Amazon Is Bringing Back ‘The Tick’ And Patrick Warburton Is Already On Board

There may in fact be a higher power. After all, who other than an omnipotent being could have the power to bring back such a critically under-appreciated, yet deeply loved show like The Tick?

People Magazine is reporting that Amazon has secured the rights to bring back The Tick TV show as a streaming series with brand new episode. Even better, star Patrick Warburton has already signed on to reprise the lead role. No release date has been set, but a close source to the story tells the magazine the deal is done.

The Tick series is based on a comic book by Ben Edlund. It was first brought to television as an animated series that lasted three seasons in the mid 1990s. In late 2001, Fox cast Warburton as the lead in the live-action series, but the network cancelled the show after only 9 episodes. You can the show’s pilot episode, for free, at the end of this post.

In a world where it seems every obscure character is getting their own film or series, it seems only right that The Tick series live once more. I was a fan of the live-action series just as much as the cartoon, but I never imagined it would return. Anything is possible in the age of streaming, I guess. Even if Yahoo! passed on Enlisted. Read more »


Watch A New ‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’ Trailer For More Death At Sea

Two weeks in advance of the film’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, we’ve received another trailer for [REC] 4: Apocalypse.

The trailer reuses much of the footage from the previous trailer, leaving out, well the most exciting bits. It gives us a few different views, like security cameras and an exterior view of the boat, but otherwise unfolds the same way: with everything hitting the fan. This one also doesn’t have subtitles. If nothing else, it invites a revisiting of that first trailer and restokes fans’ anticipation for the film.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse is billed as the final installment of the series. It marks the return of Jaume Balagueró, who directed the first two entries, and Manuela Velasco, who stars as imperiled reporter Ángela Vidal. The film will be released internationally on October 31. Read more »

Jeremy Loops

UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Jeremy Loops – “Sinner”

Every now and then, a folk artist comes our way that leaves us completely floored. In 2008, it was Fleet Foxes. In 2012, it was First Aid Kit. Now, in 2014, it’s Jeremy Loops.

Fresh out of Cape Town, South Africa, Jeremy Loops is a modern folk musician whose music is just now reaching our shores. While his debut album, Trading Change, has already debuted at #1 on his homeland’s iTunes chart, the 27-year-old is still beginning to form his place here in the US. The one-man folk act scratches up a percussive sound thanks to his loop pedal. Without it, he couldn’t make sure every rhythm is layered, every melody is multiplied, and every lyric is more authentically harmonized.

We’re proud to premiere the video for his debut single, “Sinner,” months before Trading Change comes out in the US in January. There’s the careful plucking of banjo, the similar wailing of Mumford and Sons, and the freeing tones of a man with his chin up. Don’t be surprised if you hit replay. This is an infectious debut that shows what the buzz is all about. Read more »

nai ha

Nai Harvest Release New Music Video For “Buttercups”

Cutting-edge, emo indie rock duo from the UK, Nai Harvest, have recently released a new music video and it’s quite the acid trip. This new video is for their song “Buttercups” which is off of the band’s most recent Flower 12” split EP (via Dog Knights) with fellow UK natives, Playlounge.

An appropriately “that’s so wicked, bro” video for a really wicked song, this music video involves a lot of forestry and a lot of washing machines. Get hip to these guys if you haven’t already because majorly breaking through the scene is in their near future.

You can check out the music video for “Buttercups” below. Read more »


SOHN Streams New Single “The Chase”

Electronic musician SOHN dropped his debut album, Tremors, via 4AD earlier this year. The Vienna-based musician is now returning to our attention with a brand new song called “The Chase”.”

The track is a modern ambient piece that sees SOHN singing beautifully over it. Sporadic synth pools in the background before ’80s-style keys make an appearance. All in all, it’s well worth the listen, especially if you’ve been burning through Tremors. Give it a listen after the jump.

SOHN will also be touring this September around England. He kicks off his dates at the iTunes Festival in Lodnon before making his way to Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool. See the full list of dates below. Read more »

Cold War Kids hold My Home

Cold War Kids Announce New Album ‘Hold My Home,’ Stream Single “First”

Cold War Kids announced earlier that they would be dropping their fifth studio album this year, and today we’ve learned that the album, titled Hold My Home, drops October 21 via Downtown Records. The 11-track record serves as the follow-up to 2013’s Dear Miss Lonelyhearts and was recorded at the band’s studio in San Jose. Pre-orders for the album are ongoing.

In addition to “All This Could Be Yours,” Cold War Kids have shared a new single titled “First.” It’s a swelling, stadium-ready number that’s equally as uplifting as it is relaxing thanks to handclaps, harmonies, and jumpy guitars. They aren’t breaking boundaries, but they will win you over in the way they always seem to.

Give the single a listen below: Read more »

Max Jury 2014 interview

Max Jury Delivers Clever New Single, “Black Metal”

Des Moines, Iowa’s own singer-songwriter Max Jury debuted his brand new single, “Black Metal,” off of the upcoming EP, All I Want: The Sonic Factory Sessions via Clash yesterday. The song is a clever demise of a damsel who enjoys…you guessed it, black metal.

Jury is at his best when channeling his unique style of late ’60s and early ’70s piano-balanced rock ‘n’ roll, which is shown in the new single. If the new track is any indication of the direction of the new EP, then this Midwestern boy is ready to steal listeners’ hearts and souls far and wide.

Since dropping his first soulful EP, Something In The Air, last year, Jury has been gaining international success — including sold out solo shows in London and main support for Lana Del Rey in Berlin. Be sure to follow the jump to enjoy the new track and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Read more »

front porch step

Front Porch Step Releases Music Video For Emotional Song, “Private Fears In Public Places”

Our friends at Substream Music Press exclusively released the latest music video from Front Porch Step today. The track, titled “Private Fears In Public Places,” is another overtly emotional and transparent number from the acoustic punk solo artist’s Pure Noise Records debut, Aware, which was released late last year.

The video gives viewers an inside look of FPS mastermind Jake Mcelfresh’s experience on this year’s Vans Warped Tour, where his music spread amongst the scene like wildfire. He told Substream this about the new video:

“This video is very special to me for multiple reasons. Not only is this my favorite song from my record but it’s my favorite song to play live. Cincinnati always shows up for me. I remember when I played there two years ago as the local opener for a small tour off date for Man Overboard and I couldn’t believe how many people knew the words to my songs. It was incredible.”

Follow the jump to watch the video and see Front Porch Step’s upcoming tour dates. Read more »

the prince movie 2014 bruce willis john cusack jason patric

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Prince’ Is A Complete Waste Of Time

Film: The Prince
Starring: Jason Patric, Bruce Willis
Directed by: Brian A. Miller

The Prince attempts to copy Taken’s formula for success but forgets to include the fun and suspense.

Jason Patric stars as a retired New Orleans crime boss and widow who has spent years trying to separate himself from his life in crime. This isn’t explained up front in the actual film, but it’s how marketing has set up the story. When his daughter is kidnapped seemingly out of a the blue, our hero must partner with an old acquaintance (John Cusack) to stop an old rival (Bruce Willis). Gun play and violence ensues, but none of it is all that interesting. Read more »

smashing pumpkins

Unreleased Smashing Pumpkins Remix by P. Diddy Is Here

Almost two decades ago, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy–whatever you want to call him–reportedly took his turn on two of Smashing Pumpkins‘ classic songs, “Perfect” and “Ava Adore.” The former was released shortly after they were announced. “Ava Adore,” on the other hand, has never seen the light of day. Until now.

This is how a remix should be done. Taking elements of a song, and enhancing them with some different ideas. Removing pretty much every guitar part and replacing them with a vibrant, celestial string section with the drum track, enhances this track to a new dimension. The solo is still there, importantly, and Diddy throws in what sounds like some record scratching, which is weirdly fitting. The best part of the track, though, is what isn’t there. “It’s bad boy, baby.”

Check it out below, and let us know what you think. This remix will appear on the super deluxe reissue of Adore, which is due out September 23. Read more »


Broken Bells Have Those UFO Vibes in “Control” Video

We’ve got a perfect metaphor for this collaborated duo, Broken Bells, contained in their new video for “Control.” It’s out of this world.

The track parallels with the video, which contains many photos, video footage and faux images containing unidentified flying objects taken over the years. Some of them are “real,” some are just random takes where they have included their little spiked ball “logo” that is featured on their album covers. It fits well with the song’s context of losing control and not being able to distinguish fact from fiction when you have no clue either way.

Check out the new James Mercer x Danger Mouse video below. Read more »

Sara Rachele

UTG PREMIERE: Sara Rachele – “Never Come Around”

As one of New York City’s via Atlanta, Georgia’s best-kept gems, Sara Rachele (pronounced ra-kelly) is creating the type of music lost in the digital age. Her new record, Diamond Street, produced by Ponderosa’s Kris Sampson (Balkans, B-52′s, The Coathangers), is a lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll effort worthy of Stevie Nicks. Her form of transparent and loose songwriting is ready to capture the hearts of America and beyond.

Today we are bringing you a song titled “Never Come Around” off of the brand new record. Inheriting the lo-fi essence described above, Rachele knocks out a swooning and sweet melody atop a Jeff Buckley-esque guitar riff, sending the listener into a peaceful abyss.

Rachele had this to say about the new record, which drops next Tuesday:

“I think the strangeness of my work is what makes people get it. We all have these stories, but where I grew up, we were always throwing furniture around the house, emotionally. Like a lot of people, I got intensified in New York, so I just started writing—to keep sane.”

Click the “Read More” button to stream the brand new track today and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Read more »