Chance The Rapper Reveals Free Album For Year’s End

Chicago’s genre-bending rap artist, Chance The Rapper, recently revealed some information regarding his next project, and the details are pretty interesting.

Anyone who’s been following Chance closely knows he’s been performing with a band called The Social Experiment, a group of musicians with whom Chance will be sharing the spotlight in his next release according to a recent interview with Billboard.

In the interview, Chance states that the new album, called Surf, should be available for free download by the end of the year.

You can check out the full interview here.


Tyson Stevens, Frontman of Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Reportedly Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness to report that Tyson Stevens, singer of the now-inactive Scary Kids Scaring Kids, has passed away in his home. Social media has been blowing up over the past half hour, with tons of friends and family showing their sadness and condolences for the now deceased Stevens. Our friends at AltPress report that a source close to the family confirmed that Stevens was found dead this morning by his girlfriend.

While there isn’t an official confirmation or statement, it appears the overwhelming majority of his friends and family share the same sentiment. The story is still developing, so as more information trickles in, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids was such an important band for many of us at Under the Gun Review, and our hearts go out to Stevens’ family and personal friends. Click through the break to listen to SKSK’s debut full-length, The City Sleeps in Flames. Read more »

zella day

Zella Day Releases Debut EP With “Hypnotic” Single

Zella Day‘s self-titled debut EP was released today via B3SCI Records, and as three of its four tracks have been readily available online for some time now, the final to be released, titled “Hypnotic,” is now streaming as a single and it’s already gaining traction with ease.

Out of the four excellent tracks on the EP, this is the one I think would most likely break through to top 40 first. It’s easily accessible for fans of pop music, with Day’s beautifully inviting vocals hovering above the caliber of most popular radio jams currently in rotation. We’ve been saying it for many months: Zella Day is the next big thing. This EP only further proves it.

You can stream the new single below and pick up a copy of the Zella Day EP via Bandcamp. Read more »


CityCop Stream New Song, “Glass Bones”

Loner, the new album from Ashtabula, Ohio’s CityCop that was announced back in March, has been issued a release date of November 25 via Flannel Gurl Records.

Today, a new track titled “Glass Bones” premiered on New Noise Magazine. Eddie Gancos, CityCop’s vocalist, had this to say about the track:

The song is about my family and trying to hide emotions. There’s a line, “a shadow that’s always watching me grow, countless times that I’ve been wishing, but I’ve never seen you shed a tear.” That kind of sums up the mood of the song pretty well.

You can pre-order Loner here and listen to the new track below via New Noise. Read more »

rise against 2014

Rise Against Debut Lyric Video For “Tragedy + Time”

Rise Against are always on the move in terms of their songwriting and how they explore different genres and tones and incorporate them into their everlasting punk sound. This songwriting process was showcased quite delicately in their latest record, The Black Market, which was released back in July.

Today, the band released a new lyric video for the poppy-sided track “Tragedy + Time” which definitely shows the band’s maturity in both their music and lyrics. Right now, the world is in a time of tragedy and Rise Against likes to stand up against this and show the way out.

Check out the stream of “Tragedy + Time” below, after the jump. Read more »


Rancid Stream New Album ‘Honor Is All We Know’ In Full

After releasing a trio of songs followed by the ska-influenced “Face Up” and raw punk tune “Already Dead,” ska punk legends Rancid have made their entire new record, Honor Is All We Know, available for streaming.

This comes one week before the slated release date for the new album which will be released on October 27 via Epitaph Records/Hellcat Records. This is the latest release from the band since 2009′s Let The Dominoes Fall and features Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) on production duties, the same position he has held with the band throughout their tenure.

Check out the stream on iTunes and be sure to pick the record up on release day.


Have Mercy Unveil New Song, “Lean”

Baltimore’s Have Mercy have teamed up with Alternative Press to premiere yet another new single from their forthcoming album, A Place Of Our Own. Titled “Lean,” give it a listen by following the jump below.

A follow-up to “Two Years,” which premiered yesterday via MTV, “Lean” is a reflective track that finds frontman Brian Swindle pleading desperately with some unknown acquaintance. If you’re a fan, let us know in the replies.

Later this week, Have Mercy will kick-off a month-long run alongside Real Friends, Neck Deep, and Cruel Hand. For more details, head here.

If you dig “Lean,” there’s still time to pre-order A Place Of Our Own before it hits shelves on October 27 via Hopeless Records. Read more »


Gwen Stefani Returns With “Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video

A few years ago, people were starting to wonder where Gwen Stefani went, but lately it seems the singer is determined to keep a full plate. Having recently had her second child, and reunited with her band No Doubt, Stefani is also now a judge on NBC’s hit reality series, The Voice. But that’s not all; Stefani has indicated that not only will No Doubt be putting out a new album, but that she herself would be working on a new solo album with the help of The Voice co-host Pharrell Williams.

Well, here we are, looking down the barrel of Gwen Stefani’s third studio album as she releases a music video for her brand new tune “Baby Don’t Lie.” The video itself is a bright collage of colors and patterns that is as shocking in appearance as Stefani herself, who looks pretty darn good for 45.

We’ll have to wait for details on Stefani’s upcoming album, but you can stream the official video for “Baby Don’t Lie” below the jump. Read more »

Hail The Sun

Hail The Sun Are Taking Your Questions on Reddit

This afternoon, growing post-hardcore band, Hail The Sun, will be stopping in on Reddit to field all your burning questions about the band, their upcoming activities, and their recent album, Wake. Whether you’re a frequent Redditor or you’ve remained unphased by the enormous web community, you are likely familiar with the AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” forum posts that have welcomed A-list celebrities and even President Barack Obama to Reddit for a short Q&A session.

The AMA will take place on /r/PostHardcore, a great little sub-community within Reddit for fans of bands like Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, and more. Fans are already populating the message boards with their questions in anticipation for the guys of Hail The Sun to step in an answer. The AMA, which officially begins at 2pm PST, can be found right here.



Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny.

This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Jerrod Carmichael’s comedy career. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

Late last month, Comedy Dynamics released Richard Jeni’s final televised special, A Big Steaming Pile of Me, marking the first time that all six of the late comedian’s records have been made available for purchase. In a career tragically cut short in March of 2007, when Jeni committed suicide, A Big Steaming Pile of Me reminds fans of just how good the comedian was at his trade. Read more »

Restorations LP3 2014

Restorations Stream LP3

The word of mouth backing RestorationsLP3 has spread like wildfire, and thanks to a recent album stream provided by NPR, you can finally hear what the hype is all about.

We think it was a great decision for the band to use “Tiny Prayers” and “Separate Songs” as promotional singles for this new record. The tracks sure did open up a new sound for the five piece that’s fully fleshed out on LP3. There’s still plenty of time left to pre-order the album through SideOneDummy before its 10/28 release date, so get to clicking!

In three days, the band will be leaving for a short tour with Self Defense Family and The Smith Street Band. Follow the jump for a listing of dates.

Read more »


REVIEW: PVRIS – ‘White Noise’

Artist: PVRIS
Album: White Noise
Genre: Alternative
Label: Rise Records

Fleeting: that moment when a new artist steals your heart. You’re not asked nicely if you want your emotions thrown into a record and tossed around like a load of laundry; you’re not given a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when your spirit is lifted from the ground and sent into a world you previously didn’t know — induced by a series of songs so powerful that it can give you the shakes or shivers…it can send tears down your cheeks. It doesn’t ask for an invitation. No, when a life-changing record enters your life, it’s by storm. It’s by charge and force and it brings change, positive change. It brings the kind of change you need in your life. It uplifts, moves, and molds you. It becomes part of you.

White Noise, the new LP from Boston alternative indie rock band PVRIS, is that type of record. It contains moments so aurally powerful and melodically chilling that you’re overwhelmed with a wave of thought and meaning. You and the record become one and the same. It’s a power no other art could begin to accomplish. It’s a power unlike any other. Read more »