two years after crashing the bro country party with an album chock full of future hit singles, Luke Bryan has kicked off the promotion for his latest release with an incredibly underwhelming ode to farm town parties.

“Kick The Dust Up” is the kind of song that wants to remind you of a time when country music was actually inspired by cornfields, dirt roads, and late nights spent with the farmer’s daughter, getting drunk alongside your best friends. If that is all you want from your music — and that does appear to be the case for many genre fans today — then that may be enough to put a smile on your face. When considered as the latest offering from a tenured artist who has long proven himself capable of writing far better material, however, it’s just not up to snuff. Read more »


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Human Centipede: Final Sequence’ Flat-Out Sucks

Film: The Human Centipede: Final Sequence
Starring: Dieter Laser, Laurence R Harvey, Eric Roberts, Bree Olson
Directed by: Tom Six

Tom Six has somehow managed to ruin the fun of body horror and exploitation in just three films. If I wasn’t so pissed about that fact I might applaud him, but then again probably not as I have unfortunately sat through each of his three increasingly unwatchable feature-length creations.

The Human Centipede: Final Sequence serves as the final chapter of Tom Six’s medically impossible trilogy of extreme body modification and the monsters who carry it out. The film stars Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, the stars of the two previous chapters, only this time they each play entirely new characters who exist in a world where the first two Centipede films also exist. Read more »


It’s Official: The Olsen Twins Will Not Be Part of ‘Fuller House’

The news that Netflix decided to renew Full House was met with equal amounts of confusion and excitement when revealed earlier this year. The confusion came from those who remembered the program for the hit-and-miss collection of oversized family antics it really was, while the excitement was provided by those who were too young to think critically about the program they were watching. We at UTG were fairly on the fence ourselves, opting to not hop aboard the celebratory Netflix bandwagon as we had so many times before, and now it seems we have one (or perhaps two) new reasons to be unsure whether or not Fuller House will be what fans think they want.

Confirmed Friday via Variety, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have decided they will not be taking part of Fuller House in any way, shape, or form. This means the character of Michelle, who the twins portrayed together, will also be absent from the show. Every other character and actor is still scheduled to return.

Shortly after the news broke, Executive producer Robert L. Boyett released this official statement: Read more »


Tove Lo Just Flashed Thousands At Boston Calling Music Festival

We have not been covering the proliferation of the #FreeTheNipple campaign, but Tove Lo definitely gave us a reason this weekend after flashing a crowd of thousands during the Boston Calling Music Festival.

Yes, the Swedish singer who rose to popularity with her need to stay high while getting over a breakup gave a sold out Boston Calling crowd a reason to be “Talking Body” all weekend long. In the middle of her afternoon set yesterday, May 24, Tove Lo raised her shirt and flashed a crowd of onlookers, many of whom were screaming at the top of their lungs. Tweets and videos from the incident can be found at the end of this post.

Back to #FreeTheNipple, a movement which Tove Lo has been actively supporting for some time. Free The Nipple is a film, an equality movement, and a mission to empower women across the world. Those who support it, including the UTG staff, stand against female oppression and censorship, both in the United States and around the globe. Click here for more information.

Tove Lo is going to be touring a lot this summer, so you better make sure you’re familiar with her music. Head over to iTunes and pick up Queen Of The Clouds today. Read more »

Black Mass Movie

Second ‘Black Mass’ Trailer Shows The Dark Side Of Whitey Bulger

The teaser trailer for Black Mass we all saw back in April was a good way to introduce Johnny Depp’s take on notorious crime boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger without giving away an ounce of plot. The second trailer, released this weekend, shows just a bit more without giving away the whole shebang.

I never really thought of Rick Ross when reading about the dark and depraved crimes carried out by Whitey Bulger as he held the city of Boston in the palm of his hand, but the latest trailer for Black Mass may have me seeing things differently. Backed by the Jay Z-assisted track “The Devil Is A Lie,” our second look at Depp’s turn as Bulger is filled with violent imagery, smart-ass one-liners, and a general sense of ‘this is going to be make being a vicious gangster look cool.’ You can view the footage below.

Black Mass won’t be out until the end of summer, but it would be nice to see a bit more of the plot before that time comes. There are several frames in this trailer that seem to depict infamous crimes carried out by Whitey, but without any real sense of time it’s hard to know just what we’re seeing at any given time. That said, Depp looks to be giving his all to the role, and that alone gives me a good reason to see the film when it arrives in theaters September 18. Read more »


Lana Del Rey Says New Album ‘Honeymoon’ Arrives In September

Rejoice, Lana Del Rey fans. The queen has spoken, and we have good news to report that will bring great joy to everyone who hears it.

Last night, Lana Del Rey took her summer 2015 tour to Washington State where she performed before a crowd of thousands. Though no video of this moment has surfaced, several fan reports from the event claim Lana told fans that her long-teased new album, Honeymoon, will hit stores in September. That’s just four short months away!

It’s a little hard to tell whether or not anyone is controlling Lana Del Rey’s rollout for Honeymoon up to this point. No single has been released, but the vocalist is currently selling lyric books featuring the title track on her current tour. She’s also reportedly shot a video for the album, not to mention randomly announcing major tidbits, like the release date, while performing in a city other than Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City. Read more »