Latest ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Almost Shows Too Much

By now you have no doubt heard of Tomorrowland, the mysterious new adventure film from Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird that is based on the famous and somewhat futuristic part of Disneyland. You may have even seen one of the film’s initial trailers or television ads, which teased a young woman finding a strange token that transported her to a far away land. If you have encountered any of that marketing and fallen in love with the idea of seeing this film, let me take this opportunity and say the trailer included in this post may be a bit too spoiler-filled for you to enjoy. This is a movie built around mystery, and if you want to keep as many secrets undisclosed as possible, watching this trailer is a risky affair. Consider yourself warned.

For Tomorrowland‘s third full trailer, Disney has decided to focus their marketing efforts on one key sequence that is filled with eye-popping action and head-scratching mysteries. It’s a scene we believe comes early in the film, and it’s one you have previously seen featured in other trailers. That said, when presented here viewers are able to understand more of what is happening, why it is happening, and just how crazy the sci-fi goodness this little film has in store. You can view the footage below. Read more »


Theory Of A Deadman Go Acoustic, Butcher Tove Lo’s “Habits”

Modern rock greats Theory Of A Deadman have built their career on brutally honest lyricism and catchy, damn near impossible to ignore rock melodies. Their albums are littered with tales of love and heartache, as well as the substance abuse that often follows, so it kind of makes sense that the group would attempt to cover Swedish singer Tove Lo‘s chart-topping hit about those very same topics, right?

Recently, Theory Of A Deadman attempted to satiate fans’ demand for new material by announcing the release an acoustic EP, Angel, set to hit stores on April 28 through Roadrunner Records. The release is largely comprised of stripped-down versions of TOAD songs fans know and love, but the album also contains an acoustic cover of Tove Lo’s hit song “Habits (Stay High),” which I don’t think anyone could have anticipated. The band made the cover available for stream today, so click below and see if you think TOAD were smart to tackle this track. Read more »


Adam Lambert Announces New Album, Streams “Ghost Town”

Adam Lambert has long shed the title of American Idol alum and established himself as a dominant force in the world of pop music. You never know what to expect from Lambert when he chooses to create new music, but you always know it will be something different than whatever he delivered before. That drive to constantly find new paths to pop music success is one of the many reasons I love watching Lambert’s career, and today I think he caught everyone off guard with the lead single for his recently announced third studio album.

“Ghost Town” is more or less a midtempo song about feelings of loneliness and the heartache that usually follows. It’s actually an incredibly dreary track, offering next to nothing uplifting while still somehow being accompanied by the kind of production made for middle of the week club nights. If Adam’s signature croon wasn’t delivered so impeccably well I probably wouldn’t have anything positive to say, except that there is always a chance this song just so happens to be the worst song on his upcoming album and that maybe no one noticed before sharing it with the public. That isn’t likely, of course, but hey – a guy can dream. You can stream “Ghost Town” and decide for yourself whether or not it is a strong single, below. Read more »


Charlie Puth Shares “I Won’t Tell A Soul”

Having cornered the teen male crooner market with “Marvin Gaye” earlier this year, fast-rising heartthrob Charlie Puth continues his journey to the top of the pop charts today with the release of “I Won’t Tell A Soul.”

Built atop a tempo made for slow dancing with someone special under the hot lights of a night club well after most his fans would be told to go to bed, “I Won’t Tell A Soul” showcases Charlie Puth’s crazy talented vocals with minimalist accompaniment. I felt my knees get weak while listening the first time through, and I’m nearly 28 years old (not to mention male). If you have a girl in your life you want to swoon, I think Puth may have just provided you with the perfect soundtrack for that very act. Click below and enjoy “I Won’t Tell A Soul.” Read more »


New Weezer Track “Everybody Needs Salvation” Appears Online

Fan clubs are more important than ever in helping an artist to develop and maintain a presence in the modern music industry. The trick to finding success isn’t starting one of these clubs, but rather finding ways to retain members while continually encouraging others to join. Weezer have done this by offering free music to fans, as well as concert tickets, and I’ll be the first to say their dedicated fan base is largely the reason they continue to receive so much attention today.

Recently, Weezer offered fan club members the exclusive chance to purchase a rare 7″ single featuring a previously unreleased song titled “Everybody Needs Salvation.” The song was allegedly recorded around the same time as the group’s last studio album, but for one reason or another it ended up being left on the cutting room floor when that title was pushed out to stores and streaming services. One fan bought the 7″ and decided to share the song with the world, so you can now stream “Everybody Neeeds Salvation,” for free, at the end of this post.

Weezer have yet to comment on this song’s arrival online, but given the crazy catchy and infectious nature of the track I’m almost certain they won’t complain. Click below and enjoy! Read more »


Celebrating 10 Years of Circa Survive’s ‘Juturna’

People sometimes ask me what my musical evolution was, and my general answer is that, before anything else, Circa Survive got me into independent music. Before hearing their debut Juturna, which turned ten years old on Sunday, I’m pretty sure I only listened to Linkin Park and that one Three Days Grace song. At some point in elementary school, I started spending after-school hours at my neighbor Julian’s house. His brother Jeffrey was always holed up in his room blaring music, and more often than not, he’d be listening to Juturna. I didn’t know it immediately back then, but when I finally found out that name — Circa Survive — I was hooked. Read more »

From first to last

Listen To From First To Last’s Newest Single, “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good”

In just a short week, From First To Last‘s new album, Dead Trees, will finally be released. So far, the band has shared a small sampling of what the album will have to offer, and now we have another new track to jam out to. The new, Harry Potter-inspired song is titled “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.” You can give it a quick listen below.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, the album is available for purchase via Killer Merch, iTunes or Amazon. Read more »

The Ataris

The Ataris Release Free Album In Honor Of Record Store Day

In honor of this year’s Record Store Day, The Ataris released a seventeen-track album consisting of new songs, b-sides and demos. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the entire album is avaialble to download for free via the band’s Bandcamp. If you want to check it out first, it’s available to stream below.

Last year the band expressed they were hoping to release some new music, so let’s hope that this isn’t the only new music we get from them!

If you would like to check the band out live this summer, they will be heading out on tour. Be sure to head over to their Facebook page for a full list of dates. Read more »


Watch The Latest Trailer For ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic World will be the latest film to join the incredibly successful Jurassic Park franchise later this summer. The movie, which stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, picks up 22 years after the last installment, Jurassic Park III.

Isla Nublar finally has a fully functioning theme park as John Hammond had originally envisioned. After visiting rates start to decline though, the park operators take a risky step that ends up backfiring.

The second official trailer has been released, and it’s available to watch below. Jurassic World will hit theaters everywhere June 12. Read more »

The Devil Wears Prada 2014 TDWP

The Devil Wears Prada Release ‘South Of The City’ Documentary

Hundreds of artists participated in this year’s Record Store Day, including one of our favorite bands, The Devil Wears Prada. The band released a 7-inch vinyl titled South Of The City. The song on the vinyl was written, recorded and produced all in a four day period right outside of Chicago last year.

During their four days in the studio, they shot a short documentary covering the entire process. You can check it out below.

South Of The City isn’t available in digital format yet, but it’s expected to be released in the near future. Be sure to check in again soon, as the band plans on dropping a new concept EP later this year titled Space. Read more »

The Kickdrums x Duckwrth

Duckwrth and The Kickdrums Release “Indica La Roux” Video

April 20, aka 4/20, seems like as good a time as any for The Kickdrums and Duckwrth to premiere the trippy video for their newest single, “Indica La Roux,” off their upcoming EP due out later this spring.

The Kickdrums (comprised of Brooklyn-based musician/singer/producer Alex Fitts) teamed up with Oakland rapper Duckwrth last summer and the two instantly started making magic in the studio under the project name, Nowhere. Their upcoming EP features the signature blend of indie electronic beats The Kickdrums is known for fused with Duckwrth’s flawless and eccentric hip-hop style. This is the second time The Kickdrums has produced a rock and hip-hop-mixed album, the first being the striking yet underrated 2012 release, Follow The Leaders, which featured the likes of Casey Veggies, Rockie Fresh, Alan Wilkis (Big Data), Machine Gun Kelly, Freddie Gibbs, and more. Read more »


The Armed Announce New Album, Stream “Forever Scum”

Hardcore outfit The Armed just announced their fourth full-length record, Untitled. This mysterious-sounding record will be released on June 23 through No Rest Until Ruin.

Along with the announcement, the band released the first chaotic single from Untitled, called “Forever Scum.” This blaring, scattered introduction to the new album definitely starts the forthcoming album off with a bang.

Listen to “Forever Scum” below and check out the track listing for the new record. Read more »