The New Sorority Noise Album Will Probably Change Our Lives

Anyone who is connected to the alternative and indie rock worlds with even the faintest of interest no doubt failed to make it out of 2014 without hearing The Hotelier‘s phenomenal album, Home Like NoPlace Is There. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s great, in fact. That album is incredible and it deserves to be heard by as many people with ears to hear that exist today, but as far as buzzworthy records go it’s high time a new king be crowned and Sorority Noise are currently making a damn strong argument that their upcoming release be next in line.

Today, Sorority Noise and Topshelf Records partnered with the fine folks at Stereogum to premiere a song titled “Nolsey.” It’s one of multiple songs off Joy, Departed (out June 16) to surface ahead of the album’s official release, but unlike the others it so perfectly encapsulates everything that makes the entire record something great. In well under four minutes the song manages to grab you, make you fall in love, break your illusion that love exists, and then in a moment’s notice sweep you off your feet all over again. It’s anthemic, yet personal, and it highlights the impeccable well-balanced, lyrically impressive sound the band is boasting on their latest release. You can stream the song below. Read more »

pop evil 2013

Pop Evil To Release ‘Up’ Album In August

It’s a good day to love modern rock and roll, dear friends. Michigan’s Pop Evil have announced the release date of their next studio album, and it’s coming a whole lot sooner than you may have expected.

Up, the follow-up to 2013′s highly-successful Onyx, will arrive in stores August 21. The lead single, “Footsteps,” will hit radio on June 1. We asked the label to let us hear the track early, but they were not as into the idea as we were.

Speaking in regard to the band’s success over the last two years, frontman Leigh Kakaty offers:

“People ask me all the time, ‘What’s it like to hear your song on the radio?’ It never gets old! It’s a reminder of hard work, and of having that dream sitting in your garage, trying to write a song that someone would love one day. That dream happened for our band and it’s something that we don’t want to take lightly.” Read more »

wcar 2014 we came as romans

We Came As Romans Stream “The World I Used To Know”

Michigan natives We Came As Romans continue their transformation from breakdown-loving bad boys to radio rock titans this afternoon with the premiere of “The World I Used To Know.”

It has been a minute since fans last heard from We Came As Romans, and in that time the band has spent a lot of time developing their skills as both songwriters and musicians. The band reportedly wrote forty songs for their upcoming self-titled album, but in the end decided that only ten of those tracks were good enough to make the actual record. “The World I Used To Know” was one of the lucky few to make the cut, and it doesn’t take long to understand that it represents the start of a new chapter for the Michigan based band. You can stream the song below.

Speaking of new music, We Came As Romans will release their self-titled new album in late July. Read more »

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UTG LIST: Records We Overlooked In 2014

Everyone has a moment where they stumble upon a release that hits them in a certain way; it changes the way the rest of your day, week, month, even foreseeable future will feel and look like. But, within this sonic euphoria, how defeated does one feel to find out that said album was released a year prior? Something so close within the past, yet heaps of time that could have been devoted to this specific art lost. Under our noses, how could one let their new favorite album slip by in a sea of mediocre releases and half-assed expression?

Here at UTG, we decided to pour together all the releases that we missed from 2014, in the hopes that no one moves on musically with the chance of their favorite piece of art still going undiscovered. Each writer gave samples of releases specific to them that sadly passed them by in 2014, but thankfully made it to our ears this year. Each writer has a different experience, so note that each release talked about is specific to the writer mentioning it. Some albums were listened to by some of our writers, but not all. That is the essence of why we are here isn’t it? To share and enjoy? Read more »

At long last ASAP

A$AP Rocky Releases New Album ‘At.Long.Last.A$AP’ A Week Ahead Of Street Date

Rejoice, for Lord Flacko Jodye has bestowed upon us his latest gift. You can now stream the highly anticipated follow-up to Long.Live.A$AP below, via Spotify.

As a passing fan of A$AP Rocky who leans more in favor of his mixtape output, I can say after a few preliminary listens that the new record, At.Long.Last.A$AP, is the A$AP Mob star’s most impressive work to date. “Holy Ghost” is one hell of an opening track, “Canal St.” and “Excuse Me” are certified bangers, and “L$D” is just as trippy now as it was when we first heard it last week. The record also brags an impressive list of features including Kanye West who makes a surprise appearance on “Jukebox Joints,” the late A$AP Mob founder A$AP Yams who posthumously appears on closing track “Back Home,” and the legendary Rod Stewart, who sings the hook on standout track “Everyday.” Running at an impressively long 18 tracks, there’s a lot to digest here, but it was certainly worth the wait.

However, you don’t need to wait any longer. Stream At.Long.Last.A$AP in its entirety below and let us know what you think. Read more »


Rick Ross & Big Sean Remix Future’s “Commas”

Following a lackluster 2014, Future has spent the first half of 2015 reaffirming his positing amongst the hip-hop elite. His latest offering, “Commas,” boasts an ego-driven flow that has spent the past several weeks winning over rap fans coast to coast. The song hasn’t cracked the top of the charts as of yet, but a new remix making the rounds online this morning leads us to believe that will soon change.

Late last night, May 25, a new remix of “Commas” found its way online. The tracks strips all of Future’s verses from the original effort and replaces them with new bars from MMG mastermind Rick Ross and G.O.O.D. Music superstar Big Sean. I’m fairly certain another version of this track will drop soon, with each emcee’s contributions spliced together to create a more cohesive listening experience, but for those who just want to hear what’s new this latest leak will definitely make your day. You can stream the remix below.

No word yet on when Future will officially release his “Commas” remix, but I would wager a music video will probably accompany that news (whenever it goes live). Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »


The Weeknd Shares “I Can’t Feel My Face”

With “Earned It” continuing to dominate the charts, The Weeknd has surprised fans once again with a surprise single release.

“I Can’t Feel My Face” appeared online late Monday night, May 25. The song boasts dance-ready production inspired by the heights of funk and soul. It’s the kind of endless groove that could play all night long, and Abel’s voice only serves to take the entire affair to the next level. The drug use alluded to in the title is not as present in the music as one might expect, but it’s implied nonetheless. You can stream the song below.

The internet has known The Weeknd is something special for years, but mainstream audiences are still very much catching on. If “Earned It” didn’t convince people The Weeknd was here to stay, “I Can’t Feel My Face” could we very well put his brand over the top. Comment and let us know if you agree. Read more »


Rob Thomas Returns With New Single “Trust Me”

Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas has stepped back into the pop spotlight with the premiere of a new song titled “Trust Me.” I should warn you: It’s catchy.

Co-written with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, “Trust Me” is a fast-paced pop song that further evolves Thomas’ already dynamic and tenured sound. Thomas may have made his name in alternative rock, but his solo career has always boasted a heavy pop influence that is once again present on this track. That said, it’s not so in line with current radio hits as to feel immediately disposable in any way, shape, or form. You can stream the song below.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about his plans for the future in a new interview, Thomas was asked if there was any news to report on the status of Matchbox 20. Thomas replied: Read more »


New Music: Juicy J Feat. Drake & Ty Dolla $ign – “Tryna F*ck”

Without warning or promotion, a new Juicy J track has begun to circulate online that many are already calling the next big hit of summer 2015.

“Tryna Fuck” is not the kind of title you can sell to radio, but the studio quality song that leaked from Juicy J over the weekend is actually the edited version of a song with that very name, only this time the hook has been changed to “Tryna Love.” Make no mistake though, it’s clear from each line in every verse, not to mention the celebratory hook, that the headliners behind this track have one thing on their minds. Juicy J shines brightest, as the beat was no doubt created with him in mind, but Drake and Ty Dolla $ign do more than simply earn paychecks. Drizzy brings aggression we haven’t seen much of this year, but his verse is so short you might miss it if you’re busy texting your girl (likely about how you have a new Drake song to show her). You can stream the track below. Read more »


New Music: Young Thug – “Spaghetti Factory” & “Scoop”

There have been so many quality Young Thug loosies dropping as of late I wouldn’t be surprised if the man behind Barter 6 had a new mixtape on the way. I don’t know if that is the plan or not, but I know our site certainly wouldn’t complain.

This weekend, while most of us were enjoying the kickoff to summer fun (a month before summer begins), unreleased material from Young Thug was hitting the net like surprise gifts from the music gods. The first, “Spaghetti Factory,” arrived early on Memorial Day boasting gothic production courtesy of Metro Booming. The second, an all-too short G Fresh production titled “Scoop,” debuted shortly after noon. Both songs are worth your time, but neither are available for download at this time. You can (and should) stream both tracks below.

Young Thug is set to release his debut album this August. Whether that happens or another mixtape drops instead remains to be seen. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates. Read more »


Director Cary Fukunaga Exits ‘It’ Reboot, Film Pushed Indefinitely

It looks like we may not be headed back to Derry, Maine after all as director Cary Fukunaga has reportedly left the reboot of It just three weeks from when production was slated to begin.

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter on Monday, May 25, Fukunaga left the production due to a disagreement with producers over recent budget cuts. New Line is citing ‘creative differences.’

Fukunaga rose to prominence after directing the first season of True Detective, and by all accounts was one of the main reasons many were taking an interest in the project. Even we were excited by the arrival of Fukunaga to the film, which was set to be released in two parts (the plan was for the first movie to tell the kids’ story and the second movie to focus on the adults), so it’s rather depressing to learn he will no longer be involved. Read more »


Watch Coldplay’s ‘Game Of Thrones: The Musical’

File under: things Game Of Thrones fans will absolutely love.

In observance of Red Nose Day, an annual fundraising campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young adults, NBC recently presented Coldplay‘s Game Of Thrones: The Musical.

The short film features twelve minutes of the British rock band coming together in a recording studio to bring reportedly one of their favorite shows to life in the form of a short musical. In this comical skit — which has already amassed over 7.5 million views — you will find the band in their element as they brainstorm ideas for songs in an attempt to appease the entire cast of the popular television series so as to get them on board.

You can check out the very enjoyable film in full below. Let us know what you think. Read more »