manchester orchestra

Manchester Orchestra Release New Live Video For “Top Notch”

Manchester Orchestra have just released a new, professionally shot live video for their song “Top Notch,” the first single off of their first record of 2014, COPE. This video showcases the band’s extraordinary stage presence and the audience’s unwavering energy. You can watch the video below.

If you missed it, Manchester Orchestra have also recently surprised fans with the release of COPE‘s alternate version, entitled HOPE. You can read more about HOPE and the accompanying shows ManO is playing in support of the record here. Read more »

Slow Club

Watch Slow Club Perform An Acoustic Version Of “Wanderer Wandering”

Slow Club have released a wonderful acoustic rendition of their beautiful track, “Wanderer Wandering.”

The British duo released their third album, Complete Surrender, this past July on Wichita Records and receieved high praise from Pitchfork, NPR, Buzzfeed, Paste, and many more.

The acoustic experience for “Wanderer Wandering” fits perfectly with the original track, completing the sparse atmosphere with quiet and calm, illuminating the track to new sonic atmospheres.

Follow us after the jump to experience “Wanderer Wandering” acoustically, and be sure to check here to see if the band is playing in your area. Read more »

Wild Cub

Wild Cub Release New Music Video For “Colour,” Remix For Bastille’s “Oblivion”

Wild Cub have released a new music for their bright track, “Colour,” as well as a remix for Bastille’s track, “Oblivion.”

Wild Cub’s Youth came out last January via Mom+Pop Records, and since then the band has performed on Conan, as well as extensively touring.

The band plans to release a limited edition Colour 10-inch single on October 28, again off of Mom+Pop Records. The release will feature a radio version of “Colour,” as well as Jensen Sportag remix of “Thunder Clatter.” Be sure to grab the 10-inch on the band’s tour dates, and in select stores.

Follow us after the jump to check out the band’s new video for “Colour,” as well as their remix of Bastille’s “Oblivion.” Read more »

american idiot

EDITORIAL: Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ Still Changing America 10 Years Later

It’s September 2004. According to American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest, the top song in the nation is Ashlee Simpson’s “Pieces of Me.” Pitchfork’s favorite record is Arcade Fire’s Funeral. Hellboy is dominating the box office. The Boston Red Sox are gearing up to win its first World Series title in 86 years. President George W. Bush is hot on the campaign trail for what would be his re-election into a second term of Presidency. America is begging for a hard kick in the balls.

American Idiot strapped on its steel-toed boots and gave the U.S of A. a hard one right to the scrotum.

A record spawned out of a potent mixture of spite for the political standing of a traumatized, propagandized post-9/11 nation and need for a musical story telling the triumph of the mundane, middle-class suburban life, Green Day‘s seventh studio record changed the world forever. It’s a record forever engraved in a generation of kids searching for a voice — a reason to stand up and question authority. It was the fuel for the fire that was waiting to be ignited. Read more »

Big Eyes

Watch The Trailer For Tim Burton’s Upcoming Film, ‘Big Eyes’

Tim Burton is known for movies that are over the top and larger than life. Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his directing career. While those are some of the first movies you might think of when considering his works, they do not define his entire repertoire. In fact, he has taken part in an upcoming movie that may shake up your expectations of what he has to offer. His latest directorial effort is Big Eyes – a biographical drama based on Walter and Margaret Keane’s life in the ’50s and ’60s.

In the ’50s, Walter Keane claimed that he was the artist behind the “big eyes” paintings that were quickly becoming extraordinarily popular. In reality though, his wife was creating the pieces behind closed doors. What could possibly go wrong with that? To get an idea of what’s to come, you can check out the new trailer for it below the jump. Read more »

Noah Gunderson

Noah Gundersen To Sell New EP Exclusively On Upcoming Tour

Noah Gundersen was in the studio last month recording tracks for a brand new LP. Yesterday he announced that he will also be releasing a short five song EP that he recorded while he was in the studio. The EP consists of four new acoustic tracks and an acoustic cover. The catch? The EP will only be available for purchase at Gundersen’s upcoming fall tour, which kicks off Vancouver, BC October 12. You can check out his announcement below the jump.

For a full list of those upcoming tour dates, and to purchase tickets, you can head on over to his website. Read more »


Exotype Premiere New Single From Upcoming Album

Exotype are set to release their self-titled album through Rise Records next month. Earlier today they dropped a brand new single featuring the up and coming electronic artist Rekoil. The new song is titled “For Those Afraid To Speak,” and it’s available to stream below the jump.

The band is known for utilizing electronic and dubstep influences in their music. “For Those Afraid To Speak” is certainly no exception – especially with a musician like Rekoil involved. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album through MerchNow or iTunes. Read more »

dance gavin dance

A New Dance Gavin Dance Single Has Surfaced Online

Apparently Dance Gavin Dance have a new single titled “Pussy Vultures.” They haven’t made any announcements, but it’s been on Spotify for about 24 hours. It should come as no surprise that there is a new song, as the band recently announced that they were working on their next LP. Their drummer, Matthew Mingus, also tweeted that he just finished tracking the drums. Does that mean we might see a 2015 release from the group? Let’s hope so!

You can listen to “Pussy Vultures” by taking a look below the break. It’s pretty awesome. Read more »

foo fighters

Foo Fighters Announce South American Tour Dates

According to Consequence of Sound, Foo Fighters have announced a new run of South American tour dates for January 2015.

The dates, which include shows in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina, come directly after the anticipated release of Sonic Highways, which is due out Dec. 10 on Roswell Records. The announcement of the new dates comes just a week after the band played a string of three UK “secret” shows under the moniker The Holy Shits.

While South America gets Foo’s attention for early 2015, the rest of us in North America can only wait patently until more tour dates are announced.

Check back with Under The Gun for new Foo music and more Foo tour dates as the band ramps up to world takeover mode following the release of the new record. Click the “Read More” button to check out all of Foo Fighters’ tour dates announced for 2014 an 2015. Read more »

mime game burn ep

SURPRISE: Mime Game Drop New EP With Song Featuring Chris Conley

Newly re-defined duo Mime Game dropped a seductive new three-song EP yesterday to fans’ pleasant surprise. The record, which shows the band in a never-before-heard electronic driven direction, features Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley on the opening and title track, “Burn.” The Burn EP is a shocking, yet stimulating juxtaposition from the band best known for creating illustrious and definitive guitar-driven alternative rock numbers.

Sometimes shaking up a sound really is for the better — the songs still have the addictive quality singer Dillon DeVoe, who also formerly fronted Josephine Collective, is known to produce. The EP comes off as a record that still holds the musical quality of Mime Game, just with different, more experimental instrumentations. It’s lo-fi, feel-good electronic music without trying too hard. For fans new and old, sit back and see where the Burn EP will take DeVoe and and his musical partner Joe Brunk.

Click the “Read More” button to jam the EP in full and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Read more »

Mae The Everglow

Mae Expand ‘The Everglow’ 10th Anniversary Tour

Remember back in June when Mae announced they would be hitting the stage again for the first time in years? Yeah, it’s hard to forget. The Virginia act are touring in the beginning of 2015 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their staple album, The Everglow. While they originally only had three dates listed, the band have expanded the tour, adding several more.

In addition to Philly, New York City, and Virginia, Mae will be stopping by Millvale, PA and Worcester, MA in the first two weeks of January, as well. It looks like there’s some space in there for more dates to be added, too. If the prospect of hearing this whole record from top to bottom has you willing to make a hike to a different state, consider grabbing the VIP ticket package for the show. Now only do you get the usual–a show ticket, merchandise, and signed vinyl–but you get to hang out with the band before and experience “an intimate acoustic concert.” Head over to their website to buy tickets.

Check out the full list of dates below: Read more »


LIVE REVIEW: Riot Fest Denver (Day 1)

I missed Riot Fest 2013, and to be honest I spent the first six months after it took place kicking myself for having not attended. When the 2014 installment was unveiled, I knew this would be the year I finally made the trek. Chicago was my first choice, but due to some family related issues that came up in August I ultimately settled on booking a flight, hotel, and car for one in order to enjoy Riot Fest from the parking lot of Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO.

My journey began as great adventures do, with a far too early commute to Boston Logan International Airport. It was just after 3:30 AM on Friday and the temperature was trying its best to not dip into the high 40s. My flight took off at 5AM, but it was not headed to Denver. Charlotte, a city over a thousand miles south of Boston, was the first stop. I snapped a photo as I was leaving the plane for my two-hour layover: Read more »